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The Gruzovikus is an ‘intelligent’ freightliner truck that transports cargo without a driver

Without context, if you looked at the Gruzovikus, your first instinct would be to wonder why its cockpit is so slim. You’d then notice that the Gruzovikus has no doors… or windows. The Gruzovikus doesn’t need a driver, because it IS the driver. Designed by Art Lebedev Studio, this freight-carrying semi-truck comes with an incredibly slim profile, and is fully autonomous i.e., it doesn’t need a driver operating it, even remotely.The lack of a designer really informs the Gruzovikus’ design proce...
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Hyundai’s new hydrogen-powered truck will give the Tesla Semi a run for its money

I’ll admit I do have a tendency to speak in hyperbole, but this time I’m making an exception only because Hyundai’s truck shows ‘truckloads’ of promise. I’m talking clean energy-burning, hydrogen-fuel-cell powered, autonomous driving, zero emissions, zero noise semi-truck with an ergonomic design that looks splendid from the outside and provides a stunning panoramic view on the inside. I love my cushy desk-job, but damn, if I had a chance to be a trucker with a Hyundai HDC-6 Neptune, I’d proba...
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Tesla’s new electric semi truck is making its debut delivery

Two Tesla Semis rolled onto the highway for the first time on Wednesday, transporting battery packs between Tesla facilities in Nevada and California. The new all-electric truck will go on sale in 2019 starting at $150,000. The post Tesla’s new electric semi truck is making its debut delivery appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Crunch Report | Twitter tests a new tweetstorm feature and Tesla unveils a semi truck

 Today’s Stories Apple pushes back on the release of the Homepod Twitter tests a new tweetstorm feature Tesla unveils a new semi truck Walmart will pilot the new Tesla Semis Credits Written by: Sarah Buhr Hosted by: Sarah Buhr Filmed by: Chris Gates Edited by: John Murillo Notes: Tito continues his journey in the Outback this week so you’re with me til Friday. Let’s… Read More
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Everything You Need to Know About Tesla's New Electric Semi Truck

Elon Musk rolled up to a Tesla press event tonight in an electric semi truck, unveiling his latest project to the world. The semi has been hotly anticipated since Musk first hinted at it last summer, and he’s been hyping it up on Twitter this week, promising that the reveal would “blow your mind clear out of your…Read more...
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What to expect from Tesla’s big electric truck reveal

 Tesla is set to take the lid off of its electric truck tomorrow for the first time, after months of teasing the big rig. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is still doing some teasing of his own, posting a short video clip of the truck all draped in shadow to his Instagram account – but we’re still going to learn a lot tomorrow. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we know, what we think we… Read More
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Despite Hurdles, Tesla Promises a Semi Truck for Thursday

Unbothered by the constraints of space and time, Elon Musk took to Twitter yesterday, breathlessly announcing a press conference for Thursday. Is the call’s topic set to address Model 3 production troubles? Or, perhaps, provide some insight into the supply chain woes at the Gigafactory? No, dear reader, nothing so mundane. It’s to announce the […] The post Despite Hurdles, Tesla Promises a Semi Truck for Thursday appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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This Might Be A Prototype Of Tesla's Electric Semi Caught On Video

Even though Tesla has pushed back the official reveal of its upcoming all-electric semi-truck to focus on Model 3 production and explore the possibility of rebuilding Puerto Rico’s power infrastructure, we’re still getting clues as to what the truck might be like. Read more...
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