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Kono Healer Mendokusai Trailer Shows a Cute Elf Cleric Trying Her Best

Anime watchers were treated to another brief teaser for the upcoming anime adaptation of Kono Healer, Mendokusai (This Healer’s a Handful), giving lovers of the cute chocolate elf cleric a glimpse of her shenanigans in animated form and possibly making them fall for her before the show has even aired. The Kono Healer, Mendokusai manga […]
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Maid Dragon Sakuretsu!! Chorogon Breath Fast-Paced & Destructive

A livestream for Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Sakuretsu!! Chorogon Breath has seiyuu Risa Tsumugi, Wakana Kingyo, and Yuzuki Watase showcasing several minutes worth of the shooting game, sampling both the hardcore shooting action and the interactions between the characters. The entire 28-minute presentation, with footage being available at 8:53 and 19:47: Kobayashi-san Chi no […]
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Worshiped Seiyuu Tanaka Rie Forms New Music Band Uz:ME

Legendary seiyuu and singer Tanaka Rie has formed a new band with Swedish rock musicians Patrik Leonheart and Simon Andante known as Uz:ME. Fans of the seiyuu and her divine voice are certain to be curious about her new music project and the unique makeup of its members. Tanaka is the main vocalist of Uz:ME, […]
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Twitter Denizens Whine About “Racists” in Ijiranaide Nagatoro English Dub Cast Tweet

In a turn of events that could only ever possibly happen in the deranged West, Twitter addicts whined incessantly about “racism” in a tweet announcing the arrival of the English dub for Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san, which was likely due to a black actress being selected to voice main heroine Nagatoro. Two tweets from Crunchyroll served as […]
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Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life Does Battle With Helpful Slimes

Fans were treated to the first trailer of the upcoming Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life (My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World!) anime series, which had many similar scenes from the first teaser PV and will surely have watchers excited regardless. Originally based on a […]
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A-1 Pictures Teases Original Anime Series Lycoris Recoil

Aniplex announced a new original anime series by A-1 Pictures and released a very short teaser showing off what may be the two main heroines, the cute girls alone possibly being enough of an excuse to give the series a try. The details behind the story weren’t released, but the staff involved will surely set […]
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Lum Chasing After Her Darling in Confirmed Urusei Yatsura Anime

An earlier rumor has been proven true as fans of the legendary romance series were greeted with a teaser trailer for an upcoming Urusei Yatsura anime, something fans have surely be waiting many years for. Details are sparse, but fans should be delighted to know that the series will adapt stories from the manga and […]
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Idoly Project Staff Announce Sayaka Kanda’s Role Will Not Be Replaced

The staff behind Idoly Project have made an important announcement concerning the main character of the series, Nagase Mana, in light of her seiyuu’s untimely passing, declaring that her role as the special girl will not be replaced. It’s a common practice in Japan to not replace seiyuus after their passing out of respect to […]
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Singer & Seiyuu Sayaka Kanda Passes Away

Sayaka Kanda, known for providing the Japanese dub of Frozen’s Anna and Sword Art Online’s Yuna, has passed away at the young age of 35, leaving her family and friends in grief. Sayaka was found unconscious by police on December 18th and it was discovered she was staying at a hotel in Chuo Ward, Sapporo […]
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Goodbye, Sayaka

Actress and singer Sayaka Kanda was found dead on Dec. 18 at the hotel she was staying at in Sapporo. The circumstances as far as I am aware of come down to these two articles. Since it is an ongoing investigation, I’ll refrain from inferring from the fairly well-known set of circumstances surrounding her. It’s kind of on brand that ANN just namedrops Sayaka’s parents without any footnote–Seiko Matsuda is one of the most popular Japanese idol ever, and Sayaka’s relationship with her star-lit par...
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BLM Supporter Amanda Lee Now Also Assuming the Role of Virtual YouTuber

Another Westerner has decided to jump on the virtual YouTuber bandwagon as singer and voice actor Amanda Lee has announced she will be taking on a 2D persona like other VTubers, and bound to have critics guessing when she’ll inevitably bring politics into the hobby (which seems highly likely to happen considering her past tweets). […]
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Kami Kuzu Aidoru Anime Adaptation Begins Airing in 2022

After beginning its run on December 28th, 2017, it’s been announced that the comedy musical manga Kami Kuzu Aidoru (Phantom of the Idol) will receive an anime adaptation, giving fans of idol anime plenty of reason to get hyped. The original mangaka Hijiki Isoflavone seems ecstatic about the announcement, having made a special illustration to […]
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Resident Evil 4 Remake Potentially Confirmed Through Leaked Art

DC Douglas, the voice actor for Resident Evil antagonist Albert Wesker, allegedly leaked artwork of the character from the “Separate Ways” Ada-controlled portion of Resident Evil 4, potentially confirming a remake for Resident Evil 4 is in production after all. A Twitter user reuploaded this concept art as DC Douglas ended up deleting his Twitter […]
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First One Piece Opening Reanimated for 1,000th Episode

To celebrate the masterful milking milestone that is the 1,000th episode for One Piece, the animators went back and reanimated the first opening sequence set to the theme “We Are!” as the characters wear their most recent attire and with their newest forms, perhaps proving that they are just as excited about the series now […]
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Supervillains Pull of Heist of the Century in Super Crooks

Netflix unveiled the trailer and opening theme to their upcoming anime series “Super Crooks”, giving fans of supervillains a look at the main cast and their stories, as well as a sexy girl dancing in the street in an opening probably few will be skipping. Based on the graphic novel by writer Mark Millar and […]
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Magic Knight Rayearth Seiyuu Hekiru Shiina Becomes a Virtual YouTuber

Famous seiyuu Hekiru Shiina, known for voicing Shidou Hikaru in the classic Magic Knight Rayearth, has now jumped on the bandwagon and assumed the role of virtual YouTuber. The woman even has a “backstory“, as she lost her body on the Planet Hekiru and was uploaded to the internet to become a VTuber, all to […]
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Mahoutsukai Reimeiki Anime Set to Air April 2022

The anime adaptation of light novel series Mahoutsukai Reimeiki (The Dawn of the Witch) had its release date of April 2022 recently divulged. The production staff has also revealed the key art and voice cast for the characters, allowing for hardcore fans to deeply analyze and critique the accuracy to the source material. The Dawn […]
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Vic Mignogna Stars in Atmospheric Silent Hill 2 Fan Film

The unreasonably despised and slandered Vic Mignogna has starred in a special Silent Hill 2 fan film just in time for Halloween, offering viewers a slightly different take on the classic horror title and bound to cause interest in the beloved game to resurface. Vic Mignogna was an accomplished English voice actor known for his […]
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Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Sustainable Warfare Previews Major Kusanagi

Bandai Namco Arts uploaded a character trailer featuring Major Motoko Kusanagi as a preview for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – Sustainable Warfare compilation film. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – Sustainable Warfare is a compilation film of the anime’s first season, and will have a limited two-week theatrical release to 20 theaters […]
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Netflix Streams Cowboy Bebop Anime, Hires Original Seiyuu for Live-Action Dub

Netflix continues to invest in beloved anime series Cowboy Bebop, despite the backlash they have received for how they’re handling their ill-fated live-action series: they have obtained the streaming rights for the original anime series, and have secured the talents of the original voice actors to dub the Japanese dialogue for the live-action adaptation. Netflix […]
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Hololive Virtual YouTubers Will Do Voice Work for Little Witch Nobeta, Lupin III

Hololive’s assortment of unique virtual YouTubers have continued to grow in fame as far as Japan goes as a handful have been selected to do voicework for new characters arriving in the “anime souls-esque” Little Witch Nobeta, news that will also help out the widely praised indie title. Shirakami Fubuki, Shirogane Noel, and Omaru Polka […]
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Chris Pratt, Jack Black & Others Cast in Super Mario Bros. Animated Movie

Strange news has surfaced during the latest Nintendo Direct as the voices for various characters in the Mario animated film were revealed, with Chris Pratt serving as the voice of Mario and Jack Black as Bowser, two odd decisions that will surely also have many wondering why Charles Martinet (who voices Mario in most his […]
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Daisuke Tsuji Imitates Ghost of Tsushima’s Sword Techniques

Fans of epic samurai tale Ghost of Tsushima are likely in agreement that Daisuke Tsuji did an excellent job of portraying main character Jin Sakai, now the accomplished actor has tried to embody his character entirety by attempting to imitate various attacks from the game. Daisuke Tsuji not only delivered the English dub for protagonist […]
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Kiyoshi Kobayashi Retires From Role of Lupin III’s Jigen After 50+ Years

The seiyuu for the beloved sharpsooter Jigen from the long-running Lupin III series, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, has announced his retirement from the role after doing it for over 50 years, a turn of events that will surely leave some feeling melancholic but also proud of his long and dedicated service. The Lupin III series is celebrating […]
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Man Arrested for Killing Brazilian Overwatch Voice Actress Christiane Louise

Christiane Louise, a well-known figure in the gaming community who provided the Brazilian voice of many famous video game characters, such as Overwatch’s Mercy and Halo’s Cortana, had her voice silenced when the report of her murder was made on August 5th, 2021 via an Instagram post made by a co-worker. The reason for this […]
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Love Live! Nijigasaki Seiyuu Moeka Koizumi Has Pixelated Nipple Slip

Love Live! Nijigasaki seiyuu Moeka Koizumi has suffered the same fate as so many voice actresses who have decided to be physical on a Nico Nico Douga livestream as the woman accidentally exposed one of her nipples, possibly the one saving grace for her being that otaku had to heavily slow down and pixelate the […]
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Omonomono Newsletter, August 23 Update

Sign up for these as emails here. The double dog days of august–I mean, this is the second news letter this month, maybe I regressed back to normal blogging for a bit. Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-08-23 To be honest, COVID is still on the top of the list in Anime Land right now, and not like this please. I hope things are well with the rest of you though. Certainly whatever this current state of the world is, has more lasting power than the Konosuba mobile game (KonoFan), which I tried ...
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Megumi Ogata Announced as Protagonist for Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie

In a tweet from Toho, renowned seiyuu Megumi Ogata was confirmed to be the voice of protagonist Yuta Okkotsu for Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie, bound to make the film a must-see for any of her devoted fans. Megumi has voiced numerous popular characters, such as Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon, Kurama in Yu Yu […]
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Uma Musume’s Gold City the Definition of Cute & Capable

Gold City is one of the latest sporty horse girls to gallop her way into the gacha-laden Uma Musume, the pretty prancer sure to be the next highly coveted collectible amongst players either to see how effective she is in-game, or merely because of her adorable appearance. A video showing off the hotpants-wearing Gold City: […]
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Koe de Oshigoto Manga Tries Out Some Libidinous Eroge

The second volume of Action Comics’ Koe de Oshigoto (as opposed to the first manga from Gamu Comics Plus) has continued to explore the world of erotic voice acting as the series this time follows high school girls interested in doing voice work for eroge, perverse situations being in plentiful supply as a result. Some […]
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