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Banking on Artificial Intelligence in Video Surveillance

Pairing network video systems with AI creates opportunities for banks and credit unions to improve security and customer safety in branches. The post Banking on Artificial Intelligence in Video Surveillance appeared first on The Financial Brand - Banking Trends, Analysis & Insights.
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Tokyo Middle School Demands Student Social Media Passwords

A middle school in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward recently sent out a notice to students with the stated goal of regulating social media use. The place of education even went so far as to demand their login information, leading to backlash over privacy concerns. Students who received this notice went onto social media to report what […]
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6 ways landlords can thwart holiday porch pirates, prevent package theft

Package theft is up 36 percent year over year, to a whopping 210 million stolen packages in the U.S. so far in 2021. Here's how landlords can help their tenants avert potential theft this holiday season.
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How to bypass the Activation Lock on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch

Bypassing the Activation Lock on your Apple device is simple — if you have the password.Kwanchai Lerttanapunyaporn/EyeEm/Getty Images Activation Lock is a feature on Apple devices that's meant to prevent theft. To disable the Activation Lock on your device, you need to log into the device's Apple ID account. If you don't have access to the Apple ID account, you'll need to ask Apple for help. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Activation Lock is a feat...
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Frustrated security researcher discloses Windows zero-day bug, blames Microsoft

A security researcher angry with Microsoft over bug bounties has disclosed a zero-day vulnerability in Windows.
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Apple Outlines How It Will Notify Users Who Have Been Targeted by State-Sponsored Spyware Attacks

Earlier today, Apple announced that it had filed suit against NSO Group, the firm responsible for the Pegasus spyware that has been used in state-sponsored surveillance campaigns in a number of countries. NSO Group seeks to take advantage of vulnerabilities in iOS and other platforms to infiltrate the devices of targeted users such as journalists, activists, dissidents, academics, and government officials. As part of its announcement, Apple revealed that it is notifying the "small number of u...
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The best home security systems of 2021

Prices are accurate at the time of publication. Smart-home gadgets are affordable and easy to use, making DIY home security an option. Simplisafe is the best home security system you can set up on your own. You can also check out our guide to the best home security cameras. Home security systems were once pricey, requiring professional installation and monitoring. In 2021, they are relatively accessible. You can install and monitor many of them yourself and boost their usefulness by incorporatin...
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This week’s Porsche cartoon: Top-notch security system

Photo credit: Jerry King The post This week’s Porsche cartoon: Top-notch security system appeared first on FLATSIXES.
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Are you using one of these passwords? If so, it’s time for a change

NordPass has revealed the most common passwords used in 2021, confirming that “123456” remains the most popular password for the second year in a row.
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Amazon's former head of information security said the company's customer data protection was a mess: 'It was all put together with tape and bubblegum'

An Amazon driver carrying packages.Patrick T. FALLON / AFP Amazon has major issues with customer data security, according to a new Wired report. Amazon's former head of security said the company's infrastructure was held together by "tape and bubblegum." "It was shocking to me," former Amazon security VP Gary Gagnon said. When Amazon's former vice president of information security was first hired in early 2017, he found Amazon's consumer security infrastructure to be a total m...
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How Managers Can Protect Their Company from a Cyberattack

Managers need tips on how to keep their company and team safe Image Credit: Blogtrepreneur Every manager knows that technology offers many business benefits, from driving productivity to transforming operations to optimizing workflows. However, there is a dark side also. Technology can open up a company to cyberattacks — a threat that, in most cases, companies are not equipped to handle. So who’s most at risk? Small and midsize businesses. The biggest problem is that 80 percent of C...
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Central Bank Specialist Officer Recruitment 2021

Specialist Officers Vacancy Recruitment in Central Bank of India Central Bank of India (CBI), (A Govt. of India Undertaking) having its headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra invites Online Applications in the prescribed format from candidates for recruitment of the following 115 Government Job vacancy posts of Specialist Officers in Scale-I/II/III/IV/V in various streams/disciplines for the year 2022-23. ( = || []).push({}); Central Bank... Please Click o...
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Here’s the One Thing That Will Never Change

I had it all memorized — the way some people memorize favorite songs, Bible verses, or math facts. That’s how I had my town memorized — by heart. I knew which sidewalk bulges could derail a Schwinn bike. I knew shortcuts through alleyways; funny bluish hairdos of hunched old ladies at church; the smell of the Farmer’s Co-op break room, which reeked of dust and cigarettes. If I close my eyes, I can see it. Even more, I can feel it. I’m five years old, pressing fingers into hot, bubbling road-tar ...
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Three reasons Apple’s anti-sideloading rant misses the point

Apple Craig Federighi tackled sideloading at this week's Web Summit 2021 with a misleading rant. Here are three reasons he's wrong.
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Hacker Group Makes Progress Bypassing PlayStation 5 Security

A hacker group known as fail0verflow have announced a breakthrough in their attempts to get through the PlayStation 5’s security, their work theoretically making pirating the PlayStation 5 and related games easier. This is the same group that broke through the PS3 and PS4, so their attempt at the PS5 should come as no surprise. […]
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Police say Narcan was used on a security officer at Astroworld who passed out and had a prick on his neck that looked like a possible injection

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner speaks during a news conference, Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021, in Houston, after several people died and scores were injured during a music festival the night before. AP Photo/Michael Wyke At least 8 attendees died during Travis Scott's performance in Houston on Friday night. Medical staff working the event said they revived a security officer who they alleged was drugged. Overdose expert Peter Davidson said it's unlikely the security officer was injected...
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You’re just as good as a cybersecurity expert at spotting a phishing email

An employee at MacEwan University got an email in 2017 from someone claiming to be a construction contractor asking to change the account number where almost $12 million in payments were sent. A week later the actual contractor called asking when the payment would arrive. The email about the account number change was fake. Instead of going to the contractor, the payments were sent to accounts controlled by criminals. Fake emails that try to get people to do things they wouldn’t normally do, such...
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Could open banking pose new security threats to your financial data? We asked an expert

As a result of the extended period of socioeconomic uncertainty caused by coronavirus, interest in open banking is growing. Customers want to have greater management and oversight of their finances, and financial institutions see open banking and PSD2 as a way to facilitate that.  With greater collaboration and data sharing between traditional banks and fintechs, there’s a lot of opportunity to deliver a more personalized customer experience. The concern around open banking APIs, however, is how...
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MP Metro Rail Job Vacancy Recruitment 2021

Recruitment for Job Vacancies in Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail ( = || []).push({}); Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL), a joint venture of the Government of India and the Government of Madhya Pradesh is implementing Bhopal and Indore Metro Rail Projects in the state of Madhya Pradesh (MP). MPMRCL invites online applications in the prescribed format for the recruitment of the following Sarkari Naukri Vacancies on a... Please Click on the Title...
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Google adds a private locked photos folder to iPhones for “personal” photos

Google rolls out a slew of privacy-focused tools for Android and iOS in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month.
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Facebook's new smart glasses may be impressive, but they also raise serious privacy and security concerns

Facebook's Ray-Ban "Stories" smart glasses. Facebook Facebook announced plans to expand research for its Ray-Bans Stories glasses, which released in September. The glasses' ability to inconspicuously record video and audio have raised privacy and security concerns. Consumers are worried about facial recognition technology, the too-discreet recording feature, and data collection. Facebook's smart glasses ambitions are in the news again. The company has launched a worldwide proje...
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I run a private security firm where we charge $30,000 a day for hostage rescue missions - here's what my job is like

Adam Gonzales Adam Gonzales Adam Gonzales is a private security specialist and CEO of Hyperion Services. His company consists of former military members who work as personal security guards and hostage rescuers. This is what his job is like, as told to freelance writer Jenny Powers. See more stories on Insider's business page. This as-told-to essay is based on a transcribed conversation with Adam Gonzales, a private hostage negotiator and security specialist. It has been edited for...
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United Airlines is launching a test program at LAX that lets you skip the TSA line with a reservation you can make on your smartphone

LAX Fast Lane Los Angeles International Airport United Airlines has launched LAX Fast Lane at Los Angeles International Airport. The new pilot program allows passengers to skip the TSA line by reserving a time slot in advance. It's aimed at making the security process quicker and easier ahead of the busy holiday season. United Airlines and Los Angeles World Airports have teamed up to quicken the TSA process for passengers traveling on United flights departing from terminals 7 or 8 ...
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Users are more concerned about their data privacy, but many companies are still hesitant to invest in data protection

Users are becoming more aware of data collection and are picking companies based on their privacy policies. Isabel Pavia/Getty Images Customers are growing more concerned about the privacy of their data online. Companies are often unmotivated to protect data because leaks hurt consumers more than companies. But, businesses should know that not all privacy measures are costly and some will not impact revenue. As consumers in today's digital world, we're used to giving away huge a...
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How To Never Worry About Lost House Keys Ever Again

If you have ever lost house keys you will know how annoying it can be. Being locked out of your own home always happens at the worst times too. But what if there was a way to never have to worry about losing your house keys again? Well there is! Of course you could get a fake rock to hide a spare key in, or leave a key with a neighbor. But there is still a risk that the key goes missing or gets into the wrong hands. The most intelligent way is to leverage technology. Introducing s...
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What is Signal? How the popular encrypted messaging app keeps your texts private

The app Signal used to be niche, but has seen a boom in popularity. Thomas Trutschel/Getty Images Signal is a messaging app that uses end-to-end encryption to keep your messages private. When you send a message, the only people who can see it are the recipients - not even the company that runs Signal can see what you send. You can use the Signal app to send texts, photos, videos, and voice messages, as well as manage group chats. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories....
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Ransomware gangs targeted 3 different US water treatment plants this year in previously unreported attacks, according to federal agencies

Workers look over wastewater from coal ash as it is aerated in a treatment facility outside Dominion Powers Bremo Bluff power plant in Bremo Bluff, Va., Tuesday, April 26, 2016. Steve Helber/AP Three US water treatment plants were hit with ransomware attacks this year, according to a new report. The previously unreported incidents came after a widely publicized attack on a Florida plant. Ransomware is on the rise globally, and attacks on public infrastructure could put lives at risk. Ranso...
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A small wireless carrier owned by Verizon reported a data breach. Customers say they're livid at how it was handled.

NurPhoto / Getty Images Wireless carrier Visible confirmed reports of a data breach that gave hackers unauthorized access to customers' accounts. Customers reported changes of addresses, emails, and passwords, and iPhone purchases charged to their Visible accounts. Visible said as soon as it learned to the breach it took steps to "enable additional controls to further protect our customers." Wireless carrier company Visible confirmed reports of a data breach that gave hackers unauthor...
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4 simple ways to dramatically increase your MacBook’s security

You might think that MacBooks are super-safe machines, but don't be mistaken. We have four ways to keep your MacBook safe.
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How Apple’s tight ecosystem of products can undermine its own security

Apple is well-known for its tight security, yet its own ecosystem might be weakening its famed device defenses by making things a little too convenient.
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