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Remove Delete Button from Server browser interface? How?

I just ran my first test of the Calibre Server. Am I impressed! That is amazing! Worked perfectly. However, I was also able to delete a book from my library with the delete button in the browser interface! Yikes. I have created some family history E-books, and was going to share those books to extended family through Calibre Server... so I would want to remove that button. How can I modify that browser interface? or set up a read-only user account? Alternatively, I will just E-mail the book...
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Education nonprofit Edraak ignored a student data leak for two months

Edraak, an online education nonprofit, exposed the private information of thousands of students after uploading student data to an unprotected cloud storage server, apparently by mistake. The nonprofit, founded by Jordan’s Queen Rania and headquartered in the kingdom’s capital, was set up in 2013 to promote education across the Arab region. The organization works with several partners, including the British Council and edX, a consortium set up by Harvard, Stanford and MIT. In February, researche...
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Microsoft Now Submerging Servers Into Liquid Baths

Microsoft is using a specially engineered fluid from 3M, which is harmless to electronics. The post Microsoft Now Submerging Servers Into Liquid Baths appeared first on
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HTML anchors in comments transformed to "id" attribute

How do I make anchors in the comments HTML? Whenever I write, say: Code: it gets converted into a tag with Code: id="my_anchor" How do I make HTML anchors for the HTML that calibre-server serves?
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change calibre-server's color scheme?

Is there a way to change the Calibre content server's color scheme? I want to make the background color pure white.
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Batch/Bulk Upload to Calibre Server

I am running calibre server on a Synology DS220+ NAS, so far it works smoothly. I am just wondering whether there is an option to bulk upload books/folders to the server.
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Default Library to Use

Hi! Quick question... I'm running the content server as a Linux service. Is there a way to bypass the prompt, "Choose the calibre library to browse…" and present a pre-selected default library to users? I can do it with a long URL, but I'd like to make a library book list display as the site default landing page. Thanks!
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413 Request Entity Too Large

When trying to add books from Content Server's browser UI, I almost always get "413 Request Entity Too Large" error. The entirety of the error message looks like: Code: Failed to upload the file: fyodor-dostoevsky_crime-and-punishment_constance-garnett.epub Failed to communicate with "/cdb/add-book/2/n/fyodor-dostoevsky_crime-and-punishment_constance-garnett.epub/Calibre", with status: [413 (error)] Request Entity Too Large 413 Request Entity Too Large nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu) The boo...
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Intégrer Calibre dans un site internet

Bonjour Je découvre ce logiciel et je souhaiterai savoir s'il existe une solution pour intégrer sa bibliothèque dans son propre site internet s'il vous plaît? Merci par avance
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Changing legacygetepub… naming conventions

I've noticed on my Kobo Clara that the ebooks that I sideload through Calibre on the desktop are sorted into neat author directories with an ebook name that's legible by a human. I'm assuming that Calibre is doing this organization because books I sideload manually by dragging and dropping into the root directory of the mounted Kobo drive sit at root with whatever name they had before. However, the books I grab through the server all have the following naming convention like this: legacygetkep...
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502 Bad Gateway errors on nginx server

I now have Calibre Content Server running with nginx as a virtual host, which has received a SSL certificate from Certbot for security's sake. They all run on Ubuntu 20.04 on a VPS. And I also set up a startup service that runs Calibre: Code: /opt/calibre/calibre-server /home/ubuntu/Calibre --enable-local-write --enable-auth --auth-mode "basic" --ban-after 5 --ban-for 5 --log /home/ubuntu/log/calibre.log Most of the time Calibre runs great, but I get 502 Bad Gateway error about twice ...
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Calibre Server not running (Windows 10)

Hello. I'm trying to use the CC (paid version) on my Android but it never gets connected. I see that the problem is on the server side, because is also unresponsive while trying to access on the laptop. Other ports are open, as I can see from my Android device running the app Fing, but not 8080. For example, I can access SMB foders and Universal Media Server catalog. Windows Defender firewall already has calibre.exe as permitted. The log generated by calibre on debug ...
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Custom lookup urls json with no GUI ubuntu server 20.04

Where is the file for the custom lookup urls? I want to use it in startup parameters with --search-the-net-urls= Can I modify the "Search for the selection on the net" icon?
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How to migrate Content Server with user annotations?

I have been using Content Server with authentication enabled on my local machine and had read several books with annotations made along the way. It works great and now I decided to move my library to a VPS (Ubuntu running on Amazon Lightsail, to be specific). I successfully set up a new Content Server with an new Calibre library, and I can now import my books into it. However, annotations I made on the local machine do not show (it is expected) since the library and its authentication are both ...
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Only Calibre-Server is slow

Hi there, I am using hosted on my home server. Opening http://localIP:8080 in the browser takes up to 5 min for the UI to load. About every second reload I get a timeout. The same happens on Readarr when trying to connect to calibre-sever API. However, it is super fast when I mount the drive directly on my MacBook and open the calibre app on my Mac. The only issue is, that now all changes I do in the calibre app are not updated when using the API....
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Browser Option

I love the browser option. Now that CC is just about done it's my preferred way of reading books in my Calibre library. The one thing I just can't figure out though is how to find a) the book I am reading when I return to it and how do I make sure that my latest place in the book is retained. Just can't figures those things out. Is there a location to easily find current books being read? Any help would be much appreciated.
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No book covers and reading lists after transferring library to OMV docker

I have my books set with covers, and sorted by reading lists. I have both my PC copy and the OMV docker copy pointed to the same library but the docker copy has nothing for book covers and no reading lists are there. I cant even make new ones because they dont appear where they should. Can anyone help?
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[browser viewer] Request some small changes

Hi Kovid, thank you for making a great app. I'm using Calibre server to read books on an e-ink device. Could you please consider making some changes for making the reading experience more comfortable? 1. Could you please make the "x" symbol to close Menu like "table of contents", "configure book reader",... bigger? As big as the "x" symbol to close list of menu is nice. 2. Support Delete multiple/all hightlights option. Thank you very much
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RPi server with catalogue on FreeNAS?

G'day! I'm trying to set up a RPi Content Server to manage the pile of books on my FreeNAS server. Currently the family uses Calibre on macOS or Windows but I was hoping to have just a single content server to which all the family devices (Kindle, phones, Ipad, whatever) could get books from. Having said that and started to install RPi Calibre, I'm now looking for a way to get Calibre to look outside the RPi for its 'new' database. I want it to use the one on the FreeNAS, so as not to duplicat...
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download option

Hello, I need the download option in the content server to be a permission granted or denied to each user. Would it be possible to add this option to calibre? Thanks in advance for your attention.
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[Browser Viewer] Time to read -- > Calculating

Dear Kovid, This "time to read" item in the footer is awesome, which helps me to plan my reading: finish the chapter or leave it for now. Great. But it seems it's value/ status is not synced across the devices. And that means it has to calculate again. I hope it can technically be solved. PS: if anyone has issue with Chrome/browser remembering the login password, give the "fully kiosk browser" (play store) a try.
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Calibre with nginx help please

Can anyone help with setting up my nginx reverse proxy? I have a few sites running on the same box. I am by no means an expert at nginx, I've just got ideas from the internet and got it to work for emby, radarr, sonarr, and lidarr. I would like to have calibre on the same box and working through nginx. Here is my conf section but I am getting this error. Quote: 2021/01/22 09:17:51 [error] 17292#3208: *17 auth request unexpected status: 404 while sending to ...
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Calibre Server: interesting newbie questions!

My mom uses Calibre on two laptops and has a Synology DS920+ NAS on her home network. I'd like to centralize her eBook storage on the NAS and streamline her experience using Calibre Server, if possible. Two benefits that stand out are that metadata manually fixed on one laptop would instantly be reflected on the second laptop - the other benefit is that the NAS has a RAID 5 array, so nothing would be lost if a single drive failed (unlike the laptops). I've followed these instructions but haven't...
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Automated workflow in Calibre?

I started using Calibre a few days ago. I installed the client on my Mac and the content server on my NAS (using bibucstriim). Both are working fine. But when I think of a server, I just think about automations. I know the client can automatically import books from the folder and add them to the library. But I would like to have that step automated from f.e. the server. That's also the main purpose of a server just like f.e. plex server. So instead of keep my laptop and Callibre on all the tim...
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[Browser Viewer] Excellent on e-ink device (Poke 3)

For the first time now I use the Browser Viewer on the Poke 3, default NeoBrowser, and it works just great. I only have to change font size (to 20) and header and footer. I think I won't miss Kindle for long. @kovid , would you consider to add: 1) Battery to header/footer? 2) A "embolden text" option? I now use p {font-weight: bolder;} in the Styles. But I'm sure you will have better solution, if it is technically possible. 3) highlight color with good contrast? Wavy underline is the only optio...
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Where add a folder to Calibre server?

In order to get a free SSL certificate I have to add a folder to Calibre server. But I don't know where! I am successfully running Calibre server at that is redirected to my localhost. Please help me. To verify your domain using HTTP File Upload, please follow the steps below: Download your Auth File using the following link: Download Auth File Upload the Auth File to your HTTP server under: /.well-known/pki-validation/ Make sure your file is availab...
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SSL when running Calibre as local server

I am using Calibre as server running on my own personal computer. Then I succeeded in putting it online using the service. You may reach it here: and obviously it works only when Calibre is running on my pc. I'd like to implement the SSL protocol I've seen the option in advanced server settings. But I don't know where get these SSL certificate and SSL private key. Any help? Many thanks.
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[Browser Viewer] Background Image should covers margin

Dear Kovid, I entered Image Url (Preferences/Styles) but it doesn't cover the margins. Can I request for that?
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content sever not working

So I don't think this is the right category for this question but I didn't know which category to post it in, sorry. Ever since I updated calibre the content server has stopped working. I've tried changing the ports and I've checked to make sure it's whitelisted on my firewall but nothing helps. It was working fine before the update. Every time I click start content server, this message comes up: calibre, version 5.8.1 ERROR: Failed to start Content server: Could not start the Content serve...
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Importing calibre data into calibre server/docker

I have been using the portable version of calibre for many years on my pc and recently created a new calibre server on my synology through docker. I am not sure how to import my library/data (plugins) into the server version. Do i just paste the calibre portable directory into the /config folder on my nas and import through calibre?
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