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Sandy Hook Hoaxer Blogs Start Disappearing From WordPress Sites

Alex Jones has been hit with bans and suspensions by platforms ranging from Apple’s Podcasts app to YouTube to Google+ in recent weeks. There are few companies that want to be associated with dangerous claims that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. One consequential company that’s been overlooked is…Read more...
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Elon Musk on Whistleblower Accusing Tesla of Illegally Spying on Employee: 'This Guy Is Super [Nuts Emoji]'

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday moved to discredit a former employee and self-proclaimed whistleblower whose attorneys have accused Musk of authorizing Tesla to allegedly engage in “unauthorized wiretapping and hacking” of another former employee of the electric car manufacturer.Read more...
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FDA Finally Approves a Cheaper, Generic Version of the EpiPen

A life-saving but increasingly expensive treatment for severe allergic attacks is poised to become cheaper. Read more...
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28 Years After Woman 'Loses' Contact Lens, Surgeons Find It Embedded in Her Eyelid

A 42-year-old British woman went to eye doctor because her left eyelid started to swell and ache. The doctors noticed her eyelid drooped a bit. But that wasn’t news to the woman—she’d had a heavy lid for a while and was used to it.Read more...
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Fears over twin of collapsed Genoa bridge in Venezuela

Venezuelans are concerned over the safety of a "twin" viaduct of the collapsed Morandi bridge in Genoa, Italy, after a fire on the concrete structure caused a major blackout. Designed by Italian structural engineer Riccardo Morandi, it predates by five years his 1967 bridge in Genoa that collapsed this week causing the death of 39 people.
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IBM’s ‘smart’ lake could be the solution to deadly red tides

Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in seven coastal counties this week as a red tide laps at the state’s shores. While officials and scientists on the scene react, IBM and some of its friends are 1,000 miles away asking Lake George why these things happen. Lake George, to be clear, is a lake. It just happens to be the world’s smartest, thanks to a partnership between IBM Research, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and The FUND for Lake George called The Jefferson Project. ...
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As smoke hangs over Northwest, study shows air pollution was already high

The study analyzed levels of the smallest particulate matter — the kind that poses the biggest health risks — as measured by air-quality stations around the country.
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Tesla Gigafactory Worker Allegedly Trafficking 'Significant Quantities' of Cartel Drugs, says Ex-Employee [Updated]

A former Tesla employee has filed a formal whistleblower complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission, alleging the automaker failed to disclose to shareholders that authorities had uncovered an alleged drug trafficking effort involving an employee at its Gigafactory plant in Nevada dealing “substantial”…Read more...
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The 1950s Guide to Proper Telephone Etiquette

Phone calls here in 2018 seem to be more and more rare, especially with younger people. But most Americans still know basic phone etiquette, like saying “hello” when you answer the phone, and not hanging up without some kind of goodbye. But in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a helpful guide from 1950 that was produced…Read more...
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I Put A Big Air Cooler In My PC And It’s Working Pretty Great

Last week, I documented the constant low-level anxiety I had been feeling about cooling the CPU in my gaming PC. I’d spent a couple of years wrestling with all-in-one liquid coolers and had never found something that worked like I wanted. Well, good news: I’ve finally found something that does.Read more...
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This Beautiful Wooden Cabinet Hides the Most Fiendishly Complicated Puzzle I've Ever Seen

I enjoy a good puzzle (not the jigsaw kind) which is probably why I love games like The Legend of Zelda or The Room series on iOS. But as clever as I (mistakingly) believe I am, I don’t think I’d have any chance of discovering every last hidden panel, drawer, switch, and secret mechanism on this beautiful but…Read more...
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Ajit Pai Knew FCC Cyberattack Was Fake for Seven Months but Kept Quiet

Asked only once at a Senate hearing Thursday about the fake security incident that’s needled his agency for more than a year, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, acknowledged for the first time knowing secretly for several months that his office likely fed U.S. lawmakers false information.Read more...
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Hubble Paints Picture of the Evolving Universe

Astronomers have just assembled one of the most comprehensive portraits yet of the universe's evolutionary history, based on a broad spectrum of observations by the Hubble Space Telescope and other space and ground-based telescopes. This photo encompasses a sea of approximately 15,000 galaxies -- 12,000 of which are star-forming -- widely distributed in time and space. Astronomers using the ultraviolet vision of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have captured one of the largest panoramic views ...
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Trump Reportedly Swaps Obama’s Cyberattack Rules for Mysterious New Ones

In a sign that the U.S. will be taking a more aggressive approach to cybersecurity, President Trump has reportedly reversed Obama-era guidelines that dictated the process for approving the use of cyberweapons against an adversary. The change will theoretically make it easier for the U.S. to hack back.Read more...
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Rare Movie Posters Go Up For Auction, Including the World's First

Rare movie posters are going up for sale later this month in a Sotheby’s auction that includes a very special find: The world’s first movie poster, according to the Guardian, created in 1895.Read more...
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E. Coli Bacteria Made This Image of the Mona Lisa

Scientists created this picture of the Mona Lisa using genetically modified E. coli bacteria. Such teeny little artists!Read more...
Tags: Art, Science, Biology, Bacteria, E Coli, Synthetic Biology, Mona Lisa

Scientists detail full genome of wheat for first time

In a breakthrough that experts say will help feed the growing global population in the coming decades, scientists Thursday revealed they have cracked the full genome of wheat for the first time. Wheat feeds more than a third of the global human population, providing more protein than meat in the human diet and making about one-fifth of calories consumed by people. Experts say the world needs more disease-resistant varieties and breeds that can grow with less water in a warmer environment.
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Section of U.S. Warship from WWII Discovered off Alaskan Coast

In August 1943, the USS Abner Read struck a Japanese naval mine while conducting patrols in the Bering Sea. The explosion sheared the ship’s entire stern section, sending it and 71 U.S. sailors to the bottom of the Bering Sea. Lost for 75 years, the World War II destroyer’s severed stern has finally been found off a…Read more...
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Several Tesla Gigafactory Workers Allegedly Trafficking 'Significant Quantities' of Cartel Drugs, says Ex-Employee

A second former Tesla employee has filed a formal whistleblower complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission, alleging the automaker failed to disclose to shareholders that law enforcement uncovered an alleged drug trafficking ring involving employees at its Gigafactory plant in Nevada.Read more...
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The Psychedelic Drug DMT Can Simulate a Near-Death Experience, Study Suggests

Not everyone who is close to death—or thinks they are, at least—has a “near-death experience.” But those who do often hallucinate that they leave their bodies, meet otherworldly beings, see bright flashes and tunnels of light, and more. Those who take the psychedelic drug dimethyltryptamine, or DMT— a compound found…Read more...
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Missouri S&T chemist rolls the dice to better identify chiral molecules in drugs

"High risk, high reward" is the kind of discovery Dr. Garry Grubbs seeks with a new experiment designed to rapidly identify the atomic structure of chiral molecules widely used in pharmaceutical drugs. The finding could significantly reduce the time and costs involved in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.
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British warship joins forces with American F-35B jets

Defense Specialist Allison Barrie on why Britain's largest warship ever, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, is joining forces with the most powerful American-made stealth fighter jets in the world, the F-35B's.
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Environmentalists sue federal government in Seattle to protect endangered orcas

The lawsuit alleges that the government had agreed in February 2015 that expanding the protection zone for the orcas was "warranted," but has since failed to take action, putting the orcas at greater risk of extinction.
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Here's the Letter 1,400 Google Workers Sent Leadership in Protest of Censored Search Engine for China

Following similar action against secretive AI drone imaging program for the U.S. military, Project Maven, Googlers are once again organizing internally to push back against their leadership—this time around a project dubbed Dragonfly, the proposed search product the company intends to build for the Chinese market in…Read more...
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Why are these butterflies drinking turtle tears? (Video)

The answer is pretty surprising.
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Here's When We Think Game of Thrones' New Age of Heroes Spinoff Should Take Place

Game of Thrones may be ending in 2019, but the song of ice and fire will continue. HBO has greenlit a prequel series about Westeros’ Golden Age of Heroes, helmed by Jane Goldman (the Kingsman series, Kick-Ass) and A Song of Ice and Fire creator George R.R. Martin. This age spans thousands of years, and there’s no way…Read more...
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Revived Keystone XL Pipeline Suffers a Major Setback in Court

Having been struck down by former President Barack Obama and revived by President Donald Trump, the embattled Keystone XL pipeline just suffered a new setback in court that has opponents cheering.Read more...
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Turn Your Xbox Controller into a Racing Wheel With This Clever, 3D-Printed Upgrade

Mastering a racing game is a lot easier with your hands on a steering wheel instead of a tiny thumbstick, but after shelling out hundreds of dollars on a console and $60 on a game, do you really want to cough up another c-note for a racing wheel? If you’ve got access to a 3D printer, you could make this cheap rack and…Read more...
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This Visual Effects Artist's Masterful Age-Reversal Skills Are the Closest Thing We Have to Time Travel

It’s a technique that’s often used for flashback sequences in movies when an older actor plays a much younger version of himself like Kurt Russell did in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. But the results are never quite perfect, or at least don’t reach the impressive level of pixel perfection that compositor Rousselos…Read more...
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Hey Artists, Stop Putting Shiny Crap Into Space

As if there isn’t already enough junk in space, an artist is planning to launch a reflective, inflatable sculpture to low Earth orbit in October. The art piece is meant to instill a sense of wonder and alter humanity’s impression of itself, but in reality it’s an empty gesture that’ll only serve to infuriate…Read more...
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