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Face masks for English secondary school pupils to be ditched, Williamson confirms

Education secretary says lockdown easing measure will go ahead despite protests from unions and othersCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageRules requiring secondary school pupils in England to wear face masks are to be scrapped, the education secretary has said, despite pleas by teaching unions and others for them to remain compulsory for longer.Gavin Williamson confirmed the government was planning to remove the measure at step three of its roadmap out of lockdown, which ...
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Ruby Bridges: the six-year-old who defied a mob and desegregated her school

In 1960, she walked past hateful protesters to become the first Black child at a Louisiana school – and was then taught alone for a year. She discusses fear, forbearance and her fight for a better futureThis year, Ruby Bridges saw some newly discovered video footage of her six-year-old self and was terrified for her. The footage was from 14 November 1960, a day that shaped the course of Bridges’ life and – it is no exaggeration to say – American history. Not that she was aware of it at the time....
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Watch 6th grader speak the truth to Fox News's Brian Kilmeade about schools reopening

Brian Kilmeade to a 6th grader who said he doubted if Trump could handle reopening well: "Really? That's hard to believe. Because the last president was saying I want every kid back in school."— Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) May 5, 2021 Meanwhile, the girl in the bottom right nods with approval at what her peer is preaching. — Read the rest
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Microsoft’s Reading Progress makes assessing reading levels easier for kids and teachers

Among the many, many tasks required of grade school teachers is that of gauging each student’s reading level, usually by a time-consuming and high-pressure one-on-one examination. Microsoft’s new Reading Progress application takes some of the load off the teacher’s shoulders, allowing kids to do their reading at home and using natural language understanding to help highlight obstacles and progress. The last year threw most educational plans into disarray, and reading levels did not advance the w...
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From cafeteria workers to principals, here's what everyone makes in a public school

Elementary school teachers earn a median wage of $62,050 a year. Ariel Skelley/Getty Images May 3 to May 7 is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Public schools employ a wide variety of workers, including different kinds of teachers. Using BLS data from May 2020, here's how much workers in 35 public school positions typically make. See more stories on Insider's business page. 35. Fast food and counter workers earn a median of $25,510 a year and 121,970 are employed by public sc...
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‘I am ashamed to say I teach at Klipspruit-West school’

The Eldorado Park school that chased Lesufi away four years ago is still in limbo without a permanent principal and infrastructure is deteriorating The post ‘I am ashamed to say I teach at Klipspruit-West school’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Autism is an unrecognised epidemic

People with autism spectrum disorder are vulnerable but they are stigmatised and education for them is not inclusive The post Autism is an unrecognised epidemic appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Normalising special needs: the Kabul school offering hope

Fatima Khalil school has given some children the first taste of education – and love – in their livesLaughter and excited chatter burst out of the colourfully painted classrooms. In a quiet garden schoolhouse amid the jam-packed Afghan capital, Kabul, pupils run around, study and play in the country’s first official school for children with disabilities.It’s a far cry from what most of these children have previously experienced. For many, it’s the first time in their lives they feel loved and ac...
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Teacher fired after getting drunk and taking teens to strip club

An information technology teacher at a fancy private school in Northumbria, England, was fired after getting drunk and taking students to a strip club. The incident, which took place during a school trip to Costa Rica and involved threats to the some of the students, resulted in Richard Glenn, 55, being sent home immediately "due to his behaviour". — Read the rest
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‘Let children play’: the educational message from across Europe

While approaches may differ, the importance of free time to play is increasingly being recognisedCall for more play time amid ‘schoolification’ of UK childhoodEvery morning, Arja Salonen drops her five-year-old son, Onni, off at a daycare centre in Espoo, west of Helsinki, where he will spend the next eight hours doing what Finnish educators believe all children his age should do: playing.School, and formal learning, does not start in Finland until age seven. Before then, children’s preoccupatio...
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Government urged to scrap plans to assess youngest primary kids

School leaders warn tests would be unfair and the results ‘rendered useless’ by disruption caused by CovidLetter: Tests for four-year-olds will disrupt their learningThe government is under pressure to scrap plans to formally assess the abilities of four- and five-year-olds in their first weeks of full-time schooling, after primary school leaders warned results would be “rendered useless” by the disruption caused by Covid.Almost two thirds of primary school leaders (64%) who took part in a YouGo...
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Amira Learning raises $11M to put its AI-powered literacy tutor in post-COVID classrooms

School closures due to the pandemic have interrupted the learning processes of millions of kids, and without individual attention from teachers, reading skills in particular are taking a hit. Amira Learning aims to address this with an app that reads along with students, intelligently correcting errors in real time. Promising pilots and research mean the company is poised to go big as education changes, and it has raised $11 million to scale up with a new app and growing customer base. In classr...
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Musa Okwonga: ‘Boys don’t learn shamelessness at Eton, it is where they perfect it’

The writer and podcaster talks about his private school days, and why a system that prides itself on creating leaders is selling Britain shortRead an extract from his memoir One of Them belowIt’s 1996 in a perfectly ordinary suburb just north of Heathrow airport. A teenage boy and his sister are on their way to the optician. Walking under a railway bridge, they pass a man who slows down and gives the boy a stare “as startling as scalding water”. He can’t stop thinking about it all through the ap...
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One in three UK teachers plan to quit, says National Education Union survey

Increased workload and diminishing respect for the profession are main reasons why 35% of teachers wish to leave within five yearsOne in three UK teachers plan to quit the classroom within five years because of increased workload and diminishing respect for the profession, according to a major union survey.The poll by the National Education Union revealed an education workforce exhausted after a year of Covid disruption, with 70% reporting increased workload over the last 12 months and 95% worri...
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'Very intimidating': teachers on sexual harassment by pupils

Teachers highlight toxic culture of sexual harassment and abuse they face in school“I’ve had threats of rape. I’ve had someone say: ‘I’m going to seek out your daughter and rape her.’ You’re called a slag and a slut. Sometimes it’s banter and they all think it’s funny. Sometimes it’s anger directed at you.”Anne, who doesn’t want to give her real name, worked in a pupil referral unit with excluded pupils in south-west England until she quit her job because of post-traumatic stress disorder, and i...
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High school moved into empty Macy's department store

High school students in Burlington, Vermont are now going to class in a deserted former Macy's department store. The school's prior campus was closed after the discovery of cancer-causing PCBs in the building and surrounding grounds. Lunch is apparently now served in the Michael Kors Cafeteria. — Read the rest
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Ministers dropped the ball on sexual violence in schools, says Labour

Jess Phillips says government has not taken issue seriously, five years after committee’s reportSexual violence is endemic in schools and the government must launch an inquiry to establish how widespread it is, the shadow minister for domestic violence has said.Jess Phillips said the issue had been pointed out to the government five years ago, it had been a “problem for a very long time” and ministers had “dropped the ball”. Continue reading...
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DfE warns schools could be closed over 'rape culture' claims

Schools that fail safeguarding rules risk closure after sexual abuse allegations posted on Everyone’s InvitedSchools that fail to meet safeguarding standards for pupils could be forced to shut amid concerns over a “rape culture” in educational establishments.More than 100 schools have been named in harrowing anonymous testimonies on the website, which was set up to expose misogyny, harassment and assault and has also drawn attention to a lack of redress and support for many v...
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Met police investigate abuse reports from anti-rape culture website

Force receives multiple reports of offences after reviewing testimonies on Everyone’s Invited websiteThe Metropolitan police has said it has received multiple reports of offences after reviewing a website featuring anonymous submissions of “misogyny, harassment, abuse and assault”.Scotland Yard said it has reviewed testimonies on the Everyone’s Invited website, a site where people can anonymously share their experiences of abuse. Continue reading...
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'Moment of reckoning' for UK schools as 5,800 accounts of abuse published

Campaign website Everyone’s Invited reveals the extent of sexual abuse and harassment in schools and universities And the stories keep coming. At the end of this week more than 5,800 anonymous testimonials cataloguing acts of sexual harassment, abuse and assault in UK schools have been posted on Everyone’s Invited – and they are still coming.But, the 22-year-old who set up the campaign in June has said that the focus on fee-paying schools risks minimising the issue, which she warns is happening ...
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CDC says 3 feet of social distance is enough for kids at school, another reminder that the 6-foot rule is imperfect

Kindergarten students raise their hands at Lupine Hill Elementary School in Calabasas, California on November 9, 2020. Al Seib/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images The CDC changed its physical distancing guidance for K-12 schools on Friday. The agency says 3 feet of space is enough between students, in most circumstances. 6 feet of space is still advisable between staff, and when students can't wear their masks. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Centers for Disease Control...
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UK tutoring scheme uses under-18s in Sri Lanka paid as little as £1.57 an hour

Exclusive: Government suspends use of under-18s to teach English pupils after being approached about revelationsAnalysis: Tutoring scheme throws money at the private sector againTutors in Sri Lanka who are as young as 17 and earning as little as £1.57 an hour have been used by the government’s flagship national tutoring programme to teach maths to disadvantaged primary school children in England, the Guardian has learned.The Department for Education announced the immediate suspension of the use ...
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Testing the ‘glass cliff’ theory at school

Some think that putting women in sticky situations when they reach the top is setting them up for failure, but the opposite could be true The post Testing the ‘glass cliff’ theory at school appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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New studies to examine racial inequality in UK art and music

Exclusive: pioneering surveys aim to use data to drive ‘positive and lasting change’ in arts sectorLeading equal rights organisations in the UK have announced a landmark research commission into racial inequality in the art sector, as a new organisation called Black Lives in Music also aims to tackle racial inequality in the music industry.The Runnymede Trust, a race equality thinktank, and Freelands Foundation have partnered to deliver the first major commission into how black, Asian and minori...
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'I thought there'd be more mischief': schools return in England

Staff and pupils talk of Covid fears and exam worries but improved face-to-face communicationCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSchools in England reopened on 8 March with new regular testing and mask-wearing in classrooms. Both have been recommended by the government for secondary schools, but are not compulsory, raising concerns among some teachers and students.Two teachers and a pupil have spoken abouttheir first week back at school. Continue reading...
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Covid data show sewage monitoring could be vital in infection control

A pilot study’s analysis of schools’ wastewater shows its potential as an early warning system for public health teamsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSchools may have had more Covid-19 infections before Christmas than previous research showed, according to data from a pilot study that senior public health experts believe could provide a crucial early warning system against future outbreaks.Covid was present in the sewage of 80% of 16 primary and secondary schools in E...
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One in five UK schools has set up a food bank in Covid crisis, survey suggests

Exclusive: third of teachers say schools have become key providers of support services for families in povertyCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageOne in five UK schools have set up a food bank since the start of the coronavirus pandemic to support struggling local families, according to a survey that highlights how deeply the Covid crisis has hit living standards for many, especially in deprived areas.A fifth of teachers said their school had launched a food bank, over a ...
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Rise in food banks in UK schools highlights depth of Covid crisis – survey

Exclusive: third of teachers say schools have become key providers of support services for families in povertyCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageOne in five UK schools has set up a food bank since the start of the coronavirus pandemic to support struggling local families, according to a survey highlights how deeply the Covid crisis has hit living standards for many, especially in deprived areas.A fifth of teachers said their school had launched a food bank, over a third ...
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Government stops councils enforcing masks in English primary schools

Move comes after Redbridge said pupils in borough would have to wear them all dayCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe government has intervened to stop councils requiring children in primary schools in England to wear face masks when they return to school next week.The move came after it emerged that Redbridge council in east London had advised headteachers that all primary school pupils in the borough should be encouraged to wear a face covering when indoors as part o...
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Animation shows how opening a window can drastically stem coronavirus circulation in classrooms, as schools prepare to resume in-person learning

A second-grade teacher in Boston cleans a desk in her classroom in September 2020. David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images Studies increasingly suggest that schools can safely reopen if the right precautions are followed. The NYT published an animation showing how virus particles can move around a classroom if one student is infected. Air circulation in the room is important to keep spaces safe for students and teachers. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. As so...
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