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Tech employees are selling referrals online to job candidates for under $50 to help them get hired at Google, Facebook, and other industry giants

A website is allowing prospective tech employees to anonymously purchase a job referral from existing tech workers for $20 to $50 apiece. Rooftop Slushie, created by the makers of techie chat favorite Blind, has hosted 11,000 referral transactions since it was launched in 2019. Facebook and Google referrals are the most popular. The "vendors" are established employees at companies like Amazon, Google, and Twitter who can become verified on the website and vet candidate submissions before accep...
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Bernie Sanders fires back against Amazon, calling subsidy reliance ‘absurd’

Next week, Bernie Sanders will introduce legislation aimed firmly at large companies he believes have taken advantage of “corporate welfare” by underpaying employees. Amazon and Walmart in particular have bore the brunt of the Senator’s criticisms, and the rhetoric has become increasingly heated over the the past few days. Earlier today, Amazon accused Sanders of issuing “inaccurate and misleading” statements as he called the company out of warehouse conditions. The Vermont senator has since...
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Bernie Sanders strikes back at Amazon, calling the retail giant's treatment of employees 'absurd'

Sen. Bernie Sanders replied to Amazon after the retail giant responded to the senator's criticisms about worker pay and safety. Sanders rebutted Amazon's claim that workers were paid a competitive wage and were given good benefits. Sanders called it "absurd" that some Amazon workers were relying on federal assistance while Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. Sen. Bernie Sanders struck back at Amazon in a growing battle between the corporate-skeptic lawmaker and one of the ...
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