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New R. Kelly “Sex Tape” Shows Singer Choking 14-Year-Old Girl While Having Anal Intercourse

Attorney Michael Avenatti is reportedly getting ready to show prosecutors a new “sex tape” showing R. Kelly molesting a 14-year-old girl, and sources say that it’s even more shocking than the first one.Even worse, Avenatti is in the process of obtaining a THIRD tape with a different girl who was somewhere between 13 and 16 years old at the time it was recorded.Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ … attorney Michael Avenatti will turn over a 55-minute VHS video Monday to Cook County prosecutor...
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WATCH: R. Kelly Swarmed by Media As He Surrenders to Chicago Police for Sexual Abuse Charges

R. Kelly was met with a swarm of reporters as he arrived at a Chicago police station Friday night (Feb. 22) to be booked on 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse involving underage girls.The singer, who arrived in a black van with his attorney Steve Greenberg and a few other men (and one woman), tried to keep his head low and refused to answer any questions as he made his way to the station.One reporter asked Kelly “What do you say to the black women in Chicago?” to which his lawyer replied: “That’...
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R. Kelly “Shell-Shocked” by Sex Abuse Charges, Singer’s Lawyer Says He Will Turn Himself in Tonight

R. Kelly’s attorney says the singer is “shell-shocked” after being charged with 10 counts of  aggravated  criminal sexual abuse, and he plans on turning himself in to Chicago police Friday night (Feb. 22).Steve Greenberg, who is representing Kelly, told the Associated Press that his client is “extraordinarily disappointed and depressed” by the aggravated sexual abuse indictment, which involves underage girls. PREVIOUSLY: No-Bail Arrest Warrant for R. Kelly Issued After He’s Charged With 10 Count...
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South Carolina Pastor Accused of Sexually Assaulting Student at High School Athletic Event

The pastor of a church in Aiken, South Carolina has been charged with sex crimes after police say he forced himself on a teenager at a high school athletic event in Spartanburg, S.C.49-year-old Lorenzo Renard Washington—the pastor at Mt. Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Aiken—was arrested in Greenville County on Friday (Feb. 8).Deputies said they were alerted to the alleged incident two weeks ago. They said a Dorman High School student reported that a booster club member (Washington) had assaul...
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Reminder: Ryan Adams and Bryan Adams are not same guy

One letter different, but a world apart. So, Bryan Adams is the '80s MTV pop star your trusty Gen-Xer blogger grew up listening to and watching. He's this guy. Here's one video, here's another. He's great! Now, Ryan Adams is this guy, below. Not great. Ryan Adams is accused by multiple women, recording artists and others, of being a self-confessed “like R. Kelly” sexual predator whose predations include a minor. Ava was 14. She played bass, and she was serious about it. Excerpt, NYT: Their ...
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South Carolina Pastor Impregnated Young Girl Twice, Reportedly Made Her Abort Both Pregnancies

A Spartanburg, South Carolina minister has been arrested and charged with sex crimes after he admitted to having sex with a minor whom he also impregnated twice.WYFF 4 reported that deputies arrested 32-year-old Phillip Jerard Buckson, of Boiling Springs, S.C. on Wednesday (Feb. 6) at Cleveland Chapel Baptist Church, where, according to the church website, he is a senior pastor. Buckson is accused of repeatedly raping and twice impregnating a young girl, whose pregnancies were then terminated.I...
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Mathew Knowles Explains How He Protected Beyoncé & Destiny’s Child From R. Kelly

Mathew Knowles played absolutely ZERO games when it came to protecting his daughter and her bandmates from alleged sexual predator R. Kelly.In an interview with the UK newspaper Metro, Knowles revealed the steps he and his wife at the time, Tina Knowles, took to ensure that Destiny’s Child was safe around R. Kelly in the mid-1990s when the allegations of his sexual misconduct first surfaced.Knowles—who managed Destiny’s Child—said Kelly submitted a song for the group’s debut album, but he turned...
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Police: kids are being preyed upon by sextortionists while playing Fortnight

In what feels like the one billionth installment of We Can't Have Nice Things, some pervy asshole's been creeping on Fortnight-playing minors. Over the past few weeks, according to police from the Quebec, Canada area, a number of parents have stepped forward to complain that their kids were asked, in-game and via Instagram, to fire over nude photos of themselves. The payoff: ways and means of advancing their in-game prowess. Once the prick had their hands on the pics, the kid that sent them woul...
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Police: kids are being preyed upon by sextortionists while playing Fortnite

In what feels like the one billionth installment of We Can't Have Nice Things, some pervy asshole's been creeping on Fortnite-playing minors. Over the past few weeks, according to police from the Quebec, Canada area, a number of parents have stepped forward to complain that their kids were asked, in-game and via Instagram, to fire over nude photos of themselves. The payoff: ways and means of advancing their in-game prowess. Once the prick had their hands on the pics, the kid that sent them would...
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Sacha Baron Cohen confronts Roy Moore with a beeping "pedophile detector" Archprankster Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G, Borat, etc) has a new show called Who Is America? where he disguises himself sits down with US politicians and tries to get them to do something absurd, with some pretty remarkable (and even career-ending) results (though not everybody falls for it). (more…)
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Richard Ives: Fast Facts About Missouri Teacher Arrested After Getting “Lap Dance” From 14-Year-Old Boy He Met on Grindr

Richard Ives—a teacher at the Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School (MICDS) in Ladue, Missouri—was arrested Wednesday (Jun. 13) after allegedly having sexual relations with an underage boy he met on a gay dating app.Ives is the latest teacher in the United States to be accused of having sexual contact with an underage person. Similar to other cases, Ives is accused of using a social media app to aid his criminal activity. According to KMOV 4 News, the boy Ives was messing with is only ...
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Mugshot Madness: Jerry Sandusky’s Son Jeffrey Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Child

In a terribly sad and disturbing case of “like father like son,” Jeffrey Sandusky, the 41-year-old adopted son of Jerry Sandusky, has been arrested in Pennsylvania for allegedly sexually assaulting a child. Jeffrey was arraigned Monday (Feb. 13) in Bellefonte, PA and he was charged with multiple counts of possessing child pornography, child sex abuse and corruption of minors. Officials said an investigation was launched back in November 2016 after a child claimed to have received explicit text m...
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John Conner III: Some Things to Know About “Bring It!” Dance Coach Arrested for Exposing Boy to HIV

Dance coach John Conner III was arrested on Friday (Sept. 16) for having sex with a minor and exposing him to HIV. Here are some things to know about Conner and his arrest: 1. He and the teen had unprotected sex on several occasions. Police say Conner was arrested on Friday, September 16th for having sex with one of his male students and exposing the teen to HIV. Conner allegedly met the teen on a social media site and they hit it off from there. The two had unprotected sex several times in C...
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Nicki Minaj’s Brother Faces No Less Than 15 Years in Prison in Child Rape Case

Jelani Maraj has four days to accept a plea deal or face the possibility of spending life in prison. Either way, Nicki Minaj’s brother will most likely spend no less than 15 years in jail for raping a minor. According to Bossip, Maraj appeared in court Thursday (Aug. 25) to sign papers giving him and his counsel four more days to consider a plea deal that would sentence him 15 years behind bars. The deal was offered to him last month after his DNA matched semen found on the 12-year-old victim’s ...
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[08-03-16] The WGAN Morning News

Talked about Cell phone blocking at the pub in the UK and pedophile using Pokemon Go to find victims.
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Welcome Home, Roman Polanski

In 1977, Academy Award winning director Roman Polanski (responsible for films such as Chinatown, Rosemary’s Baby and The Pianist) was accused of drugging and having sexual relations with a 13-year-old girl at Jack Nicholson’s house. In 1978, he fled the country and has been eluding extradition back to the U.S. for punishment ever since.The 82-year old, who actually won the Oscar for best director in 2003, is now back in the headlines as Poland’s attorney general and minister of justice, Zbigniew...
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Texas Youth Pastor Caught Molesting 6-Year-Old Boy Gets Well-Deserved Beatdown

A youth pastor from Texas is facing serious charges after he was caught molesting a 6-year-old boy.29-year-old Willie Bell was reportedly beaten up by witnesses on March 31st after they caught him molesting the child behind an apartment building.Bell is also accused of recently sexually assaulting two other boys.Via Fox 4 News:A Cedar Hill youth pastor is accused of sexually assaulting three boys. Up until his arrest, Willie Lee Bell Jr. ministered to children at First United Methodist Church of...
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Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Sexually Abused 5 Boys, Federal Prosecutors Say

A Chicago Tribune investigation has uncovered disturbing details behind the millions of dollars in hush-money payments former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert has paid out. The recipients of the funds were men who had been sexually abused by Hastert years ago when they were teenagers.On Thursday (Apr 7), when the Chicago Tribune uncovered their investigation, they only mentioned four victims, but the following day, they updated their account to five, and there could be more.From the Tribune’s A...
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​Convicted Sex Offender Wins $3 Million Lottery Because There Is No God

Today in Goddammit Florida, a man convicted of sexual battery of a minor gets to call himself a multimillionaire after winning $3 million off a fucking scratch-off ticket he bought at a 7-Eleven. Fuck everything. Read more...
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