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More reporting links Clearview AI to Trump-aligned racists, neo-Nazis, and alt-right trolls

A Huffington Post investigation out today lays out even more evidence of facial surveillance tech company Clearview AI's ties to the alt-right. Clearview AI has alarmed privacy experts, and has hired several far-right employees, a HuffPost investigation found. My latest investigation is about Clearview AI, a secretive facial recognition company. Lots of privacy concerns. Even scarier: Clearview has ties to the alt-right and even had far-right extremists working for it until I reached out t...
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A payments provider for paying court fines and utility bills exposed years of transactions

A payments processor used by local governments to collect court fines and utility bill payments from residents across Arkansas and Oklahoma mistakenly left a cache of data, representing years of transactions, exposed on its website. Security researcher Ashot Oganesyan found a cache of database files in a public and unprotected web directory on the website of payment processor nCourt, which runs the two payment sites and The directory contained backup database files s...
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Taiwan’s government bars its agencies from using Zoom over security concerns

Taiwan’s Executive Yuan issued an advisory on Tuesday barring the country’s government agencies from using Zoom and other video software with “associated security or privacy concerns.” Instead, the government said alternatives, including software from Google and Microsoft, should be considered. Many organizations have been relying on Zoom to holding meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the video conferencing app has also been criticized for security and privacy issues. Maybe we should...
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Why the coronavirus lockdown makes you more vulnerable to phishing scams

As the world scrambles to deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, social distancing is the best solution we currently have at our disposal to contain the spread of the dangerous virus. For most organizations, companies, and government agencies, this means they must recommend or instruct their employees to work from home and avoid congregating at offices, where they risk becoming exposed to coronavirus contamination. But while remote working provides much-needed protection against COVID-19...
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How to increase your privacy and security in Zoom

Worried about Zoom's latest privacy and security concerns? Learn how to stay safe while using the service.
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NYC classrooms cancel Zoom after trolls make ‘Zoombombing’ a thing

Zoom, the company most of the world didn’t know existed before quarantine, is being banned from New York City classrooms due to some increasingly disturbing instances of “Zoombombing.” Zoombombing, which the FBI has previously warned against, is a newish trend in which a bad actor hijacks a chat or call to transmit pornographic images, doxx others, or taunt them with hate speech and threats. Zoombombers have their own communities, sharing Zoom meeting IDs and coordinating attacks in online forum...
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Zoom shares crash as security + privacy concerns grow

The video conferencing app Zoom has become suddenly ubiquitous over the past few weeks, as the coronavirus shutdown closes schools, businesses, and keeps us all indoors. Shares of Zoom dropped 9% on Monday, adding to their sharp declines in recent days, as security and privacy vulnerabilities are reported. There is also new competition from other established video conferencing apps, who have access to more capital than Zoom. Skype, owned by Microsoft, is but one. The stock had surged to a reco...
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Industry Spotlight: DataBank’s Mark Houpt Talks Privacy, Security

Data centers and the cloud sit at the heart of modern infrastructure, and thus are a natural focus when it comes to discussions about security.  With us today to share his perspective is DataBank’s Chief Information Security Officer Mark Houpt.  Mark accompanied a delegation led by the Kansas City Tech Council to a TECNA DC […]
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Coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a wave of cyber attacks — here’s how to protect yourself

While most of the world is trying to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems hackers are not on lockdown. Cyber criminals are trying to leverage the emergency by sending out “phishing” attacks that lure internet users to click on malicious links or files. This can allow the hackers to steal sensitive data or even take control of a user’s device and use it to direct further attacks. The last thing you want at a time like this is to become a victim of a cyber attack and maybe even lose your comp...
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New York City bans Zoom in schools citing security concerns

As schools lie empty, students still have to learn. But officials in New York City say schools are not permitted to use Zoom for remote teaching, citing security concerns with the video conferencing service. “Providing a safe and secure remote learning experience for our students is essential, and upon further review of security concerns, schools should move away from using Zoom as soon as possible,” said Danielle Filson, a spokesperson for the New York City Dept. of Education. “There are man...
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Zoom admits some calls were routed through China by mistake

Hours after security researchers at Citizen Lab reported that some Zoom calls were routed through China, the video conferencing platform has offered an apology and a partial explanation. To recap, Zoom has faced a barrage of headlines this week over its security policies and privacy practices, as hundreds of millions forced to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic still need to communicate with each other. The latest findings landed earlier today when Citizen Lab researchers said tha...
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Before suing NSO Group, Facebook allegedly sought their software to better spy on users

Facebook’s WhatsApp is in the midst of a lawsuit against Israeli mobile surveillance outfit NSO Group. But before complaining about the company’s methods, Facebook seems to have wanted to use them for its own purposes, according to testimony from NSO founder Shalev Hulio. Last year brought news of an exploit that could be used to install one of NSO’s spyware packages, Pegasus, on devices using WhatsApp. The latter sued the former over it, saying that over a hundred human rights activists, jou...
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Zoom turns on passwords, waiting rooms by default to plug privacy holes

Following backlash, Zoom will enable more secure privacy features automatically
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Zoom patches Windows vulnerability that let attackers steal your Windows login from dodgy chat links

The suddenly popular videoconferencing app Zoom has issued a patch for a vulnerability in its Windows client that allowed attackers to steal the user's Windows login credentials from malicious chat links. Hi @zoom_us & @NCSC - here is an example of exploiting the Zoom Windows client using UNC path injection to expose credentials for use in SMBRelay attacks. The screen shot below shows an example UNC path link and the credentials being exposed (redacted). — Hacker Fa...
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Zoom transmits your info through China, and uses non-standard encryption, researchers say

A team of researchers at The Citizen Lab says the suddenly popular videoconferencing app Zoom uses a non-standard method of encryption, and transmits user information through China. If true, huge: the concern is that China could have access to all the encryption keys needed to access the contents of all those calls. Read the report: Move Fast & Roll Your Own Crypto A Quick Look at the Confidentiality of Zoom Meetings By Bill Marczak and John Scott-Railton April 3, 2020 The r...
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Zoom: Thousands of calls found via web search, thanks to default file naming scheme after users saved them in unprotected spaces like open AWS S3 buckets

Everyone is using Zoom for everything from pandemic family gatherings to A.A. meetings to therapy sessions to teaching college classes, but the app has newly revealed and very concerning security vulnerabilities. The contents of thousands of video calls made on the app Zoom were exposed on the open web, and easily available via common web search tools. The Washington Post reports that many of the videos, which callers assumed were private, include personally identifiable information and deeply...
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Zoom’s one-click installation on Mac was always too good to be true

The videoconferencing app was caught doing something very shady indeed
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Apple brings its hardware microphone disconnect feature to iPads

Apple has brought its hardware microphone disconnect security feature to its latest iPads. The microphone disconnect security feature aims to make it far more difficult for hackers to use malware or a malicious app to eavesdrop on a device’s surroundings. The feature was first introduced to Macs by way of Apple’s T2 security chip last year. The security chip ensured that the microphone was physically disconnected from the device when the user shuts their MacBook lid. The idea goes that physic...
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Zoom is a godforsaken mess — but it can be fixed

Two years ago, after Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal came to the fore, there was a new story of the social network’s privacy and security mishap every other day. In the past couple of weeks, video conferencing Zoom has found itself in a similar boat. Security researchers and experts have found multiple holes in the app in terms of data privacy and security. Some of them have also asked users to stay away from the service and find alternatives. In this story, we’re going to explore what ha...
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Using AI responsibly to fight the coronavirus pandemic

Mark Minevich Contributor Share on Twitter Mark Minevich is president of Going Global Ventures, an advisor at Boston Consulting Group, a digital fellow at IPsoft and a leading global AI expert and digital cognitive strategist and venture capitalist. More posts by this contributor The American AI Initiative: A good first step, of many Irakli Beridze Contributor ...
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Coronavirus-related cyberattacks are booming with more than 2,600 new threats each day

As the world buckles under the weight of a pandemic, hackers, it seems, are coming out to play. Though cyberattacks, overall, have decreased somewhat during the quarantine and subsequent economic downturn, coronavirus-related malware is booming. Since mid-February, researchers at Check Point have seen an escalation in the number of these attacks from a few hundred daily, to more than 5,000 on March 28 alone. We’re now seeing more than 2,600 attacks per day on average. The following graph represe...
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Washington state passes Microsoft-approved facial recognition laws

Washington state has adopted sweeping facial recognition laws seen as a national model, much to the pleasure of Microsoft president Bill Smith. “This legislation represents a significant breakthrough — the first time a state or nation has passed a new law devoted exclusively to putting guardrails in place for the use of facial recognition technology,” Smith wrote in a blog post. But why is Microsoft so happy about new tech restrictions coming to its own home state? Probably because the company h...
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A bug bounty alone won’t save your startup — here’s why

In this world, there is no such thing as perfect security. Every app or service you use — even the websites you visit — have security bugs. Companies go through repeated rounds of testing, code reviews and audits — sometimes even bringing in third-parties. Bugs get missed — that’s life, and it happens — but when they are uncovered, companies can get hacked. That’s where a bug bounty comes into play. A bug bounty is an open-door policy to anyone who finds a bug or a security flaw; they are critic...
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After a litany of security fuck-ups, Zoom promises weekly updates

While the world is sitting at home, video calling and conferencing apps are having the time of their lives. Zoom is probably one of the most used apps, the most controversial one as well. In the past few weeks, it has reached the peak of its popularity with more than 200 million daily users. However, multiple privacy mishaps have created doubt in users’ minds about the service’s safety. Now, the company wants to mend its reputations through third-party security audits and regular updates on priv...
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SpaceX tells workers to ditch Zoom over ‘significant’ privacy concerns

The video-conferencing service has been plagued by privacy issues
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SpaceX reportedly tells workers to ditch Zoom over privacy concerns

The company behind the software has faced increasing criticism in recent days
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OpenWRT Code-Execution Bug Puts Millions of Devices At Risk (slashdot)

Dan Goodin writes via Ars Technica: For almost three years, OpenWRT -- the open source operating system that powers home routers and other types of embedded systems -- has been vulnerable to remote code-execution attacks because updates were delivered over an unencrypted channel and digital signature verifications are easy to bypass, a researcher said. Security researcher Guido Vranken, however, recently found that updates and installation files were delivered over unencrypted HTTPs connections,...
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Apple May Introduce 1Password-Like Features to Keychain in iOS 14

One of the most crucial steps people can take to protect their data is using unique, complex passwords that are neither easily guessed nor recycled or reused between their accounts. The easiest way to do this is by using a password manager. Apple makes one available to macOS and iOS users for free, but the application…Read more...
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A former chaos engineer offers 5 tips for handling online disasters remotely

Kolton Andrus Contributor Share on Twitter Kolton is co-founder and CEO of Gremlin, the chaos engineering company helping the world build a more reliable internet. I recently had a scheduled video conference call with a Fortune 100 company. Everything on my end was ready to go; my presentation was prepared and well-practiced. I was set to talk to 30 business leaders who were ready to learn more about how they could become more...
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'Misleading marketing': Zoom video meetings may not be as secure as you think

Despite claims, Zoom's video and audio meetings don't support end-to-end encryption, according to a recent report from The Intercept.End-to-end encryption is an especially strong form of security that, in theory, scrambles online data so that it's decipherable only to the sender and receiver.Zoom also faces a class-action lawsuit after a Motherboard report showed how the platform passed on user data to third parties. Zoom, the video conferencing platform, has become wildly popular as millions...
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