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Panda Paperclip

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Greedy Cat Punch Needle

Dimensions 17cm (6¾in) in diameter (embroidered area) Embroidery preparation 
The flat side of the work is the front of the finished project. 
Centre and transfer the pattern on Template Sheet B onto the front of the linen fabric, then secure firmly in the hoop. 
Prepare the punch needle, adjusting the needle so it extends 1.8cm (¾in) from the handle. 
Embroider following the instructions, opposite, working through the diagram in numbered order. 
On the annotated embroidery diagram, opposi...
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Feather Print Skirt

A border repeat is a simple and attractive way to customize an item of clothing such as a plain, hemmed skirt. Border repeats are created by spacing your pattern evenly along the border of your print surface. You can use an acetate template guide as for the half-drop repeat if you would like. In this project, which is of a smaller scale than the half-drop repeat in the previous project, you can use an ironing board as a worksurface. This will enable your skirt to hang off the edge of the surfac...
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Barbie Apron

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Knit Claire Panda

Such small numbers of giant pandas remain on this planet. Some figures suggest there are as few as 1,600 left in the wild. I think we all have to do our part to raise awareness of these endangered species. I gave this toy my name because she is one of my favourite designs! Pattern note Claire Panda is knitted in garter stitch, with the nose in stocking stitch. The right side of garter stitch is where there is a solid break between the ridges in the contrast colour yarns. This panda is designed ...
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Crochet Crassula Umbellata Succulent

Overall height 21cm (8¼in) [Author: Search Press]
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Crochet Chameleon

Size Chameleon – 10cm (4in) long Ladybird – 1.5cm (¾in) in diameter [Author: Search Press]
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Heart Collar

A detachable collar is a super-fun way to update any outfit. I love to wear these collars with a sweater for a layered look without the bulk, or over a T-shirt for an unexpected touch. Brightly coloured hearts lend a punch of graphic charm and texture to any ensemble, but a floral motif would also be lovely. If you’d rather not sew your own collar, remove one from an existing shirt and stitch directly on that instead. Stitches Used • Back stitch • Split stitch Thread Colours Used • Cornflowe...
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Knitted Sweet Siamese

This Siamese cat is as skinny and sleek as a knitted cat can be, but its bright blue eyes are unmistakably Siamese. Tension 5–6 sts to 2.5cm (1in) measured over SS using DK 
(8-ply) yarn and 3.75mm (UK 9, US 5) knitting needles Size Approximately 15cm (6in) tall [Author: Search Press]
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Batwing Dress

I love retro-style clothes and the batwing sleeve is something that looks great whatever era or style you prefer. The deep armhole makes it a very comfortable and cool item to wear as it falls loosely around your body. It’s also very easy to make! You can make it as either a dress or a top, so look out for step 8 to see how. SEAM ALLOWANCE 1.5cm (5/8in) SKILLS GAINED Alternative necklines Construction techniques Drafting a pattern direct to fabric Machine-sewing techniques Using a garmen...
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Decorative Rabbits

These little bunnies are adorable and will look great as a group. Place them on a shelf, the mantelpiece or your Easter table for a cute spring touch. I was inspired when at the local farm with my children and we saw a group of rabbits eating grass. They looked like they were having a little chat and a giggle! [Author: Search Press]
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Amigurumi Christmas Pudding

Thanks for pudding up with me! Finished size 9cm (3½in) high [Author: Search Press]
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Bauble Pods

This simple but richly decorated and immensely attractive project is inspired by hanging pomanders, Christingles, fruits and seed pods 
hanging from trees. You will make a series of needle-felted surfaces that incorporate subtle glints of metal foil, knitted metals and metal fabric, then add flourishes of beads and metal plate couching. Though metal plate couching is supposedly an advanced form of goldwork, I find that it is straightforward and is a great way to cover areas in a flexible way. Th...
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Mini Amigurumi Raccoon

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Big Bow Satchel

I’ve used a home décor-weight fabric with a woven pattern for this satchel; when choosing fabric with a woven design, take a look at the wrong side – you may find a delightfully contrasting pattern that can be used to create a striking effect! Finished size 29.5 x 24 x 6.5cm (11½ x 9½ x 2½in), excluding strap [Author: Search Press]
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Star Maze Embroidery

This design is inspired by Viking labyrinths and by looking up at the Milky Way in a frozen night sky. Wander the path of the maze with your needle and thread, following the stars to the North Star at its centre. The star colours follow a simple repeating pattern – orange, yellow and magenta, creating constellations of colours across the labyrinth. Add a fourth or fifth colour to the star colours and see how they change the effect of your own motif. [Author: Search Press]
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Princess Line Sweater

The sweater is knitted in the round up to the shoulders, and then cut open for the neck and armholes. The pattern can be knitted in two colors and the details in other colors can be embroidered in later with duplicate stitch. Sizes S/M (M/L) Total circumference: 44 (45 3/4) inches 112 (116) cm Total length: 21 1/4 (23) inches 54 (58) cm Sleeve length: 19 (19 1/4) inches 48 (49) cm Materials Rauma Finull yarn (100% pure new wool about 175 meters per 50 g) from Rauma Ullvarefabrikk: black (436) ...
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Embroidered Felt Peacock

Without a doubt one of the loveliest and most majestic of birds, the peacock is a symbol of pride and beauty. I wanted to keep a folky, naïve look to mine but I knew I wanted him to have a gorgeous open tail in full display. I even gave him a little sparkle with a few sequins, but feel free to add more. Templates • The peacock templates are in the attachments. You will need: - 2 bodies in peacock blue - 1 gusset in peacock blue - 1 tail piece in dark green - 14 eye spots in purple - 10 long fe...
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Choirs Are Singing Cutlery Pouches

Every year on Christmas Eve, Father Christmas would remain earthbound if it were not for the magic of his brave and faithful reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. And there is one more little reindeer who joined the team to guide them through the snow – and became the most famous of them all! Here is the story of Rudolph – and a magnificent embroidery. The deer’s antlers have a magical aura about them that you can recreate in these spellbinding colours. R...
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Golden Dragon Drawing

The golden dragon doesn't breathe fire, but it can breathe both underwater and on land. It spends its days in the ocean collecting gold shells that match its skin. [Author: Search Press]
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Humongo Fuzz Drawing

The humongo fuzz is a giant, fluffy moth. When it flaps its wings, it produces huge gusts of powerful wind. Instead of eating from tiny flowers like most moths, the humongo fuzz is so big it snacks on whole trees! [Author: Search Press]
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Gingerbread Christmas Tree

This charming gingerbread Christmas tree makes a lovely table centrepiece, mantel decoration or topper for your Christmas cake. For extra Yuletide cheer why not make accompanying gingerbread parcel cupcakes to stand around the tree. [Author: Search Press]
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Christmas Tea Light

Mistletoe template: actual size [Author: Search Press]
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Macrame Wall Hanging

Semi-circle macrame wall hanging Final size: 13x 25 cm approx Time: 40-60hr Level: beginners Cut: 6 x 80/100cm string 3 x 100cm string All the knots tutorial can be found at ​ [Author: Search Press]
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Macramé Snowflakes

Try something new this Christmas, and learn to macramé snowflakes with author of Macramé for the Modern Home, Isabella Strambio! [Author: Search Press]
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Hexie Pillow

(Cheat’s) English Paper Piecing- Hexie Pillow One of the oldest forms of quilting is English paper piecing (known also as EPP). Traditionally, this is a sit-by-the-fire sort of patchwork that doesn’t need a sewing machine, making it a bit more portable. Basically, you decide on a pattern shape – hexagons, or ‘hexies’ to the avid quilter, are a bit of a classic – then you cut this pattern shape out of paper. The next step is to cover the paper with fabric; this is the same shape as the paper, jus...
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Tabby Pocket Cat

I especially enjoy embroidering tabby cats, perhaps because I do so many of them. You can use different colours – sometimes reds, maybe yellows – so each stripy cat is unique. I enjoy the challenge of planning the colours beforehand and am grateful for the lessons I inevitably learn as the project progresses. TEMPLATE Transfer the outline to the fabric using an iron and the transfer sheet provided. Alternatively, use transfer paper and a copy of the template. [Author: Search Press]
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Bear Pocket Backpack

Everyone will love this friendly brown bear! 
Lift his chin to access the handy pocket. The D-rings on the side can be used to clip your favourite charm or another carry strap, if you wish to make one as an extra. I’ve used a heavyweight wool fabric for the outer bag and used interfacing, as the weave is quite open. Finished size 29.5 x 34.5 x 9cm 
(11½ x 13½ x 3½in) Using your template Cut the following: • 
2 round backpack pieces from outer 
fabric and interfacing, on the fold • 
2 round ba...
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Leucocyclus Formosus Illustration

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Carved Spoon

‘Rest in progress’ During the first years of our workshops, we hardly ever used a knife. We did everything with a froe, axe and drawknife. Until we were introduced to the great skill of spoon carving. Just like working on the shaving horse, it is very addictive, but different... smaller, more intimate. Something you do by the log burner in winter, although it is also fun to do in front of your tent in summer. A big advantage of spoon carving is that you need considerably less wood than for a s...
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