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Boosted’s rugged electric scooter is launching at $1,599

Boosted, the maker of the electric skateboard Boosted Board, has unveiled its next mode of transportation: the electric scooter. Available for pre-order today, Boosted Rev costs $1,599 and is designed to be durable, fast, efficient up hills and safe. The Boosted Rev, which has been about 18 months in the making, will start shipping this summer. Boosted, which counts mostly men as its core consumer for the electric skateboard, is hoping to diversify its customer base with the launch of scooter...
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Uber Completes $8.1B Public Market Debut in Spite of Tumultuous Past

Ride-hailing giant Uber secured $8.1 billion in new capital late Thursday as it priced an initial public offering that set its market capitalization at $82.4 billion, according to calculations by The New York Times and other news outlets.Uber announced late Thursday it will sell 180 million shares of common stock at $45 apiece when it completes the IPO. That price is near the lowest end of the range Uber set at $44 to $50 in the amended prospectus it filed on April 26.Uber (NYSE: UBER) will sta...
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Mobility News: Cruise’s New Cash, Tesla’s Pivot to Robotaxis & More

As the mobility industry waits with baited breath to see how Uber’s IPO will play out on Friday, there is plenty of news being made elsewhere in the sector. Cruise scored another massive investment, Toyota AI Ventures opened a new fund, scooters continue to rev up, and more. Read on for details.—Our own Bernadette Tansey took a look at Lyft’s quarterly earnings report, published this week, and found both bright spots and ominous notes. In short: Lyft still has a profitability problem, although ...
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'Broken Jaw, Split Lip, Broken Teeth': E-Scooter Accidents Can Seriously Fuck You Up

Look around, and you’ll find no shortage of stories about the rise of injuries linked to rentable e-scooters. But until you’ve read firsthand accounts of shattered arms and metal plates in faces, it’s hard to comprehend just how completely these little scooties can wreck your shit.Read more...
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Lime Scooters Hacked to Say Sexual Things to Riders in Australia

At least eight Lime e-scooters have been pulled from the streets of Brisbane, Australia this week after they were hacked to say sexual and otherwise offensive things. Lime calls the hack “disappointing.”Read more...
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Quickly Find a Nearby Scooter Using This App

I have admittedly been reluctant to embrace the scooters that are infiltrating our cities. In my neighborhood in San Francisco, you constantly have to be on the lookout to make sure an inexperienced rider isn’t going to mow you down on the sidewalk, and on weekends that sidewalk is also often literally blocked with…Read more...
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Uber, Lyft, and the challenge of transportation startup profits

How much does transportation cost you? In most cities, bus or subway fare might set you back $3 or so. A tank of gas, maybe $30 or $40 depending on your car. An hour of street parking? Sometimes it’s free, sometimes it’s a few bucks. And you can usually snag an economy seat on a round-trip U.S. domestic flight for under $300. These numbers probably ring true for most people. There’s just one problem: Everything you know about the cost of transportation is wrong. Despite a massive infusion of ven...
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The future of scooters and media (but not scooter media!)

We have two great deep dives on the future of scooters and the future of media. Thanks to the many of you who joined our live conference call today with Kate Clark and Kirsten Korosec, where we talked all things Lyft today. If you weren’t able to join us, we will be publishing the transcript in the next few days, and we are going to try to embed the audio as well (we’ve heard your requests and working out a solution as we speak). The Future of Scooters   Our long-time transportation and scoot...
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The uncertain future of shared electric scooters

Cities all over the world have seen an influx of two-wheeled, electric kick scooters on the road over the last couple of years. Scooters from the likes of Bird, Lime, Spin, Uber’s JUMP, Lyft and others are all trying to own the first and the last mile. The first mile is often understood as the distance between a transportation hub and someone’s starting point while the last mile is the distance between a transportation hub and someone’s final destination. These companies want both, and some (Ub...
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Chevron Tech, Medical Informatics, ActivTrak, Linear & More TX Tech

Let’s catch up with the latest innovation news in Texas.—Chevron Technology Ventures Thursday launched a $90 million fund for energy investments. The fund is CTV’s seventh and investments will be made in high-growth startups with technologies that have the potential to improve Chevron’s core oil and gas business performance, says CTV President Barbara Burger. “We are using venture capital as a conduit for early access to innovation and to build a pipeline of innovation for Chevron,” Burger said...
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Lyft Raises $2.2B in IPO, Pegging Valuation at Over $24B

Investors eager to bet on the mobility industry’s future handed ride-hailing company Lyft $2.2 billion in new capital Thursday as the company completed an IPO that set its market capitalization at $24.3 billion, The New York Times reported.Lyft sold 30.8 million shares at $72 apiece, according to Renaissance Capital—the top of a new range that Lyft originally set at $62 to $68. The company was valued at $15.1 billion at the time of its last fundraising in mid-2018.Lyft’s pricey showing rivals A...
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North Korea’s new website and pro rata rights

From Extra Crunch We have published the transcript for Brian Heater’s conference call on robotics. Arman published report reviews on China’s luxury goods and consumer spending as well as on perceptions of automation in Europe. We have Lucas Matney and Eric Peckham scheduled for today at 3pm EST / noon PST discussing GDC on our live conference call. We are following up our startup lawyers Verified Experts with brand designers. Our first post on creating a brand for startups is live, and be sure...
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I Rode an E-Scooter as Far From Civilization as Its Batteries Could Take Me

Almost as suddenly as the electric rent-a-scooters appeared, everyone had an opinion about them. They began clogging sidewalks across the Bay Area in late 2017 ($1 to start!) as brands with four-letter names like Bird and Lime fought for dominance in the latest vampiric startup scheme. Folks were excited to share…Read more...
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Cities are getting more serious about micromobility data

Gone are the days when cities and tech startups are constantly at odds with each other. Passport, a mobility management startup, has partnered with Charlotte, N.C., Detroit, MIch., and Omaha, Neb. to create a framework to apply parking principles, data analysis and more to the plethora of shared micromobility services. “For many cities, the only option has been to impose bans, fees or permit systems intended to cap the number of scooters allowed on their streets,” Passport CEO Bob Youakim to...
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At Bird, the Word Is Not Bird: It's Layoffs

Folks, it’s been a rough month for electric scooter startups.Read more...
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Rise of the Surveillance Scooters?

Imagine being falsely accused of a crime, and even though you know you did nothing wrong, you’re forced to wear a tracking device that monitors every time you leave the house: where you go, when, and for how long. Even though you’re completely innocent, suddenly every errand and day trip is recorded, indefinitely, to be scrutinized, analyzed, and maybe even used against you.  Go to the doctor? They know. Go to AA? They know. Go anyplace where you prize your anonymity, and the government will st...
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CDC Preparing Report on E-Scooter Injuries Amid Claims of People Getting Seriously Hurt

Love ’em or hate ’em—and many, many do—e-scooters are taking cities across the globe by storm. But amid ongoing reports that people are seriously messing themselves up on these things, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided last year to take a closer look at why this is happening.Read more...
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Lyft lays off up to 50 in bikes and scooters as it gears up for another wave of launches

As Lyft continues to prepare for its IPO, the on-demand transportation startup is trimming staff to cut costs ahead of another wave of expansion. TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that Lyft has laid off around 50 staff in its bike and scooter division, mainly people who had joined the company when it acquired the electric bike sharing startup Motivate a deal that closed about . The cuts range from managers and through to technical people and those holding less senior roles, and have been ...
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Volkswagen offers a pair of cool scooter designs for zipping around town

Volkswagen has unveiled a pair of nifty scooter concepts for zipping around town. The sleeker Cityskater can reach speeds of 12 mph and has a range of 9 miles, while the heftier Streetmate can hit 28 mph and go for 21 miles. The post Volkswagen offers a pair of cool scooter designs for zipping around town appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Volkswagen offers a couple of cool scooter designs for zipping around town

Volkswagen has unveiled a pair of nifty scooter concepts for zipping around town. The sleeker Cityskater can reach speeds of 12 mph and has a range of 9 miles, while the heftier Streetmate can hit 28 mph and go for 21 miles. The post Volkswagen offers a couple of cool scooter designs for zipping around town appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google Maps adds Lime bike and scooter feature to more cities globally

Google Maps recently added a handy feature that helps you find Lime bikes and scooters more easily. Following a limited launch, Google has now rolled it out to more than 80 cities globally. The post Google Maps adds Lime bike and scooter feature to more cities globally appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Lime scooter fault can cause ‘sudden excessive braking’ when going downhill

Lime has acknowledged a serious fault with its electric scooters that has caused a small number of them to suddenly brake while going downhill. The company is urging users to ride with caution as it rolls out a software fix. The post Lime scooter fault can cause ‘sudden excessive braking’ when going downhill appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Lime scooters have a software bug that causes them to hurl their riders to the ground

Lime scooters have been recalled in Switzerland and cleared off the streets of New Zealand following a string of injuries, including multiple broken bones, caused by a software bug that brings the scooters to an abrupt halt, throwing their riders off (the scooters are still available in the USA despite an account of a similar incident in Texas). The company says it has found the bug: "[I]n very rare cases—usually riding downhill at top speed while hitting a pothole or other obstacle—excessi...
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Lime Scooters Face Suspension in Auckland Amid Reports of Unexpected Braking and Rider Injuries

After having to pull its entire fleet of electric scooters from multiple cities in Switzerland amid reports of unexpected braking, Lime is facing a similar problem in New Zealand. Auckland officials announced Friday that the city has temporarily suspended Lime’s license following reports of rider injuries.Read more...
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Scooter company reps scolded by Oregon legislators over helmet law proposal

Matthew Kopko with Bird Rides (L), and Jonathan Hopkins from Lime. Senators Lew Frederick (L) and Cliff Bentz. What was expected to be just another ho-hum hearing on one of thousands of bills working their way through Oregon’s 2019 legislative session, turned out to be anything but. “What I’m hearing seems to be a bit counter-intuitive from a safety perspective.”— Rep. Caddy McKeown, Co-Chair Joint Committee on Transportation As we shared earlier today, House Bill 2671 seeks to requir...
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General Motors Starts Taking Orders for Electric Bicycles

Last November, the world learned that both General Motors and Ford planned to enter the field of two-wheeled transportation as part of their new identity as “mobility” companies. Ford chose to purchase electric scooter startup Spin, whereas GM wanted to mass produce two e-bikes intended for direct sale. However, not much was known about the actual […] The post General Motors Starts Taking Orders for Electric Bicycles appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Mixtape podcast: Instacart’s apologetic week

It’s that time of the week again when Megan Rose Dickey and I talk about the good and could-be-better tech companies. This week, we talked about Instacart  href="">getting caught shorting its shoppers out of dough they rightfully deserved. Of course the company apologized for its “misguided” approach. Which at least sounds better than apologizing for getting caught — and getting caught, the company d...
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The E-Scooter Craze Is Sending Lots of People to the ER, Often With Head Injuries

Electric scooters have become wildly popular, thanks to single-named companies like Bird, Scoot, and Lime creating easy-to-ride, if legally iffy, scooter rental services in cities across the U.S. But a new study out Friday is seemingly the first to quantify a drawback to these convenient devices: lots of riders are…Read more...
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Maybe Don't Charge an E-Scooter If You Plan to Do Crimes

A man was reportedly arrested this week in connection with a recent bank robbery after his credit card that was used to rent a Jump e-scooter linked him to the scene of the crime.Read more...
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Autonomic CEO Gavin Sherry on Mobility, China, and Data Privacy

In a tech culture that looks toward self-driving cars as the pinnacle of mobility innovation, we’re still debating whether fully autonomous vehicles are an imminent reality for our roads or an ever-receding Shangri-La.But looking back from the viewpoint of 2019, it’s worth considering whether the really pivotal, world-changing advances in transportation have not already been launched. It came in relatively quick steps:—The first time a person with a smartphone stepped into a car, that vehicle b...
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