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Let It Be Thin

E verything Is So Fragile. I named this that. Awhile back. Form is temporary... Direct link to audio if you see no player above.
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It's all Just Floating Around.

L oose. Loose things. Loose patches, loose faces, loose thoughts. Loose everything. I said it, many times, it's all a patchwork, in perspective. This activity, trying to catch it and put it, hold it together. Just to see, to share what we see. I'm using October to put some stuff together. Put this place back together. I know I'm hopping from here to there, but still even that carves a path... gives form to the formless path of just going. So just to say , today, that I think I ...
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Softer Yet

B ig Beautiful Fog this morning, in waves, coming and going. Clarity, Blur-ity, Clarity, Blur-ity. I have named her Dear . We've cleared some of the small brush and saplings on one side of the property, leaving the mature growth. There is more air flow and a longer view. Visual Paths. Soup of the Day. In the big copper pot. Yellow Earth . I am ready to move on from the frenzy. Let it play out. A soft optimism (joy) has resurfaced and I will not be thrown off course. Sharing what moves ...
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Just Growing

T hat's what the going is for.   The shift has taken hold, this is probably the last summer like day here. Typepad is tired, as grace said to me, and so am I. Sometimes you just have to move on. I will consider how to do that, but today I am just talking.    Your browser does not support the audio element. audio link if you see no player . (note, comments are off because I cannot see them, and I cannot comment back, and that is true with any other Typepad blogs I visit. I wi...
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The Circle comes through on it's own

I t's summer and it is unbearably humid and hot at the moment. Yesterday, Nest of Days, circle side toward me. Toward the rising sun. This morning, the other side.  I had commented that I might want to bring the circle through somehow.  Poof. Today I am thinking about Oneness and both sides of the cloth as a Pairing. I am inspired to work the circle into the other-side so it is apparent without the lighting.  I also love how the porch seems to become a tent with cloth hanging.  If you a...
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Not Part of a Plan

J ust happens. He ran between my legs when I opened the door from the porch to check on the raised bed seedlings. He leaped through the railing and ran beneath the porch and rolled in the dry dirt. I tried to catch him. He ran up the hill to the stone wall, disappeared and then reappeared from the forest. He ran around front just as the FedEx guy pulled up to deliver a much needed part to fix the shower.  He got frightened and disappeared.  I was in despair. I called and called.  I walked bac...
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Let the Light in

I woke up refreshed and ready to face things. This will be a good example of a quilt top made just from just piecing. The base that just grows. Puzzle style. I have one more beginning not begun.  A little quilt-weaving might be brewing.  And let us not forget, just the whole cloth. Gotta talk a bit about that too. 
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How it Mostly Goes

T ogether , glued with pins and a bit of stitch. continuing from here. Aligned, and I am looking. Uncomfortable though. Then, making the concept smaller, to explain, showing, and then, telling myself. video link if you see no player above Pulled apart. Unpinned.  Resting on a cloth I call the Nest of Days. Still informed by one another, through touch and logic. But free.  Entangled, still one, yet free and on the same side.  Your browser does not support the audio element. ...
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Quantum quilting

  I suppose this one is just turning into  an exercise in connection. One cloth, two sides. Now, just pinned, using the quilt math as a common reference. These could be two cloths, with two different homes, yet still be one. When one evolves sympathetically with another they are one.  
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Trying to Tell it

I t's not the thing , it's the spirit of the thing. How a thought rises through consciousness. That's what I was thinking a day or so ago...with all that has happened, it fell back in. Anyway there was too much coffee, probably because there was too much shitty wine. I promised a video but I am not up to it really.  These big squares are 5". Once I start with a certain puzzle piece size, all the other elements fall into relationship with that. I talked about that here . Obviously,...
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Stay Home, Share, and consider When Time is not about Money

video link if you see no player above Some of us are luckier than others. We have time to consider time. I suppose you could call that privilege.  Time is not Money when you have enough.  Time might even be a gift.  The spell is broken, I am remembering the dream. 
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Hunker Down and Try to Explain

G uilty , I almost felt guilty. Enjoying such a beautiful and peaceful day, when so many are suffering through all this chaos. Internet didn't matter yesterday. We are living a simple life here. Not spending ANY money, except food. Doing small repairs ourselves, facing things we cannot fix. Or change.  Eating simple home-cooked food. A glass of cheap wine not as often as before. We found grapes growing here, maybe we can make our own.  Just being here, appreciating the space around us.  We...
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It's March!

day 13 F eel it . Smell it. Spring. I'm charged.  This morning the window sill glowed.  And then , I changed my mind. I want need this window to go all the way to the floor. It's in my head now. It's a must. I'm changing furniture around again. That's a good sign. And yesterday, while splitting old logs, we met our first Eastern Eyed Click Beetle .  At first I thought it was a snake or something... I put a link here 'if you be curious', those are false eyes...
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an almost February morning

L etting the light in.  It helps reveal my process. Where I cut is not for the looking though. It's about feel, I work with cloth because of the feel. The living breathing quality. Layers can stiffen. I want it to be more like skin. Or something that might shape shift. In the wind. That's a Japanese Andromeda right outside the front window, which is low to the ground, easy to look out of. Tiny birds have built a nest in it. I think I can trim it without disturbing them. The face has ...
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Lighten up

Problem: Can't see out the window without standing up. Solution: Stand up. T he days are sunny. Not really warm but the sun hits this side of the house with mighty force and there is a kind of passive solar effect.  I realize that might have been a plan, how the house was oriented and built with such small windows. I realize maybe, also, maybe not. But it is as it is. Warmer. There was a small sunny spot to sit for a while, in this room filled with scraps of self. It was enough to busy m...
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  A ll things mechanical seem to have failed me this week. Technology related. Today it is Gmail of all things. But  I do keep at it. Technology is a thread. Here is a blurry pic of  Eye woman . From both sides. The other side was rather surprising mostly because it's been a while, and as it often happens,  and I'd forgotten how I got here. I think, to work on this from both sides might be appropriate. While trying to imagine what the inside looks like.  Vision, Perspective, how it mi...
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The storm moved through

J ust one more... Here. What moves through. How it cuts, erases, changes, even embellishes. How it is also contained. By both inside and outside,like a dream. I suppose "home" is the thing that stands, has been standing here in so many posts. Home is a place but also a sense of place. Maybe even the sense of ownership of space that home provides. I'm thinking so fluidly this morning. It all seems just a sense of something.  How my sense of so many things has changed. You know, how you kno...
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Considering What Is as the Path to Change

C hange can seem abrupt. But it's not, the edge of it stretches right into what is and out the other side. Design Mending. It's life. Your browser does not support the audio element. audio link if you see no player There's a for sale sign at the edge of the property and another at the head of the private road/driveway. I see it every time I look out. Seems like everything has changed, but really it's pretty much the same. Which is to say, everything has changed. I...
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Love needs Transparency

A nd so sew , it begins. A little bit of a rocky beginning but love is not about easy. Mo's pennant project, coming along ... I stitched a piece of old Japanese silk to the pennant. Stitched around the edge and then across here and there  to stabilize.  Then I cut away two sections. Leaving a bit of a skeleton. The old  cloth supports another old cloth. One softening the other. And I felt a sense of transparency was good here. Love  needs that.   I will use very sheer cloth to comple...
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Frame of Mind

I n the context of Sanity . That's how to pull it together. That's what popped into my mind. A heart's path is my chosen Travelling Companion. I'll stitch on that. A past post here . The framing. A bit of clarity (aka blur-ity) moved through last night. I began creating patchwork frames. For when you don't know where you are going. And you just need a frame of reference/self.   Frames of mind I'll call them. From 1", 2" and 3" squares. Stitched simply from simple cloth...
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T is for Tapestry

T apestry is a key concept for me. I've added it to the Glossary at Feel Free. Just so there is a place to catch my thoughts as I reconsider its importance.   direct video link of you see no player   The light test. Layers are so important, but so is transparency. You cannot share it if it can't move through you.   I mentioned the split back stitch here.  I'll be adding the stitch menu to the Method Index at Feel Free this week. Under stitch.  Some catchin...
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Storm Watch Again

J ust beginning . The first flakes on the lantern. Morning's blue light signals, yes, it's coming. I had the hardest time taking a clear picture this morning.  And while I was trying, the fire went out. Maybe it's the low light. Or maybe, like this ragged sun, I'm worn out by the season's uncertainty. I'm not mending the patch. I'm working around it. Maybe with it. There is some thing to be said for seeing through things. Your browser does not support the audi...
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Layers of Being

    Your browser does not support the audio element. audio link of you see no player Anyway, she's under the needle again.
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Through the years...

T here is no snow right now. But I feel like this. ↓ You might remember her . This is the oldest picture I could find.  She is the model for Earth Beast.  Earth Beast is scattered through this blog/ journal.  You can use the search bar and you might find some story.  Here is one entry. She has aged beautifully. In a way, marked by what has moved through her. She becomes more transparent. I might be able to get a rust print on cloth... ? Earth Beast and Stray Cat are tra...
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The Snow Globe Effect

O nce upon a cloth.   Long ago.  Right here on the blog. And now again. I added the Snow Globe. A layer of stitch. Eventually Snow was in my mind. But really, the Snow Globe has become a symbol for me. One very close to my heart. It has to do with simpler times. A sense of fantasy and make believe and innocence. Keeping that. And I love how the field of stitch is held in the invisible bubble. And how all those floating dots make the circle visible. How it has become a basket. And how it holds...
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The Day After

T hanksgiving here has become a quiet fasting day. Some people think we are no fun.  Fun has become more personal over the years. Two blankets are forming. Now both about the same size. Nest of Days. Holding Pattern (aka Eventually). Once upon a time they almost became one . But it wasn't meant to be. I took them apart the next day. Still, they are related. Still, that feeling of surprise is in the back of my mind. Still, the unexpected is present in both of them.   For Holding Patter...
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Holding Pattern within the Context of Time

C onsidering that. Considering Time as a Pattern. While considering Context as a point of view. All the while  considering Patchwork, of course. Considering Patchwork as Lifework. The cloth came off the wall this morning.  I'm ready to continue.  But today will be a walking day.  More walking in winter is vital.  Too much sitting is too easy. And the sun is out today. It's been very grey. Hooray!
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Before Dawn

T hese marks are following me. Or me them.(click the dots to go back to a related post, if you don't remember)     Or maybe this is just a map of yesterdays, todays and tomorrows. Not beginnings or endings, just in betweens. Still looking, but this way.
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T he power of resist.    The lights are on and the house is still here. The wind is still raging although nothing like last night. The trees are still proudly standing. I have to say it was wild. As wild as any storm I've been through. This one started as a ragged edge collage but morphed into a CobbleCloth with more seams. As if I was reinforcing that idea somehow. How things might hold together simply by touching. And I thought about the resist process. And indigo. And how it is n...
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