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The Polygraph: The Proto-Photocopy Machine Machine Invented in 1803 That Changed Thomas Jefferson’s Life Today we associate the word polygraph mainly with the devices we call “lie detectors.” The unhidden Greek terms from which it originates simply mean “multiple writing,” which seems apt enough in light of all those movie interrogation scenes with their juddering parallel needles. But the first “polygraph machine” meriting the name long predates such cinematic clichés, and indeed cinema itself. Patented in 1803 by an Englishman named John Isaac H...
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Americans can now travel to 47 nations for vacation and tourism — here's the list of every open country and how to get there

The US passport has lost its strength significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic and Americans are left with few options on where to travel. ShutterLibrary/Shutterstock; Samantha Lee/Business Insider While many countries are not allowing US travelers during the coronavirus crisis, some nations are open to Americans. The United Kingdom, Caribbean countries, and select international locales are allowing tourists from the US. Many countries require you to show a negative COVID-19 test and air...
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The Geometry of Sound: Watch Artist Kenichi Kanazawa Make Amazing Geometric Designs Out of Sand, Using Sound Waves Alone Before our eyes, Japanese artist Kenichi Kanazawa creates crisp shapes and geometric patterns with no special tools but sand and sound, the kind of work that at first looks expressly designed to go viral on social media. But he’s been at it much longer than that: “Originally a sculptor by trade,” according to Spoon & Tamago’s Johnny Waldman, “Kanazawa began working with steel and sound in 1987 after collaborating with the late sound artist Hiro...
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NOW: Brookhaven, Georgia

This “comfort women” statue is erected in Blackburn Park. As you know, I have researched this information campaign in 13 countries and counting. I’ve published three books on this topic. China is behind this information campaign to divide and conquer Japan, United States, and South Korea. I flew to Korea and interviewed the husband and wife team who makes these statues at about 30,000 USD per statue. They are popping up around the world. Typical life cycle of these statues so far: announc...
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Battery / An Idea for LA: Meet Seoul Sausage

Right now, countless Mom & Pop companies and local independent businesses that are critical to the cultural fabric of Los Angeles are scrambling for survival. More than 90% of L.A. businesses employ fewer than 20 workers. It’s home to more minority and women-owned businesses than any other city in the country. The lucky few who were able to get small business emergency loans under the Paycheck Protection Program cannot spend it on marketing. That’s where “An Idea For L.A.” cam...
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David Lynch Explains How Simple Daily Habits Enhance His Creativity At first glance, Madame Bovary and Blue Velvet would seem to have little in common, as would their creators. But the artistic life Gustave Flaubert led and the one David Lynch now leads share a basic precept: “Be regular and orderly in your life,” as the former once put it, “so that you may be violent and original in your work.” Lynch has spoken about his ways as an artistic creature of habit many times over the years, as demonstrated by the in...
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‘Emotional distress’: S. Korea court orders compensation for Ronaldo no-show

Seoul (AFP) – A South Korean promoter was ordered to compensate fans on Friday after Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo failed to play an exhibition match as promised. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner stayed on the... Visit for the rest of the story.
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How Errol Morris Became Obsessed with — and Figured Out — the Truth of a Famous War Photograph Errol Morris didn’t go all the way to the Crimean Peninsula just because of a sentence written by Susan Sontag. “No,” he once explained to a friend, “it was actually two sentences.” Found in Regarding the Pain of Others, Sontag’s late book-length essay on war photography, these lines deal with the fact that “many of the canonical images of early war photography turn out to have been staged, or to have had their subjects tampered with.” Take Val...
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Coronavirus live news: Japan sees record daily infections; India edges close to 9m cases

Japanese PM urges caution after 2,179 new cases in 24 hours; US deaths pass 250,000; South Korea begins two-week circuit-breaker. Follow the updates US passes grim landmark of 250,000 deathsHospital doctor gives birth to twins in coronavirus comaPfizer Covid-19 vaccine 95% effective and safe, further tests showCovid-19 vaccine: who are countries prioritising for first doses? 5.31am GMT Japan has recorded a record number of coronavirus infections in numbers released on Thursday.The health min...
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A legendary Marine battle 70 years ago is now becoming part of a rallying cry for China

The 1st Marine Division moves through Chinese lines during its breakout from the Chosin Reservoir. Corporal Peter McDonald, USMC In November 1950, US-led forces clashed with Chinese troops for the first time during the Korean War, in bitter fighting around the Chosin Reservoir. Chosin Reservoir has remained an iconic battle for the US Marines, even as memory of the war has faded over the past 70 years. Now, amid tensions between the US and China, Beijing is casting the battle and the war, ...
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Map of the soul: how BTS rewrote the western pop rulebook

Contrary to their dismissive framing as manufactured robots, South Korea’s BTS use social media, documentary and storytelling to make themselves into profoundly human starsBTS’s leader RM looks up from under a black baseball cap, then stares back down at his hands. “Doing the promotional interviews, [I kept saying], ‘Music truly transcends every barrier.’ But even while I was saying it I questioned myself if I indeed believe it.”It’s late September, and the rapper is confiding in over one millio...
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Experience Blade Runner Like You Never Have Before Through a Feature-Length Remastered Soundtrack There is no one Blade Runner. Ridley Scott’s influential “neo-noir” has appeared in several different versions over the past 38 years, both official — the “director’s cut,” the “final cut,” and lest we forget, the now-derided first theatrical cut — and unofficial. So has Blade Runner‘s soundtrack, the first official release of which lagged the film by about a dozen years, and even then didn’t include all the music so integral to the unprecedent...
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Payments app True Balance raises $28 million to reach more underbanked users in India

True Balance, a South Korean startup which runs an eponymous financial services app aimed at tens of millions of users in small cities and towns in India, said on Wednesday it has raised $28 million in a new financing round and expects to turn a profit next year. SoftBank Ventures Asia, Naver, BonAngels, Daesung Private Equity, and Shinhan Capital financed the five-year-old startup’s Series D financing round. The startup, which has headquarters in Seoul and Gurgaon, has raised about $90 mi...
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Here’s One Country Where Theatre Is Alive And Well Despite COVID

“When the second wave of [the pandemic] hit, theatres in South Korea remained open. How? By approaching theatre as a controlled event, says New York-based director Sammi Cannold, who observed Seoul’s approach first-hand.” – The Stage
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How Soy Sauce Has Been Made in Japan for Over 220 Years: An Inside View Soy sauce has figured into the cuisine of east Asia for more than two millennia. By that standard, the two-century-old Fueki Shoyu Brewing hasn’t been in the game long. But in running the operation today, Masatsugu Fueki can hardly be accused of failing to uphold tradition: he adheres to just the same practices for making soy sauce (shoyu, in Japanese) as the company’s founders did back in 1879. You can see the entire process in the Eater vide...
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Cofounder of accelerator Spark Labs attributes the success of Korean startups to global mindset

Jimmy Kim, Cofounder and partner of SparkLabs Global Ventures Spark Labs Korea's startup economy is growing fast, helped by the country's reputation for technological innovation Cofounded by Jimmy Kim, Spark Labs is a Seoul-based accelerator for Korean startups that want to go global Since its inception in 2012, Spark Labs has invested in over 170 companies and has raised over $600 million in follow-on funding Kim identifies B2B software services as a transformational investm...
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Coronavirus live news: vaccine trials 'encouraging' says WHO; South Korea tightens curbs in Seoul

; California applies ‘emergency break’ to reopeningSecond vaccine candidate almost 95% effective, trials showWhat does the Moderna vaccine mean for fight against Covid?Trump bids to take credit for Moderna vaccine while Biden offers cautious optimismSchools and parties in spotlight as Germany weighs new rulesSee all our coronavirus coverage 12.28am GMT Mainland China reported 15 new Covid-19 cases on 16 November, up from eight cases a day earlier, the country’s national health authority sai...
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Son’s South Korea to play Qatar despite new coronavirus case

Seoul (AFP) – Son Heung-min’s South Korea on Monday said they were all set to play Qatar in Austria this week despite finding a new coronavirus case among their contingent, bringing the total to eight.... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Watch Sassy Justice, the New Deepfake Satire Show Created by the Makers of South Park If any cultural, political, or technological phenomenon of the past couple of decades hasn’t been lampooned by South Park, it probably didn’t happen. But the 21st century has brought forth so much nonsense that even Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of that at once crude and multidimensionally satirical cartoon show, have had to expand into feature films and even onto Broadway to ridicule it all. The latest project takes the humbler but unde...
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Son Heung-min Covid scare as outbreak hits South Korea team

Seoul (AFP) – Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min has been confined to his room when not training after six of his South Korea team-mates tested positive for Covid-19 on international duty in Austria, officials said Monday. Although... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Experience a Video Painting of Brian Eno’s Thursday Evening That Has Soothed & Relaxed Millions of People Brian Eno may not have invented ambient music, but he did give it a name. What better to call an album like his 1978 Music for Airports, whose slowly shifting pieces forego not just melody but all then-accepted methods of composition and performance? The result, as its title suggests, is meant not to occupy the intention of the listener but to color the atmosphere of a space. This marked one evolutionary step for an idea Eno first essayed in 19...
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Experience a Video Painting of Brian Eno’s Thursday Afternoon That Has Soothed & Relaxed Millions of People Brian Eno may not have invented ambient music, but he did give it a name. What better to call an album like his 1978 Music for Airports, whose slowly shifting pieces forego not just melody but all then-accepted methods of composition and performance? The result, as its title suggests, is meant not to occupy the intention of the listener but to color the atmosphere of a space. This marked one evolutionary step for an idea Eno first essayed in 19...
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The 40 Best New Bands Of 2020

In a year when it’s largely been impossible to see live music, a major source of discovering new artists has been eliminated. But music finds a way and plenty of acts have emerged over the last 12 months. Every autumn here at Stereogum, we look at the artists that make us most excited about the future of music and organize them into our annual Best New Bands list, in order to celebrate what they’ve already accomplished and highlight them as someone to keep an eye on moving forward. There are, a...
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AP PHOTOS: Drones light up Seoul sky, urge virus vigilance

With masked spectators watching from below, hundreds of drones lit up the night sky in South Korea’s capital on Friday in a synchronized display to encourage citizens to remain vigilant against the coronavirus. More than 300 drones flew in the performance above Olympic Park in southern Seoul, forming images of people wearing masks and spelling out messages thanking people and medical workers for the country’s anti-virus gains. The steady spread of the virus has alarmed government officials, wh...
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Korean girl group's panda stunt prompts anger in China

A publicity stunt involving South Korean girl group Blackpink and a cuddly baby panda has prompted outraged comments and calls for an apology from some in China. The endangered animals are native only to China, which claims ownership over all pandas loaned to foreign zoos, including those born abroad. The outrage over a video of group members cuddling the baby panda in Everland Zoo near Seoul may also reflect a growing awareness of animal welfare, with the China Wildlife Conservation Associati...
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Hantavirus can also be transmitted by wild or domesticated rats

A group of researchers from Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin have confirmed Germany's first-ever case of animal-to-human transmission involving a specific species of virus known as the 'Seoul virus'.
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Futurist from 1901 Describes the World of 2001: Opera by Telephone, Free College & Pneumatic Tubes Aplenty Just shy of 120 years ago, “the wisest and most careful men in our greatest institutions of science and learning” told America what would change by the far-flung dawn of 2001. C, X and Q gone from the alphabet; “Air-Ships” in the skies, strictly for military purposes (passenger traffic being handled by “fast electric ships”); strawberries as large as apples; university education “ free to every man and woman”: these are just a few of the detai...
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Rats also capable of transmitting hantavirus

A group of researchers from Charité -- Universitätsmedizin Berlin have confirmed Germany's first-ever case of animal-to-human transmission involving a specific species of virus known as the 'Seoul virus'. Working alongside colleagues from Friedrich-Loeffer-Institut (FLI), the researchers were able to confirm the presence of the virus in a young female patient and her pet rat.
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How the Beach Boys Created Their Pop Masterpieces: “Good Vibrations,” Pet Sounds, and More If you ever decide to listen through the Beach Boys’ entire studio discography, one album per week, it will take about six months. I know because I just finished doing it myself, beginning with their simple celebration/exploitation of early-60s youth beach-and-car culture Surfin’ Safari and ending, six months yet half a century later, with the lushly elegiac That’s Why God Made the Radio. Between those points, of course, came the songs everyone...
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The Last Video Store: A Short Documentary on How the World’s Oldest Video Store Still Survives Today

When was the last time you went to a video store? Perhaps your habit died with the major rental outlets like Blockbuster Video, all of whose locations closed by early 2014. Or rather, almost all of them: as fans of retro video culture know, the sole Blockbuster store on this Earth rents on in Bend, Oregon. But for all the nostalgic appeal of its blue-and-yellow brand livery, the “last Blockbuster” is at its heart the local operation it had been before the once-mighty international chain ass...
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