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Paying Off Your Law School Debt — See Also

Summer Hiring Is Back: After a down pandemic year. The Ongoing Florida Coastal Saga: You'd think the law school would get the hint. How Are You Going To Pay Off Law School: It's... well, different these days. Which Firms Are GCs Recommending? A list. Ken Paxton's Bar Complaint: Consequences, man. They're real.
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You’re The Best Around — See Also

If You Ain't First You're Last: Vault 100 is out. Way Harsh, Tai: Judge mocks attorney trying to parlay a morning funeral into a hearing delay. I think the judge was right, but maybe this was too mean. What do you think? I Can't Have A Baby Because I Have A 12:30 Lunch Meeting: The law is notoriously bad about pushing the limits of what maternity leave means, but I think any reasonable definition would exclude "taking on murder cases." Dear, For Your Information The Supreme Court Has Roundly ...
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Weirdest SCOTUS Kink — See Also

Jerking Off To A Supreme Court Decision? And a random one at that. More Raises: For Blank Rome, Duane Morris, and Eversheds. Have A Great Time While You Can, Summer Associates: Because it won't last. Explosive New Sexual Assault Case: Against a former New York Judge.
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Just Get This Vaccine So We Can All Go Back — See Also

It's Really Simple: Get vaccinated and then you can get back to work. Eyeing Numbers Nervously: Morgan Stanley wants their outside counsel back in the office around the clock and, no, it has nothing to do with their dealings in the commercial real estate market, why do you ask? But, Your Honor, Have You Heard Of CeeLo Green?: There are some things you probably shouldn't say to judges. Private Dicks: Kraken hired private investigators to bother election workers... in places Trump won.
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Raises Aren’t Over Yet — See Also

Raises: News from Crowell, Tensegrity, and Cozen today. A Rose By Any Other Name: Pasadena wins its Rose Bowl intellectual property fight. NOW That's What I Call Family Law: Report from the #FreeBritney rally. Wait, That's It?: Politico tries to get the audience to start imagining a conspiracy when the DOJ... followed routine procedure. Yawn.
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What In The Ken Starr Is Going On Here? — See Also

Making A Career Cleaning Up The Messes Of Serial Abusers: Maybe not why YOU went to law school, but you are not Ken Starr. What Does A Post-COVID Law Firm Look Like? Well, no one is really sure. Stephen Breyer Doesn't Mind Amy Sitting In Ruth's Seat: Why else would he not be retired? Showing Off Your Gun In Court: Not a great look for a judge (or anyone, TBH).
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Florida’s Bold Vaccine Gamble — See Also

Quinn Is On The Front Lines: Of the vaccine wars. Biglaw Partner REALLY Wants You Back In The Office: And isn't above guilt to make it happen. Speaking Of Back To The Office: DPW's plan. Where's The Lie? What it takes to make a lawyer. It's A LOT Of Money: For SCOTUS clerks.  
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The Importance Of Biglaw Transparency — See Also

Jones Day's Starting Salary Isn't What It Seems: Associates wind up better on the DPW scale. Speaking Of The DPW Scale: The Biglaw firm *not* known as Knight & Knight raises salaries. Constitutional Crisis, Ahoy! I bet you thought we were done with those now that 45 was gone, but no. Raising The Bar On What It Means To Be Diverse: Biglaw needs to catch up.
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Let’s Talk Debt! — See Also

Debt Of Gratitude: We're starting a new feature on student debt testimonials! Check it out. State AG Blames Victim: Jason Ravnsborg appears to suggest that his defense to "driving while using his smartphone" will be "the victim was trying to kill himself." This is what we mean when we talk about the call of the question, folks. Kraken Up: Sanctions hearing was... something. Tech Updates: Lexis+ unveils new platform for consuming legal news. Meanwhile, Thomson Reuters upgrades Practical Law wi...
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In Fairness, Where Would Sitcoms Be Without Offices? — See Also

We Need The Lovable Hijinks!: Kirkland is returning to an "office-centric" model because they need to know if Jim and Pam are going to get together. (Spoiler: they won't because they've never left their desks until COVID). Who? Me?: Jonathan Turley's mad at cancel culture and this time his target is Above the Law. OK. Didn't see that one coming. The Director's Cut Was Way Worse: Allegedly Trump tried to replace Bill Barr with John Ratcliffe. That would've been something! Helpful Tips: Here's ...
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The Bold, Citation Free Legal Strategy — See Also

Citations? What Lawyer Needs Those? Oh, right, all of them. Wait, What Did Trump Say? A supercut of why he may face some legal issues. Despite What Texas Bar Examiners Think, COVID Is Still Real: They change the mask policy for the exam at the last minute. Raises Are Still Raises Even If They Aren't Market Matches: That's what folks must be telling themselves. Biglaw Firm Seeks Associates' Opinions: Before they make a move on compensation.
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So, You See, Section 230 AND The CDC AND The Facebooks… — See Also

The Big Eyeroll: Trump announces D.O.A. lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accusing the decidedly non-governmental agencies of breaching the First Amendment. Suddenly the Kraken lawsuits seem positively logical. Speaking Of Things That Are Never Happening: Partners should admit they're wrong more. Forget Interpol: Law firm gets civil order telling shadowy foreign ransomeware criminals to please stop. I’m sure this will work out. Time For More Botox: The ultimate tool for maintain...
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Justice Breyer Isn’t Who He Says He Is — See Also

Stephen Breyer, 82, Has... Not Retired: So much for being a pragmatist, huh? Forcing What I Want To Talk About Into A Legal Frame: Seriously is Rivals THE Best season of The Challenge, or what? Raises, Ahoy: At Winston, Vedder Price, and K&L Gates. Try Not To Laugh: Picture it -- the President of the United States asking random people for lawyer recs. Apparently this HAPPENED. Charge What You're Worth: Raising your rates.
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Weird Day — See Also

Raises: Holwell announced raises to keep the boutique in line with the market. But after that kind of a weird grab bag today. Foley & Lardner matches... in 2022. Stoel Rives gives everyone an extra $10K. Britney: Weird day of Britney news too. New co-conservator wants out. Courts are sending copyright notices where there's no copyright. And now Matt Gaetz is involved. Here's what I've got to say about that last one. Sports: Arkansas has a weird wrinkle in its NIL policy. Breyer: And, sadly, f...
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Voting Rights, We Hardly Knew Ye — See Also

You Knew It Was Going To Be bad When Justice Alito Was Writing The Decision: The Voting Rights Act is left basically nonexistent.  Attorney's Wildly Inappropriate Facebook Posts Get Him In Trouble: Suspended for six months plus he has to take sensitivity training. How Much Is Staying Home Worth To You? A look at how much you want to go back to the office.  The Lawyers Still Missing In The Tragic Miami Condo Collapse: Still hopeful for a positive outcome.
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A Shot In The Arm — See Also

Get Your Shot!: Mintz is taking a leadership role in requiring vaccinations for office work. Raises: An interesting day! Stroock matches. Jones Day does its black box thing. And Susman continues to blow everyone out of the water. Let's Get Virtual: Virtual law firms are becoming just "law firms." Except with alternative, lawyer-centered working models. Indictmentpalooza: Tune in tomorrow to see what Cy Vance is going to say about Trumpland.
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Clarence Thomas Has Thoughts About Pot — See Also

The Justice Known For Keeping Quiet Is Silent No More: Not when it comes to marijuana, at least. Milbank Re-Raises: The firm that started it all. Boutiques And Biglaw: Both are getting in on the new scale. Left In Donald Trump's Wake? A trade war. Great, just great.
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Gondor Falls — See Also

Welcome To The Team: Above the Law welcomes Chris Williams. A Day May Come When The Courage Of Men Fails: And it's today. The Gondor lawsuit is no more. Comic Sans: Complaint includes comic rendering of facts. Raises: Oh, these are still happening. We got Torys, Glenn Agre, and Reed Smith. Some bigger money at Reid Collins & Tsai. And a little bit off the carbon copy scale for Arent Fox. Rudy Rage: Giuliani is mad, though frankly the rest of the profession should be madder at him.
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Generational Giuliani Goofs — See Also

Remember That Kid: The hyperactive twerp from Rudy's inauguration is now a fully grown twerp. Speaking Of Rudy: Four Seasons Landscaping is trolling him hard. Not Above Criticism: We've got law school rankings... and we've got some problems with them. How To Help: Firms talk a big game when it comes to assisting new parents. Here's what they actually need to do.
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A New Way To Look At Elite Law Schools — See Also

New Above The Law Rankings Drop: We shake up the status quo, because, of course. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Rudy Giuliani Suspended By The NY Bar: I think this is what they call schadenfreude. I Know Billable Hours Are A Bitch: But this (former) Biglaw associate took it too far.  What's Up With The Britney Conservatorship Drama: A break down. And Raises: At Perkins Coie, King & Spalding, and Brown Rudnick.
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Shocking No One At All, Associates Still Like Money — See Also

Money Is Still King: Associates got loans to pay off. Not Everyone At Dorsey Is Getting A Raise: And it isn't NYC getting the bump. Lots Of Big Law Firms: Probably why we call it Biglaw. Michigan Election Lies Thoroughly Debunked: But we're probably not done hearing about it.
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Associate Raise Season Is Still Here — See Also

It Really Looks Like $205,000 Is The New Biglaw Normal: More raises at Haynes Boone, Chapman and Cutler, Steptoe & Johnson, Shearman, Orrick, Arnold & Porter and Ross   Aronstam & Moritz. Special Counsel And Staff Attorney Bonuses: At Sheppard Mullin.  Voluntary Dismissal Isn't The Most Embarrassing Way To End A Lawsuit: But, in this case, it's up there. You Won't Know Till You Interview: Take that opportunity to see if it's right for you.
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The Sort Of Crushing Defeat Usually Reserved For Bowl Games — See Also

Namechecked: The NCAA unanimously lost its Supreme Court case, but along the way Justice Gropey McKegstand pointed out that the "NCAA is not above the law," which is true but a weird thing to say. They're an athletic sanctioning body and we're a legal industry news source. Were people really confused? Raises: Oh, don't worry, these are still happening. McKool, MoFo, Sidley, S&C, Irell, Latham, Keker, Cahill, Weil, Covington, Choate, and Clifford Chance. Kellogg Hansen and Desmarais even went a ...
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Still All Money News — See Also

Bonus Madness: So many bonuses. That's basically all we've got today so this might be all of today's See Also. Kirkland, White & Case, Quinn, Hogan Lovells, Cooley, Gibson Dunn, Katten, Baker Botts, Kramer Levin, and Hunton. Happy Juneteenth!
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So Much Money Getting Thrown Around Biglaw — See Also

So, So Many Firms Raised Salaries: Seriously, it's been a day. Paul Weiss, Sheppard Mullin, Willkie, Fried Frank, Munger Tolles, Morgan Lewis, Wilkinson Stekloff, oh my god, it's still going... Goodwin Procter, WilmerHale, Paul Hastings, Allen & Overy, still going.... Fish & Richardson, Debevoise, Cohen Ziffer, and Simpson Thacher. Oh, And The Supreme Court Had A Big Day: Busy saving the ACA and making Justice Alito MAD. What? You Want More? How about the DOJ dropping its suit against John Bol...
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A Big Day For A Lot Of Biglaw — See Also

Well, We Told You Not To Wait Until Friday: Biglaw decided to get busy with raises today. Dating back to the close of business yesterday, we got raises from Skadden, Ropes & Gray, Hueston Hennigan, Mayer Brown, Freshfields, Akin, Norton Rose, Selendy & Gay, WSGR, Seward & Kissel, SRZ, and DLA Piper. Cadwalader re-raised to match the new scale. Seyfarth came in just under. Lasers... But From Space!: Jim Jordan is cross with the DOJ. Wait, The Senate Does Stuff?: Tech bill passed. Work: But vir...
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Associate Raises Are Still All The Rage — See Also

Associates Are Getting PAID: At Pillsbury, Brewer, Boies Schiller, and O'Melveny. New York Bar Examiners Kinda Have A Point: But then veer violently off course. Are The US Marshals In Open Rebellion Against A Judge? Because that's sure what it looks like from here. Outrageous Claims By Cops Make Their Way Into A New Lawsuit: Over milkshakes, remember that one?
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Salary Hikes Continue To Ripple Through Biglaw — See Also

Raising The Bar: Gunderson, McDermott, and V&E match. Polsinelli moves to a shade under the top of market in biggest markets. What's $205K In A Jeff Bezos World: Is all this salary talk a celebration of greed? Alas, Poor Merrick: The Attorney General is adamant about keeping the DOJ's problems in house. Remote Work Forever: The technology is there. Kim's Having A Rough One: The Kardashian is upset that she failed the baby bar. But, you know, that's not a reason to suggest the baby bar is har...
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It’s A $205K Kinda Day — See Also

NY To $205K: Davis Polk saw your $200K salary scale and raised you another 5. And a little while later, Baker McKenzie matched, followed by Dechert and Lowenstein and  Proskauer and then Cleary. Milbank Matches Continue: While we expect firms will follow onto the DPW scale, for now Fenwick and Winston & Strawn have matched the old scale. The Scorecard: Find out all the firms that have announced so far. Take Me Out To The Ballgame: MAGA suit over Major League All-Star game is more entertainin...
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It’s A $200K Kinda Day — See Also

Milbank Rocked Biglaw: By raising associate salaries. But McDermott Matched: That was quick. Cadwalader Also Made Its Salary Play: Matching the standard within hours. Law Prof To Knight: Honorarily, at least. Congress Continues To Do A Lot Of Nothing: As college athletes are left dealing with piecemeal legislation.
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