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Happy High Holy Days — See Also

WEIRD THAT DON MCGAHN TURNS OUT TO HAVE A BACKBONE: Don McGahn comes off well in the Mueller report. Too bad he only did it for Kavanaugh. ABOVE THE KARDASHIAN: You realize we're going to keep publishing this stuff as long as you all keep clicking, right? THAT ENDED QUICKLY: MoFo's hardball tactics against gender discrimination plaintiffs hit a brick wall. HOUSE SUBPOENAS FULL MUELLER REPORT: Which means they're trying to forestall impeachment talk for another bit. LAW REVUE VIDEOS PLEASE: W...
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Kim Kardashian Passed Torts And Other Major Legal News — See Also

Kim Kardashian "Aced" Torts: Wonder what's her take on Palsgraf. Will Anyone Beside Donald Trump Ever Really Respect Bill Barr After Today? Doesn't seem like it. Noted Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree's Struggle With Alzheimer's: The scary incident. The Unfiltered, True Story Of What It's Really Like For Women In Biglaw:
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Redacted Report Eve — See Also

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT YESTERDAY: Dershowitz, y'all. Dershowitz v. Boies. KAMALA HARRIS'S TAX RETURNS: With a major cameo from DLA Piper. THE BRETT KAVANUGH PROFILE GOT ME: TIME only wrote this so people like me would be pissed off and... it worked. MBE SCORES UP: For the first time in five years. THE FINALS: For our best True Crime documentary.
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Are You Ready For Kim Kardashian, Esq.? See Also

Kim Kardashian Responds To Criticism She's Play Acting At Being A Law Student: With a staged photo op... You Know What They Say About Lawyers Who Represent Themselves: They get sentenced to 30 days in jail. This Is An... Interesting Take On The Best Law Firms For Women. Federal Reserve Nominee Stephen Moore Has A Pretty Bad Memory: He doesn't seem to remember much of what he's said or done in the past.
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Nothing Lasts Forever — See Also

DRAMATIC DEPOSITION READING: John Oliver nails it. ANATOMY OF A MELTDOWN: It's a prosecutorial meltdown though, so it's funny. WE ARE NOWHERE WITH #METOO: My takeaway from NALP was disheartening. HOW TO KNOW WHEN YOUR LAW SCHOOL IS DYING: Passage rate, y'all. SEND US YOUR LAW REVUE VIDEOS: LIKE NOW!!!
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Maryanne Trump Barry Runs Away Retires Just As Things Get Interesting — See Also

Judge Barry Retires From The Third Circuit: Meaning the ethics inquiry into the Trump family finances ends. Former Skadden Counsel Greg Craig Indicted: Not surprising, but still interesting. What Does The Assange Indictment Mean For The Press? A look at the First Amendment issues involved. What's The Best True Crime Documentary? The Final Four.
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Suddenly The Trump Administration Cares About Diversity In Biglaw — See Also

Biglaw Get Pressured On Diversity From An Unexpected Source: The Trump administration. The Legal Woes Of Michael Avenatti Just Keep Coming: But he doesn't sound worried. Celebrating A Divorce With Some Ice Cream: A surprisingly normal reaction from Jeff Bezos.  What's Next For Kris Kobach? Is the DHS in his future?
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MoFo Fights Back — See Also

MoFo Files For Sanctions: I guess that's one way to fight gender discrimination claims. True Crime Documentary Elite 8: We are re-running the voting on this one. Kirsten Gillibrand Is Just Like Us: She hated Biglaw too. Boies Schiller Files A Helluva Brief: You have to read this one.
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Biglaw Partner’s Epic Departure Memo — See Also

Soon-To-Be Former Sidley Partner Lets It Rip In Departure Memo: You have to read this. The Repercussions Of Varsity Blues: Gordon Caplan is out at Willkie Farr. Bill Barr Has More Plans For The Mueller Report: Except for the really interesting parts. Things To Look For At The House Financial Services Committee Hearing: Steve Mnuchin edition.
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The Notorious RBG Is ‘Just A Nice Woman’ — See Also

RUTH BADER GINSBURG ISN’T A ‘SUPERHERO’: This from her nephew, Daniel, who wrote the movie about her life. CLIMATE CHANGE ISN’T A HOAX: The law schools with environmental law specializations whose graduates can help you when the ice caps melt. HARASSING NURSING LAWYER MOMS ISN’T ACCEPTABLE: Take it from a someone who received rude comments […]
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Waiting On Another Mueller Friday… Oh Wait — See Also

WILLKIE FARR LAWYER PLEADS GUILTY IN COLLEGE ADMISSIONS FRAUD: I feel bad for his daughter. CLARENCE THOMAS IS STAYING: Thomas puts an end to the retirement speculation. MICHAEL COHEN IS TRYING TO STAY OUT OF JAIL: But I don't think he has any more useful information. BIGLAW FIRMS WANT LOYALTY: So they better care about work/life balance. SCHOOLS NEED TO INTEGRATE MENTAL HEALTH WITH DIVERSITY: The stigma that prevents some people from seeking help doesn't have an equal impact.
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Above The Jones Day — See Also

ANOTHER JONES DAY GENDER DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT: Sounds like a lovely place to work, if you are an actual boar. MANSFIELD RULE COMING IN-HOUSE: Trying to increase gender diversity, one legal department at a time. PATENTING THE BASKETBALL: I didn't know Spalding's story. THE SOCRATIC METHOD IS A THING: Get to know it before school. SEND US YOUR LAW REVUE VIDEOS: It's that time of year again.
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Are You Not Entertained? — See Also

TOP LAW SCHOOLS FOR ENTERTAINMENT LAW: See what I did there? YOU SHOULD COMMIT SUICIDE: Is not an appropriate negotiation position. NEW DISCOVERY RULES: New York does something that doesn't suck. WHAT PEOPLE GET WRONG ABOUT SOLO PRACTICES: It's... pretty much like any other job. 400 PAGES TO SAY NOTHING? Some more speculation about what's in the Mueller report.
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News From A Country Puerto Rico Is A Part Of — See Also

MENTAL HEALTH AT HLS: Flyers are popping up about the issue around campus. TED CRUZ HAS A POINT: Now I need to go shower. MORE TRUMP INDICTMENTS? Some think they are still coming. STUDENTS AGAINST KAVANAUGH: Not everybody wants him teaching at their school. OUR TRUE CRIME ELITE EIGHT: My pick is still alive.
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April 1st Is Almost Over, Thank God — See Also

IT'S SUBPOENA TIME: House Democrats prepare for the next phase of the Trump presidency. YOUR KIDS WON'T ESCAPE: Children of lawyers 17 times more likely to end up lawyers. EVIL SCOTUS: Neil Gorsuch's death penalty decision is actually evil. ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Another mandatory arbitration clause, that is. THEY'RE JUST NOW ASKING? .
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Yeah, This Never Would Have Happened To A White Attorney — See Also

Attorneys Learns The Hard Way The Consequences Of Lawyering While Black: Unnecessarily detained? Check. Monica Lewinsky Follows Legal Twitter: And she's got sassy comebacks. Fed Soc Is Basically A Caricature Of Itself At This Point: Jim Obergefell edition. Weird, Lying And Cheating Can Have Negative Repercussions:I mean, obviously not all the time, but it worked out in this case.
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Former Biglaw Associate Turned Novelist Has Some Advice — See Also

Novelist Amy Impellizzeri Joins The Jabot Podcast: She dishes on writing, life after Biglaw, and the benefits of her law degree. The Almost Perfect Bracket: The Biglaw associate behind it. What's The Deal With George And Kellyanne Conway's Marriage? A discussion. The Sweet 16: The true crime bracket.
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Biglaw Firms Feel The Heat — See Also

Law Students Keeping The Pressure On Firms With Mandatory Arbitration Agreements: Plus they ask NALP for help. The Family That Studies For The Bar Together: Annoys everyone else around them. 82-Year-Old Tries To Improve Democracy: Good luck with that. I Can't Wait For The Lifetime Movie Channel Version Of The Jussie Smollet Story: Because it is nuts.
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This Avenatti Story Might Be The Best Legal Story Ever — See Also

Oh, This Avenatti Story Is Only Getting Better: You've got to read all about it. Sad News Out Of Wisconsin: A prosecutor has been murdered and authorities say it was the result of domestic violence. Who Says Irony Is Dead? Certainly not ex-Enron CEO Jeff Skilling. I Take Sides In The Coming Beer Wars: Because Bud Light tastes terrible. Speaking of Beer, RBG Gets One Named After Her: It's an IPA so it probably tastes terrible, but it's a nice gesture.
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No Collusion In This Link Wrap — See Also

TOP LAW SCHOOLS FOR BLACK PEOPLE: Lawyers of Color has you covered. BIGLAW PARTNER CONTEMPT ORDER: Ignoring judge's order. BIGLAW PARTNER TERMINATED: Inappropriate personal conduct. HARVARD SLAVE PHOTO LAWSUIT: Just give the photo back, already. OUR BRACKET CONTINUES: Best True Crime thingy, round 2.
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Twitter Hero George Conway — See Also

Advice On The Delicate Art Of Thank You Notes: Yes, you have to do 'em. Who'd Have Thunk George Conway Would Emerge As The Hero We Need: His medium is Twitter and he's a true artist. Justice Thomas Asked A Question At Oral Arguments For The First Time In Three Years: Yes, that's a real story.  MARCH MADNESS: True Crime edition.
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Techie Law — See Also

HOT TECH JOBS FOR LAW GRADS: Or should we say, for people who didn't learn to code. BEST LAW SCHOOLS FOR IP: Not sure how much they cost to buy your way in, though. MOAR GULC: Georgetown Law is expanding. THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IS BAD AT LAW: I mean, world-historically bad at law. ANNUAL REVIEWS ARE A WASTE OF TIME: What else is new?
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Can You Guess Which Law Schools Have The Best LSAT Scores? See Also

The Best Of The LSAT List Looks Pretty Familiar: But you know you still want to read it. The Poor Kids At Cardozo Law School: Elevators really aren't their friends. Biglaw V. Biglaw: The battle over contingency fees. A Lesson On Adverbs By Justice Alito: Who cares how the law is actually supposed to work anyhow? Suspicious Package Shuts Down Federal Courthouse:Big backup in Rochester.
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While The President Was Tweeting — See Also

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We Have An Amal Clooney Story — See Also

HERE'S SOMETHING TANGENTIALLY RELATED TO AMAL CLOONEY: Everybody is going to read it. IT'S RUTH BADER GINSBURG'S BIRTHDAY: Let's plank. IT'S RUTH BADER GINSBURG'S BIRTHDAY AND PEOPLE ARE AWFUL: She's the target of anti-Semitism, again. LAWSUIT WITH THE BEST CHANCE OF LANDING TRUMP IN A DEPOSITION: The Summer Zervos defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump is still a go. WHY IS THE COLLEGE BRIBERY SCANDAL BEING HANDLED BY BOSTON? The guy who flipped to expose the scam is not wicked smart.
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What’s A Scandal Without A Lawsuit? — See Also

Of Course There's A Lawsuit: College admissions scandal edition. Law Firm Recruitment Is Up: Good news for law school grads. At Least They Still Have Their Sense Of Humor: No working elevators, of course... Biglaw Merger Mania: Is Allen & O'Melveny really going to happen? Law School Rankings Aren't Everything: I mean, they're still a lot, but not everything!
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Rankings Make The (Law School) World Go Round — See Also

Yes, Rankings Really Are Important: Though context is key. Sure, Trump Is Going To Veto It... But you should still care about Congress's vote on the national emergency. Manafort's Sentence Won't Satisfy The Bloodthirsty: But it is still fine. Gordon Caplan Is On A Leave Of Absence From Biglaw: He probably has other things to think about. Missed TECHSHOW? Here's the CliffsNotes version.
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It’s Not A Great Day To Be A Biglaw Partner — See Also

You've Heard About The Bonkers College Admissions Scandal? Willkie Farr's co-chair has been charged in the case. The Head Of Orrick's Africa Practice Is Out: After the firm launched an investigation into his behavior. Official U.S. News Rankings: Same as the leaked U.S. News rankings. Salt, Meet Wound: Cardozo Law's elevator saga continues. But at least they're getting in their cardio?? What To Do When You Hate Your Son-In-Law: Practical advice.
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This Was Not A Good Day For University of Chicago Law — See Also

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Every Week Feels Like It Lasts 47 Months — See Also

THIS 16-YEAR-OLD IS GOING TO LAW SCHOOL NEXT YEAR: I'm inclined to inform child protective services. MEME OF THE WEEK: Involves UCLA v. Georgetown and I would pay to see this for real. ALITO AND KAGAN DIAL FOR DOLLARS: Not really, but they were in front of Congress explaining why courts need money and stuff. FIND THIS PERSON: Law firm is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who shot one of their associates. IN MARTIN SHKRELI NEWS: This freaking guy.
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