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Citroën’s 100th year anniversary car concept makes you feel like you’re flying!

Founded way back in March 1919, Citroën has come a long way… and to celebrate 100 years of boldness and creativity at the service of freedom of movement, Citroën revealed a thing of sheer beauty, the concept 19_19, a car that embodies the company’s vision on the future of travel. Disclaimer: It’s electric, self-driving, feels like a “living room on wheels”, and takes cues from aviation design.The car’s exterior combines the appearance of an aircraft’s fuselage, along with the transparent bubbl...
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These self-driving robo-palettes will park your car while you go shopping

Perhaps the most useful application for self-driving tech is in the area of driving that annoys most drivers. Parking. Parking is perhaps the one reason I don’t enjoy driving. Looking for a spot, and then struggling to parallel park (and eventually take out) your car from said spot requires patience, skill, and willpower… virtues that I don’t possess, but a robot could.Hik Vision’s award-winning self-driving palette helps out by doing that task for you. Unlike other parking-assistant-robots th...
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Tesla vaunts creation of ‘the best chip in the world’ for self-driving

At its “Autonomy Day” today, Tesla detailed the new custom chip that will be running the self-driving software in its vehicles. Elon Musk rather peremptorily called it “the best chip in the world…objectively.” That might be a stretch, but it certainly should get the job done. Called for now the “full self-driving computer,” or FSD Computer, it is a high-performance, special-purpose chip built (by Samsung, in Texas) solely with autonomy and safety in mind. Whether and how it actually outperfor...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The first-ever photo of a black hole, artwork-adorned Japanese currency, inspiration from Milan Design week and more First-Ever Photo of a Supermassive Black Hole Truly a quantum leap, astronomers have “seen the unseeable” and captured an image of a supermassive black hole—a “smoke ring framing a one-way portal to eternity,” Dennis Overbye writes for the New York Times. A planet-sized network of eight radio telescopes—called …
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Sunlight may shut down Cadillac’s Super Cruise hands-free driving tech

The Cadillac Super Cruise driver-assist system suddenly disengages when sunlight blinds an infrared camera. General Motors will need to fix the issue soon, as the technology will be rolled out to all Cadillac models in 2020. The post Sunlight may shut down Cadillac’s Super Cruise hands-free driving tech appeared first on Digital Trends.
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FarmWise and Roush Partner to Develop Robots that Weed Farm Fields

We’ve heard a lot about autonomous cars over the past few years, but there are other applications for self-driving technology, including agriculture.Silicon Valley startup FarmWise this week announced a new partnership with Livonia, MI-based Roush, a legacy manufacturer and engineering services firm, to develop and test an autonomous machine that weeds row crops. FarmWise co-founder and chief technology officer Thomas Palomares declined to disclose the monetary value of the partnership.FarmWise...
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Boston Tech Watch: Notarize, Optimus Ride, LogRocket & More

The self-driving cars are coming (to a gated development near you). Board additions at a novel tech startup. Another big funding round for an industrial 3D printing startup. The Endeavor v. QinetiQ robot competition’s final chapter. Read on for more.—Online notary startup Notarize is adding senior LogMeIn and State Street executives to its board. The Boston-based tech company says Larry D’Angelo, LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM) chief sales officer, and Jack Klinck, former head of global strategy at Stat...
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Optimus Ride brings self-driving cars to private communities in NY and CA

If you live in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, you could be one of the first consumers to ride in a self-driving car in the state of New York. That’s thanks to autonomous vehicle startup Optimus Ride, which today announced its plans to deploy self-driving vehicles to the 300-acre development in Brooklyn. The development houses 400 businesses that employ 9,000 people. Although self-driving car companies have tested vehicles in New York, there has yet to be a commercial development of such services — u...
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Yandex inks deal with Hyundai to build self-driving car tech for its Mobis OEM division

On the heels of becoming the latest investor in Ola, today Hyundai announced another key deal to further its ambitions in next-generation automotive services. Yandex, the Russian search giant that has been working on self-driving car technology, has inked a partnership with Hyundai to develop software and hardware for autonomous car systems. This is Yandex’s first partnership with a carmaker, and specifically, Yandex will be working with Hyundai Mobis, the car giant’s OEM parts and service di...
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Autonomous Truck Company TuSimple Adds $95M to Rev Up Commercial Fleet

TuSimple has pulled in $95 million more in venture funding to advance its development of a commercial autonomous fleet of trucks.The new Series D round of financing announced Wednesday boosts the San Diego-based company’s valuation to land it on the growing list of “unicorns”—the tech-world term coined for companies valued at $1 billion or above.TuSimple, founded in 2015 in San Diego and Beijing, raised its Series C round of $55 million in late 2017. Composite Capital, a Hong Kong-based investm...
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House Has a New Plan to Pass Self-driving Bill in 2019

Frustrated with House Democrats’ inability to push through legislation on autonomous vehicle development and testing, Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) believes the new Congress needs to reassess the situation and rally together behind a tweaked proposal Senate Republicans are still willing to back. Dingell claimed Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ), who will chair the Energy & Commerce Committee […] The post House Has a New Plan to Pass Self-driving Bill in 2019 appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Apple Co-Founder Claims Self-driving Isn’t Realistic, Sick of Lies

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak may no longer work for the company in any official capacity, but he has stayed on as a tech advisor and sounding board. When the Woz says something it usually isn’t without merit, which is why it was interesting to learn he thinks self-driving vehicles aren’t going to happen. Previously, Apple […] The post Apple Co-Founder Claims Self-driving Isn’t Realistic, Sick of Lies appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Apple, Technology, Tesla, Autos, Autonomous Vehicles, Self-driving Cars, Apple Car, Avs, Steve Wozniak, Self Driving, Apple Co, News Blog, Project Titan, Automotive Tech, Autonomous Development raises $15.5 million for autonomous vehicle software is emerging out of stealth today with quite the claim — an operating system for autonomous vehicles that will never fail Founded by long-time automated systems engineers Jan Becker and Dejan Pangercic, develops operating systems for various types of autonomous mobility platforms. Today, is also announcing a $15.5 million Series A round led by Canaan with participation from Lightspeed Venture Partners, which invested in’s seed round. Apex’s software stack is design...
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DeepMap, a maker of HD maps for self-driving, raised at least $60M at a $450M valuation

As car and tech companies continue to make inroads on vehicles and services to build autonomous driving systems, a startup that is creating high-definition maps to help these vehicles move around has quietly picked up a significant round of funding. DeepMap — a Palo Alto startup co-founded by James Wu and Mark Wheeler, who previously helped build maps and more at Google, Apple and Baidu — has raised a significant round of growth funding at a valuation of at least $475 million to expand its techn...
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Yes. Muji is designing self-driving buses now!

The self-driving landscape seems perfect for a company like Muji, known for its minimalistic appeal and function-first agenda. Muji’s products look minimalist and beautiful without looking bland, and perform wonderfully for years… and the Gacha, a shuttle bus co-designed with Finnish autonomous driving company Sensible 4, follows that direction too, not just being innately Muji-esque, but also echoing the aesthetic direction that most self-driving cars are taking, of putting information at the f...
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Midterm Elections Add Ticking Clock Element to Congress’ Self-Driving Car Bill

It looks like Congress’ new self-driving bill might have to wait until a new batch of unmentionables plant their collective rear ends in the seats populating Capitol Hill. Already passed in the House, the SELF DRIVE Act has managed to garner bipartisan support — a true miracle in these troubled times. However, it’ll have to spread wings […] The post Midterm Elections Add Ticking Clock Element to Congress’ Self-Driving Car Bill appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Tesla Places Pointless ‘Self-Driving’ Option On Hiatus

Tesla Motors is abandoning the “fully self-driving” purchasing option on all of its vehicles. The option debuted in 2016 as a way to ensure your new car would be future-proofed and able to incorporate autonomous features. But those upgrades never really came — leaving customers who spent $8,000 angry enough to file a class-action lawsuit against […] The post Tesla Places Pointless ‘Self-Driving’ Option On Hiatus appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Jaguar is putting animated eyes on their autonomous cars to make them safer

The car evolved from the horse-carriage, and for the longest time, looked like a carriage with an engine, until it began developing facial features. The headlights began becoming the eyes, and the radiator grill became the mouth. Cars started developing personas, ranging from friendly to aggressive, depending on what the brand wanted the car to project. These eyes, however, remained just expressive elements, and didn’t serve a purpose apart from portraying friendliness/aggression and illuminat...
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Volvo’s Vera makes trucking autonomous and safe

Autonomous trucking makes sense for a whole lot of reasons. While it will reduce the jobs held by human truck-drivers, it automates a profession that’s known for being intense. A self-driving truck, unlike a human-driven truck, could operate 24×7 and even at odd hours without worrying about the human sleeping behind the wheel. The trucking company doesn’t need to worry about wages, overtime, benefits, holidays, or even unions. The process becomes much safer, much more efficient, and immensely st...
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VW Seeking Industry Alliance for Self-driving Cars, Legal Protection for When They Crash

Volkswagen Group is interested in teaming up with other automakers to establish a new industry standard for self-driving technology. While the move would likely help streamline development, VW’s primary concern seems to be legal protection in the event an autonomous vehicle makes a mistake. The idea of an automaker preparing itself to better cope with […] The post VW Seeking Industry Alliance for Self-driving Cars, Legal Protection for When They Crash appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Zoox is offering autonomous rides in SF this week

Zoox, the self-driving car startup worth a reported $3.2 billion post-money valuation, is offering autonomous rides this week as part of the Global Climate Action Summit. The Global Climate Action Summit convenes state and local leaders, scientists, non-profits and others to discuss climate action opportunities. In partnership with the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco, Zoox will transport select summit guests between the Fairmont and Moscone Center in its self-driving Toyota Highlander test ca...
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Volvo’s self-driving car has a redesigned seat belt for sleeping passengers

For a car that was built to be a room/cabin on wheels, safety takes on a completely different avatar. You can’t opt for the traditional seat-belt in a car that was literally designed to be practically a bedroom on wheels. That’s the dilemma for Volvo’s 360c, a car that was quite literally built to be “architecture that transports you”. Focusing on empathizing with the traveler, the car is built with no steering wheel, pedals, or even a traditional dashboard. Instead, the car is treated as a cabi...
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Volvo’s autonomous car is basically architecture with wheels

Let’s think about it for a second. If the most important aspect of a car (the driver) is removed, how much should a car look and behave like a car? It wouldn’t necessarily need steering wheels, a gear, pedals, rear-view mirrors, or a traditional dashboard, so what’s the difference between a self-driving car (without any of the above) and a cabin on wheels?The only true constant in the case of a self-driving car is the traveler, believes Volvo. Focusing on the traveler’s experience, the voice i...
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Scale, whose army of humans annotate raw data to train self-driving and other AI systems, nabs $18M

The artificial intelligence revolution is underway in the world of technology, but as it turns out, some of the most faithful foot soldiers are still humans. A startup called Scale, which works with a team of contractors who examine and categorise visual data to train AI systems in a two-sided marketplace model, announced that it has raised an additional $18 million in a Series B round. The aim will be to expand Scale’s business to become — in the words of CEO Alexandr Wang, the 21-year-old MIT ...
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Porsche’s Self-Parking Tech: Autonomous Future Or Convenient Tech?

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Google Waymo launching paid self-driving car service in Phoenix in 2018 and California likely in 2019

Waymo has been testing self-driving cars without any safety drivers in Phoenix for nearly a year. Waymo will launch the first commercial program in Phoenix within months. They have applied California... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Autonomous driving is here to transform the lumber industry

If you thought the Tesla Semi was an impressive beast of a machine, Einride’s T-Log is sure to change your mind. Imagine a powerful electric truck… Now imagine it without a driver or even a cockpit. Einride’s T-Log, built for Sweden’s billion-dollar logging industry, features a design with practically no cockpit, as the truck comes with a platform for holding the logs, and a slim front that’s all autonomous. It even ditches the windshield for a display that is only outdone by the stunning, U-s...
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From a bad battery to a crash, Virginia Tech’s automated car beat all challenges

Eight colleges across America were chosen to compete in a three-year challenge to build an autonomous car. Sponsored by General Motors and SAE, the AutoDrive Challenge offers college students the chance to create a Level 4 autonomous vehicle. The post From a bad battery to a crash, Virginia Tech’s automated car beat all challenges appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Can’t we all just drive along? The not-so-universal language of autonomous cars

The road to an autonomous future is filled with competitive driving systems – but what happens when they encounter each other on the street? Automakers must decide whether to follow the same code, or duke it out for safety supremacy. The post Can’t we all just drive along? The not-so-universal language of autonomous cars appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Troll-E: KLM Is Bringing Self-Driving Luggage Trolleys to Airports

The Air France-KLM group is an innovation pioneer when it comes to using cutting-edge technology to enhance the customer experience. Consider the socially aware Spencer robot at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport; the Happy Flow single biometric token trials; its development of electronic smart Care tags and tracking devices; and its use of artificial intelligence to create automated customer service channels and transform its operations. Now KLM Royal Dutch Airlines wants to bring its cutting-edge t...
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