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What You Should Smell Like, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Lately, it seems like you can rep your Zodiac sign in all aspects of your beauty routine. You can match your favorite highlighter or lipstick to your star sign, or take a page out of artist Setareh Hosseini's beauty book and dress up as your horoscope for Halloween. And now, the trend has come for your shower thanks to Spongellé's Zodiac Body Buffer Collection. You probably know (and plan your love life around) the Zodiac. Spongellé has broken up all 12 horoscopes into their respective elements ...
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This Makeup Artist Is Mixing Astrology With Stunning Beauty Looks

Our dream horoscope would be one that's delivered to our phones and provides us with a makeup look for the day — along with positive news about our love lives and soaring careers, of course. Unfortunately, that app doesn't quite exist yet. In the meantime, makeup artist Setareh Hosseini is giving us the next best thing: a series of beauty looks that interpret each star sign in amazing detail.Through graphic eyes, intense contour, and 3-D effects, the looks magically (and literally) capture the ...
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Makeup Artist Brings Each Zodiac Sign to Life in Strikingly Gorgeous Photo Series

If you live your life based on the position of the sun and moon - and fear what could happen when Mercury is in retrograde - then you're going to love this Instagrammer's astrological looks. Setareh Hosseini is an incredibly talented makeup artist from Toronto and her latest project has us seeing stars. She's created a series of makeup masterpieces for each zodiac sign, using her face as a canvas to bring the signs to life. But beyond the striking looks, Setareh has deeply analyzed each of the ...
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