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Pace launches out of private beta with a plan to scale virtual group therapy

One in five people have a mental health illness. Pace, a new startup founded by Pinterest and Affirm executives, wants to pay attention to the other four in that statistic. “Nobody is perfectly mentally healthy all the time,” said Jack Chou, Pace co-founder. “It’s a non-existent idea, everyone is sort of swimming in between being clinically mentally unhealthy and perfectly mentally happy.” While diagnosable mental health conditions might get an individual medication or therapy, those that live i...
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Adverty Releases In-Game Ad SDK on Unity Asset Store

Adverty AB (publ) announces the release of its Unity SDK on Unity Asset Store, providing developers with easy access to its patented ad technology for unobtrusive in-game advertising. Adverty, the leading in-game platform for advertisers, agencies and content creators, has announced the release of its Unity SDK on the Unity Asset Store, a marketplace where […] The post Adverty Releases In-Game Ad SDK on Unity Asset Store appeared first on Ad Tech Daily.
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NextMind’s Dev Kit for mind controlled-computing offers a rare ‘wow’ factor in tech

NextMind debuted its Dev Kit hardware at CES last year, but the hardware is now actually shipping out, and the startup shared with me the production version to take a test drive. The NextMind controller is a sensor that reads electrical signals from your brain’s visual cortex, and translates those into input signals for a connected PC. A lot of companies have developed novel input solutions that use either eye-tracking or electrical impulse input from the body, but NextMind’s is the first I’ve t...
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MessageBird acquires real-time notifications and in-app messaging platform Pusher for $35M

MessageBird, the omnichannel cloud communications platform recently valued at $3 billion following a Series C round in October, has acquired London-based real-time web technologies company Pusher. The acquisition price is $35 million, and sees Pusher co-founder and CEO Max Williams and the 25-person Pusher team join Amsterdam-headquartered MessageBird . (In 2018, Pusher told TechCrunch it had a team of 60, so there has obviously been some cost-cutting in recent years.) The Pusher product wi...
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Appboxo gets $1.1 million seed to build a mini-app ecosystem for all developers

Pioneered by WeChat almost four years ago, mini-apps are now common in China and India, and gaining traction in other markets, too. Mini-apps, or lightweight apps designed for integration into host apps, allow smartphone users to access several services through one app, saving them data and storage space. They also give host apps more ways to make revenue. But most mini-app ecosystems are currently tied to a specific app or company. Appboxo, a Singapore-based startup, wants to make mini-apps mor...
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Apple to Ban Apps With X-Mode Tracker That Sells Data to U.S. Defense Contractors

Both Apple and Google this week told developers that they need to remove X-Mode Social tracking software from all of their apps or risk a ban, reports The Wall Street Journal. Apple and Google are aiming to prevent X-Mode Social from collecting location information from smartphones after it became clear that the company has provided data to U.S. defense contractors. Google is giving developers seven days to remove X-Mode, while Apple told developers that they have two weeks to remove X-Mode t...
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Apple to ban X-Mode tracking SDK from the App Store, developers given two weeks to comply

Apple and Google are both cracking down on applications that integrate the X-Mode Social tracking software. As reported by The Wall...
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novaPDF SDK 10.9.133

Add PDF creation support in your application.
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AWS launches Trainium, its new custom ML training chip

At its annual re:Invent developer conference, AWS today announced the launch of AWS Trainium, the company’s next-gen custom chip dedicated to training machine learning models. The company promises that it can offer higher performance than any of its competitors in the cloud, with support for TensorFlow, PyTorch and MXNet. It will be available as EC2 instances and inside Amazon SageMaker, the company’s machine learning platform. New instances based on these custom chips will launch next yea...
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AWS Chime SDK gets the message: Chat API added to videoconferencing service

New API has same name but little integration with existing service AWS has added a messaging service to its Chime SDK, used by developers to build real-time conferencing features into applications.…
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ActMask EMF2PDF SDK 3.035

ActMask EMF2PDF SDK, convert EMF files to PDF
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Baidu's Android Apps Caught Collecting Sensitive User Details

Two Android applications belonging to Chinese tech giant Baidu were removed from the official Google Play Store at the end of October after they were caught collecting sensitive user details. From a report: The two apps -- Baidu Maps and Baidu Search Box -- were removed after Google received a report from US cyber-security firm Palo Alto Networks. Both apps had more than 6 million downloads combined before being removed. According to the US security firm, the two apps contained code that collect...
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Extra Crunch roundup: A fistful of IPOs, Affirm’s Peloton problem, Zoom Apps and more

DoorDash, Affirm, Roblox, Airbnb, and Wish all filed to go public in recent days, which means some venture capitalists are having the best week of their lives. Tech companies that go public capture our imagination because they are literal happy endings. An Initial Public Offering is the promised land for startup pilgrims who may wander the desert for years seeking product-market fit. After all, the “I” in “ISO” stands for “incentive.” A flurry of new S-1s in a single week forced me to r...
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Calibre v5.x on Windows 7 (use on your own risk!)

Hello all, First I'd like to say a big "Thank you!" to the author and anyone who contributed to Calibre project for the great software! In short I've got here while searching for a convenient way to upgrade Calibre from version 4.23 to the latest 5.5 on Windows 7. I wanted to post my findings in the thread "Windows 7 compatibility excessive restriction", but it seems closed, so I couldn't do that. I'm sure there are still many people like me that for many reasons are staying on Win7 and in th...
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macOS Big Sur: Quick Start Video Plus 50 Tips and Tricks

macOS Big Sur is finally here. Version 11 of Apple's operating system for Mac features a completely overhauled look that's designed to be both fresh and familiar, but it's not just the design that's new. Apple has also rethought and retooled many features of macOS to improve the user experience, so whether you're running on Intel or Apple Silicon, there's plenty that's new to explore. In this article, we've picked out some of our favorite additions and improvements in the public release of m...
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Tim Berners Lee's Startup Inrupt Releases Privacy Platform for Enterprises

Inrupt, the startup from World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee, announced an enterprise version of the Solid privacy platform today, which allows large organizations and governments to build applications that put users in control of their data . From a report: Berners-Lee has always believed that the web should be free and open, but large organizations have grown up over the last 20 years that make their money using our data. He wanted to put people back in charge of their data, and the Solid ...
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Tim Berners Lee’s startup Inrupt releases Solid privacy platform for enterprises

Inrupt, the startup from World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee, announced an enterprise version of the Solid privacy platform today, which allows large organizations and governments to build applications that put users in control of their data. Berners-Lee has always believed that the web should be free and open, but large organizations have grown up over the last 20 years that make their money using our data. He wanted to put people back in charge of their data, and the Solid open source proje...
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Bridgefy launches end-to-end encrypted messaging for the app used during protests and disasters

Offline-messaging app Bridgefy — which innovatively uses Bluetooth and Wi-fi — became known as the go-to app by thousands of protesters around the world to keep communications going even when oppressive regimes blocked or shut down the Internet. Recently, activists in Nigeria and Thailand have urged supporters to download the app, as last year, when protesters in Hong Kong downloaded Bridgefy to face the government’s censorship of phone services or data connections. In the last 12 months, the...
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Google removes 3 Android apps for children, with 20M+ downloads between them, over data collection violations

When it comes to apps, Android leads the pack with nearly 3 million apps in its official Google Play store. The sheer volume also means that sometimes iffy apps slip through the cracks. Researchers at the International Digital Accountability Council (IDAC), a non-profit watchdog based out of Boston, found that a trio of popular and seemingly innocent-looking apps aimed at younger users were recently found to be violating Google’s data collection policies, potentially accessing users’ Android ...
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Coalition for App Fairness, a group fighting for app store reforms, adds 20 new partners

The Coalition for App Fairness (CAF), a newly-formed advocacy group pushing for increased regulation over app stores, has more than doubled in size with today’s announcement of 20 new partners — just one month after its launch. The organization, led by top app publishers and critics including Epic Games, Deezer, Basecamp, Tile, Spotify and others, debuted in late September to fight back against Apple and Google’s control over app stores, and particularly the stores’ rules around in-app purchases...
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Genies updates its software development kit and partners with Gucci, Giphy

Genies , has updated its software development kit and added Giphy and Gucci as new partners to enable their users to create personalized Genie avatars. The company released the first version of its sdk in 2018 when it raised a $10 million to directly challenge Snap and Apple for avatar dominance. Now, with the latest update, the company said it has managed to create a new three dimensional rendering that can be used across platforms — if developers let Genies handle the animation. Genies b...
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South Korean startup raises $2 million Series A to detect the sounds missed by speech recognition

Sit quietly for a moment and pay attention to the different sounds around you. You might hear appliances beeping, cars honking, a dog barking, someone sneezing. These are all noises, a Seoul-based sound recognition startup, is training its SaaS platform to identify. The company’s goal is to develop software that can identify almost any kind of sound and be used in a wide range of smart hardware, including phones, speakers and cars, co-founder and chief executive Yoonchang Han told Te...
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Currently porting the SGT Puzzle collection, need some coding help

Hi, I bought a Pocketbook Touch HD 3 start of this year, and I used the covid lockdown to look into the PocketBook SDK, and ported the open source "Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle collection" to my device. By looking at several code repositories with other PocketBook apps that I found at GitHub and elsewhere, I made some quite good progress and am now at a stage where it is turning into a serious and usable app: (MIT License, so completely open so...
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If the ad industry is serious about transparency, let’s open-source our SDKs

Erick Fang Contributor Share on Twitter Erick Fang is the chief executive officer of Mintegral, where he oversees management, customer relationships and product development for this global mobile advertising platform. Year after year, a lack of transparency in how ad traffic is sourced, sold and measured is cited by advertisers as a source of frustration and a barrier to entry in working with various providers. But despite pro...
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Spotify Seeking to Bar Apps That Transfer to Other Music Services From Using SDK

Spotify is reportedly seeking to admonish developers who use its API for apps that allow users to transfer to a rival music streaming service, such as Apple Music, by revoking access to the Spotify SDK. Developers who facilitate users with the ability to copy their Spotify library and playlists to other services are being informed that their access to the Spotify SDK is to be revoked. Music streaming service transfer app SongShift has issued a post saying that it has been told to stop offer...
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Five ways to protect your ad-supported connected TV experiences

The growth of connected TV (CTV) continues to transform the television experience, offering viewers new premium content and more ways to watch that content on a variety of streaming services and platforms. With an estimated 76% of US households owning a CTV and viewers streaming more content from their homes than ever before, programmers, distributors, and marketers are all focused on reaching TV audiences with relevant messages. Increasingly, this means through programmatic ads, which offer sca...
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Nvidia Unveils Jetson Nano 2GB, a Single Board Computer

Nvidia has debuted the Jetson Nano 2GB, a new developer kit for students and hobbyists with an interest in robotics. ZDNet reports: The Jetson Nano 2GB is geared towards robotics enthusiasts, students, and educators that want to enter the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. Nvidia says the entry-level Jetson Nano 2GB has been priced at $59 -- including online tutorials and certification -- to "make AI easily accessible for all." The Jetson Nano 2GB is a small package with a punch...
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