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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Returns to No. 1 on Box Office Charts in Sixth Weekend of Release

It’s Peter Parker’s world, we’re just living in it. After a brief hiatus to let another movie sell a few tickets, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has unseated “Scream” and reclaimed the top spot on domestic box office charts. Now in its sixth weekend of release, Sony’s comic book sequel has added another $14.1 million from […]
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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Looks to Reclaim Box Office Crown From ‘Scream’

After one weekend outside of the No. 1 slot, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” could be surging ahead to lead the domestic box office once again. The Marvel entry and the slasher sequel “Scream” are locked in a tight battle this weekend, with “No Way Home” projected just ahead of its competition. Columbia Pictures is projecting […]
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David Arquette Talks 25 Years of ‘Scream,’ That Shocking Scene and What’s Next

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read unless you have seen the 2022 horror film “Scream,” currently playing in theaters. The “Scream” movies know about rules. Since the series launched with the first film in 1996, inspiring countless homages and parodies, a few things have been constant. One of them is David Arquette, who has appeared as Dwight […]
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‘Scream’ Filmmakers on the Provocative Ending, [SPOILER]’s Death and the ‘Star Wars’ Cameo That Could Have Been

SPOILER WARNING: This story discusses crucial plot developments — including a major death and who is behind the murders in the movie — in the 2022 horror film “Scream,” currently playing in theaters. When the filmmakers behind the new “Scream” — directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and executive producer Chad Villella, collectively known as Radio […]
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Box Office: Faith-Based Drama ‘Redeeming Love’ No Match for ‘Scream,’ ‘Spider-Man’

“Scream,” the hit sequel in the long-running slasher series, will keep terrorizing audiences over the weekend. Only one movie, Universal’s faith-based romantic drama “Redeeming Love,” is opening nationwide, and the poorly reviewed film, which combines a gold-rush setting with a parable about redemption and the oldest profession, isn’t looking like it’ll put up much of a […]
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‘Spider-Man’ Perches Atop U.K. Box Office, ‘Scream’ Scares Up Strong debut

Sony’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home” spent a fifth consecutive weekend at the top of the U.K. and Ireland box office, collecting £3.2 million ($4.3 million), according to numbers provided by Comscore. With a mighty total of £84.1 million ($114.2 million), “Spider-Man” has swung past “Titanic” (£80.2 million) and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi (£82.7) to […]
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Box Office: ‘Scream’ Unseats ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ With $34 Million Holiday Haul

All hail the new king! “Scream” dethroned “Spider-Man: No Way Home” over the four-day Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, becoming the first film to unseat the superhero phenomenon since it debuted on Dec. 17. The slasher revival grossed $34 million from 3,664 locations to top the box office. The impressive haul means that Paramount and […]
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Box Office: ‘Scream’ Debuts to Bloody Impressive $30.6 Million

“Scream,” a reimagining of a horror franchise that appeared to have run out of steam, dominated the box office, earning a scary good $30.6 million. The sequel is projected to earn $35 million over the four-day Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, a spectacular result considering that “Scream” only cost $25 million to produce. It […]
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Box Office: ‘Scream’ Set to Dethrone ‘Spider-Man’ With $36 Million Holiday Weekend Debut

Do you like scary movies? North American audiences still do, even as most other theatrical releases continue to struggle amid a pandemic. “Scream” is the latest horror film to make a sizable impression at the domestic box office, with an opening weekend that should finally dethrone “Spider-Man: No Way Home” after the Marvel entry’s four-week […]
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These Are The 7 Best Kills From Scream

The day we thought might never come has arrived: the fifth "Scream" movie is finally here. The first entry in the franchise in a decade is also the first without the involvement of the franchises' late director, Wes Craven. If you're waiting to see "Scream" number five at home, the movie should follow Paramount's Covid-era protocol for home release, with a streaming premiere 45 days after its theatrical release. If that is the case, this may not be the article for you, as we are about to get dee...
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17 Sequels and Reboots That Successfully Revived Film Franchises

From "Mad Max: Fury Road" to "Blade Runner 2049," these films all brought fresh new life to their long-running franchises.
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Box Office: ‘Scream’ Opens to $3.5 Million in Thursday Previews

“Scream” scared up $3.5 million in Thursday previews, a solid result for a franchise that is comfortably in its third decade. The Paramount and Spyglass Media slasher reboot is on pace to gross a bloody good $30 million in its opening weekend, buoyed by strong reviews and a passionate fanbase. It also helps that the […]
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‘Scream’ Writer Details the Bloody, 15-Minute Ghostface Fight He Cut From the Franchise

Wes Craven’s “Scream” franchise has no shortage of brutal kills, but it turns out one of the craziest bloodbaths never made it into the franchise. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, original “Scream” screenwriter Kevin Williamson detailed an extended 15-minute fight scene between Ghostface and Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) that he wrote for the […]
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How the ‘Scream’ Filmmaking Team Went From YouTube Stars to Horror Darlings

Maybe it’s because they’ve been making movies together — from internet shorts to 2012’s “V/H/S” to 2019’s “Ready or Not” — for more than 12 years. Maybe it’s because they’re promoting their latest film — the new “Scream,” which is also the fifth “Scream,” but is just titled “Scream” — remotely during a global pandemic. […]
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Neve Campbell Reveals She Was Attacked by a Bear on Set: ‘He Pulled Me Through the Forest’

Neve Campbell appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” this week to promote her role in the new “Scream” movie, but it’s her story about surviving a bear attack during the production of a film that is generating the most headlines. Campbell did not name the project, but said she was 17 years old at the […]
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Will ‘Scream’ End ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’s’ Mighty Box Office Reign?

Has “Spider-Man: No Way Home” finally met its match? After an impressive four-week streak at the top of domestic box office charts, Paramount’s slasher sequel “Scream” could give Sony’s latest Marvel web-slinging adventure a run for the No. 1 spot. The R-rated “Scream” is expected to generate a leading $25 million to $30 million from […]
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‘Scream’ Review: A Sequel — Make That Requel — That Winks, Entertainingly, at the Badness of Sequels

“Scream,” the lively new meta slasher thriller, is neither a reboot nor a sequel to “Scream,” the landmark 1996 meta slasher thriller it shares a title with. The new movie is a requel, a term the film dutifully explains — it means a franchise extension that’s poised, on a kitchen knife blade, between the past […]
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‘Scream’ Earns Rave First Reactions: ‘Brutal,’ ‘Genius’ and the ‘Best Since the Original’

First reactions for Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett’s “Scream” have arrived online, and it appears the fifth time is the charm for the long-running horror franchise. Film journalists are calling the new entry “a fittingly loud, bloody good time at the movies” and the best “Scream” movie since Wes Craven’s 1996 original. Franchise veterans Neve […]
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‘Scream’ Red Carpet Premiere Scrapped Over Omicron Concerns (EXCLUSIVE)

Sorry, Sidney — Paramount Pictures is not moving forward with a planned red carpet premiere for the latest installment of the “Scream” franchise. Given the tidal wave of the Omicron  COVID-19 variant, the event originally scheduled for January 11 will not proceed, a note to invited guests said on Thursday. The premiere was expected to […]
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The 10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2022

Whether they’re low-budget handheld flicks, blockbuster thrillers or long-awaited sequels, one thing we can always count on is the shriek-inducing joy of horror movies. From franchise expansions (“Scream,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) to new terrors (“Fresh,” “Don’t Worry Darling”), there’s plenty to look forward to in next year’s horror slate. Genre veteran Stephen King’s 1975 novel […]
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David Arquette on Returning to ‘Scream,’ Bozo the Clown and the Review That Makes Him Laugh

Though David Arquette is a member of an acting dynasty (his parents and sister Alexis were both actors, as are siblings Patricia, Richmond and Rosanna), he originally didn’t think acting was for him after repeatedly auditioning as a kid and never being cast. It was only through the encouragement of a high school teacher, Ben […]
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Headsup: Heroes, Horror, and Hepburn

Disclaimer: Warner Brothers Home Entertainment requests that we note it provided a free copy of Superman: The Complete Animated Series for review purposes. The opinions I share are my own. “Timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the beloved classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s released in 1961, The Audrey Hepburn 7 Movie Collection sparkles with luminous performances from Hepburn in My Fair Lady, Funny Face, Sabrina, Roman Holiday, Paris When It Sizzles, War and Peace, and, of course, Breakfas...
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Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich Reveal If They’re in New ‘Scream’ Movie and Reflect on Original’s 25th Anniversary

“Do you like scary movies?” Nearly 25 years ago, “Scream” lit up theaters and revolutionized the horror genre. Directed by bloody maestro Wes Craven, the 1996 slasher flick poked fun at horror tropes of the ’70s and ’80s, delighted audiences with its buckets of blood and churned out four more sequels, the latest of which […]
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Someone made an elaborately detailed IMDB page for a fake SCREAM sequel

This week saw the release of the trailer for Scream 2022, the fifth film in the Scream movie franchise after a decade away (although there was also a TV series that was only slightly connected). According to the Internet Movie Database, however, there already was a fifth Scream film released in 2018 under the title Scream 5: The Return of Ghostface. — Read the rest
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Looking Back at Scream’s Legacy of Revitalizing the Slasher Genre

In the eyes of many horror fans, Scream is considered a modern classic, a new capstone atop the mountain of ‘70s and ‘80s slasher films that took what it had seen and infused satire, after running everything through a tightly-meshed strainer. It was a new and refreshing dish for those who had feasted upon killers like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees for almost two decades, deciding to splay the insides of the films, like their victims, openly discussing the clichés, tropes, ...
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Scream’s first trailer resurrects Ghostface for a new generation

Someone new is wearing Ghostface's mask and murdering a new generation of teens in Scream, which forces a few familiar faces to reunite to take down the killer.
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Watch: The SCREAM 2022 trailer is out!

Just in time for Halloween, the official SCREAM 2022 trailer was just released. (Unfortunately, the actual movie doesn't premiere until January.) Set in the same town of Woodsboro, again with characters Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) and Dewey Riley (David Arquette), the trailer for this fifth film in the SCREAM series, directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpen and Tyler Gillet, doesn't reveal any fresh surprises. — Read the rest
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Scream Trailer: Ghostface Is Back To Ask A New Generation If They Like Scary Movies

What's your favorite scary movie? If the answer is "Scream," then I have good news: there's a new "Scream" coming your way! And, confusingly enough, even though it's the fifth entry in the series, it's just going by the name "Scream." This is becoming a trend in horror – see also 2018's "Halloween" – and I'm not sure I like it. But that minor quibble aside, I'm all-in on a new "Scream" movie. It won't quite be the same without the late, great Wes Craven at the helm. But "Ready or Not" filmmakers...
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‘Scream 5’ Trailer: Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette Return for New, Bloodier Slasher

“Do you like horror movies?” A trailer for the fifth installment of Paramount’s “Scream” franchise has arrived, promising a new, bloody adventure with the beloved characters. Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott, Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers and David Arquette’s Deputy Dewey Riley are back for the bloody slasher, along with a new cast of characters, many of […]
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Scream 5 Trailer: Ghostface Returns to Terrorize a New Generation

Paramount Pictures has debuted the official Scream trailer for the highly-anticipated fifth installment to the iconic slasher franchise. It features the return of Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott, David Arquette’s Dewey Riley, and Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers. The film is scheduled to arrive in theaters on January 14, 2022. The Scream 5 trailer begins with a familiar telephone ring that ends with the gruesome death of a teenage girl. It also provides us with our first look at the young new chara...
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