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South Korea Considers Adding A Serious Museum To Its Busiest Airport

Authorities are planning to set aside two spaces at Seoul-Incheon, one in each terminal, as a satellite location for one or two major museums. Among those reportedly under consideration are the Tate Modern and the Pompidou Center. – The Korea Herald
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The Latest: Pakistan's cases surge as WHO urges lockdown

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s coronavirus infections soared past 5,000 as the World Health Organization urged the government to impose a two-week lockdown to stem the relentless spike in new cases.Pakistan has recorded 113,702 confirmed cases and 2,255 deaths.Until now, Pakistan’s daily testing rate has hovered around 25,000, but the WHO says it should be double that.Prime Minister Imran Khan has come under criticism from political opponents and health professionals for easing lockdowns despite soaring...
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In Data-Driven South Korea, AI is Monitoring 3,200 Senior Citizens

The search habits of thousands of South Korean senior citizens "are being monitored through virtual-assistant smart speaker technology," writes Slashdot reader shirappu. The AP reports that around 3,200 people across the country, "mostly older than 70 and living alone, have so far allowed the SK Telecom speakers to listen to them 24 hours a day since the service launched in April 2019." It's part of a larger look at whether technology has become too invasive, in a country where health authoriti...
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Coronavirus: These airlines are suspending flights

Airlines around the world are suspending flights or changing services in response to the coronavirus outbreak. From Reuters, here is the list of which airlines are doing what in terms of reduced or halted flight service as a result of the outbreak. AIRLINES THAT HAVE CANCELED ALL FLIGHTS TO MAINLAND CHINA — American Airlines (AAL.O) extended the suspension of China and Hong Kong flights through April 24 — Air France (AIRF.PA) canceled flights to mainland China to the end of March. — Air Indi...
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Air New Zealand to Seoul Incheon - pilot explains how to prepare for a new airport

There's no trial runs for landing at a new airport for pilots but Air New Zealand captain Wayne Swinburne says standard operating procedures and training take any guesswork out.At the weekend he commanded the first flight into Seoul... [Author: [email protected]]
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Air NZ, Cathay Pacific Cuts Highlight the Death of the True Fifth Freedom Flight

The 1944 Chicago Convention was a landmark agreement that, among other things, pushed the global air travel industry to create a defined set of “freedoms” of the air which would guide what routes airlines from individual countries could and couldn’t fly. The so-called “fifth freedom” has long been one of the more well-known and controversial ones. It is also on its way to the dustbin of history, at least in its truest form. The fifth freedom grants “the right to fly between two foreign coun...
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My Life on a 747

As anyone who happens to be flying to or through Atlanta this week knows, it has not been a good week for Delta. The Sunday power outage in Atlanta forced airlines to cancel hundreds of flights and put holiday travel plans in limbo. Since it was an Atlanta problem, Delta was naturally hit hardest. (If you know a Delta employee in Atlanta, they need a hug.) But hidden beneath those bitter headlines this week is a bittersweet milestone. Today, Delta’s last scheduled 747 flight is heading to De...
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Thinking of Coming Down Under? New Flight Routes You Should Consider

I won’t deny that the journey to Australia is long. With the distance between us and our nearest neighbour, New Zealand, totalling 3 hours, Asia 6 hours and the rest of the world beyond; I’m often awed that people travel so far to see our big-little island-continent. With big distances often come big costs, but could flying to Australia become more affordable soon? In recent months, and continuing well through next year, airlines are flocking to set up new routes to Australia or add extra flight...
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South Korean Flight Attendant Suspended After Bringing Passenger Into Crew Rest With Her

A flight attendant for South Korean Star Alliance member Asiana has been suspended after bringing her middle school-aged daughter into the crew rest area on a flight from Seoul Incheon to Rome. Continue reading South Korean Flight Attendant Suspended After Bringing Passenger Into Crew Rest With Her...
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The American/China Southern and Delta/Korean Deals Carve Up the Future in Asia

Today I want to talk about a very important topic. Asia. Oh, shoot. In the heat of the moment I picked the wrong image. Of course, I’m really writing today about air service between the US and the continent of Asia. Last week there were a couple of big developments. American bought a small chunk of China Southern that should finally give it a foothold in China. And Delta and Korean Air finally kissed and made up, announcing plans for a joint venture. This is going to result in some big c...
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Airlines Ready for a Million Additional Mexico Visitors

We've talked on here a few times about all the new flights the airlines have opened up to Latin America. Mexico has gotten more of those than the rest of Latin America added together, however, and that's continuing in 2017. The Mexican tourism board announced recently that one million new airline seats will be added to capacity this year. Forget the wall, forget the trade tariffs bluster: on the tourism front more Americans are heading to Mexico than ever before. Besides the flood of new emigr...
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The Delta and Korean Air Relationship Begins to Thaw

It seems strange to be talking about any kind of thawing of relations in Korea considering what North Korea has been up to lately, but of course, this is a different kind of thawing. After years of strained relations, it sounds like Delta and Korean Air are on a path to reconciliation. And the first big public step was taken last week when the airlines jointly announced increased codesharing and new service. The basics of the announcement are as follows: Delta will begin flying nonstop from ...
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China Eastern Airlines connects Changzhou with Seoul

Changzhou Airport and China Eastern Airlines' Jiangsu Branch confirmed the launch of twice-weekly flights between Changzhou Benniu Airport and Seoul Incheon at a joint press conference on 18 November. The service started two days later on 20 November . [Link to media]
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