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10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay has changed (and improved) a lot since it made its debut in 2014, and it’s more widely supported in vehicles than ever before. Part of CarPlay’s appeal is its simplicity and ease-of-use, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some lesser-known tricks and tips that can help you make more of the platform.Read more...
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How to factory reset an HP laptop if you're planning to sell it or experiencing technical problems

You can factory reset your HP laptop in two different ways to return it to its original condition. HP You can factory reset an HP laptop using Windows Settings to revert the laptop to its original state. You can choose whether you want the reset to wipe out all personal files or only to reset Windows itself. If you can't boot your HP laptop, you can also reset it using Windows Recovery in Safe Mode. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. You won't need to fac...
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How to enable remote desktop access on a Mac so you can control your computer from a different location

Remote desktop access on a Mac makes it possible to work from home on a different computer. Sam Diephuis/Getty Images You can enable remote desktop access on a Mac to allow yourself and others to access your computer from a different location. You can choose which users can access your computer remotely by accessing System Preferences and selecting "Sharing." Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Remote desktop access can allow you or others in your local network to...
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How to Find the Privacy Labels for All Your Apple Apps

Apple is now forcing companies to use its new privacy labels, introduced in December of 2020, if they’re going to keep offering updated versions of their apps on the App Store. And that includes Apple’s own apps, too. Read more...
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How to enable JavaScript in your iPhone's Settings app to improve your Safari web experience

It's important to check that JavaScript is enabled on your iPhone so that websites work properly in Safari. Mikael Vaisanen/Getty Images You can enable JavaScript on your iPhone in the Safari section of the Settings app.  If JavaScript isn't turned on, many websites will appear broken in your Safari browser. Though JavaScript should be enabled by default, it's important to check that it hasn't been accidentally disabled. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. JavaScri...
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Does Facebook listen to you? Here's what you need to know

Facebook denies that it listens to you via your phone's microphone. NurPhoto/Getty Images Rumors that Facebook listens to you through your phone's microphone have persisted over recent years.  Facebook denies that it uses your microphone to eavesdrop or target ads to you. If you prefer, you can disable Facebook's access to your phone's microphone in Settings. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. If you're a Facebook user, you have no doubt seen rumors and t...
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Zip Through Your iOS Settings With This Shortcut

After the release of iOS 14.3, I’ve been doing a little more digging into iOS 14, and I stumbled across a little trick I never knew about before, even though I’ve been using iPhones since their 2007 launch. Such is the joy of technology.Read more...
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How to Change Edge Chromium Back to Its Old Copy/Paste Function

I thought I had lost it, because something felt off about the URLs I was pasting in to Lifehacker’s Slack the other day. Rather than appearing as regular URLs—something like—they showed up like this, with just the title and a link to…Read more...
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Why won't my Android ring? 8 ways to fix your phone if it's missing your calls

Your Android's settings or a software issue may be the reason why your phone isn't ringing. JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images If your Android phone isn't ringing when someone calls, the cause could be user- or software-related.  You can troubleshoot whether your Android isn't ringing due to a user-related issue by checking whether the device is silent, in Airplane Mode, or has Do Not Disturb enabled.  If your Android device isn't ringing due to a software or hardware issue, try restarti...
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How to see a log of old notifications on an Android by enabling a feature on your device

You can access erased or old notifications through your Android's Notification Log. Morsa Images/Getty Images You can see old notifications on an Android that you've previously cleared via the device's Notification Log.  You can only access your Notification Log after you activate it through your Android device's Developer Mode.   To enable Developer Mode with just a few repeated taps, find the "Software Information" or "Build Number" options in your Android's Settings app.  Visit Busi...
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How to turn off the auto-capitalization tool on your Android's Gboard keyboard

Android users can disable auto-correction features like capitalization on their Gboard keyboards. Crystal Cox/Business Insider The on-screen keyboards of Android devices will capitalize the first letter of a sentence by default thanks to a built-in "Text correction" tool.  Gboard, the default keyboard app for Android devices, allows you to change this feature through the gear icon located at the top of the keyboard.   To turn off auto-capitalization on an Android device's Gboard keyboard,...
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How to print double-sided on a Windows PC using any printer

The process for printing doubled-sided depends on your printer model and what computer program you're printing from. Cris Cantón/Getty Images You can print double-sided on your Windows PC as a default setting or on a per-job basis. To print double-sided on your Windows computer for a single print job, you'll need to access the "Print" menu in the appropriate program and use the advanced settings link, such as "More settings."  If you always want your Windows PC to print double-sided, m...
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Adjust These Settings on the New Windows 10 20H2 Update

Since we can only have Halloween parties in Animal Crossing nowadays, I would’ve written off my favorite month were it not for one big milestone dropping soon: The Windows 10 20H2 update.Read more...
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Facebook introduces Accounts Center, a tool for managing a growing number of cross-app settings

Despite being under antitrust investigations in U.S. and E.U., Facebook today is rolling out a new feature that highlights the extent to which its suite of apps now interoperate. The company this morning introduced a consumer-facing tool called “Accounts Center,” which is found in the Settings section of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. The feature aims to give users the ability to manage their connected experiences across Facebook-owned apps, like Single Sign On and Facebook Pay, for example....
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How to fix a disappearing Dock on a Mac computer in 3 different ways

Mac computers offer several ways to address your missing or disappearing Dock issue. MacFormat Magazine/Getty Images You can fix a disappearing Dock on a Mac computer through a few troubleshooting methods. Your Mac Dock keeps a selection of commonly used apps along the bottom edge of your screen for quick access. While the Dock is usually visible on the screen, it can disappear with no clear way to get it back.  Your Mac's Dock doesn't show up in full screen mode, and it can be set to disa...
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How to change your Gmail language settings to read or compose in another language on a computer or mobile device

You can change your display and composition language on the Gmail desktop site, or just the display language on the Gmail app. Jarretera/Shutterstock You can change Gmail's display language, and in some instances, the message composition language on the desktop site and the Gmail app for iPhone and Android. Gmail's desktop site allows you to type in different languages using special keyboards and input tools. To change your Gmail app display language on an Android or iPhone device, you'll ...
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: 10 key settings to change

Make the brilliant Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra even better: Tweak for best results
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The Phone Settings You Need to Know Before Protesting

Tempting as it might be to just roll on up to a protest, a little planning can go a long way, especially if you’re going to take your phone with you. We’ve talked about a helpful shortcut iOS users can use to keep themselves safe (and we have an Android version in the works!), but there’s a lot more you need to do…Read more...
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Everything You Can and Can't Do with Facebook's New Avatars

I hate rollouts. I really do. Whenever a company announces some new, awesome feature, but drops the phrase “rolling out” into the description, I can’t tell you how annoyed I get. Invariably, it means I have to wait a week or more to try something out while seeing everyone I know get their special access before me.Read more...
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How to Set Up Multiple Email Signatures in Gmail

Whether you have multiple personalities or you don’t like dropping your personal phone number into every email you reply to, editing your signature on a per-email basis can get annoying. While plenty of third-party apps allow you to pick from multiple signatures when composing or replying to an email, Google is…Read more...
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10 settings to change on your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Make the brilliant Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra even better with our advice on settings to tweak for best results.
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Asus Zenfone 6: Key settings to change on your new phone

If you’ve got a new Zenfone 6 in your hand, then there are a few key settings worth changing and handy tricks you should know about to help you really enjoy this great phone. Check out our handy Zenfone 6 tips right here. The post Asus Zenfone 6: Key settings to change on your new phone appeared first on Digital Trends.
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OnePlus 7 Pro: Key settings you need to change on your new phone

You've got your awesome new OnePlus 7 Pro in your hand, and you want to make sure it's set up correctly. Here's our complete guide to the settings you should change, and features you must know about, on the OnePlus 7 Pro. The post OnePlus 7 Pro: Key settings you need to change on your new phone appeared first on Digital Trends.
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How to Enable 'Developer Options' on Your New Galaxy S10

Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy S10 arrived Friday, and I have little doubt that many day-one buyers spent all weekend fiddling with a smartphone that “comes the closest to making all those dollars worth it,” as our colleagues at Gizmodo describe.Read more...
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Resident Evil 2 Remake On PC Has A Fantastic Graphics Menu

Resident Evil 2 is getting positive reviews from both critics and fans. I’ve been playing the game and I have to agree with most folks thoughts on the game. The RE2 remake feels like a wonderful mix of classic Resident Evil gameplay and modern Resident Evil mechanics. But I don’t see as many people praising the…Read more...
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How to Crank Up Your Phone's Text Size for Your Parents (Or Yourself)

Enlarging the font size on your phone is one of those famous old-people tech habits, like putting “...” all over your texts, or posting Facebook memes about sauerkraut. But it’s healthy for younger people too—it reduces eye strain, according to Intelligencer.Read more...
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Change These Settings on Your New TV for a Better-Looking Picture

If you’re one of those people who buys a brand-new TV, spends hours straining your back trying to place it in your home entertainment center (or affix it to your wall), and starts watching your favorite show to celebrate... you missed a crucial step. Your television, new or old, comes with a bunch of settings that are…Read more...
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How to Use the Blacklisted VLC App on Your Huawei Smartphone

VideoLAN and Huawei are in a fight. So much so, that you can no longer grab the ever-popular, feature-packed VLC media player app from the Google Play Store on Huawei smartphones—VideoLAN’s nuclear option. But you can still download the VLC .APK directly from VideoLAN, and you should... with a few adjustments.Read more...
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What is white balance and how do you change it?

To help you step up your photography game, we've broken down the details on white balance: What it is, what it means for your digital camera, and how to set white balance. The post What is white balance and how do you change it? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Facebook Explains How Their News Feed Ranking Works

With News Feed ranking, Facebook’s algorithms leverage available signals and make a set of predictions that help us to estimate how meaningful we think every story will be to each person on Facebook. At leas that’s how they explain things. The question however is, does it work? For many the answer is no and this is made worse by Facebook forcing us to see what they think are ‘Top Stories’. If you want to control what you see there is an option (see: How to ‘Control What You See on Facebook’) bu...
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