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Are screens really destroying young people’s brains?

Leading pediatricians say the assumption that screen time is behind problems is not really supported by research. The danger has more to do with a screen being a gateway for unwanted intrusions into a child's life. While recommendations are difficult based on the limited amount of research that has been done, the report offers a few. None It's impossible to be a perfect parent, however hard you try. One thing that has a lot of parents feeling continually guilty is the amount of time their kids...
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Rigorous new scientific study: Link between kids screen time and their well-being is highly overstated

In a heavy-duty new scientific paper published this week, University of Oxford researchers argue that the association between adolescent well-being and digital technology use is tiny. Really tiny. From Scientific American: (The paper by experimental psychologist Andrew Przybylski and grad student Amy Orben) reveals the pitfalls of the statistical methods scientists have employed and offers a more rigorous alternative. And, importantly, it uses data on more than 350,000 adolescents to show per...
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How To Improve Your Family’s Health in 2019

Would you like to effectively reduce the risk of your family getting ill? We all know keeping healthy is important, but it can sometimes be confusing to know the best way to do it. Encouraging your children to adopt healthy habits means you’re setting them up well for the future. Nobody has ever said that raising a family is easy, and when you’re busy with your career and other responsibilities, finding the time to set a good example in the form of a healthy, active lifestyle can be a ...
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We finally started taking screen time seriously in 2018

At the beginning of this year, I was using my iPhone to browse new titles on Amazon when I saw the cover of “How to Break Up With Your Phone” by Catherine Price. I downloaded it on Kindle because I genuinely wanted to reduce my smartphone use, but also because I thought it would be hilarious to read a book about breaking up with your smartphone on my smartphone (stupid, I know). Within a couple of chapters, however, I was motivated enough to download Moment, a screen time tracking app recommende...
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This Cool iPhone Feature Lets You Limit Your Screen Time (No Willpower Required)

Whether you're checking emails, perusing Instagram, or building a team of adorable cube-shaped creatures on Pokémon Quest, everyone could stand to spend a little less time staring at a phone screen. However, even if you don't have commendable willpower (or an excellent phone hiding spot), you can still achieve a new year's resolution of less screen time and more face time - and no, making phone calls via FaceTime doesn't count. With iPhone's Screen Time feature, you can control everything from a...
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Not all "screen time" is created equal

The debates about screen time and kids are really confused: the studies have contradictory findings, and the ones that find negative outcomes in kids who spend a lot of time on their screens struggle to figure out the cause-and-effect relationship (are depressed kids using screens more because that's how they get help, or do kids become depressed if they use their screen a lot?). It's obvious that not all screen time is created equal: games aren't social media, social media isn't Youtube. W...
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Give Kids Unlimited Screen Time—But Only After They've Completed Their Daily Activities

As a parent who works from home, screen time is always a topic of discussion in our household, especially during summer and winter breaks. Because my work requires me to actually concentrate without the sounds of kids asking for snacks and bickering over who has control of the Netflix queue, I had to come up with a…Read more...
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I Tried to Quit My Smartphone Addiction and (Spoiler Alert) Failed Miserably

I need rehab. Actual, real-life, smartphone rehab. Listen, I knew I was addicted to my smartphone before I tried to go smartphone-free for one week, but I didn't know how addicted I was. Now that I know, I'm actually scared for myself and, dare I say, society as a whole. Shortly after my daughter was born, I actually attempted this digital detox song and dance. Why? I caught myself checking my phone while I was driving my precious cargo in the car. I felt guilty whenever she saw me scrolling dur...
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It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work with Jason Fried

With so much information, and gadgets and access and hustle and email and …and.. aren’t you overloaded at work!? It’s understandable and it’s a real problem. If this describes you or someone you love…you’ll LOVE this episode of the show. Enter: Jason Fried.  He’s the brilliant NYT best-selling author and co-founder of the software firm, Basecamp.  Since long before meeting Jason in person he’s always caught my eye as perhaps THE outspoken thinker / critic of the current status of work, our unhea...
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Apple puts third-party screen time apps on notice

A number of app developers building third-party screen time trackers and parental control applications are worried that Apple’s increased scrutiny of their apps in recent weeks is not a coincidence. With Apple’s launch of iOS 12, the company has implemented its own built-in screen time tracking tools and controls. Not long after, developers’ third-party screen time apps came under increased review from Apple, and, in some cases, rejections and removals from the App Store. The impacted develop...
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Should You Make Your Kids Wait Until High School for a Cell Phone?

Getting a cell phone has become something of a childhood rite of passage. Parents often struggle with how soon is too soon, with the average child now receiving their first phone at age 10 and their first social media accounts by age 12.Read more...
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The Incredible Benefits of Switching Off Your Phone and Going Outside

You're reading The Incredible Benefits of Switching Off Your Phone and Going Outside, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. In today’s digital age, it’s increasingly difficult to get away from technology. Many of us are hopelessly addicted to our phones, with research showing that the average person touches their phone 2600 times in a single day. But if you want to be your best and mo...
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Screens Might Not Be Ruining Kids' Sleep After All

There is such a thing as spending too much time glued to a screen, whether it’s your TV, smartphone, or computer. But a study out of the University of Oxford in the UK suggests that the effects of screen time on kids’ sleeping habits aren’t as dramatic as often assumed. Every hour of screen time in a day, it found,…Read more...
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Drop that iPhone! Researchers suggest limiting kids’ screen time to 2 hours a day

How much screen time should our kids have per day? Researchers from Canada have attempted to answer that question with a recent analysis of lifestyle data from 4,520 American kids. The post Drop that iPhone! Researchers suggest limiting kids’ screen time to 2 hours a day appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Children Who Get Less Screen Time Think Better, Study Finds

Keeping your kid’s mind sharp might involve making sure they don’t spend all day on their smartphone or other screen devices, suggests yet more research published this week.Read more...
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Apple's Screen Time Report Is Not Accurate for Tracking Your Habits

iOS 12 is out, and a lot of people are suddenly realizing that they spend way too much time on their smartphones. Way. Too. Much. Time. That’s all thanks to the Screen Time feature you’ll find within your device’s Settings menu—right under “Do Not Disturb.” Tap it, and your iPhone or iPad will give you all sorts of…Read more...
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Here's What You Can Do With Apple's New iOS 12 Parental Controls 

Parents, to curb your kid’s phone usage, you may no longer need to hold their chargers hostage, yell out nightly countdowns (“Three more minutes!”) or draft up elaborate tech contracts that you’ll look at exactly once. At least, if you’re on Apple devices. The new iOS 12 parental controls are here, and they allow you…Read more...
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I'm Caroline Ingeborn, President and COO of Toca Boca, and This Is How I Parent 

Caroline Ingeborn is the president and chief operating officer of Toca Boca, which makes digital toys designed around the way kids play. (My five-year-old loves giving buzzcuts in Toca Hair Salon, bandaging doves in Toca Pet Doctor and making weird milkshake concoctions in Toca Kitchen.) Ingeborn, who moved to the…Read more...
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Google researchers examine how to combat smartphone addiction

Smartphones are built to be engaging, but the likes of Google and Apple are finally working on ways to help people manage their tech time. In fact, a new Google study notes that in general people feel an obligation to their tech. The post Google researchers examine how to combat smartphone addiction appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Use the New Tools in iOS 12 and Android 9 Pie to Fight Your Phone Addiction

Apple and Google are falling over themselves to offer new native tools for tracking how long we spend staring at screens, unlocking our phones, and wasting time on social media. We’ve been testing the new ‘digital wellbeing’ tools in iOS 12 (which is currently in public beta) and Android 9 Pie (currently only…Read more...
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How to Play Fortnite With Your Kids

Frickin’ Fortnite. Your kids won’t stop playing it, and you’re fed up. What do you do? You could join one of the many parent support groups, or make a musical parody to vent your frustrations, or try locking the game consoles in the car and hiding the key (yes, this is really happening). Read more...
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With The Den, parents can manage kids’ screen time by locking their devices

The Den, created by Australia-based company TechDen, provides parents with a hardware solution to manage screen time. With the companion app, parents are able to set sessions for The Den to unlock, allowing children to use their devices. The post With The Den, parents can manage kids’ screen time by locking their devices appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Be More Mindful of the Time You Waste Online With HabitLab

You may want to spend less time of sites like Facebook and YouTube, but actually doing it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. HabitLab is an open-source project from Stanford that attempts to make cutting back on habit-forming sites a little bit easier.Read more...
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10 Easy Hacks For Reducing Your Screen Time

Thinking of doing a digital detox? It might not be a bad idea, but what good is it to reduce your screen exposure if you just go right back to your old habits after your detox is done? We have some easy hacks for making a less screen-filled lifestyle stick. There are a lot of negative effects of too much screen time, including trouble sleeping, headaches, and impaired decision making. If you're interested in reducing your screen time, all it takes is a couple of small lifestyle tweaks to add up...
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Apple’s Shortcuts will flip the switch on Siri’s potential

Matthew Cassinelli Contributor Share on Twitter Matthew Cassinelli is a former member of the Workflow team and works as an independent writer and consultant. He previously worked as a data analyst for VaynerMedia. At WWDC, Apple pitched Shortcuts as a way to ”take advantage of the power of apps” and ”expose quick actions to Siri.” These will be suggested by the OS, can be given unique voice commands, and will even be customiza...
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Meal Time

Visiting San Francisco was every bit as fun and exciting as it was the last few times I’ve travelled there. After a week long stay, we’re finally home. We’re more or less settled in after the trip, doing the usual things (catching up on bills, house stuff, groceries, etc.). I was fully prepared to sit down and pen two new PC Weenies comics for the week, but it was not to be. My Hackintosh was giving me some trouble this morning – and to make a long story short – I spent nearly 11 hours of my ...
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Tim Cook speaks out at Fortune’s CEO Initiative on hot-button issues like immigration

Tim Cook at an Apple event in 2016. At Fortune’s CEO Initiative event today, Tim Cook shared his opinion on a number of contentious issues, including immigration, political news and smartphone addiction. Here are some highlights from his conversation with Fortune executive editor Adam Lashinsky. On companies taking a stance on public policy and other politically charged issues, including the Trump administration’s separations of migrant families at United States-Mexico border, which Cook recent...
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iOS 12 is all about making your phone work better

The pace of iOS innovation has been so intense that even Apple couldn’t keep up. In some ways, iOS 11’s main feature was that it was packed with bugs, with autocorrect bugs, messages arriving out of order and the Calculator app not calculating properly. iOS 12 is a nice change of pace. “For iOS 12, we’re doubling down on performance,” Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said at WWDC. While there are a few interesting new features, iOS 12 isn’t a splashy release like the ones t...
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Facebook prototypes tool to show how many minutes you spend on it

Are you ready for some scary numbers? After months of Mark Zuckerberg talking about how “Protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits”, Facebook is preparing to turn that commitment into a Time Well Spent product. Buried in Facebook’s Android app is an unreleased “Your Time On Facebook” feature. It shows the tally of how much time you spent on the Facebook app on your phone on each of the last seven days, and your average time spent per day. It lets you set a daily r...
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A cure for phone fatigue? Apple’s Screen Time vs. Google’s Digital Wellbeing

Apple and Google introduced their own smartphone tools to reduce the amount of time we spend on our devices. But how do the two compare? We break down the features, differences, and benefits of Apple's Screen Time and Google's Digital Wellbeing. The post A cure for phone fatigue? Apple’s Screen Time vs. Google’s Digital Wellbeing appeared first on Digital Trends.
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