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Nick Sandmann Will End Up On The Supreme Court — See Also

THE KAVANAUGH SIMILARITIES ARE STRIKING: That smug look will make him a darling of the right. BIGLAW ASSOCIATE BATTLES ALS: The story of Brian Wallach. WILLKIE PICKUP: Michael Gottlieb leaves Boies & Schiller. WEAPONIZED FIRST AMENDMENT:Doesn't do any damage, today at least. EMBRYO DESTRUCTION LAWSUIT: Sounds like lawyer sci-fi.
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RBG Is Just Fine, Thanks For Asking — See Also

Simple Gaffe? Wishful Thinking? Freudian Slip? Depends who you ask. Ugh, Trump's Ban On Transgender Soldiers Is Happening: But the legal fight is far from over. Harvard-Educated Lawyers Marry Other Harvard-Educated Lawyers: Film at 11.  Lawyer Of The Year Is Revealed: It's like the Rorschach test of attorneys. Trouble With Your Outside Counsel? Dealing with them during enforcement matters can be a challenge.  
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It’s Moving Day — See Also

WELL, IT IS FOR SOME AT CAHILL: Stealth layoffs at Cahill. TRUMP SUBORNED PERJURY, PROBABLY: But we'll need Mitch McConnell's approval to move him out. DO YOU HAVE... THE SOCIAL SKILLS? In person, not just on Facebook. SERIOUSLY, THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO STILL DON'T HAVE THEIR GRADES? Come on, professors. Just have your cat grade them papers already. WHO BROKE THE LIBERTY BELL? Please be Gritty, please be Gritty. Elie Mystal is the Executive Editor of Above the Law and the Legal Editor fo...
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Embarrassing Day For Lawyers In Trump’s Orbit — See Also

Michael Cohen Paid For His Own Fan Twitter Account: Reportedly with a bag of cash. Someone Needs To Get Rudy Giuliani Off TV: This is just sad. Come For The Video Games: Stay for the legal analysis. Do You Work In-House? Take our survey! Will Technology Kill The Junior Associate? Not like actually kill them, but like metaphorically.  
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Kirsten Gillibrand’s Biglaw Event — See Also

Davis Polk's Alumni Support: They're hosting an event for Kirsten Gillibrand. Biglaw's Getting Clever With Perks: It's about more than just money. Now This Is A Great Decision: Judge slams Trump administration's census plans. Speaking Of Good Decisions: Alabama can't protect Confederate monuments. Are Daily Fantasy Sports In Danger? The admin's latest ploy.
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The Startling Sexual Harassment Allegations Against A California Judge –See Also

These Allegations Are Something Else: The judge is accused of 20 years of sexual harassment. UCLA Law Dean Weighs In On California Bar Exam: Welcome Jennifer Mnookin to the pages of ATL. Tragic News: Former Sullivan & Cromwell chairman dies in a house fire. What's Wrong With Tech Shows? Let's discuss. Just What Your Collection Needs: A Mueller action figure.
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Snowflakes That Stay On My Nose And Eyelashes — See Also

THIS IS MY FAVORITE HEADLINE TODAY: Being A Judge Doesn’t Help When You Crash Into A Police Car THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO TODAY: Law School Versus Trade School THIS IS MY FAVORITE ACT OF DESPERATION TODAY: Law School Openly Begging Students To Talk To Kasowitz THIS IS MY FAVORITE LIE TODAY: AG Nominee Says It’s ‘Vitally Important’ That Robert Mueller Be Allowed To Complete Russia Probe THIS IS MY FAVORITE CONTEST TODAY: Above The Law’s 2018 Lawyer Of The Year Contest: The Finalists!
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Weekend Dance Party — See Also

LAW STUDENT DANCES: And Twitter is enthralled. RBG SHOULD BE DANCING SOON: Well, maybe not dancing, but she'll be back at work anon. THE MUSIC STOPS FOR PAUL MANAFORT IN CONNECTICUT: He's, uhh, voluntarily forfeiting his law license there. DO CATHOLICS DANCE? Do you have to be Catholic to lead Notre Dame? LESS BILLABLES = MORE DANCING: For Biglaw parents.
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Admire The Confidence Of Biglaw — See Also

The Legal Industry Feels Good: Whaddya expect from a bunch of lawyers. Boston Bound: Firm opens up Boston office and steals 13 partners as part of their staff up. The Fifth Amendment: The latest in anti-wall hotness.  Online Education Finally Makes It To Law Schools: And they've got the LSAT scores to prove it. What Kind Of An Excuse Is Chemo? Apparently not a good enough one according to this judge.
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It’s Gonna Be A Long, Cold Winter — See Also

ROD ROSENSTEIN IS LEAVING: Saving Bill Barr the trouble of firing him. ANY LAW SCHOOL #METOO STORIES YOU'D LIKE TO SHARE? Apparently, we're more willing to listen than your law school. WAIT, HE'S A FUGITIVE NOW? Some Jason Lee Van Dyke news. GINSBURG'S ABSENCE ISN'T THAT LONG: Compared to others. ESCAPING THE GOLDEN HANDCUFFS: New Year, same hopes and dreams of freedom.
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Federal Judges Get Snippy — See Also

This Judge Knows The Truth About The Government Shutdown: And he isn't afraid to say it. Speaking Of The Shutdown: Courts squeak out another week of funding. Tensions Rise: This judge and Biglaw partner go at it after a brief makes fun of the Mueller investigation. Law Prof Uses His Exam To Make A Point: It's a dumb point, but here we are. Some Unexpected Consequences For Going Viral In A Racist Video: Malpractice lawsuit! 
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And… We’re Back At Full Strength — See Also

SADLY, RUTH BADER GINSBURG IS NOT: But there's nothing to worry about... I pray directly to God now. A DEPARTURE MEMO FROM A CONTRACT ATTORNEY: You don't see this everyday. Which is kind of wrong, when you think about it. SOME CLARIFICATION ON SOTOMAYOR'S INFLUENCE ON OCASIO-CORTEZ: Red hot progress right here. TRUMPY LAW CLERK ATTACKS SCHOOL OVER PRO-BONO CELEBRATION: It feels redundant to mention that he's a University of Chicago alum. SPEAKING OF FEDERAL CLERKS: Should judges adopt a "Roo...
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Law School Is Better Without Grades Anyway — See Also

Want Your Grades? Too bad! Law school profs are too busy for that. In Case You Needed A Reminder: Don't represent yourself.  Charlotte Law School May Have Been A Terrible Law School: But at least they covered piercing the corporate veil. Turns Out: Shutting down the government is a real bummer. Don Verrilli Has A Niche: And it's defending the Affordable Care Act.
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Jerk Lawyers Are Nothing New — See Also

This Attorney Was Way Outta Line: Don't call opposing counsel a b*tch. Just don't. Lawyer Gets To Work While His Wife Is In Labor: Sure, it was at the Supreme Court, but still. Get Ready For The Future: Of no privacy. Internet Trolls Never Die: They just make their way to the ABA Journal. Nancy Pelosi Is Keeping Everything On The Table: Including impeachment.
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Lawyers In Demand — See Also

Demand For Legal Services Is Up: Even more so in New York. We Crown A Winner: Best legally themed holiday card. Legal Tech + Christmas Carols = Fun. Chief Justice John Roberts End Of The Year Report: Not that it means much. Managing Expectations For The New Year: Don't expect too much.
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Top 5 Law School Stories Of 2018 — See Also

WHAT IS TRUMP DOING TO YOUR LAW SCHOOL LOAN MONEY? Nothing good. JUDGE TELLS ROOM OF LAW STUDENTS "BIG DARK PEOPLE" MAKE HER UNCOMFORTABLE: Remember this woman? THE ATL LAW SCHOOL RANKINGS: University of Chicago was number 1 this year. YALE LAW SCHOOL PROFESSORS UNDER INVESTIGATION: We're still waiting for the results of Yale's investigation into misconduct allegations against Professor Jed Rubenfeld. THE EDMUND BURKE SOCIETY GETS FAMOUS: Remember this... trash organization?
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Top 5 Biglaw Stories Of 2018 — See Also

REMEMBER WHEN NEW YORK WENT TO $190K? Yeah, that happened this year. CRAVATH DIDN'T START THE SALARY WARS: But they joined them. AND THEN THERE WERE SUMMER BONUSES: When Simpson Thacher joined the party. OUR TOP JONES DAY STORY ISN'T ABOUT BONUSES THOUGH: It's about Jones Day being crappy. HERE'S YOUR FULL SALARY SCORECARD: Above the Law always tries to help.
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RBG’s Cancer Treatment Going Well — See Also

Biglaw Partner Found Dead: Following allegations of inappropriate behavior. RBG Is On The Mend: She's out of the hospital, y'all. More Bonus News: Firms are getting on board. Check Out The Best Holiday Cards: Don't forget to vote! Quinn Emanuel's Bonuses: Extra cash for big billers.
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Top 5 Trivia Questions Of 2018 — See Also

The Youngest Person To Ever Graduate From An American Law School: He was a child prodigy who loved the law. The Law School With The Highest Paid Recent Graduates: Want to make the big bucks? Try this law school. Of Course This Firm Has Already Raised Associate Salaries: They had a great year, and they're sharing that with their associates. If You Work At This Biglaw Firm, Be Ready To Bill Your Butt Off: Not a lot of slackers at this firm... The Most Indebted Law School Graduates With The Wor...
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Top 5 Posts From December (Thus Far) — See Also

Ed. note : Above the Law will not be publishing on Christmas Day. But we'll be back on December 26th for some nonsense reason. PICTURE WORTH A THOUSAND CLICKS: It's actually been worth way more than that. TITLE IX INVESTIGATION INTO A PROFESSOR: Professor "voluntarily checked himself into a hospital." HOW NOT TO TALK TO PREGNANT ASSOCIATES: This year's stories look suspiciously like they could have been 1950s era stories. 10 WORST LAW SCHOOLS IN THE COUNTRY: "Worst" is such a harsh word....
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The Holidays Are Not Cancelled — See Also

RUTH BADER GINSBURG IS FINE: She had a bit of lung cancer for breakfast, but she's fine. Everything is fine. THIS FIRM WILL PAY YOU FOR VACATION: Not just a paid vacation, they'll actually buy your trip. OUR CAREER SERVICES GUY IS STILL HAVING PALPITATIONS OVER NALP: I'm going to the Association of American Law Schools conference in New Orleans and... I assume this will come up. SOMETHING ABOUT PRO SE LITIGANTS: I should care. David Boise and Richard Posner care. MATT WHITAKER IS BASICALLY A...
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I’m Ready To Be Not Sick — See Also

AND... OUR "CONSERVATIVE" COLUMNIST IS OFF THE TRUMP TRAIN: That didn't take long. FIRST STEP IS A START: A weak, pathetic start, but at least you can drink Tom Cotton's tears. HEY, WELCOME TO RAISES: Also bonuses. TRUMP ISN'T GOING TO VETO SQUAT: Debunking one of the most persistent political myths. NOMINATIONS FOR LAWYER OF THE YEAR ARE OPEN: Hint, we've already thought of "Robert Mueller" and "Michael Cohen," and they'll be finalists so, hit is up with somebody we may have overlooked.
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Are We Feeling Festive Yet? — See Also

THE KAVANAUGH MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE CONTINUES: All 83 ethics complaints against him have been dismissed. THIS PODCAST IS HOT: Just trust us. HOLIDAY PARTY STRESS: Office politics makes the eggnog spicy. YOU MUST RESPECT CARLTON: If you are going to use the Carlton Dance. VOTE IN OUR HOLIDAY CARD CONTEST: There are some great entries this year.
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Get Ready For The Gross Kozinski Comeback — See Also

You Always Knew Alex Kozinski Would Try To Come Back After Retiring From The Bench Amid A Sexual Misconduct Scandal: But you don't have to like it.  Judge O'Connor's Decision Overturning The ACA Actually Got Liberals And Conservatives To Agree: No one likes his ruling. Bad Law Schools: A ranking. Don't Follow The Law School Crowd: Lessons from the first semester of law school.  Hate The Melange Of Mediocrity And Date Rape That Is "Baby It's Cold Outside"? Good news, a former federal judge sa...
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Alan Dershowitz Makes Getting Older Look Awful — See Also

Oh Dersh, Oh God, Make It Stop: Another absurd TV appearance from the once-lauded law professor. More Lawyers Acting Badly: This time with a racist subway rant! And Of Course Bonus Stories: What is December at Above the Law without obsessive bonus coverage? Today's offerings from Alston & Bird, Cahill, McGuireWoods, and Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner. Managing Relationships: Law school edition.
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Ugh, Alan Dershowitz — See Also

Oh Dersh, Oh God, Make It Stop: Another absurd TV appearance from the once-lauded law professor. More Lawyers Acting Badly: This time with a racist subway rant! And Of Course Bonus Stories: What is December at Above the Law without obsessive bonus coverage? Today's offerings from Alston & Bird, Cahill, McGuireWoods, and Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner. Managing Relationships: Law school edition.
Tags: Law, Alan Dershowitz, See Also, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, Alston Bird Cahill McGuireWoods

NALP Throws In The Towel — See Also

NEW NALP STANDARDS: Well, actually, there are no standards. LAW SCHOOL ENROLLMENT IS UP: Call it the "Trump Bump." THIS JUDGE IS TIRED OF YOUR NONSENSE:And she's willing to put it bluntly. BRETT KAVANAUGH TURNS OFF ANOTHER REPUBLICAN: The chief justice of the California Supreme Court has had it with Republicans. SECRET BONUS MATCH: Well, it's not really "secret," there's just no memo.
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Something To Read While Above The Law Parties — See Also

Tonight's Our Holiday Party: Will you be there? Biglaw Rankings: Who's tops in client service? Yup, The Federal Government Wants Lawyers To Work For Free: No, this is not new. Rules Are There Are No Rules: A look at the latest in rulemaking from NALP. Trouble With Scare Quotes: Paul Weiss and their "diversity" issue.
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When Partnership Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be — See Also

The Holiday Season Is Also A Time For Raises: Well, for associates in non-major markets, anyway. Still Thinking About That Absurdly Offensive Simpson Thacher Email? We've got more details and there hasn't been an apology in sight. Michael Cohen Sentenced: 3 years. So, Fortnite Is A Thing: This lawyer testimonial is the best. What Happens When You Get The Brass Ring: ...And it isn't all that great.
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The Holiday Season (Read: Bonus Season) Is Upon Us — See Also

More Bonus News: Biglaw and small law alike are announcing bonuses. Join Us At Our Holiday Party: This Thursday, be there or be square. Oh Biglaw, Will You Ever Learn? Not until there's some old fashioned ridicule, I suppose. The Latest On The Immigration Crisis Of The President's Creation: Not a great decision if you or your family has been caught up in the mess. Your Firm Have A Cute Holiday Card? Send it to us. Soon!
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