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Americans Are Already Moving Away From the Rising Water's Edge

The U.S. is slowly being gripped by a flooding crisis as seas rise and waterways overflow with ever more alarming frequency. An idea at the forefront for how to help Americans cope is so-called managed retreat, a process of moving away from affected areas and letting former neighborhoods return to nature. It’s an idea …Read more...
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Global sea levels could rise 6 feet by year 2100, twice as high as previous estimates

A new study on polar ice sheet melt warns that global sea levels could rise by almost six feet by the year 2100, an estimate twice as high as previously predicted. The newly modeled sea level rise would devastate parts of major cities around the globe, and displace hundreds of millions of people. The study was published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [PNAS] journal [Link]. Here's an excerpt: Future sea level rise (SLR) poses serious threats to the viability of c...
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Indonesia Is Moving Its Capital City as the Current One Sinks Into the Sea

For as long as Indonesia has existed—even during colonial times—Jakarta has been its capital. But the 10 million-strong coastal city that sits on the northern coast of Java will soon lose that title, thanks to some serious infrastructural and environmental challenges.Read more...
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Miami agents say they’re not worried about climate change

An online magazine reporter went undercover as a homebuyer in Miami to find out what Realtors had to say about flooding and sea-level rise. The piece ultimately doesn't explicitly push any one remedy or another for these various problems. However, the author does mention talking to a friend, a native of Miami, who hints that perhaps the city is beyond saving.
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NYC considers Manhattan land expansion to fight climate change

On Thursday March 14, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City unveiled a $10 billion plan to prepare lower Manhattan for the inevitable invasion of sea level rise predicted with climate change. The plan was announced alongside the release of the Lower Manhattan Climate Resilience Study, which provides a complete assessment of predicted climate risks, including sea level rise, storm surge, extreme rainfall and heat waves. The plan includes extensive construction of permanent and smartly integrated...
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Can Florida save its prized Everglades from climate change destruction?

Half of all Floridians will live underwater by the end of the century, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s predictions. In her disheartening article in The Guardian, researcher and author of Rising, Elizabeth Grant instructs Floridians to flip a coin – tails and your home is headed under the sea. Overpopulation, unsustainable development and sea level rise also threaten to destroy Florida’s famous Everglades, but the newly elected Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis...
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Greenland's Ice Can No Longer Handle Hot Summers

A team of scientists is warning that the double whammy of a naturally recurring weather pattern and rising temperatures is triggering dramatic melting on the Greenland ice sheet—a problem the researchers liken to recent global coral bleaching events, which have been fueled by the one-two punch of El Niño and climate…Read more...
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Climate Change Is Making Our Hurricane Scale Obsolete

One of the things you can count on in the wake of a hurricane making landfall is people clamoring for a new classification system. Like clockwork, that’s what’s happening with Florence. And frankly, the discussion has never been more urgent thanks to climate change.Read more...
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As sea levels rise, NASA’s new laser satellite will monitor polar ice decline

In September, NASA will launch an advanced satellite called ICESat-2, which scientists will use to measure changes in elevation of land ice in polar regions like Greenland and Antarctica The post As sea levels rise, NASA’s new laser satellite will monitor polar ice decline appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Not Even the Internet Is Safe From Rising Sea Levels

If the internet went down, America would devolve into chaos. A new study suggests that’s an increasingly likely possibility as rising sea levels submerge critical infrastructure buried along densely-populated coastlines.Read more...
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An Iceberg the Size of Lower Manhattan Just Broke off Greenland

Iceberg calving events are among the more epic spectacles on the planet. But rarely have humans been lucky enough to see them happen in real time, much less capture one on camera.Read more...
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The Great Barrier Reef Has a Surprisingly Morbid History

It’s no secret the Great Barrier Reef is in dire straights thanks to human-caused global warming. But it turns out dramatic upheaval is nothing new for the world’s largest living thing.Read more...
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Tabasco Sauce Is in a Battle For Its Very Survival

Row after row of blackened wood barrels are piled 30 feet high in a dim warehouse on Avery Island in southern Louisiana. Harold “Took” Osborn leads me through the endless stacks, in a setting reminiscent of the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The recycled bourbon casks are filled with Tabasco mash, laid to…Read more...
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Load up on Tabasco while you can - because the island it comes from is being swallowed by the sea

If your idea of the perfect Bloody Mary involves a dash of Tabasco, better stock up while you can. Over one hundred miles west of New Orleans, Avery Island, the birthplace of Tabasco sauce, is disappearing as its land slowly washes away with the sea. As with much of the American Gulf Coast, Avery Island is plagued by rising sea levels, erosion, and human-caused environmental damage. Despite Avery Island’s relatively high elevation at 163 feet above sea level, the island is losing 30 feet of wet...
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The Way This Dutch Designer Dealt With Light Pollution Is Ingenious

The Afsluitdijk is a 20-mile dam that has been protecting the low-lying Netherlands from the force of the ocean for decades. According to Daan Roosegaarde, a Dutch artist who works in urban environments, it’s quite famous in the country because “basically, it protects us from drowning.”Read more...
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Report: ‘Pretty Much Every One Threw Up’ on a Flight Through the Nor’easter

Flying in the nor’easter: maybe don’t do it.
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NASA Is Flying Over Greenland to Predict the Future of Our Coastlines

If we don’t pump the brakes on climate change, all of Greenland could eventually melt, adding about 24 feet to global sea levels. Add in the West Antarctic ice sheet, and we’re looking at a total of about 40 feet of potential sea level rise from these two ice sheets alone. The question is, when is this going to…Read more...
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Climate Change Is Causing the Seafloor to Sink

If there’s one thing we’re learning about this global planetary experiment called climate change, it’s that there are unexpected consequences. Case in point: All of the water pouring off Earth’s melting ice sheets is making the oceans heavier, so much so that seafloors are literally sinking. And that could be messing…Read more...
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As sea levels rise, researchers use A.I. to monitor urban flooding

A team of scientists and engineers from the University of Dundee in Scotland have demonstrated how a technological trifecta — A.I., social media, and crowdsourced citizen science — can be used to monitor urban flooding. The post As sea levels rise, researchers use A.I. to monitor urban flooding appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Were Scientists Caught Tampering with Raw Data to Exaggerate Sea Level Rise?

Breitbart pushed an extremely flawed study as evidence of a widespread conspiracy to inflate sea level rise.
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NASA Figured Out Exactly Which Glaciers Will Drown Your City When They Melt

Nearly all the ice on Earth is in some state of meltdown. As it spills into the ocean, it raises sea levels. But if you’re curious to know exactly which glaciers are going to drown your corner of the planet, NASA’s got some answers. Read more...
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Is Antarctica’s Scarred Seafloor a Harbinger of Trouble to Come?

The Earth contains hints about its past everywhere. And as we hurtle toward a much warmer future, those clues can tell us a lot about what we face.Read more...
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Why Are Sea Levels Around Miami Rising So Much Faster Than Other Places?

In Miami, it’s no secret that sunny day flooding is occurring more often, nor that rising sea levels and climate change are to blame. But, as is often the case when you drill down into the inner workings of our planet, the full story is a bit more complicated.Read more...
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Does NASA Data Show That Global Warming Isn’t Causing a Sea Level Rise?

Dubious web sites generously provided the Internet with textbook examples of both cherry-picked data and the shameless conflation of weather with climate.
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Trump to Mayor of 'Drowning' Island: Don't Worry About Sea Level Rise 

Virginia’s Tangier Island is drowning. It’s accessible only by boat, besieged by both sinking land and rising sea, and has shrunk to one-third the size it was in 1850. On Wednesday, President Trump called its mayor, James Eskridge, to say not to worry about sea level rise.Read more...
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Rising Sea Levels Could Decimate Southern California Beaches by 2100

Using a new computer model, scientists predict that upwards of 67 percent of Southern California beaches could be severely damaged by rising sea levels in the next 80 years. Read more...
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Photo by Trocaire. Our changing environment It was 100 degrees in Oklahoma last week. In the dead of winter, the town of Magnum experienced temperatures that were 43 degrees higher than normal. [Futurism] An iceberg the size of Long Island is about to break off of Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf. The Larsen C is the continent’s fourth-largest ice shelf. It has a 50-mile long crack in it right now. When the shelf ‘calves’ off, possibly very soon, this new iceberg will contribute to global sea ...
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The Break in the Larsen Ice Shelf Is Bad for the Planet, But Huge for Science

A big chunk of Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf is about to break off into a new iceberg. This group of scientists is ready to capture every gruesome detail. The post The Break in the Larsen Ice Shelf Is Bad for the Planet, But Huge for Science appeared first on WIRED.
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I Guess Shit Is Really Hitting the Fan in Antarctica 

Reports of a massive and rapidly growing crack in an Antarctic ice shelf have proliferated over the past few months, occasionally puncturing the Trump news cycle with a fun little existential twist. Now, the New York Times reports that Antarctica’s fourth-largest ice shelf, evocatively named Larsen C, is approaching a…Read more...
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Think States Alone Can’t Handle Sea Level Rise? Watch California

The California governor has tasked seven scientists to sift through new projections for sea level rise—and think about what it could mean for the golden state's coast. The post Think States Alone Can’t Handle Sea Level Rise? Watch California appeared first on WIRED.
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