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Joshua Meyer’s Favorite Movies of All Time

It’s a privilege to address /Film’s readers as a duly deputized member of the site’s full-time writing staff. I now carry a badge and a gun named Gladys and a smile in my heart. If you’re a regular visitor to the site, chances are, you may have already read something I wrote in the last four years. However, for the benefit of those who don’t know me, I’ll introduce myself here. My name is Josh”ua” Meyer (Josh or Joshua are okay, but never Veronica) and I’ve been a regular contributor to /Film s...
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‘Jungle Cruise’ Cinematographer Recalls the Time He Was Kidnapped While Making a Movie [Interview]

Cinematographer Flavio Martínez Labiano got to shoot his biggest picture to date with Jungle Cruise. The Disney film is based on a theme park ride, but for cinematographer Flavio Martínez Labiano, it’s more influenced by old Hollywood classics. He wanted to shoot a movie with a sense of romance, bright colors, and natural beauty. As he told us, creating that natural beauty in a water tank in Atlanta wasn’t easy. The production was another collaboration between Labiano and director Jaume Collet-...
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11 Arthurian Movies to Watch After ‘The Green Knight’

The Green Knight opens in theaters this weekend, bringing a new take on the Arthurian legend to the big screen. By all accounts, the film is fantastic, which means it might inspire you to seek out other Arthurian movies. And that’s where this list comes in. Below, check out 11 Arthurian movies to watch after The Green Knight. The Sword in the Stone The Sword in the Stone, Disney 1963 animated take on King Arthur’s boyhood is on its way to becoming a live-action reboot, because that’s what...
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Vanessa Armstrong’s Favorite Movies of All Time

Hello /Film readers, hello! My name is Vanessa Armstrong and I like movies. That’s a good thing, I suppose, since I’m now a regular contributor to /Film. When I was given the opportunity to write about my Top 15 favorite movies I thought it’d be easy. Turns out, it wasn’t! Here’s what I finally came up with. Keep in mind these aren’t what I think are the best movies ever made — they’re my favorites, and sometimes things that are your favorites defy all reason. Take a gander below to see what mo...
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‘The Lord of the Rings’ Almost Killed Off One of The Hobbits

If The Lord of the Rings wasn’t emotional enough already, now we get word that New Line was angling to murder one of our precious hobbitses. While promoting their new podcast, The Friendship Onion, with an interview for IGN, LOTR stars Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan described a request put forth by New Line during the making of the epic trilogy, which breaks down to “someone’s gotta go.” And by someone, they were looking specifically at the shorter folks of the Fellowship. Farewell and Adi...
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Where You Can Stream Every Indiana Jones Movie

(Welcome to Where to Watch, which provides a clear and simple answer to the question, “Hey, where can I watch this thing?” In this edition: the Indiana Jones franchise.) Do you have a hankering to go on an archaeological adventure, but don’t have the cash to fly to an international locale and start excavating dig sites? Are you looking to live vicariously through someone who punches Nazis in the face? Or are you just thirsty for Harrison Ford? There’s one film franchise that checks all of those...
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No Time To Die: Daniel Craig Speaks On His Final Outing as Bond

Daniel Craig is absolutely, positively done with James Bond.
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15 Movies You Had No Idea Spawned Massive Multi-Film Franchises

The Marvel Cinematic Universe can’t hold a candle to The Land Before Time. There are movies that under normal circumstances would come and go, and barely be remembered—but these decided to stick around a little bit longer. io9 has collected some of the strangest films to spawn full-fledged franchises.Read more...
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Mark Millar’s ‘King of Spies’ is About a James Bond-esque Spy Coping With His Own Mortality

Though Jupiter’s Legacy has been canceled, Netflix is still in the Mark Millar business. Instead of adapting an existing Millar comic to the screen, however, the company has worked up a new project in-house with the creator. King of Spies is billed as a “graphic novel translation of [an] original Netflix property.” The title will pair Millar with an as-yet-unnamed superstar comic book artist for an all-new story, which centers on Britain’s greatest secret agent. James Bond? No. Sir Roland King....
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Favorite Films of 1978

After almost two years, we finally come to that hallowed tradition of a top 10 list for my favorite films of 1978. For the uninitiated, the 1978 Project is a deep dive into the cinema of the year of my birth. This sort of annual appraisal is normally reserved for current releases, but I’ve found the process of exploring the past quite enjoyable as well. I’ve been doing the current release thing for a while now though, so if you’d like to take a spin through the last fifteen years, feel free: [20...
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The Least Interesting Generation

Before Steve McQueen’s 18th birthday, he had worked on a farm, joined a circus, sold pens at a traveling carnival, hitchhiked and rode the rails across the country, worked as a lumberjack in Canada, labored on a chain gang in the Deep South (punishment for the crime of vagrancy), served a short (and illegal — he was underage) stint in the Merchant Marines, and joined the Marine Corps for a three-year enlistment. After getting out of the service, the newly-minted veteran moved to New York City,...
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New Blu-ray Releases You Should Check Out: ‘Indiana Jones’ 4K Box Set, ‘Super 8’, ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’, ‘In the Line of Fire’

Welcome back, Blu-ray fans. It’s time for another round-up of new Blu-ray releases you should check out, including the must-have Indiana Jones 4K box set, the 4K 10th anniversary release of Super 8, MonsterVerse entry Godzilla vs. Kong, and the excellent ’90s thriller In the Line of Fire, which is also dropping on 4K for the first time. Indiana Jones 4K Box Set At last, the Indiana Jones series is on 4K. Steven Spielberg‘s four films (yes, there are four, we’re not ignoring Kingdom of t...
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Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade: 9 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Harrison Ford Movie

Harrison Ford and Sean Connery got closer than you realized while filming Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
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The Nerd's Watch: Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Streaming in June

Though movie theaters are starting to allow patrons these days, the safer option remains streaming. Those who choose to stay home and stream are constantly rewarded with so much new content it’s mind-boggling. At the start of each month, most streamers—Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, and HBO Max—do a little shuffle,…Read more...
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Is Henry Cavill the New Highlander?

If there can be only one, you can’t do much better than Henry Cavill. The Man of Steel and Witcher star is in talks to play the lead character in the long-gestating remake of the cult classic Highlander, directed by John Wick’s Chad Stahelski.Read more...
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20 Years of ‘Shrek’ and Its Curious, Controversial Scottish Legacy

It’s hard to overstate the impact that Shrek made when it premiered 20 years ago. The snarky comedy that ruthlessly mocked fairy-tale tropes and took blatant stabs at Disney helped to redefine the modern American animated movie and put DreamWorks on the map as the most legitimate competition to the House of Mouse. The franchise, which has grossed more money than the Toy Story and Hunger Games series, casts a heavy shadow over the medium. You can easily make the case that Shrek’s influence can...
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If You Didn't Watch These Indiana Jones 4K Ultra HD Trailers You Chose... Poorly

Okay, admittedly, unlike the Holy Grail, watching these Indiana Jones movie trailers celebrating the franchise’s long-awaited jump into 4K ultra high-definition is not going to grant you eternal life, but boy howdy do they look good.Read more...
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The Green Knight Character Posters Released For David Lowery’s Medieval Epic

BEGIN SLIDESHOW A24 has released five new character posters from writer/director David Lowery’s long-awaited medieval fantasy epic The Green Knight. Led by Oscar nominee Dev Patel, the feature was originally set to debut in 2020 but was delayed for a summer 2021 theatrical release, avoiding a VOD premiere. Expected to arrive in theaters on July 30, you can check out the new character posters for the film in the gallery below! Forgot one — ...
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Scarface and the Untouchable Showtime Series Adaptation in Development

(Photo by PhotoQuest/Getty Images & Walt Disney Television via Getty Images) Based on the nonfiction book Scarface and the Untouchable by Max Allen Collins and A. Brad Schwartz, a series adaptation is in development at Showtime from Emmy nominee Alex Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout production company (The Mummy, Star Trek: Discovery) and writer Ben Jacoby (Newsflash, Flash Boys), according to Deadline. The series centers on the “epic, years-long battle between Al Capone and Eliot Ness, who clashed on...
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Inside the iconic British estate that Asia's richest man just bought for $79 million and that's served as a set for 2 James Bond films

Stoke Park includes a five-star hotel with 49 rooms and suites, restaurants, a spa, tennis courts, and a 27-hole golf course. Stoke Park Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani's company just paid $79 million for a historic English hotel and country club, Bloomberg reports. The property includes a 5-star hotel, a 27-hole golf course, 13 tennis courts, and a restaurant. Ambani, who's worth $71.5 billion, is Asia's richest person and the 13th-wealthiest person in the world. See more st...
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Octopussy Vs. Never Say Never Again: Which Was The Superior Bond Of 1983?

Does Sean Connery win again, or can Roger Moore steal a victory?
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The Major Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Anniversaries of Spring 2021

Let’s face it. We’re all old. Even if that’s not technically true, there’s always something a person can say or do to make you feel that way. One of those is when we realize a movie we feel an affinity for is way older than we remember it being. The best course of action? Use the fact that your favorite movie is about…Read more...
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The story behind John Boorman's 1974 cult classic, Zardoz

This ten-minute Jonny Baak video tells the backstory of how John Boorman's love-it-or-hate-it 1974 sci-fi film, Zardoz. Who could hate a psychedelic, over-the-top post-apocalyptic film that finds Sean Connery in a red diaper-bikini and hooker boots and whose tagline is "The gun is good, the penis is evil"? — Read the rest
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CS Soapbox: Who is Starro and What’s He Doing in The Suicide Squad?

CS Soapbox: Who is Starro and what is he doing in The Suicide Squad? Holy smokes! By now most have seen the trailer for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad and will likely have a few questions: first, what’s with the d*ck jokes? Second, why is Idris Elba so damn cool in everything he does? Third, and perhaps most importantly, what the hell is that giant starfish-kaiju thing? We have no answers for the first two questions, except to say Gunn has a particular style of humor that happily borderlines...
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The Two James Bond Films That Tried To Bring Sean Connery Back In A Cameo

Sean Connery knew when to never say never say never again.
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Scotland's papers: Sarah suspect inquiry and St Andrews for Sir Sean

Questions over Met police decisions and a potential site for Sir Sean Connery's ashes make the front pages.
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The James Bond Franchise Celebrates A Crucial Anniversary For Sean Connery's 007

An almost-60-year tradition celebrates a very important moment.
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Looking at the similarities between Alien and Outland

Ridley Scott's Alien came out in 1979. Two years later, Peter Hyman's film Outland was released, starring Sean Connery and Peter Boyle. At the time, I remember being struck by the similar vibe shared by the two films. This video explores some of these and asks: "Does Outland take place within the Alien universe?" — Read the rest
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‘The Silence of the Lambs’ at 30: How the Influential Thriller Forged Empathy Through Clarice Starling’s Eyes

Last night, CBS viewers said hello to Clarice, a new network procedural that serves as a sequel to The Silence of the Lambs. Rebecca Breeds is the latest actress to embody Clarice Starling, the courageous FBI agent who faced off with two serial killers in one watershed 1991 thriller. One killer shall have to remain nameless. Clarice’s cousins, however, are numerous and known by plenty of other names. When Jodie Foster originated the role three decades ago, she inspired a whole generation of scr...
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The Russia House

I don’t have any especially fond memories of this movie, but figured it would still be good to revisit, and hey, it’s a John Le Carré thriller starring Sean Connery. It’s definitely a slow burn, but I did enjoy it for the most part, except for the kinda creepy romance twist between Connery and Pfeiffer (in terms of age difference). Not very exciting as a film, but it suits the story.
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