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‘I feel hurt that my life has ended up here’: The women who are involuntary celibates

What is it like to go without a partner when you long for one – and when even a fleeting sexual connection feels impossible? When a woman named Alana coined the term “incel” in the late 90s, she couldn’t have predicted the outcome. What started as a harmless website to connect lonely, “involuntary celibate” men and women has morphed into an underground online movement associated with male violence and extreme misogyny.In 2014, Elliot Rodger stabbed and shot dead six people in California, blaming...
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Viva la vulva: why we need to talk about women’s genitalia

Ignorance about the basic biology of vulvas is still shockingly high – yet there are huge health benefits, physical and emotional, to be won with better understandingIf you have a vulva between your legs, could you identify the seven separate structures in a mirror? If your partner has a vulva, can you identify theirs?For over half the population, the vulva is a significant part of their body; an exit and an entrance, a site of pleasure and, often, pain, that speaks to core human function and ne...
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‘Touch: Sex, Sexuality and Sensuality’ — the erotic in action

Full to the point of rupture, Touch still leaves the reader yearning for more The post ‘Touch: Sex, Sexuality and Sensuality’ — the erotic in action appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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1Win Bookmaker

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County cricket says 2020 and 2021 didn’t happen

You can see where they’re coming from. But pretty sure they did. What we’re talking about here is of course the format of the 2022 County Championship. Nothing wrong with the format itself. (Oh no, wait, it’s gone back to being lopsided and ridiculous.) The (new) issue is how they’ve decided which counties go in which division. To put it plainly, they’re following on from the 2019 season. We asked Wisden editor Lawrence Booth whether the 2021 season was deemed insufficiently meritocra...
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My husband had an affair seven years ago. I don’t trust him – and can’t bring myself to have sex with him

His betrayal rocked the family, but we got back together. Now our sex life is nonexistent, but we still love each other. What should I do?My husband had an affair about seven years ago, just after we got back together from a two-year separation. We have been married for nearly 25 years. The affair damaged me and our daughters, especially our oldest daughter. It took her a long time and therapy to trust him again. His initial reaction was emotionally brutal and self-righteous. After several month...
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Feudwatch: Chris Gayle v Curtly Ambrose

Is it at all possible that Chris Gayle is being just a tiny bit thin-skinned here? Maybe he’s secretly worried that Curtly Ambrose has a point. Curtly Ambrose isn’t sure Chris Gayle should automatically get a place in the West Indies’ first choice XI at the T20 World Cup. This seems a not unreasonable suggestion. The West Indies have a fair few accomplished and destructive T20 batters and Gayle has been in no kind of form whatsoever. You can’t expect to make these kinds of comments ab...
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Masturbation memories: a sex toy giveaway (50 prizes!)

Here we are, in the formerly-futuristic year 2021, and it's been 14 years since I sat in my college dorm room and typed up my very first sex toy review. My blog is now a teen, the same age I was when I fell in love with a girl for the first time. Should I be asking my blog about its sexuality? Honey, you know you can come to me with anything. I could yammer on about how different everything was back in 2007, because BOY WAS IT, but I'll leave that for my social media posts throughout the giv...
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Stop Policing Women’s Bodies

A phrase that is near and dear to me. It’s been used to fight for reproductive rights, combat slut shaming, shut down dress codes full of double standards, and promote body positivity. But it often gets thrown to the wayside when certain feminists don’t like the choices other feminists have made for themselves. In 2010, I wrote a post called, “I don’t hate you, Feminism. You just get on my nerves sometimes.” The title still holds true, but there’s quite a bit in there that I don’t a...
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We’ll be talking about England’s “supreme accuracy” a lot when the wheels come off during the Ashes

He couldn’t leave it at mere “accuracy,” could he? Chris Silverwood had to talk up the England bowling attack’s “supreme accuracy” when announcing the 2021-22 Ashes squad. “Here you go, everyone. Each of you take a stick. You’ll need these to beat us with in a couple of months’ time.” It’s not that accuracy is a bad thing. Unless you’re Shaun Tait, accuracy is important. The issue is that for one reason or another, England are hanging an awful lot off it. They have a thousand coats on a sin...
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Sex And Horror – Volume Four Art Book Review

Warning : The following post contains nudity/adult content. This is the fourth title in Korero Publishing’s bestselling Sex and Horror series, which celebrates the 1960s and ’70s publishing phenomenon known as “fumetti sexy” ; Italian adult comics with a unique take on such genres as horror, crime, fantasy, history and fairy tales. Wilder and weirder than you can imagine, they were some of the most outrageous and shocking comics ever produced. These weren’t underground publications: they we...
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How do we talk to teens about sex in a world of porn?

Teenage boys’ easy access to violent sexual images is creating a crisis for them – and for women, argues the anti-porn campaignerViolence against women is never far from the news, but currently it is high on the agenda – and porn features again and again as a factor. From the murder of Sarah Everard to the paltry sentence handed down to Sam Pybus, the latest man to use the so-called “rough sex defence”, it seems the world is riven with misogyny.Sarah’s killer Wayne Couzens was attracted to “brut...
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The Great Romantic: Cricket and the Golden Age of Neville Cardus by Duncan Hamilton – book review

We don’t often review cricket books these days because reading about cricket is not generally what we want to do once we’ve finished reading about cricket for the day. King Cricket reader Ged Ladd read one though and he sent us a review. Ged writes… I don’t normally read cricket books at cricket matches. Normally I read arcane stuff at cricket matches, such as Iphigenia Among The Taurians by Euripides.   I prefer arcane places, such as the Ekoin Monastery in Koyasan, Japan, for cricke...
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Is My Vagina Normal? Types of Vagina: Shapes, Sizes, Colors, And More

Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews Is My Vagina Normal? Types of Vagina: Shapes, Sizes, Colors, And More Vaginas Come in All Sizes and Shapes If you have ever watched a porn video or seen a female porn star, most of them are shaved, have had labiaplasty (a plastic surgery procedure that... Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews Is My Vagina Normal? Types of Vagina: Shapes, Sizes, Colors, And More
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Could Bad Sex Be Good?

Steve meets Michelle. They fall in love and get married shortly after graduation. For our story Steve is the high sex desire spouse and Michelle is the low sex desire spouse. Early in their marriage, Steve’s always raring to go. Anytime, anyplace, the more the better. Which, by the way, is part of a lie about […] The post Could Bad Sex Be Good? appeared first on Sexy Marriage Radio.
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I am concerned about my overattachment to men I hardly know. Can I date safely? | Leading questions

The pain of a budding romance ending is not just about what it was, but what it could have been, writes advice columnist Eleanor Gordon-SmithI divorced from my husband over a year ago (we had been living separately for a couple of years before that). He was the absolute love of my life – we were together for 26 years until his one-off infidelity with my half-sister. It was a horrific time. I have lost both of them, but live happily now with my teenage children in my own home. I have a great job,...
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12 England things that happened in the 2021 summer – several of which you’ve almost certainly already forgotten about

England played a bunch of cricket matches in the summer of 2021. We’ve got this mad idea that if we pull together a load of the moments that caught our attention, it will somehow give a sense of what the entire season was about. Let’s see, shall we? So much happens in international cricket these days that much of it becomes transient and ephemeral. This article is really nothing more than a bid to jog our own memory – because ours is a memory that generally requires an ultramarathon volume ...
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From bawdy fun to fantasising with Demi Moore: the best erotic podcasts

If it’s audio kink you’re after, there’s a podcast for that. Rhik Samadder picks out the best out of the horny bunchThe biggest noise on the audio porn scene is Dipsea, whose range of consensual, sex-positive stories are written by women, for women. The stories, all between 10 and 20 minutes long, are streamlined, yet grounded in character and situation. By the time things descend into panting, the idea is that attuned listeners will be, too. The app has more than 400 stories behind a paywall: s...
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When Shane Watson was run out in Perth – the Ashes dismissal that no-one involved enjoyed

Shane Watson’s run-out for 103 during the Perth Test of the 2013/14 Ashes was one of the all-time great comedy dismissals. This is why. As an England fan, it’s easy to steer your gaze away from the 2013/14 Ashes. It wasn’t just a defeat, it was an annihilation. And it wasn’t just an annihilation, it was the last rites for what may well prove to be the best England Test team you’ll see in your lifetime. But can we let you in on a secret? Just because something was almost entirely rubbish,...
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The relationship sabotage scale: quantifying why we undermine ourselves in love

Developed over the course of five studies, the relationship sabotage scale is designed to give analytical rigour to a term more common in pop cultureDo you feel constantly criticised by your partner? Do you sometimes check their social media profiles? Will you admit to them if you know you’re wrong about something?If you strongly agree or disagree with some of these statements, you might find yourself with a high score on the Relationship Sabotage Scale.1. I get blamed unfairly for issues in my ...
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Tim Paine is going to play a bloody Ashes series whether there’s anyone to play against or not

We’ll tell you one thing – there is going to be an Ashes. Even if it’s just Tim Paine v Tim Paine Pretending To Be The England Players, there’s going to be an Ashes. “The Ashes are going ahead,” revealed Australia’s long-term stand-in captain this week. “The first Test is on 8 December – whether Joe [Root] is here or not.” You’ve got to admire his conviction. “No-one is forcing any England player to come,” he told radio station SEN. “That’s the beauty of the world we live in – you have ...
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Among My Best Podcasts Of 2021 So Far: My Lawyer Cousin’s ‘The Wolf Who Cried Women’

It's best described as a sex-positive coming of age documentary, with plenty of laughs along the way.
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A cricket bat in the Pearl’s Peril hidden object game

Send your pictures of cricket bats and other cricket stuff in unusual places to [email protected] Feel free to put the cricket thing in the unusual place yourself. Jayne with a Y spotted this cricket bat in the Pearl’s Peril hidden object game. “The ridiculous English language description is ‘fungo bat’ (a baseball term),” she said. Obvious question here: What is Pearl’s Peril? Jayne said: “There are a few more complications, but essentially you find hidden (and not so hidden) ...
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"Mr. Kelly once stood atop the realm of R&B music, catapulting himself into an international sensation in the 1990s and 2000s on the success of hits like 'I Believe I Can Fly.'"

"But as the Me Too movement continued to gain steam, cracks in his armor began to show.... The image he once crafted as an alluring sex symbol and genre-redefining lyricist collapsed in the public eye.... [A]s he gained immense access to young fans, Mr. Kelly became a criminal mastermind who used a universe of enablers and sycophants in his orbit to ensnare women, girls and boys.... [Kelly's] lawyers aimed to cast his accusers as opportunists, liars and obsessive fans, arguing their sex with the...
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Moeen Ali was a magnificent malleable peg who filled countless holes in the England Test team

We’ve often joked about Moeen Ali’s willingness to take on any pretty much any job for England. Any format, any role, bat or ball, Moeen would give it a go. This means there’s quite a lot of ‘what might have been’ in response to his retirement from Test cricket. But it’s worth setting that idea in context before then making an effort to instead celebrate ‘what was’. As we put it in the article linked above, England really valued Moeen’s ability to uncomplainingly turn his hand to literally ...
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My libido is highly unreliable. Will I ever be able to satisfy a partner?

My sexual desire comes in peaks and valleys, but these days the peaks are fewer and further between. Do I need medical help?I’m a 35-year-old gay man. I’ve always felt as though my sexual cycles may be different to everyone else’s. Sexual desire comes in peaks and valleys; I have periods of high sexual activity and then it plummets to almost zero. In my 20s, I shrugged it off by not staying in sexual or romantic relationships for long, having more casual partners in the highs and just enjoying t...
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"So our desire is not some neutral, private thing... It colludes with society to stratify and imprison us. Feminism should help point the way..."

"... out of this predicament, but feminism, Srinivasan* believes, bears some blame for getting us into it in the first place. Female desire isn’t seen as an appropriate subject for feminist critique. Sex positivity rules the day: whatever a woman claims she wants is, by definition, a good thing, an expression of female agency, so long as it takes place within the bounds of consent. 'Sex is no longer morally problematic or unproblematic,' Srinivasan writes. 'It is instead merely wanted or unwante...
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‘I feel a bit rusty’: Has Covid killed our sex lives?

The end of lockdown was supposed to herald an explosion of pent-up desire and a bonkbuster of a summer. But it’s been way more complicated than thatThis year was meant to be a replay of the roaring 20s, your hot girl or boy summer. We’d be hedonistic, bacchanalian and, above all, getting laid. All the pent-up energy of lockdowns, the only time it has ever been illegal for people from different households to have sex, would explode in one helluva bonkbuster summer. But has it panned out that way?...
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"Somehow, as sex positivity went mainstream and fused with a culture shaped by pornography, attention to emotion got lost."

"Sex-positive feminism became a cause of some of the same suffering it was meant to remedy. Perhaps now that the old taboos have fallen, we need new ones. Not on sex, but on callousness and cruelty." That's the concluding paragraph of Michelle Goldberg's new column, (NYT).  When I first read the headline, my snap answer to the question "why" was: Because the sex-positive feminists got old. Young people have the delusion that they are the first human beings to truly experience sex as it's me...
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