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When Edward Gorey Designed Book Covers for Classic Novels: See His Ironic-Gothic Take on Dickens, Conrad, Poe & More

Twenty years after his death, it's cooler than ever to like Edward Gorey. This is evidenced not just by the frequent posting of his intensively crosshatched, Victorian- and Edwardian-period-inflected, grimly comic art on social media, but by the number of artists who now claim him as an influence. Where, one wonders, did they come across Gorey in the first place? Having published more than a hundred books in his lifetime (if often in small runs from obscure presses), he certainly put the work o...
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How John Woo Makes His Intense Action Scenes: A Video Essay

The world does not lack action movies, but well-made ones have for most of cinema history been few and far between. Despite long understanding that action sells, Hollywood seldom manages to get the most out of the genre's master craftsmen. Hence the excitement in the early 1990s when fans of Hong Kong gangster pictures learned that John Woo, that country's preeminent action auteur, was coming stateside. His streak of Hong Kong hits at that point included A Better Tomorrow, The Killer, Bu...
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Dessert Recipes of Iconic Thinkers: Emily Dickinson’s Coconut Cake, George Orwell’s Christmas Pudding, Alice B. Toklas’ Hashish Fudge & More

Image via Wikimedia Commons Of all the desserts to attain cultural relevance over the past century, can any hope to touch ? Calling for such ingredients as black peppercorns, shelled almonds, dried figs, and most vital of all Cannabis sativa, the recipe first appeared in 1954's The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book. (Toklas would a time when the fudge's key ingredient had become an object of much more intense public interest.) More than a how-to on Toklas' favorite dishes, the book is also a kind of...
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Trump administration announces major midband spectrum auction for 5G

5G is increasingly coming into focus as a set of technologies that has the potential to dramatically expand the quality, bandwidth, and range of wireless connectivity. One of the major blocks to actually rolling out these technologies though is simply spectrum: there just isn’t enough of it available for private use. 5G needs spectrum at very low frequencies to penetrate buildings and increase range, and it also needs high frequencies to support the huge bandwidth that future applications will r...
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The Golden Age of Berlin Comes to Life in the Classic, Avant-Garde Film, Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis (1927)

The rediscovery of Berlin began thirty years ago this November, with the demolition of the wall that had long divided the city's western and eastern halves. Specifically, the Berlin Wall had stood since 1961, meaning the younger generation of West and East Berliners had no memory of their city's being whole. In another sense, the same could be said of their parents' generation, who saw nearly a third of Berlin destroyed in the Second World War. Only the most venerable Berliners would hav...
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Divine Decks: A Visual History of Tarot: The First Comprehensive Survey of Tarot Gets Published by Taschen

The cards of the tarot, first created for play around 600 years ago and used in recent centuries for occult divination of truths about life, the universe, and everything, should by all rights be nothing more than a historical curiosity today. Yet something about the tarot still compels, even to many of us in the ever more digital, ever more data-driven 21st century. Taschen, publisher of lavish art and photo books, know this: hence, as we featured last year here on Open Culture, products...
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Kim visits North Korea flood zone, orders shelter, food aid

Leader Kim Jong Un visited parts of southern North Korea where days of torrential rains have flooded hundreds of houses and vast areas of agricultural land, state media reported Friday. The last time state media reported about Kim’s such visit was in September 2015, when he inspected recovery work at a flood-hit northeast city, according to Seoul's Unification Ministry. The Korean Central News Agency said Friday Kim inspected a town in North Hwanghae province where a water levee gave way due t...
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Roald Dahl Gives a Tour of the Small Backyard Hut Where He Wrote All of His Beloved Children’s Books

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, The Witches, Matilda: Roald Dahl wrote these and all his other beloved children's books in a hut. Just fifteen feet long and ten feet wide, it served him for 35 years as an office in which no meetings were held and no calls taken. For four hours a day, broken into two-hour morning and afternoon sessions, it was just Dahl in there — Dahl and his paper, his pencils, his sharpener, his coffee, his cigarettes, his increasingly eccentric collection ...
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An App For Serialized Novels Draws Tens Of Millions In Investment Dollars

“Radish, which has offices in Seoul and New York, says it has seen significant revenue growth since its 2016 launch, and that it has produced more than 6,500 episodes across 30 original series. Genres currently available on the app include romance and paranormal/sci-fi, but growth is planned for the LGBTQ, young adult, horror, mystery and thriller categories.” – Deadline
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Torrential rains in Seoul prompt rare river flood warning

Incessant torrential rains pounding South Korea prompting authorities on Thursday to close parts of highways and issue a rare flood alert near a key river bridge in Seoul. The state-run Han River Flood Control Office said its flood alert near the Han River bridge is the first such measures since 2011. Much of South Korea have been hit by days of heavy rains since Saturday.
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Istanbul Captured in Beautiful Color Images from 1890: The Hagia Sophia, Topkaki Palace’s Imperial Gate & More

Even those who know nothing else about Istanbul know that it used to be called Constantinople. The official renaming happened in 1930, meaning that the photographs you see here, all of which date from around 1890, were taken, strictly speaking, not in Istanbul but Constantinople. But under any name, and despite all the other changes that have occurred over the past 130 years, the Turkish metropolis on the Bosphorus remains recognizable as the gateway between East and West it has been throughou...
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Explore the Ruins of Timgad, the “African Pompeii” Excavated from the Sands of Algeria

Image via Wikimedia Commons Fifteen centuries after its fall, the Roman Empire lives on in unexpected places. Take, for instance, the former colonial city of Timgad, located in Algeria 300 miles from the capital. Founded by the Emperor Trajan around 100 AD as Colonia Marciana Ulpia Traiana Thamugadi, it thrived as a piece of Rome in north Africa before turning Christian in the third century and into a center of the Donatist sect in the fourth. The three centuries after that saw a sacking by Van...
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How Kim Jong Un Won the War Over North Korea’s Nukes

North Korea has nukes. They work. They can threaten American military bases and cities. Not only is the United States powerless to rid the Korean Peninsula of atomic warheads, thanks to Kim’s nukes it’s also powerless to force regime-change on Pyongyang.In short, Kim Jong Un won. That’s the chilling thesis of an eye-opening new book about North Korea’s decades-long effort to develop and deploy nuclear weapons. “There is good reason to believe that, for all intents and purposes, the Korean Penins...
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The Map of Quantum Physics: A Colorful Animation Explains the Often Misunderstood Branch of Science

In our time, few branches of science have taken as much public abuse as quantum physics, the study of how things behave at the atomic scale. It's not so much that people dislike the subject as they see fit to draft it in support of any given notion: quantum physics, one hears, proves that we have free will, or that Buddhist wisdom is true, or that there is an afterlife, or that nothing really exists. Those claims may or may not be true, but they do not help us at all to understand what q...
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South Korea floods, landslides kill 14

Fourteen people were killed and more than 1,000 people forced from their homes as 42 consecutive days of rain - South Korea's longest monsoon in seven years - triggered floods and landslides, authorities said on Tuesday. Heavy rain, which has also battered China, Thailand, Myanmar and India in recent days, inundated farmland and flooded parts of major highways and bridges in the capital, Seoul. The victims included three New Zealanders from the same family, who were found dead on Monday after ...
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Watch Metropolis’ Cinematically Innovative Dance Scene, Restored as Fritz Lang Intended It to Be Seen (1927)

When it came out in 1927, Fritz Lang's Metropolis showed audiences the kind of wholly invented reality, hitherto beyond imagination, that could be realized in motion pictures. Its vision of a society bisected into colossal skyscrapers and underground warrens, an industrial Art Deco dystopia, continues to influence filmmakers today. This despite — or perhaps because of — the simple story it tells, in which Freder, the scion of the city of Metropolis, rebels against his father after follow...
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San Fernando Valley Habit Burger cashier says she was sexually harassed, coerced and assaulted

LOS ANGELES — A former Habit Burger cashier is suing the company, alleging she was sexually harassed by a general manager and a cook at two different San Fernando Valley stores and eventually forced to quit in 2018. The plaintiff’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges harassment based on sex, retaliation and failure to prevent discrimination, retaliation and harassment. She’s seeking unspecified damages. A Habit Burger representative could not be immediately reached for comment. The plaint...
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Tony Hawk & Architectural Historian Iain Borden Tell the Story of How Skateboarding Found a New Use for Cities & Architecture

Wouldn't we enjoy seeing our cities like an architectural historian, in command of deep knowledge about the technology, ideology, and aesthetics of the buildings we pass by every day? For most of us, this would hugely enrich our experience of the urban environment. But then so, less obviously, would seeing our cities like a skateboarder, in command of deep knowledge about how to glide, jump, and bounce along the streets, the buildings, and all the myriad pieces of infrastructure as a sur...
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From scandal to accusations of disloyalty, South Korea's new point men on North have dramatic past

South Korean President Moon Jae-in's new point men on North Korea face a daunting challenge: they must engineer a breakthrough in strained ties amid public scrutiny of their history with Pyongyang, which once landed them in prison. Moon this week appointed Park Jie-won as director of the National Intelligence Agency (NIS) and Lee In-young as the unification minister, seeking to cement progress with North Korea as a major legacy in his final two years in office. The two men, both longtime lawma...
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Behold 19th-Century Japanese Firemen’s Coats, Richly Decorated with Mythical Heroes & Symbols

Some firemen today may complain about the boredom of all the time spent doing nothing at the station between calls, but when the hour comes to do battle with a serious blaze, no one can say they have it easy. Firefighting has, of course, never been a particularly relaxed gig, especially back in the days before not just water cannon-equipped helicopters, and not just fire engines, but fire hoses as we know them today. Putting out urban conflagrations without much water at hand is one thing, but ...
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BWW Exclusive: How THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Brought Theatre Back to Seoul and Is Giving Hope to Shows Around the World

Korea As BroadwayWorld reported in April, the world tour of The Phantom of the Opera resumed performances in Seoul on April 23- just weeks after the show was suspended because of illness within the cast. BroadwayWorld checked in with The Really Useful Group's Vice President of Production, Serin Kasif to find out more about what others can learn from the Phantom South Korea model. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Hear the Cristal Baschet, an Enchanting Organ Made of Wood, Metal & Glass, and Played with Wet Hands

Playing a musical instrument with wet hands usually falls somewhere between a bad idea and a very bad idea indeed. The Cristal Baschet, however, requires its players to keep their hands wet at all times, and that's hardly the only sense in which it's an exceptional musical instrument. Have a listen to the performance above, Erik Satie's Gnossienne No. 1 by Marc Antoine Millon and Frédéric Bousquet, and you'll understand at once how exceptional it sounds. Both ideally suited to Satie's co...
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U.S. envoy to South Korea shaves off moustache after debate over Japanese heritage

The U.S. ambassador to South Korea has shaved off his moustache to stay "cool" during the hot summer, months after his facial hair drew unusual criticism from anti-U.S. activists who likened it to those of former Japanese colonial leaders. The U.S. embassy on Saturday posted a video on Twitter of Harry Harris visiting a classic local barbershop in Seoul to remove his moustache, which he said together with a face mask makes him feel too hot and uncomfortable. Early this year, his moustache bec...
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US envoy to South Korea posts video shaving off his controversial moustache

The US embassy in Seoul has posted a video on Twitter of Harry Harris visiting a barbershop to remove his moustache months after his facial hair became the subject of unusual criticism. The US ambassador says he shaved it off because of the summer heat and having to wear a face mask.He has faced criticism for his moustache before. Commentators have said his facial hair reminded South Koreans of that of Japanese governor generals when Korea was a Japanese colony from 1910-45 US envoy to South Kor...
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US envoy to Seoul shaves off controversial moustache

The most controversial moustache in South Korea has fallen victim to the razor's blade, with US ambassador Harry Harris visiting a traditional barbershop months after his facial hair became the object of unusual criticism. Seoul and Washington are security allies and the US stations 28,500 troops in the country. The envoy's mother was Japanese and, with Koreans still bitterly resentful of Tokyo's 1910-45 colonisation of the peninsula, commentators claimed the moustache alluded to the fashions ...
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US envoy to South Korea shaves off moustache amid colonialist row

Harry Harris visits barbershop to ease ties strained by differences over North Korea – and whether his moustache evoked the days of Japanese ruleThe most controversial moustache in South Korea has fallen victim to the razor’s blade, with US ambassador Harry Harris visiting a barbershop months after his facial hair became the subject of unusual criticism.Seoul and Washington are security allies and the US stations 28,500 troops in the country but their relationship has been strained in recent yea...
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South Korea says defector who fled to North 'did not have' Covid-19

The case has triggered an emergency lockdown in the North, but officials in Seoul say the man had no record of infection or contact Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSouth Korea has said that a defector who recently fled to the North does not appear to have contracted Covid-19, a day after Pyongyang imposed a lockdown near the border, claiming the man was its first recorded case of the illness.North Korean state media reported on Sunday that the 24-year-old man, who was...
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Kim Jong Un Finally Admits Coronavirus Is in North Korea

North Korea just announced its first case of COVID-19, casting blame most conveniently on a defector who had fled to South Korea and then re-defected back to the North, supposedly bringing the bug with him.That’s the spin that North Korea’s state media, KCNA, is putting on the case after a meeting of the politburo of the Workers’ Party, at which Kim Jong Un himself made a rare appearance Whether he was there in person or “virtually,” on screen, was not clear. But there was no doubt, from the the...
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North Korea may be 'reaching out to the world for help' after finally announcing a suspected coronavirus case

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared an emergency and imposed a lockdown in the border city of Kaesong after the country reported its first suspected coronavirus case, state media said Sunday, adding that a person who defected three years ago to South Korea returned last week and exhibited COVID-19 symptoms after "illegally crossing the demarcation line."Pyongyang shut its borders and put thousands of people in isolation six months ago when the coronavirus pandemic began, but Kim's regim...
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No beer or chicken but South Korean fans are back at the ball game

South Korean baseball fans flocked to stadiums on Sunday for the first time this year, happy and excited even as they sat apart from relatives and friends and could not enjoy their usual beer and chicken. The government decided on Friday that some fans can go back, with 10% of seats available at Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) games from Sunday. "I've been coming to the games since 1980 and I've never been this thrilled to be back," said Kim Hak-chul, 62, a fan of LG Twins, who pl...
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