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The World's Largest Iceberg Just Had a Baby

There’s a new baby in town. No, I don’t mean Grimes’ and Elon Musk’s new baby, X Æ A-12, although this other baby’s name is about as robot-like. I’m talking, of course, about A-68C, the new little iceberg that broke off Antarctica’s Larsen C Ice Shelf in late April. What a cutie pie!Read more...
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NASA Space Lasers Offer 'Fantastically Detailed' Look at the World's Ice Loss

The ice sheets are melting, and a new study research relies on state-of-the-art technology to reveal where the biggest losses are happening. It’s pretty freaking cool even if the results are bad news.Read more...
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Today's Extreme Floods Could Happen Daily by 2100

The U.S. is already facing a flooding crisis as sea-level rise pushes tides ever higher. But it’s only going to get worse with flood risk doubling every five years in the coming decades, according to a new study. That means floods that used to happen once in a person’s lifetime occur every year or even every day.Read more...
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Giant Concrete Umbrellas Could Protect the Lucky Ones From Storm Surge

A group of engineers from Princeton University think that giant concrete umbrellas could help deflect storm surge and rising seas. In a new study published this month in the Journal of Structural Engineering, the researchers laid out preliminary designs for these structures.Read more...
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I Wish Animal Crossing Treated Islands More Like Real Life

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the island getaway we all need. My island paradise is covered in coconut trees, red tulips, and peacock butterflies. It’s perfect… a little too perfect, perhaps. The game presents a glamorous tale of island life when the reality is much more complex. Read more...
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Unchecked Climate Change May Erase Half of the World's Sandy Beaches by 2050

I freaking love the beach. It is my place of solace come summertime and my preferred destination come vacation time. So it breaks my heart to share this news: Half of our world’s beaches could be gone by the end of the century.Read more...
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It's Straight Up Balmy in Antarctica

Picture this: It’s 68 degrees Fahrenheit. You’re comfortably rocking a light denim jacket. You’re sipping a gin and tonic. You’ve got a picnic blanket and a spread of raw veggies and dips. The wind is in your hair. So nice to be in…the Antarctic.Read more...
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Miami Is Fucked

Miami might be fresh on the mind for some because—hello!—Jennifer Lopez and Shakira completely stole the show at the Super Bowl Sunday. However, Miami is always on our minds at Earther because of climate change. And a recent report has put it front and center yet again because it shows just how vulnerable Miami (and…Read more...
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'Goosebumps': Researchers Capture First Video From Under Antarctica's Most Endangered Glacier

Thwaites Glacier is one of the most remote parts of the Antarctic (which is saying a lot) and yet its fate is intimately tied with millions of people around the world. The glacier is the bulwark against ice stored on West Antarctica. If it collapses, it could destabilize the region’s ice and send sea levels spiraling…Read more...
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Temperatures at a Florida-Size Glacier in Antarctica Alarm Scientists

Researchers in Antarctica found unusually warm water beneath a massive glacier that is already melting and contributing to sea level rise. 
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Temperatures at a Florida-Size Glacier Alarm Scientists

Researchers in Antarctica found unusually warm water beneath a massive glacier that is already melting and contributing to sea level rise. 
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Climate Change Could Force Millions of Americans to Flee the Coast. AI Predicts Where They'll Go

By the end of the century, sea level rise could force 13 million people to move away from the U.S. coasts. But it’s not just the coasts that will be affected—so will the places where those migrants end up. Read more...
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Climate Threats Are Grounds For Seeking Asylum, UN Body Rules

In a landmark decision on Monday, the United Nations Human Rights Committee body ruled that the climate crisis could constitute grounds for seeking asylum.Read more...
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Antarctic Ice Melt May Have Hit an All-Time High on Christmas Eve

There are signs Antarctica just experienced its highest melt extent ever recorded in the satellite era. The big meltdown hit on Christmas Eve and is bad news for a continent already dealing with a lot. With summer is just getting started there, this is a serious case of Summertime Sadness.Read more...
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Climate Planners Use VR to Show Communities How Sea-Level Rise Decimates Them

Earth is the hottest it’s ever been, it feels like a new “mega gargantuan Godzilla” storm record gets broken every other month, and environmental displacement is already threatening to upend certain communities’ livelihoods, and worse still, their histories .Read more...
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High-tech wetsuit protects divers and surfers from toxic elements in the oceans

With ocean waters being polluted at an astonishing rate, swimmers, divers and surfers are putting their lives at risk simply by entering the water. Vissla and Surfrider have collaborated on a slightly depressing solution aimed to keep water-lovers safe. The Rising Seas Wetsuit is a high-tech body suit that uses nanotechnology to block the absorption of any harmful pollutants in the water. Additionally, Nitrile pads on the stomach, elbows and knees help surfers maintain their grip on the board, e...
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The Paris Agreement Isn't Enough to Stop the Seas From Devouring Our Coasts

A new study shows us that the Paris Agreement won’t be enough to stave off rising sea levels—even if world leaders actually step up to the task of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.Read more...
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A Psychedelic Art Installation Is Trying to Get People Talking About Climate Solutions

Roughly a third of the Netherlands lies below sea level. Even when water isn’t physically present, the specter of it is.Read more...
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Americans Are Already Moving Away From the Rising Water's Edge

The U.S. is slowly being gripped by a flooding crisis as seas rise and waterways overflow with ever more alarming frequency. An idea at the forefront for how to help Americans cope is so-called managed retreat, a process of moving away from affected areas and letting former neighborhoods return to nature. It’s an idea …Read more...
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Global sea levels could rise 6 feet by year 2100, twice as high as previous estimates

A new study on polar ice sheet melt warns that global sea levels could rise by almost six feet by the year 2100, an estimate twice as high as previously predicted. The newly modeled sea level rise would devastate parts of major cities around the globe, and displace hundreds of millions of people. The study was published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [PNAS] journal [Link]. Here's an excerpt: Future sea level rise (SLR) poses serious threats to the viability of c...
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Indonesia Is Moving Its Capital City as the Current One Sinks Into the Sea

For as long as Indonesia has existed—even during colonial times—Jakarta has been its capital. But the 10 million-strong coastal city that sits on the northern coast of Java will soon lose that title, thanks to some serious infrastructural and environmental challenges.Read more...
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Miami agents say they’re not worried about climate change

An online magazine reporter went undercover as a homebuyer in Miami to find out what Realtors had to say about flooding and sea-level rise. The piece ultimately doesn't explicitly push any one remedy or another for these various problems. However, the author does mention talking to a friend, a native of Miami, who hints that perhaps the city is beyond saving.
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NYC considers Manhattan land expansion to fight climate change

On Thursday March 14, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City unveiled a $10 billion plan to prepare lower Manhattan for the inevitable invasion of sea level rise predicted with climate change. The plan was announced alongside the release of the Lower Manhattan Climate Resilience Study, which provides a complete assessment of predicted climate risks, including sea level rise, storm surge, extreme rainfall and heat waves. The plan includes extensive construction of permanent and smartly integrated...
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Can Florida save its prized Everglades from climate change destruction?

Half of all Floridians will live underwater by the end of the century, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s predictions. In her disheartening article in The Guardian, researcher and author of Rising, Elizabeth Grant instructs Floridians to flip a coin – tails and your home is headed under the sea. Overpopulation, unsustainable development and sea level rise also threaten to destroy Florida’s famous Everglades, but the newly elected Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis...
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Greenland's Ice Can No Longer Handle Hot Summers

A team of scientists is warning that the double whammy of a naturally recurring weather pattern and rising temperatures is triggering dramatic melting on the Greenland ice sheet—a problem the researchers liken to recent global coral bleaching events, which have been fueled by the one-two punch of El Niño and climate…Read more...
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Climate Change Is Making Our Hurricane Scale Obsolete

One of the things you can count on in the wake of a hurricane making landfall is people clamoring for a new classification system. Like clockwork, that’s what’s happening with Florence. And frankly, the discussion has never been more urgent thanks to climate change.Read more...
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As sea levels rise, NASA’s new laser satellite will monitor polar ice decline

In September, NASA will launch an advanced satellite called ICESat-2, which scientists will use to measure changes in elevation of land ice in polar regions like Greenland and Antarctica The post As sea levels rise, NASA’s new laser satellite will monitor polar ice decline appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Not Even the Internet Is Safe From Rising Sea Levels

If the internet went down, America would devolve into chaos. A new study suggests that’s an increasingly likely possibility as rising sea levels submerge critical infrastructure buried along densely-populated coastlines.Read more...
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An Iceberg the Size of Lower Manhattan Just Broke off Greenland

Iceberg calving events are among the more epic spectacles on the planet. But rarely have humans been lucky enough to see them happen in real time, much less capture one on camera.Read more...
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The Great Barrier Reef Has a Surprisingly Morbid History

It’s no secret the Great Barrier Reef is in dire straights thanks to human-caused global warming. But it turns out dramatic upheaval is nothing new for the world’s largest living thing.Read more...
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