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Another piece of Ebola virus puzzle identified

A team of researchers have discovered the interaction between an Ebola virus protein and a protein in human cells that may be an important key to unlocking the pathway of replication of the killer disease in human hosts. Scientists at Texas Biomedical Research Institute were part of a nationwide collaborative with scientists at Gladstone Institutes, UC San Francisco and Georgia State University for a study recently published in the journal Cell.
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BU: US youth suicides more prevalent in states with higher gun ownership

A new study led by Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) researchers finds that states with higher levels of household gun ownership also have higher overall youth suicide rates, with every 10 percentage-point increase in household gun ownership associated with a 26.9 percent increase in the youth suicide rate.
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New scale for electronegativity rewrites the chemistry textbook

Electronegativity is one of the most well-known models for explaining why chemical reactions occur. Now, Martin Rahm from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, has redefined the concept with a new, more comprehensive scale. His work, undertaken with colleagues including a Nobel Prize-winner, has been published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.
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Antibiotics still routinely prescribed in the ER for infants with viral lung infections

Despite recommendations first issued more than a decade ago, antibiotics are still routinely prescribed in US emergency rooms for infants with bronchiolitis, a common viral lung infection. Published in the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society, the findings highlight a concerning lag in translating evidence-based guidelines into clinical practice and underscore the need to continue educating health care providers and the public about appropriate antibiotic use.
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Higher suicide rates evident among youth certain groups of Medicaid enrollees

According to a new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, nearly four in ten of all youth who died by suicide in 16 states between 2009 and 2013 were Medicaid enrollees.
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Rutgers scientist identifies gene responsible for spread of prostate cancer

A recent study has found that a specific gene in cancerous prostate tumors indicates when patients are at high-risk for the cancer to spread, suggesting that targeting this gene can help patients live longer.
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Measuring AI's ability to learn is difficult

Organizations looking to benefit from the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution should be cautious about putting all their eggs in one basket, a study from the University of Waterloo has found.
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World Trade Center responders at increased risk for head and neck cancers

A Rutgers study has found a significant increase in head and neck cancers among workers and volunteers who responded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC), pointing to newly emerging risks that require ongoing monitoring and treatment of those who were exposed during the initial response.
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Financial stress linked to heart disease risk among African Americans

African Americans who experienced moderate to high financial stress had an increased risk of developing heart disease compared to those who did not report such stress, according to a longitudinal study performed by researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital.
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Volcano erupts on small Japan island

There were no reports of injuries or damage from the eruption on Kuchinoerabu, in the far south of Japan. A local official said there had been no evacuations on the island, which is home to just 109 people. "There have been eruptions there since last year but we sent an alert out (this morning) for this latest eruption as it will have a wider impact," said Jun Fujimatsu, an official at the agency's volcanic activity division.
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Mexican truckers fight highway robbery with armored semis

The speeding cars pull alongside a semi-truck, box it in and force it to a halt. It seems like something out of Hollywood, but it is happening on a daily basis on Mexico's highways. Jorge Coronel is one of those trying to stop these highway robberies, which have more than doubled in Mexico since 2015 to more than 30 a day, according to figures from the trucking industry and the government.
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Volcano in southern Japan erupts; no injuries or damage

TOKYO (AP) — A small island volcano in southern Japan has erupted, blasting rocks and ashes into the air but causing no damage or injuries.
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Most Facebook Users Still Unclear About How the Hell Targeted Ads Work: Pew Survey

There are plenty of very good reasons Facebook users should be extremely skeptical of the information the social media platform collects about them following years of data and privacy scandals. But even as the company continues to push its “ ” narrative, many of its users still do not understand how their…Read more...
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Shooting victim who became doctor takes aim at US gun violence

At age 17, Joseph Sakran was shot in the throat after a high school football game -- a life-threatening injury that set him on the path to becoming a doctor. Now a trauma surgeon who fights to save shooting victims on the operating table, Sakran says gun violence in America is a health crisis that medical professionals can and should help address.
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Trump Prepares Case for Funding New Missile Defense Plan

Trump will reveal the results at the Pentagon, where he’ll make the case for additional funding to expand the U.S. arsenal, the official told reporters Wednesday on condition of anonymity. The official emphasized that the administration views space as a key next step in missile defense, also noting the size and sophistication of China and Russia’s weapons. The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency released a report Wednesday saying China is likely developing a long-range bomber capable of deliverin...
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How Chinese Sellers of Fake Dior Are Evading a Crackdown Online

China has come down hard on its world-renowned counterfeit industry. Bazaars lined with fake watches, shoes and bags have been demolished in recent years. Many of the country’s best fakers are now hawking their wares via social messaging networks like Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s WeChat.
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Gregg Leakes apologizes to wife NeNe for hurting her during his cancer battle

NeNe Leakes' husband is apologizing to the reality star for being tough on her during his cancer battle.
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FAA Warns Employees Against 'Political Activity' in Leaked Internal Email

On January 9th, the Federal Aviation Administration sent a message to workers warning them about engaging in ‘political activity,’ according to emails obtained by The Young Turks.Read more...
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Report: Feds Are Preparing Trade Theft Case Against Chinese Tech Giant Huawei

Federal prosecutors “are pursuing a criminal investigation” of Chinese tech giant Huawei for allegedly stealing the trade secrets of U.S. firms, with the case in part based on allegations raised in civil lawsuits, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.Read more...
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Trump's new missile defense strategy eyes space-based sensors

The Missile Defense Review will also recommends studying experimental technologies, including prospects for space-based weaponry that might be able to shoot down enemy missiles -- a throwback to Ronald Reagan's so-called "Star Wars" initiative in the 1980s. "Space, I think, is the key to the next step of missile defense," a senior Trump administration official told reporters ahead of the document's release on Thursday, speaking on condition of anonymity. "A space-based layer of sensors is some...
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Boeing-Lockheed's Vulcan rocket design 'nearly fully mature'

A joint venture between Boeing Co and Lockheed Martin Corp will conduct the final design review for its new flagship Vulcan rocket within months, it said on Wednesday, as the aerospace company heads for a showdown with Elon Musk's SpaceX and others in the launch services market. The final design review is a crucial milestone as the company, United Launch Alliance (ULA), tries to move into full production ahead of a first flight in spring 2021 after slipping from its initial 2019 timetable. ...
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In Papua New Guinea, Exxon's giant LNG project fuels frustration

From her red-roofed home near Papua New Guinea's capital of Port Moresby, Isabelle Dikana Iveiri overlooks a giant plant used by Exxon Mobil Corp to liquefy billions of dollars' worth of natural gas before it is shipped to Asian buyers. Dikana Iveiri can also see swaths of muddy shoreline, where mangroves have been felled for firewood by locals who don't have electricity, gas, or money to buy either. The $19 billion Exxon-led PNG LNG project was supposed to be a game-changer for PNG, a vast So...
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Space Force: Steve Carell Is Bringing a New Workplace Comedy to Netflix

Steve "Silver Fox" Carell has spent the last few years making a name for himself in Hollywood, proving that on top of his comedic genius, he's also an extremely talented dramatic actor. Films like Beautiful Boy, Foxcatcher, and Battle of the Sexes even drummed up award season buzz.
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SpaceX says it’ll build and test its Starship prototypes in Texas, not Los Angeles

SpaceX says it’ll build and test the prototypes for its next-generation Starship space cruiser and Super Heavy booster in South Texas, despite a deal it struck to build a rocket factory at the Port of Los Angeles. At least by some accounts, the turnabout is a setback to Los Angeles’ efforts to build a high-tech “Silicon Harbor” at the port, with SpaceX’s planned 18-acre site on Terminal Island as the centerpiece. The Los Angeles City Council approved a rent-free, 20-year lease agreement with bil...
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Lentils with a side of rice: the save-the-world diet?

Here is a rundown of the daily meal plan that dozens of health and environment experts are urging the world to adopt in order to sustain a global population of 10 billion by mid-century, while reining in climate change and preventing millions of premature deaths each year. While richer nations must drastically slash their meat consumption, regions such as South Asia currently experience a dearth of calories and protein from a lack of red meat. Under the new regimen, adults would be limited to ...
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From Greenspan to Yellen, Economic Brain Trust Backs Carbon Tax

(Bloomberg) -- An all-star lineup of economists, from Alan Greenspan to Paul Volcker, are endorsing a plan to combat climate change by slapping a tax on greenhouse gas emissions and then distributing the revenue to American households.
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S&P cuts rating on PG&E unit in third such cut this month

(Reuters) - S&P cut its rating on PG&E Corp's Pacific Gas & Electric Co unit on Wednesday, making it the third such cut this month, after the unit missed interest payments on its 2040 senior notes.
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Andrew Wheeler: Trump coal-lobbyist EPA nominee says climate change ‘not the greatest crisis’

The former coal-lobbyist Donald Trump has tapped to officially take charge of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that he does not believe climate change is a major crisis. Andrew Wheeler, who has served as acting administrator at the EPA since July, said during his Senate confirmation hearing that he would push to repeal environmental protections put in place by President Barack Obama and intended to curb greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change and threatening the p...
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Chevrolet Pulls 'Most Reliable' Ad After Being Challenged By Toyota 

In a recent ad campaign, Chevrolet made the claim that their cars are “more reliable” than Honda, Toyota, and Ford. This claim is based on some very selective survey data that Chevy sponsored. Toyota has disputed Chevrolet’s claim—and now the ad’s been pulled from the rotation.Read more...
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‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Ashley Martson Just Shared a Photo Revealing She’s In Kidney Failure

She was found "unresponsive" at her house Sunday morning.
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