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The CEO of $2.75 billion GitLab explains what the company has to do to maintain its culture of radical transparency after it goes public this year

Back in 2015, GitLab set a very specific goal: It would go public in November 2020. Now worth $2.75 billion, GitLab is still on target — though GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij says that it "might be sooner, and it might be later" depending on market conditions. Sijbrandij says that to get there, the company needs to build a more "predictable" business and make itself more transparent to would-be investors. In the past year, GitLab nearly tripled in size, but has also undergone some internal turmoil ...
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From Elon Musk to Tim Cook, here's where the world's most influential tech founders and CEOs went to college — and what they studied

College is where many figure out what they're actually interested in and determine the career they want to pursue. We researched the degrees and schools attended by well-known tech CEOs, many of whom launched their companies or landed on the idea for their first startup while studying at college. Here's where 52 CEOs and founders in the tech industry went to school, and what they studied. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. For new college students, choosing a major can feel l...
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The FBI Makes a Bizarre Claim About Pro-Choice Terrorism

The FBI is expanding its focus on domestic terrorism, and that includes pro-choice violence — even though such violence is so vanishingly rare, it’s all but nonexistent. In testimony before the House judiciary committee on Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray disclosed that the bureau has recently “changed our terminology as part of a broader reorganization of the way in which we categorize our domestic terrorism efforts.” It’s part of a much-heralded reinvigoration of the bureau’s domestic ...
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Wall Street's battle for data-science talent has gone next-level as Silicon Valley makes more East Coast hires and other industries get hip to data — here's how firms are fighting back

There is growing demand for data-science talent across industries, and while Wall Street and other finance companies might be improving its reputation in these circles, it hasn't gotten any easier to find the right people. Hedge funds are feeling pressure from Silicon Valley darlings, which are growing their presence on the East Coast, as well as other industries who are beginning to realize the value of crunching their own data. At some funds, like Point72, data scientists are so in-demand th...
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The ‘Mega Man’ Movie Will Be Penned By ‘The Batman’ Screenwriter

The long-gestating Mega Man movie is getting an injection of new blood. No news has come of the live-action Mega Man movie since Capcom announced the film in 2018 with Paranormal Activity 3 and 4 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman at the helm. However, according to a new report, Mega Man has recently found a writer in The Batman co-writer Mattson Tomlin. Buried at the bottom of a recent The Hollywood Reporter report, it was revealed that Mattson Tomlin is writing the Mega Man movie. To...
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NSC Russia Official’s Removal Could Signal ‘Egregious’ Security Violation

It’s still not clear why President Trump’s third National Security Council director for Russia and Eurasia was escorted out of the White House by security last week. But what is clear is that it’s a really big deal. NSC director for Russia and Eurasia Andrew Peek was put on administrative leave last week amid an unspecified security-related investigation. Steven Pifer, a former NSC for Russia and Eurasia, told TPM that he could not recall any previous instance in which an NSC director had bee...
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The Bookseller “spurred me on”: The deeply troubling Carnegie Library theft

One was the sole archivist for and head of the rare book room at the Carnegie Library. The other was an antiquarian bookseller and proprietor of Caliban Books. They both recently pleaded guilty for their part in one of the biggest library heists on record, stealing millions of dollars worth of material from the Carnegie library. For pretty much as long as they were at the helm of their respective workplaces Greg Priore and John Schulman were engaged in ongoing criminal activity. That’s a who...
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Newton's Principia Mathematica, George Washington's journal: archivist stole $8m worth of rare books from Pittsburgh's Carnegie Library

Gregory Priore -- former archivist for Pittsburgh's Carnegie Library -- has pleaded guilty of stealing $8m worth of rare texts from the collection over a 25 year period, fencing them through John Schulman's Caliban Book Shop (Schulman has also pleaded guilty, and admitted to forgery as well). The thefts took place between 1992 and 2017 and were unsophisticated: generally Priore would simply walk out of the R. Oliver Special Collections Room with the stolen materials. The thefts include Ge...
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Honey faced rejection from VCs for 2 years before a group of seed investors put in $1.8 million. Now some are celebrating 300 times returns after it sold for $4 billion.

Honey, which makes a browser extension that surfaces coupons while you shop online, has sold to PayPal for $4 billion in cash.  Honey's investors are expecting returns as high as 300 times their initial investment. Many are smaller venture-capital firms based in Los Angeles. Investors describe the purchase as "mutually beneficial." PayPal wanted to move beyond a checkout system, and Honey wanted to do payments. Click here for more BI Prime stories. Honey's acquisition gives new meaning to th...
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PayPal to acquire shopping and rewards platform Honey for $4B

PayPal announced today it has agreed to acquire Honey Science Corporation, the makers of a deal-finding browser add-on and mobile application, for $4 billion, mostly cash. The acquisition, which is PayPal’s largest to date, will give the payments giant a foothold earlier in the customer’s shopping journey. Instead of only competing on the checkout page against credit cards or Apple Pay, for example, PayPal will leap ahead to become a part of the deal discovery process, as well. Currently, ...
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-: 400-Year-Old Bible Stolen From Pittsburgh Library Is Recovered in the Netherlands

A purloined 1615 Geneva Bible was traced last year to a Dutch museum. The authorities say it had been taken as part of a long-running theft scheme by an archivist and a rare book dealer.
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PayPal makes a big marketplace play with its $500M investment in Uber

Uber’s announcement of its IPO pricing earlier today came with a $500 million belated Easter egg. The payments giant PayPal is making a half-billion-dollar investment at the company, paying $47 per share, which gives the company a valuation of $78.8 billion (in the middle of the range of Uber’s IPO pricing of $44-$50 per share). Neither Uber nor PayPal gave much detail about the the $500 investment. Uber’s S-1 and a short statement on LinkedIn from PayPal’s CEO Dan Schulman both used the s...
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The Carpetbagger: The Best Oscar Week Speeches You Didn’t See

Melissa McCarthy, Regina Hall and Glenn Close won over the crowds at the Women in Film and Essence awards parties.
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Michael Lohan Slams Nev Schulman Over Claims He Found Dinas Boyfriend

Taking undue credit? Michael Lohan spoke exclusively to Us Weekly about Nev Schulman’s claims that the Catfish host located Dina Lohan’s mysterious boyfriend, whom she has been dating for five years but has never met. Unlikely Celebrity Couples The 58-year-old told Us on Wednesday, February 13, that he was actually the first one to find Jesse Nadler. “The guy reached out to me on Facebook via message. We texted for about an hour. He even sent me snapshots of his communication with Di...
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Catfish’s Nev Schulman Thinks He Found Dina Lohan’s Mysterious Boyfriend

Could it be? Nev Schulman is almost positive he has identified Dina Lohan’s mysterious boyfriend. “UPDATE: found @dinalohan’s boyfriend…but his story is way bigger than I could have ever imagined,” the Catfish host, 34, tweeted on Wednesday, February 13. UPDATE: found @dinalohan’s boyfriend…but his story is way bigger than I could have ever imagined. — Nev Schulman (@NevSchulman) February 13, 2019 Celebrities’ Biggest Social Media Fails Schulman offered to help Lohan, 56, a week ea...
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Essay: The Trouble With Autism in Novels

The disorder is poorly understood. Should novelists be able to make it mean whatever they want?
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PayPal offering cash advances to federal workers affected by shutdown

As the U.S. government shutdown drags on, a California tech giant is pitching in: PayPal is offering interest-free cash advances of up to $500 to each affected federal employee. The San Jose-based payments company will make up to $25 million in cash advances available to any existing or new PayPal Credit customers, it said in an announcement Friday. “No matter where you stand on the issues, the fact is that 800,000 of our fellow Americans suddenly find themselves without a paycheck,” PayPal CEO ...
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‘Bird Box’ Had a Surprising Cameo From ‘Catfish’ Host Nev Schulman

Bird Box is Netflix’s latest sensation, purportedly becoming the streaming giant’s best-performing original film ever. So it doesn’t need any reality show stars to up its profile — the movie already stars acting heavyweights Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich, and Trevante Rhodes. But in a  blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance, Nev Schulman, host of the MTV series Catfish, makes a surprise appearance in the apocalyptic horror film. While this Bird Box cameo may have come about by acci...
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Cathy Schulman and Jeff Gaspin Adapting Novel Mr. Nice Guy for TV

Cathy Schulman and Jeff Gaspin adapting novel Mr. Nice Guy for TV Get ready for Mr. Nice Guy! The new novel from Jennifer Miller and Jason Feifer has just been acquired by Oscar-winning producer Cathy Schulman (Crash) and former NBC Universal TV Entertainment chairman Jeff Gaspin and his Gaspin Media with plans to adapt it for the small screen, according to Deadline. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB....
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Books of The Times: The Multiverse Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be in ‘Come With Me’

Helen Schulman’s new novel is about an algorithm that allows people to play out alternative virtual-reality scenarios from their past.
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The Fashion Plates of Schulman’s

The men of this immigrant Jewish community had the synagogue — my grandfather and his friends went every day. The women had the store.
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DJI Wants Controversial Drone-Aircraft Collision Video Removed

More drone drama in the news. Image via Pok Rie from In what should come as no surprise to anyone that is following the drone-aircraft collision video the University of Dayton Research Institute released some time ago, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial drones, DJI, wants the video taken down, calling it “misleading” according to a report published today in PetaPixel. The video the University of Dayton Research Institute released shows a typical consumer-grade dro...
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Capcom Finalizes Deal to Turn ‘Mega Man’ Into Live-Action Film

Capcom Thursday announced that it will be adapting “Mega Man” into a live-action Hollywood film, confirming news first reported in July that “Catfish” directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman were in final negotiations to direct and write the script. The film, currently under the working title “Mega Man,” will be written and directed by Joost and Schulman and distributed by […]
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‘Mega Man’ Movie Coming From the Directors of ‘Catfish’

Ready for a live-action Mega Man movie from the directors of Catfish and two of the Paranormal Activity movies? Well, even if you’re not, that’s what’s happening. Capcom has confirmed Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman will helm a Mega Man movie that will bring the popular video game character to life. Mega Man has been around since the late 1980s, and Mega Man 11 just arrived this month.  Mega Man 11 Mega Man has never gone out of style, so it was only a matter of time before the character,...
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Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Join Netflix Sci-Fi Film From ‘Catfish’ Directors

Talk about an intriguing combination of talent: Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained, Collateral) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception, Looper) have joined the cast of an untitled Netflix sci-fi movie that involves characters gaining superpowers. My curiosity is already piqued by just that small amount of information, but there’s something else that raises my eyebrows even more: the movie will be directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the guys behind the 2010 documentary Catfish. Learn more about t...
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PayPal Takes Bold Steps With Partnerships, Acquisitions, Mobile Tech

PayPal dominates the online payments industry with 250+ million accounts, and is leveraging its massive scale to boost the economy and provide access to under-served populations with loans of more than $5 billion to 15,000 small businesses since 2013. Today, PayPal moved closer towards our mission of democratizing global financial services with the announcement of 250M+ consumer and merchant active accounts. Read more about this milestone here.
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Vast Theft of Antiquarian Books Sends a Shudder Through a Cloistered World of Dealers

A $5,000 first edition inscribed by Jefferson seemed like a steal. It was. The trail shows how thieves unloaded a Carnegie Library trove.
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Rock climber falls while climbing at Smith Rock without rope

TERREBONNE, Ore. (AP) — A 21-year-old rock climber from Virginia fell 150 feet while climbing at Smith Rock State Park without using a rope or other safety equipment. Benjamin Schulman was taken by helicopter to St. Charles Hospital in Bend with life-threatening injuries after the fall late Sunday afternoon. Authorities say Schulman, of Alexandria, Virginia, […]
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Corner Office: Dan Schulman of PayPal on Guns, Cash and Getting Punched

A New Jersey native whose mother took him to civil rights marches says companies and chief executives “have a moral obligation to try to be a force for good.”
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‘Greed Came Over Me’: $8 Million in Rarities Stolen From Pittsburgh Library

Over two decades, prosecutors say, an archivist at the city’s library and a rare-book dealer conspired to sell stolen books.
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