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Rocklin Eagle Scout Builds Sensory Garden For Students At Former Elementary School

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How to Create a Sensory Garden

Gardening and various forms of mindfulness have been getting more attention over the past year, thanks to (wait for it) the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, for many people, gardening itself is a form of mindfulness, giving them a chance to press pause on everything else, and focus on the here-and-now of what’s happening…Read more...
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You can play this building like a gigantic xylophone

The LCCCP's previous house in Muswell Hill, built in the 1950s, became unable to accommodate the growing number of disabled children who, due to neo-natal brain injuries, suffer from one of the forms of cerebral palsy. The new extension will provide a wide range of new services and facilities that will transform the way charity works with children and the wider public. Related: Perkins+Will’s Kenya Women and Children’s Wellness Center Takes National Healthcare Award for 2012 The extension wil...
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Pipe Trellis

This project is part of a much larger one that I assisted with for the past year. My wife is a member of the Penn State Lycoming County Master Gardeners and was the chair of the committee to build a Sensory Garden in Montoursville, PA. Through her involvement, I ended up helping with many facets o...By: drdorwardContinue Reading » [Author: drdorward]
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A Visit to the Devonian Garden Makes a Great Day Trip from Edmonton

One of my greatest passions in life is gardening though I appreciate you wouldn’t know it from reading my blog. From spring until fall it’s a rare day (when I’m home) that I don’t dig in the dirt. So when I was asked by Explore Edmonton if I’d like to visit the Devonian Gardens, it was a definite yes – though I have to admit I didn’t even know this place existed until a few weeks ago. Getting to the Devonian Gardens takes about 30 minutes from downtown Edmonton – and even longer if you follow ...
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