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Scorpion EXO-R710 Review: a True Value Superstar

Quick Specs Under $200 / Intermediate Oval / 3.55lbs / 1,610g A $200 SNELL/DOT-Certified Bargain, & My New Full Face Value Pick The Scorpion website proclaims the EXO-R710 to be the best fiberglass helmet you can buy for its $200 price point, and I have to say that I can get on board with that claim. The fact is that I haven’t worn, tested, or ridden in every $200 fiberglass helmet out there (though I’ve got a couple other affordable ones in my garage), but for one to be better than this one, ...
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Sena Prism Tube WiFi Action Camera Review

Introduction Years ago, GoPro essentially created the action camera market by offering small and lightweight devices that could take a beating and deliver good quality video. Since that time, many other players have stepped into the “action camera” arena including Sony, Garmin, and others. A large majority of action cameras followed GoPro’s lead and designed small plastic “boxes with a lens” that fit within a waterproof housing. The housing itself could then be attached to helmets or vehicles v...
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Sena Bluetooth

Crystal Wolfe writes: Husband and I have been using the Sena system (helmet unit and radio adapter) the last few years. I have a Yaesu FT250, he has an FT270. Crystal clear and works great in the mountains as well as our Florida trips. Friend has a Sena for his Baofeng with the same results. Standby time on the batteries is 50 hours, which is awesome if you forget to turn them off like I do..
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Nolan N100-5 Modular Helmet Hands-On Review

My first helmet back in 1987 was a bright yellow Nolan dirt bike offering. Maybe some of you reading this had the same one too? It left an impression on me, yet for some reason, I’ve never worn another Nolan product until today. I’ve been missing out! This Italian brand has been building high quality, lightweight head protection since 1972 with their unique brand of style and features. Our friends at Nolan were kind enough to send me their premier quality modular N100-5 in an eye-catching graphi...
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Web Bike World: Year in Review (2018)

The Times They Are A-Changin’ With another year under our belts, I thought it worth it to take a look back over the last 12 months at the changes in the wonderful world of motorcycles. 2018 was no joke. There were plenty of killer new bikes and gear offered and tons of newsworthy items worth knowing and pondering. It was a great year for motorcyclist and a year that posed some challenges and successes for bike manufacturers. Here’s a look back at some of the most interesting stories. 2018 Bike...
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Boise man pleads guilty to killing 2 during police chase

NAMPA, Idaho (AP) — A 50-year-old Boise man who killed two Nampa residents while fleeing from police has pleaded guilty to two counts of felony vehicular manslaughter. The Idaho Press reports that Joseph Michael Sena pleaded guilty Tuesday in 3rd District Court. Authorities say Sena fled from police on July 14 and reached speeds up […]
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Kashiwazaki Sena Cosplay Could Use More Meat

Haganai’s Kashiwazaki Sena is known for having plenty of curves to show off. An especially dedicated Japanese cosplayer decided to do her best to put Sena’s finest attributes on display (not that she has any negative ones).
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Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet Review

The Mod Bandit Stole and Broke My Heart I stopped by the Simpson booth at AimExpo last week to see what they had in store with their unmistakably stylish line of helmets. I was surprised to be presented with the announcement of their first modular helmet design called the Mod Bandit. I knew right away this posse of Simpson representatives visiting from New Braunfels, Texas needed to let me be the first to review this beauty of a helmet. I want to thank them for obliging me in that request. ...
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Bell RS-2 Helmet Hands-On Review

Background I have been riding for the last few years with an RPHA 10 helmet, but I’d noticed lately that with time the EPS had begun to compress and it was getting loose. With the looser fit, it had become quite noisy and probably wasn’t as safe. It was time for a new helmet. I was trying to figure out how to approach my husband with this latest motorcycle need when I opened my front door, on my birthday no less, and lo and behold there sat a box from Bell helmets containing the new for 2018 RS...
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AGV Sportmodular Carbon Helmet Hands-On Review: So Very Good

About AGV I’m a little embarrassed to admit how unfamiliar I am with AGV so I did a little research on them. Hopefully, I’m not the only one who will benefit from a brief intro to this Italian manufacturer. AGV or Amisano Gino Valenza has been around since 1946 making cutting-edge products for the world of motorcycling, primarily helmets centred around racing. In 2007 Dainese purchased AGV and has been adding their respected input as well. Add to that in 2008, 9 times MotoGP champion Valentino...
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Scorpion EXO R420 Helmet Hands-On Review

Introduction I have to admit that Scorpion helmets and the 400 series, in particular, are a bit special to me. Around ten years ago I was returning to motorcycling riding after a few years away from riding. When I purchased my new-to-me bike (a 2001 Kawasaki ZR-7s) I, of course, needed a new helmet. Around that time there was a new player in the helmet market and that was Scorpion. I purchased a black EXO-400 helmet back then based on the price and the fact it was available right there at the ...
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Mellowing in Italy Assisi Friday 2007 May 18

Assisi is so surprisingTo start in Siena the hotel called a taxi and as the driver thought he knew more than I did he took me to the wrong bus station. But I had been well prepared by the guide Michele and insisted to the driver that the SENA bus
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SCHUBERTH C4 Hands-On Review

A couple of months ago I tested the new Shoei Neotec II, and hot on the heels of that review is the latest modular from SCHUBERTH, the C4. Camparison article coming soon. SCHUBERTH is a household name for most motorcycle enthusiasts. The C4 is the next evolution of SCHUBERTH’s top of the line modular series (you can read what we thought of the last-generation C3 Pro here). On the whole, the C4 is an excellent helmet and is certainly in-keeping with SCHUBERTH’s motif of building high-quality, hig...
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Joe Rocket Canada RKT-25 TransCanada Helmet: Tuk Tested!

Tuk Tested What does Tuk Tested mean? This helmet has been tested more thoroughly than any other piece of gear in WBW history to date (that I’m aware of). I just returned from a 5600-mile adventure ride while using the RKT-25 helmet. Beginning from my home in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada it ranged all the way to the northernmost location reachable by road in Canada: Tuktoyaktuk or Tuk for short. Over the course of that trip, I encountered temperatures ranging from a chilling 30 degrees all the wa...
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Shoei Neotec II w/ SENA SRL Hands-On Review

wBW readers and fans of modular helmets everywhere will note that the original Shoei Neotec was introduced in 2012, and since its introduction it has rightfully earned and maintained its reputation as one of the best modular helmets around. In fact, earlier this year we selected it for our recommended modular helmets guide . The Neotec gave riders exactly what they would have expected from a premium modular produced by a top-class brand like Shoei: exceptional build, great ventilation, an ...
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Sena Momentum Helmet Review

Sena, well known for their world-class motorcycle communication technology, is now moving into what many might say is the next logical extension for their brand – incorporating that technology into their own, bespoke line of full-face helmets, the Momentum series. The Momentum is available in three different sub-models, Momentum Lite, Momentum, and Momentum Pro, the difference between them being the electronics package they contain. The unit reviewed here is the middle model, the Momentum. In th...
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Helmet Preview: The New Shoei Neotec II

C hoosing not to rest on their laurels, Shoei has taken an already excellent modular helmet design in the popular Neotec (see our review) and made it even more worth our hard earned dollars in the new Neotec II. Features and Benefits Multi-Purpose Utility The Neotec II is touted as the premier, multi purpose helmet by Shoei. Comfortably used for upright or sport riding positions and even as an open face helmet. If you’re an uncompromising gentlemen who (like myself) rides several different...
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Motorcycle Helmet Buyer’s Guide

Motorcycle Helmet Buyer’s Guide: Updated January 2018 Helmets are a simple thing: they protect your head from the elements and, as will happen from time to time, asphalt too. They’re a seemingly simple thing, because like all things touched by the exponential march of progress, there’s much more to a good helmet than what meets the eye. In our first-ever motorcycle helmet buyers guide, we sat down and asked ourselves: what makes a good helmet great, and what are the most important things to loo...
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SENA 30K Intercom Hands-On Review

Years ago when my husband and I began to take longer trips on our motorcycles we realized we needed a better way to communicate than the frantic hand signals my loving spouse always failed to notice. So for Christmas a number of years ago we gifted each other with the SENA SMH10 intercom system. Overall they have been a reliable and dependable way to communicate with each other but they did have a couple of idiosyncrasies that over time became annoying. So when I accidentally clipped the side of...
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2017 AIMExpo

2017 American International Motorcycle Expo I’m sitting at the Columbus airport ready to take to the skies as I make my way back home. The past few days have been a blur: I’ve connected with vendors and manufacturers that hail from all over the world, seen some awesome new gear, and hopped on a 2018 Z650 to test the bike and check out Columbus. As we begin to plan out our review schedule for the rest of 2017 and early 2018, I made it my mission to fill our pipeline with products that readers ha...
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A Tea Surprise at the SENA

This year’s Seafood Expo North America (SENA), the largest seafood trade show in the States, was held at Massachusetts’ Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. From March 19th to 21st, 1,327 companies representing 51 countries showcased and promoted a myriad of seafood products inside 252,660 square-feet of exhibit space. Considering that LA Auto Show and Hello Kitty Con were the last few expositions I attended, SENA’s scale and energy overwhelmed me, an industry newcomer. My attention was firs...
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A 1927 Ford Phaeton Built The Traditional Hot Rod Way

The Builder’s Showcase at the annual NSRA Street Rod Nationals is a great place to see some of the best new street rods from top builders. Jamie Johnson from Hot Rod Haven in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been a regular participant in the Builder’s Showcase for several years. He showed up in 2016 with this 1927 Ford phaeton, making a big impression on the crowds in Louisville. Crowds on the West Coast had their first look at the car a few months earlier when it made its debut at the Grand Nationa...
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Despite More Losses, Democrats Say They Can Win The House In 2018

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Fishpeople Seafood nabs $12 mln Series B

Portland, Oregon-based Fishpeople Seafood, has secured $12 million in Series B funding. Advantage Capital Agribusiness Partners led the round with participation from other investors that included 3×5 Partners, S2G Ventures, Encourage Capital, Blueberry Ventures and Collaborative Fund. PRESS RELEASE PORTLAND, OR (June 6, 2017) – Fishpeople Seafood, a mission-driven brand leader in sustainable and traceable seafood, announced today that it has closed a $12 million Series B financing round with a l...
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Leather Sena iPhone 6 case (san jose south) $50

Brand new, unused, leather, Sena brand iPhone 6 wallet case. I was gifted this case but it's not what I was looking for. Never used. All packaging and cover bag included. Retails for $80. Link: [...]
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The Cavalry. First Ever Bluetooth Half-Helmet.

Until now, only full face and modular helmets were offered with bluetooth capability. The Cavalry from Sena is the first ever bluetooth half-helmet. Forget the hassle of installation, the Cavalry comes pre-wired and ready to ride. You can take and make phone calls, listen... This is a content summary only. Click on headlines for full links, images, other content and more!
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Sena Technologies’ Cavalry Helmet keeps you connected, protected on long rides

Safety comes first, but it doesn't have to come at the expense of connectivity. Certainly not in our digital age. Sena Technologies, Inc., a company known for combining Bluetooth technology with action sports, released the Cavalry Helmet. The post Sena Technologies’ Cavalry Helmet keeps you connected, protected on long rides appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Cavalry Helmet from Sena Technologies is a connected helmet for your long rides

Safety comes first, but it doesn't have to come at the expense of connectivity. Certainly not in our digital age. Sena Technologies, Inc., a company known for combining Bluetooth technology with action sports, released the Cavalry Helmet. The post The Cavalry Helmet from Sena Technologies is a connected helmet for your long rides appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Most Exploitative On-Screen Sex Scenes, Ever

Photo: Moviestore Collection/REX Shutterstock. This story was originally published on February 2, 2016.Picture, if you will, the last time you vacuumed your home or did any type of housework. What were you wearing? No, this isn’t some sort of role play or the beginning of a sexy story. I want to know what you had on. Probably not your nicest clothes, right? And a supportive bra of some sort, I’m guessing. That’s usually what I wear to do housework, which is why I took pause during a recent r...
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Chat with your cycling buddies, take video, and hear audio with the Sena Smart Cycling Helmet

Do you cycle with earbuds, or an action camera? Do you wish that you could chat with your riding buddies? The Smart Cycling Helmet from Sena could be your all-in-one solution, with its integrated Bluetooth communications system and QHD camera. The post Chat with your cycling buddies, take video, and hear audio with the Sena Smart Cycling Helmet appeared first on Digital Trends.
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