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Scientists haven’t found any major differences between women’s and men’s brains

People have searched for sex differences in human brains since at least the 19th century, when scientist Samuel George Morton poured seeds and lead shot into human skulls to measure their volumes. Gustave Le Bon found men's brains are usually larger than women's, which prompted Alexander Bains and George Romanes to argue this size difference makes men smarter. But John Stuart Mill pointed out, by this criterion, elephants and whales should be smarter than people. So focus shifted to the relati...
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How well will Chris Woakes have to play before he’s in England’s overseas first XI?

Chris Woakes swings the ball less than Jimmy Anderson and seams it less than Stuart Broad. As an all-rounder, he isn’t as striking or dynamic as Ben Stokes. He’s still good though, isn’t he? For several years, England figured that even if there wasn’t an exact Chris-Woakes-shaped hole in their side, he was worth picking anyway. In England, this generally worked. Outside England, it generally did not work. The ball tends to swing and seam for longer in England, which means it often make...
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What about Asad Shafiq?

Following the piece on Azhar Ali and his performance during the Misbah era and post it, a lot of enquiries have been made regarding Asad Shafiq. Most believe that his performance too has deteriorated since the retirements of Misbah and Younis Khan. Initially, I had thought so too, and had planned to write regarding both Azhar and Asad. However after reviewing Asad's numbers, I was quite surprised. A career average of 38.9, an average of 39.4 during the Misbah era, and 37.4 after it s...
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How long will Pakistan persist with Azhar Ali the batsman?

A lot has been said about Azhar Ali's captaincy in the Old Trafford test against England.I will reserve my comments on his test captaincy, given it is only 7 tests old. He is an inexperienced captain no doubt, but 7 tests is no measure to judge one's ability.My problem is with Azhar Ali the batsman.Azhar was supposed to be the one to take the baton from Younis and Misbah, following their retirement. Similar to how it was passed from Javed Miandad to Salim Malik to Inzamam Ul Haq to Mohammad Yous...
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Shan Masood's Second Inning

Shan Masood scored an impressive 75 on test debut against South Africa in Abu Dhabi.That was 7 years ago and since then he has played only 21 tests scoring 1,345 runs at an average of 33.6.Those are not great stats, however it is largely due to the fact that he has never had a prolonged run in Pakistan's test playing XI.Till now.It is already difficult for batsmen who are not considered for white ball cricket to maintain consistent performance at test level. It is made even harder by the selecto...
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How can you actively boost your low libido?

Low libido, or sudden changes in your sex drive, can be overwhelming and cause embarrassment or shame, but this is a common problem that could have many different solutions.According to research, managing your anxiety/stress levels, maintaining a healthy diet and proper sleeping habits, and cutting down on things such as alcohol or smoking can all boost your libido. Low libido can have many causes (physical, emotional, medical, etc). If you find you are struggling with this and are not able to f...
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Covid and sex: charity issues guidance on reducing infection risk

Terrence Higgins Trust advocates face coverings and not using face-to-face positionsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageWearing face coverings, avoiding kissing and choosing positions where you are not face to face are among the recommendations from a leading sexual health charity to reduce the risk of catching coronavirus during sex.Publishing advice on managing the risk, the Terrence Higgins Trust said asking people to abstain indefinitely was not realistic and that peo...
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!
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Buttler, Bairstow and Foakes – England’s embarrassment of adequacy

“I’m putting a team together for a job.” “You son of a bitch. I’m in.” In heist movies, whenever they put a team together, everyone’s always the best of the best; the best there’s ever been. You never make do with members of your heist team. You never settle. You don’t pick someone who’s competent at cracking safes, you pick the best God damn safe cracker who ever lived. You don’t pick any old thief, you pick a ninja who can pick people’s pockets while hanging upside down with his eye...
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Katie Hill is Trying to Move Forward

Nine months after stepping down from Congress, she is trying to move forward.
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Sexual Issue/ Rape

I’m 21 years old, I believe I’m asexual, I never want to have any sexual activity, I never masturbate, I never had an orgasm. However, I allow people to use me sexually and then I victimize myself, I always feel like I’m just being used and I feel guilty but I never stand for myself, I let them do whatever they want without saying a word even though it kills me inside I can’t even blame my rapist for doing what he did as I just said no few times but then I let him do what he did, deep inside I w...
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‘We were sexually frustrated’: did it work out for people who texted an ex in lockdown?

It’s never been easier to track down your first love online, and during the pandemic many people did just thatDressed up for the first time in lockdown, and wearing a full face of makeup, Annabelle Richards went to meet her first love. The last time she had seen Junior St Clair was in the summer of 1992. She was 17, and on a bus bound for London. He was 20 and standing outside Ipswich bus station, bawling. “As the coach pulled away there were tears pouring down his cheeks,” Annabelle recalls, “a...
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What is an Onahole? Onahole Types and Everything Else You Need to Know

If you’re a man dreaming of a toy that can suck up your penis so good that your head will spin around, onaholes are for you. Sometimes, it becomes so boring when you’re left alone with yourself and your hand. That is why thousands of men across the world have opted for onaholes. An onahole is not a type of toy you can forget once you’ve seen it. Besides, these friends from Japan come in different forms, sizes, and types to satisfy any needs and meet everyone’s expectations. But, what exactly an ...
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Please tell us the secret of managing the very difficult emotions that arise when watching the Pakistan bowling attack against England

It’s probably Shoaib Akhtar’s fault. It started with Wasim Akram, obviously. He was the one who first presented us with this idea that the current score might not necessarily be the real score. The scorecard in an early Nineties Lancashire match required a coda. ‘This many runs for this many wickets but Wasim’. That was the real score. Because while some bowlers have favourite wickets, Wasim is a man who has been known to start a sentence, “If I were to pick one hat trick…” He too...
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The New Fab 4!

Steve Smith, Virat Kohli, Joe Root, and Kane Williamson have been considered the Fab 4 of Test batting in modern days. Rightly so, given their numbers. Each one of these 4 great batsmen made their test debut between 2010 and 2012; they have played over 70 tests each, and scored more than 6,000 runs. In the past decade, 2010-19, they were undoubtedly the best test batsmen around. In the past 2 years however, two other batsmen have emerged who have posed a challenge to the world renowne...
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7 Best Sex Positions While Pregnant

Are you or your partner expecting a baby soon? Most couples tend to see this as a cock-blocking condition, which is a very misguided view! In fact, several surveys and researches show that most women get hornier when pregnant! It’s totally ok to bang it away whenever she’s in the mood, as long as you stick to the recommended pregnant sex positions! To help you keep your sex life on track, we have compiled a list of the 9 best sex positions while pregnant, three for each trimester! That’s right, ...
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An England v Pakistan Test series “precap” (with preamble)

We were going to do a recap of the England v Ireland one-dayers, but they haven’t actually finished yet. So instead we thought we’d switch focus and do a ‘precap’ of the Pakistan series. We thought we were being wilfully annoying by using a made-up word like ‘precap’ when we could of course just say ‘preview’. But it turns out ‘precap’ is a word that people genuinely use. So now we’re the one who’s annoyed because ‘precap’ is a stupid word. The Ireland series recap/review would have bee...
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How to Play With Testicles

A lot of people get squirrely about touching the testicles because they’re afraid of hurting the person attached to them. They are sensitive, true, but that can work both ways—handling them can also be extremely pleasurable for the testicle-haver. Here’s your guide to playing with balls.Read more...
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"I'm not very social, I don't go out that much. Frankly my life consists of reading and painting and a few nights of nice sex."

"When you realise you've got something really good to do, at my age, you get very, very excited... It made me feel a lot younger, fitter. I realised: that's a stimulant. You're living. Life is exciting, interesting, thrilling."Said the artist David Hockney, who is 83, quoted in The Daily Mail.He said that he no longer cared for living in London and the artistic politics that went with it. He described living in Bridlington, East Yorkshire... He has recently been living in Lisieux in the Calvados...
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What really happens in your body and brain when you orgasm?

An orgasm is described as a feeling of intense pleasure that happens during sexual activity. By studying the brain activity of people experiencing orgasms, researchers have been able to pinpoint some of the key changes that occur.These changes include heightened sensitivity to areas of the brain that control how we feel pain, making us less sensitive to it. An orgasm is described as a feeling of intense pleasure that happens during sexual activity. While some people experience orgasms differentl...
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8 Best Large Condoms in 2020

Although we’d all like to say we need extra-large condoms for our disproportionately sized wangs, this isn’t the case for most. We’ve all had that childhood friend who slipped a large condom over their head just below the nose and proceeded to inflate it in order to impersonate a gnome (not safe. Not recommended. We’ve all seen it though). That’s what most of us are doing to our ego reading this post. However, for those of us who actually need a larger-sized condom, this post is going to be a go...
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People Are Apparently Jerking Off With Their Phones During the Pandemic

People are doing things with their phones that I didn’t even know you could do with phones. I mean, I get it: In these crazy coronavirus times, people need to get creative to meet their sexual needs. I totally support having a healthy sex live and masturbation. But… with your phone? Read more...
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How Sperm 'Swim' May Be Nothing But an Optical Illusion

An international group of scientists say their latest research will upturn one of the earliest scientific discoveries ever made about human sperm. In a new paper out Friday, they seem to show that sperm cells don’t propel themselves by simply flicking their tails back and forth, as is commonly believed. Rather, sperm…Read more...
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David Willey is out of step with the world

Two examples which highlight how unutterably dreadful David Willey’s timing is. Example one. In March 2019, Sky Sports commentator Ian Ward delivered the definitive expression of incredulity when David Willey opened the bowling against the West Indies in an Alice band. (You may have seen it.) In July 2020, almost every England cricketer seems to sport an Alice band, sweat band, bandana or similar, because apparently England cricketers are unable cut their own hair, unlike everybody else ...
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UK government invests in sex party startup

UK company Killing Kittens is an online, women-led hook-up platform that began as a network to organize "decadent and hedonistic parties... fully focused on the pursuit of female pleasure." Now, Killing Kittens has taken around $220,000 in investment from the UK government's "Future Fund" that, according to the British Business Bank, "issues convertible loans to innovative UK companies with good potential, that typically rely on equity investment and are currently affected by COVID-19." From C...
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Does porn cause erectile dysfunction...or not?

According to UW Health, around 5 percent of men that are 40 years old have complete erectile dysfunction. That number increases to about 15 percent by age 70.While there are many things that can cause or contribute to ED (such as high blood pressure, smoking, the use of drugs or alcohol, depression, and anxiety), there has been wide debate over the impacts of pornography use. Several studies outlined in this article look at the supposed link between ED and pornography use.Erectile dysfunction (c...
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Review: Zumio E (+ giveaway!)

The tiniest tip ever to wiggle against my clit has morphed once again. It's called the , and it's the third Zumio release, after the original Zumio X and follow-up . Ooh, a word scramble! I know this one, I know this one! The Zumio redefined pinpoint stimulation as we knew it, funneling every ounce of its power into a beaded tip the size of a decorative sprinkle. When you're forced to land something in the exact right locale, you do so. Don't know if your clit's a righty or lefty? This...
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Review: Zumio E

The tiniest tip ever to wiggle against my clit has morphed once again. It's called the , and it's the third Zumio release, after the original Zumio X and follow-up . Ooh, a word scramble! I know this one, I know this one! The Zumio redefined pinpoint stimulation as we knew it, funneling every ounce of its power into a beaded tip the size of a decorative sprinkle. When you're forced to land something in the exact right locale, you do so. Don't know if your clit's a righty or lefty? This vib...
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Is Childhood Sexual Abuse Always Traumatic?

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible that a childhood trauma I experienced didn’t actually traumatize me. Here are some details for context: I was 7 and in an art program with my best friend and another girl (age 14ish). This older girl was nice to me; she played games and helped with art projects. As nice as she seemed, I think I was uncomfortable around her. One day when it was just me and her in the room, the other girl made me sit on her lap and touched me inappropriately. It didn’t last very ...
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From ‘academic boys’ to ‘sex-jaros’: What it means to be a black boy in a South African township

Toxic masculinities help drive everything from HIV infection rates to gender-based violence. But before we ask, what does it mean to be a ‘man’ in South Africa, should we wonder what it’s like to be a boy? The post From ‘academic boys’ to ‘sex-jaros’: What it means to be a black boy in a South African township appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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