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The Prettiest Green Nail Polishes To Complete Your St. Patrick's Day Look

We're seeing a steady slew of surprisingly wearable — and super-flattering — green shades flooding into spring trend reports, which can only mean one thing: manicure inspiration aplenty. Serendipitously, this color-trend uptick also happens to coincide with the all-shamrock-everything vibes of this weekend's beer-chugging celebration, also known as St. Patrick's Day.So to help you plan for April's DIY mani and Sunday's festive bar hop, we thought it the perfect time to break down the best green...
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The Green Manicure Is Spring's Chicest — & Most Unexpected — Accessory

We're seeing a steady slew of surprisingly wearable — and super-flattering — green shades flooding into spring trend reports, which can only mean one thing: manicure inspiration aplenty. Serendipitously, this color-trend uptick also happens to coincide with the all-shamrock-everything vibes of next weekend's beer-chugging celebration, also known as St. Patrick's Day.So to help you plan for April's DIY mani and next Sunday's bar hop, we thought it the perfect time to break down the best green na...
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my life list, redux

Making a new friend in Kenya (number 61) (photograph by the amazing Morgana Wingard) Exactly nine years and three days ago, I sat down to create my Life List — a list of at least 100 things to do before I die. The idea was inspired by my friend Maggie Mason, who was passionate about having people create a dream list of things to try to accomplish and experience. I was recently t...
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Saudi Arabia tourist visa and sights

Last year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia began issuing tourist visas for the first time in its history. Previously, only those traveling to Saudi Arabia for work or Muslim pilgrims were permitted to enter the country. Now, the new system promotes the Sharek visa, available to citizens from the US, the Schengen Zone, Australia, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore, with more countries to be added to this list in the future. Under the Sharek visa system, vi...
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Why You Should Consider Volunteering With a Search and Rescue Team

Editor’s note: This is a guest article from Graham Shea. This is the time of year when people are making goals towards their personal development. Yet the paradoxical thing about seeking to improve one’s self, is that it’s best accomplished by looking outside of it. A couple years ago I stumbled across an ad in the paper which said that my local search and rescue team was recruiting volunteers. SAR teams are called upon to help people who are in potential distress or imminent danger, often goin...
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Best outdoor experiences Macedonia

With neighbors like always-popular Greece and even coastal Albania, Macedonia might not be on your radar for countries to visit in Europe. But packed into an area just bigger than the size of Vermont are lush mountains rising into the clouds, a vast network of trails to explore them by, and clear mountain lakes hiding remnants of past civilizations in their depths. This nation, once part of the former Yugoslavia, boasts some of the most underrated terrain for adrenaline junkies and adventurer...
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9 top snorkel spots worldwide

Anyone reasonably confident in the water can enjoy the relaxing, sometimes exhilarating, activity of snorkeling. Unlike SCUBA, snorkeling doesn’t require you to do extensive training or pass a medical exam. Whether you have an inner ear problem or another issue, or just haven’t had the time to get certified, snorkeling is an alternative way to explore hidden underwater worlds – without the heavy gear or the scary thought of running out of air. If you’re at a pristine beach, sometimes just pu...
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Dive the wreckage of the Titanic

When the Titanic was still on the high seas, you had to have pretty deep pockets to fully experience the vessel. Now, you might need even deeper pockets to visit its shipwreck. Blue Marble Private, a London-based travel company, is planning to offer diving trips to the wreck starting in 2019. Another travel company called The Bluefish is also planning Titanic dives for 2019. Blue Marble’s eight-day experience will set you back $105,129 per person, so if you’re looking for a nice budget vacati...
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SCUBA Weights

Humans with all their dive gear on are positively buoyant. This is an issue for SCUBA, where the whole point is to go down! Weights are an essential, but costly, part of any divers kit; which is why I decided to make my own!What you need for this project Sewing Machine. The beefier the better. You ...By: mattsilvermanContinue Reading » [Author: mattsilverman]
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Hawaii: The Perfect Place to Go Diving with the Family

Take your family diving in Hawaii. A guide to the best times to go and reviews of top diving sites including Kailua-Kona, Golden Arches, Molokini Wall and Black Rock. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Buy: Trompe L'oeil Technical Wetsuit in Neoprene

With his characteristic surrealist touches to luxury, Thom Browne's wetsuit would be near comical if not for the fact that it's a superb technical piece. There might not be a classier way to get wet—and stay warm while doing so. This neoprene item...... Continue Reading...
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Debunking Myths – Overcoming Scuba Diving Fears

Travel Experta, Expat Mama, Educator and Entrepreneur - Inspiring Families to New Horizons There’s a completely different world underwater! What we see on the water’s surface is a far cry from what scuba divers get to explore in traverse depths. But unfounded fears and mistakes of scuba diving brought about by myths, hearsay and lack of knowledge get in the way of experiencing the exciting sport. It’s natural to fear something you haven’t tried or do not have firsthand knowledge of. The term SC...
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13 of the craziest photos from China's World Robot Conference

Each year, the bleeding-edge developments in robotics and engineering are put on display at the World Robot Conference held in Beijing, China. It's a chance for companies and students to reveal the products and software that could redefine what it means to be human — including artificial limbs, humanoid robots, and animatronic dogs. Consider the conference a window into the artificially-intelligent future.SEE ALSO: Robot caregivers for the elderly could be just 10 years away One of the most ico...
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How Evolving Technologies And Facebook Are Deploying Big Data

Each day, 2.5 million TB of data are generated. This huge quantity of data needs to be stored so that they can be easily accessed later. They are data measured in zettabytes, petabytes and exabytes, which are lesser known terms. As companies gather rising amounts of data, requirements on infrastructure and technology have become larger. The following 3 Vs describes what Big Data is all about. Volume This feature represents the absolute amount of data produced by companies. It includes data from ...
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Scuba Diving

More fish. [Author: Doug]
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What’s the Future of Travel? Ask Millennials

Premise conducted a in late 2013 to examine worldwide attitudes of business and leisure travelers, segmenting responses by age group. It has a particular focus on Millennials, categorized as those born between the early 1980s and mid 1990s, of which I am a part. Much of this is nothing new, but I wanted to call out some interesting facts regarding what they called the “traveler of the future”.   Survey – from Pixabay Millennial focus and responses As you might imagine, much of what you m...
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Dense & Pika - Buttplug

Get 2017 off to a slamming start... Dense & Pika get 2017 off to a slamming start with a star-studded remix EP featuring three stellar reworks of their track ‘Buttplug’, and they’ve kindly handed us Scuba’s version. The… (in post Premiere: Dense & Pika - 'Buttplug' (Scuba Raw Mix) from Clash Magazine. More by this artist at )
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Traditions Media Growing Their Collection of Great Guns in 2017

Traditions Media Traditions Media, LLC MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -( Traditions Media, a specialized communications and progressive public relations team representing some of the best brands in the outdoors industry, has announced recent expansion.Brent T. Wheat will serve the firm as a Public and Media Relations Representative in support of its growing Hunting and Tactical Communications Team. Wheat is a full-time freelance writer, book author, photographer, videographer and publish...
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Designed for the Depths

The Pearl Diver is a compact second-stage, scuba regulator that incorporates a streamlined aesthetic. The product was designed to be more hydrodynamic, allowing easy movement through the water when scuba diving. Its functional form incorporates two styles of streamlined design: one very curvilinear with wavy smooth surfaces and the other industrial and geometrical with hard shapes and line accents.The placement of the hose makes for a less obstructive field of motion, moving from the side of the...
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Top 10 Seiko Watches – Overview of Models Favored By Our Readers

Seiko Watches Needless to say that we are a fan of Seiko watches here on Fratello. Not only did Michael Stockton convert me to the Japanese side of watchmaking when he joined Fratello Watches and started to write about those vintage Seiko beauties and Grand Seiko watches, the trip to Japan last year to see […] The post Top 10 Seiko Watches – Overview of Models Favored By Our Readers appeared first on Fratello Watches.
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Diver Getting His Teeth Cleaned By Fish Is Viscerally Upsetting

Hey buddo, I get it. Going to the dentist is no fun and fish need to eat. It’s logical—symbiotic even. And fish aren’t going to chastise you about cavities, or drinking too much coffee, or not flossing . And they won’t try to talk to you about classic cars while inside your mouth (looking at you, Dr. Gershon).Read more...
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Defogging your scuba mask or swim goggles

To keep my scuba face mask from fogging up I was taught to spit in it. You then wipe your saliva around and put on the mask. The very first time I was standing on the deck of a boat, waiting to jump 15 feet to the water and needed to spit in my mask, I found that nerves had dried me up! The best solution for defogging a mask I've found is 500 psi Mask Defogger. When a mask is new, make sure to clean the inside surface of the glass with some toothpaste. It'll rub the chemicals the manufactur...
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The Sweet Spot Between Snorkel and Scuba

Even if you’ve mastered the “duck dive”, that average snorkel’s major limitation is that you can’t stay deep for very long to experience what’s underwater. Until now! STEPDive is a revolutionary design that allows users to stay many feet under the water as long as they’d like without coming up for air. The system uses a floating buoy in which hoses attached to the snorkel are tethered. Divers using STEPDive can go as deep as the hose allows and stay there to explore! Better yet, multiple users c...
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Mesmerizing footage of Yucatan cave diving

Jonas Pedersen captured the beauty and danger of cave diving in this haunting footage at El Toh. (more…)
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US Navy develops diving helmet with HUD

The future is here! US Navy frogmen will no longer fumble with clumsy underwater dive computers, or GPS. I'm pretty sure AquaLung will acquire the US Navy to get ahold of this technology, and will be marketing it at local dive shops soon. Via the Tech Times: Professional divers could use any help they can get to make their work easier and more streamlined. The Navy acknowledges their need: it has built an underwater head-up display (HUD) prototype that allows divers to check their location...
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KY dives – Tenggol 2016

The last time I went diving was October 2013 in Maldives, a full 2.5 years passed since I breathed underwater, until last week, when we revisited Tenggol Island. The very island I got my diving certificate more than ten years ago, and also the island I dived the most. How time flies. Tenggol Coral Beach Resort The east coast highway is now completed, heading to Dungun took us only 4 hours (excluding the detour to Bentong for breakfast), we left KL at 6 in the morning and got there in time for t...
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One Breath

“M1″ doesn’t aim to redefine the scuba or reinvent the snorkel. It’s something entirely new and unlike any other underwater breathing apparatus! The design allows users to take one additional breath when diving, extending their time underwater by one minute. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s plenty of time to go places and see things users might not have been able to experience before! Using refillable cartridges, there are also expansions as users stretch their underwater breathing ability...
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Triton ‘artificial gill’ creators cancel $800K Indiegogo campaign, re-launch with new video

After conducting a veritable boatload of research, we were 99.9 percent sure the artificial gill technology was nothing more than high-octane snake oil. But as it turns out, Khademi and his co-conspirators weren't totally full of crap -- just partially. The post Triton ‘artificial gill’ creators cancel $800K Indiegogo campaign, re-launch with new video appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Are these ‘artificial gills’ a diver’s dream or crowdsourced snake oil?

Triton is essentially a tankless scuba mask that works like a pair of artificial gills -- but now that the creators have taken the contraption to Indiegogo, we're not completely convinced this isn't just an elaborate hoax The post Are these ‘artificial gills’ a diver’s dream or crowdsourced snake oil? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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'Sea Hunt' divers recreate '50s-'60s TV show that inspired generations of diving fanatics Former US Navy frogman Mike Nelson (played by Lloyd Bridges) led a life of adventure in the 1958 to 1961 action-adventure television show Sea Hunt. The show inspired generations to explore beneath the sea. Last weekend a group of Sea Hunt reenactors took to the water in Florida to relive the dream. (more…)
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