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Dolphins OC O'Shea says he has a lot of confidence to bring QB Fitzpatrick off the bench

Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Chad O'Shea says he has a lot of confidence to bring quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick off the bench, October 15, 2019. ... Click to Continue »
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Movies, Twitter, basketball, bulldogs (and other things) with NY Times best-selling author Shea Serrano

The Times recently gave Shea a call ahead of his visit to Seattle. In the spirit of his new book "Movies (And Other Things)", this is a series of question about movies (and many other things).
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Kilmashogue and New Forest living the dream at Knightsbrook

Limerick beat Courtown to set up the chance of All Ireland glory in the AIG Senior Foursomes at Knightsbrook Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort where Kilmashogue and New Forest continued their dream run in the Minor Cup.Ailish Dilger’s Limerick proved to have too much strength in depth for Courtown in the elite foursomes and they now take on Massereene, who were 2.5-0.5 winners over Woodbrook on a blustery day at the pristine Co Meat...
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Right-wing figures warn of looming 'civil war' over abortion laws

As the abortion rights debate continues, some prominent right-wing American Christians have shared an ominous warning: that conflict over abortion access may lead to a new civil war. With restrictive abortion bills passing around the US - like the Alabama abortion ban and foetal heartbeat bills, which restrict elective abortion at the about six weeks into pregnancy - America seems divided on a woman's right to choose. Both lawmakers and influential Christians sources have reinforced this nar...
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Christian rightwingers warn abortion fight could spark US civil war

Wave of extreme bans seems to have amped up predictions of coming conflict Pro-choice and anti-abortion activists outside the supreme court in Washington DC on 18 January. Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images Prominent figures on the Christian right in the US ranging from religious magazines to authors to elected politicians have warned that the fight over abortion rights could lead to a new civil war. Though such dire predictions are not necessarily new on the extreme right wing in the US...
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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Prop Master and Set Decorator Look Back on the Show’s 12 Seasons

Just like the lead actors on CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory,” many of the show’s crew members have been part of the hit series from its beginning, 12 seasons ago — including prop master Scott London and set decorator Ann Shea.  In anticipation of the program’s upcoming finale on May 16, London and Shea […]
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Matt Shea: the Republican who stokes fears of civil war and fuels conspiracy theories

The Washington state representative has spoken on podcast topics on the ‘US civil war’, the ‘balkanization’ of the US and ‘communists’In podcasts recorded over the last several years, Washington state Republican representative Matt Shea has amplified far-right conspiracy theories, stoked fears of civil warand speculated about the breakup of the United States.Shea appeared as a guest in 2018 on the podcast Prepper Recon, hosted by “Christian constitutional author” Mark Goodwin, who writes apocaly...
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Director of Marketing and Communications – Shea’s Performing Arts Center

The Director of Marketing and Communications will manage all facets of marketing and public relations for Shea’s. This includes the strategic planning of marketing and audience development campaigns to achieve the financial goals for performances at all three campus venues. OrganizationLocated in Buffalo, New York, Shea’s Performing Arts Center (Shea’s) opened in 1926 as Shea’s Buffalo Theatre. Nicknamed The Wonder Theatre, Shea’s Buffalo Theatre was the dream of Michael Shea. Originally s...
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How Amy Schumer Changed Up Her Beauty Routine For Pregnancy

If you watched Amy Schumer's latest comedy special on Netflix, Growing, then you know that her pregnancy hasn't been easy. During the hour-long show, the comedian speaks about her motherhood experience in detail (in good humor, of course), revealing that she suffers from extreme morning sickness and shares a due date with Meghan Markle. "I didn't know that being pregnant could be really hard," she says. "Women don't tell you how hard it is. I should've Googled it." Well, it seems that Schumer i...
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Far-Right GOPer Defends Running Background Checks On Political Enemies

Under fire for leaked chats that show him discussing spying on his perceived political enemies, far-right Washington state Rep. Matt Shea is adapting a novel defense strategy. In a Monday evening Facebook post, Shea readily admitted to running background checks on those who “threaten” his family, and linked to a site that regularly posts white nationalist content. The Guardian article that revealed that Shea and several far-right commentators discussed physically attacking and surveilling anti...
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Washington state Rep. Matt Shea condemns ‘hit-piece,’ defends running background checks

It was unclear what Shea meant when he referred to background checks. But The Guardian published a text reportedly by him that read: "Ok. What BG checks need to be done. Give me the list."
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Washington Democrats call for GOP state Rep. Matt Shea to be expelled after latest allegations

Republican state Rep. Matt Shea allegedly participated in a private text chat discussing responses, including violence, to demonstrations by anti-fascist activists. Shea did not call for violence, but did offer to help conduct background checks.
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In Private Chats, Far-Right GOPer Discussed Attacking, Spying On Activists

A controversial Washington state Republican participated in discussions about spying on and engaging in physical violence against anti-fascist activists, private chats published by the Guardian Saturday reveal. State lawmaker Matt Shea was part of a four-person chat thread with several far-right commentators about “psy-ops” they could wage on local activists a couple of years ago, and he personally offered to carry out background checks on their behalf. Per the Guardian, the men used the encr...
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Republican discussed violent attacks and surveillance with rightwingers

Washington state representative Matt Shea exchanged messages with far-right figures, chat records obtained by the Guardian reveal A Washington state Republican politician took part in private discussions with rightwing figures about carrying out surveillance, “psyops” and even violent attacks on perceived political enemies, according to chat records obtained by the Guardian.State representative Matt Shea, who represents Spokane Valley in the Washington state house, participated in the chats with...
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These dinosaur puppets come to life in the live 'Jurassic World' show

The "Jurassic World" Live Tour will feature lifelike dinosaur puppets, as well as a full-size, animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex. The show is produced by Feld Entertainment, the company behind touring productions like "Disney On Ice" and "Marvel Universe Live." At a press event in New York, we got an up-close look at two of the featured dinosaurs, which are controlled by "dinoteers," who must perform while wearing suits that weigh over 100 pounds. The "Jurassic World" Live Tour is scheduled to debu...
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Behold, the '70s sci-fi book series that popularized the Illuminati conspiracy

The historical Illuminati was a failed 18th century Bavarian secret society. Current Illuminati conspiracies stem from a satirical '70s counterculture book.Authors Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson's intent was to sow chaotic disinformation just for the satire.The Illuminati has become a stand-in myth for every conspiratorial crackpots' idea of some omnipresent cabal pulling the strings on world affairs. Depending on who you ask, sometimes they're responsible for some two-bit celebrity's ris...
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Mugshot Madness: Marc Gomez, Man in Viral Video Kicking & Punching Elderly Woman on Subway Train, Arrested

The man who was seen in a viral video repeatedly punching and kicking an elderly woman on a subway train in the Bronx borough of New York City has been arrested.The horrific incident reportedly took place two weeks ago, on Sunday, March 10th around 3:10 a.m. at the Nereid Ave. Station in the Bronx on a northbound 2 train, and it was all caught on video that surfaced on social media, where it quickly went viral.Witnesses stood by without intervening, and instead pulled out their smartphones to re...
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Serial Sex Offenders Are a Big Problem on Subways. Should They Be Banned for Life?

“We have individuals who, literally, since the 1980s have been committing sexual offenses on the trains,” an official said. Now, a bill would ban them from New York’s subways.
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320-Pound Woman Gets Life in Prison for Sitting on Little Girl & Smothering Her to Death

A Florida woman will spend the rest of her life in prison for a cruel form of discipline she inflicted on a helpless little girl.The Pensacola News Journal reports that 66-year-old Veronica Green Posey was sentenced to life in prison Friday (Mar. 15) after jurors convicted her of first-degree felony murder in the death of her 9-year-old cousin.Prosecutors say whenever Dericka Lindsay “misbehaved,” she would suffer horrific beatings from Posey, as well as Lindsay’s adoptive parents, James and Gra...
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Live Clean Foaming Body Washes

Winter isn’t going away anytime soon, so we take those moments of relaxation and peace (and yes warmth!) when we can get them even if that means that’s in the daily shower or long, soothing bath. I do it! My bathroom has a lovely big tub and TV so I can soak away and binge watch whatever I want, to check-out from the day-to-day stress for a bit. So, when Live Clean mailed me their 3 new body washes to check out, I was happy to oblige! Here’s the latest information on this release: Whether you’r...
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Here's why Apple's upcoming streaming video service won't rescue it from plunging iPhone sales (AAPL)

Apple's impending video service is getting a lot of hype. But even if it's smash hit, the video service won't be able to make up for Apple's declining iPhone sales, Jefferies analyst Tim O'Shea shows in a new report. In a best case scenario, a video subscription service would only provide about 5% of Apple's revenue, according to O'Shea's estimates. And there are reasons to think Apple could have a tough time luring customers to its video service. Apple's upcoming streaming video service won'...
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Chad O'Shea on QB: Still in the evaluation process

Dolphins offensive coordinator Chad O'Shea didn't land in Miami until after the Patriots won the Super Bowl, so he's spent the last two weeks catching up on his new team. O'Shea said he had some familiarity with the Dolphins personnel becau
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Activision-Blizzard just had an awful earnings report. Here's why now might be a good time to buy its stock. (ATVI)

Two prominent analysts are optimistic about Activision-Blizzard, despite its disappointing earnings report Tuesday. Wedbush's Michael Pachter and Jefferies Timothy O'Shea both think the company low-balled its 2019 guidance. The company's Blizzard unit likely won't decline as much as Activision appears to be forecasting, Pachter said. Activision is setting itself up for a rebound year next year, O'Shea said. Activision-Blizzard just missed Wall Street's expectations, warned of disappointing re...
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Amazon invests in Hatch Baby, launches Baby Skill Activity API as it eyes up the next generation of parenting products

Amazon today is one of the biggest retailers of gear for babies and other parenting aides, and today the company is taking another two steps into that business and how it might develop in the future. Amazon today announced that it would be launching a new Baby Skill Activity API, so that baby apps and baby care devices can get updated and checked through voice commands, by way of Alexa and Alexa-powered devices. Available initially in the US, initial skills will include the ability to track weig...
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Don’t forget about the colossal Himalayan glaciers. They’re rapidly vanishing, too.

The Himalayas pierce the sky. But they've been overshadowed.  The accelerated melting in the Arctic — the fastest warming region on Earth — and the Antarctic — home to the largest ice sheets on the planet — certainly demand widespread scientific and media attention. Yet beyond the continually grim news from the north and south poles is the melting of the "third pole," known as the Hindu Kush Himalaya region. Spreading over 2,000 miles across eight nations (from Afghanistan to Myanmar), thes...
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Don’t forget about the colossal Himalayan glaciers. They’re rapidly vanishing, too.

The Himalayas pierce the sky. But they've been overshadowed.  The accelerated melting in the Arctic -- the fastest warming region on Earth -- and the Antarctic -- home to the largest ice sheets on the planet -- certainly demand widespread scientific and media attention. Yet beyond the continually grim news from the north and south poles is the melting of the "third pole," known as the Hindu Kush Himalaya region. Spreading over 2,000 miles across eight nations (from Afghanistan to Myanmar), ...
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Daring to Pray the Our Father (2)

Daring to Pray the Our Father (2) However, even if we have mastered the words of a prayer, it often remains someone else’s prayer. We may never quite get into it. It may never express the thoughts of our minds or the feelings of our hearts. We say it more out of conditioning than genuine insight. We may say “Bless us, O Lord, and these your gifts, which we are about to receive from your bounty, through Christ our Lord.” But we say it without gratitude and feel free to grumble about the poor qua...
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Sunday: Daring to Pray the Our Father (1)

Daring to Pray the Our Father (1) [T]he Our Father is person-specific. It identifies and strengthens the central Christian truth about the person in relationship to God and creation. This truth is always present. Although the prayer is not detailed and fine-tuned toward particular situations, it influences how we think, will, feel, and act in whatever situations we are in. • John Shea • • • In the Roman and Eastern liturgies, those who pray the Lord’s Prayer preface it by acknowledging, “We dar...
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Atlanta United signs defender Brek Shea to one-year free-agent deal

Brek Shea signed a one-year contract with Atlanta United after Vancouver Whitecaps did not pick up his option. Reigning MLS champions Atlanta United has signed U.S. national team midfielder Brek Shea to a one-year free agent contract. The 6-foot-3 defender spent the last two seasons with the Vancouver Whitecaps, but did not have his contract option picked up for the 2019 season. The left-footed Shea is a former U.S. teammate of Carlos Bocanegra, Atlanta United's technical director. "We&apos...
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What’s in a Nickname? For the Current Canadiens, Not Much

Before a game against the Ottawa Senators on Dec. 4, the Montreal Canadiens, a.k.a. Les Habitants, skated out for the warm-up with nicknames on their nameplates. The jerseys were going to be auctioned off to support the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation, but surely a few more dollars could have been earned with more clever monikers. As is the modern way, most were simply adding –y or –er, maybe dropping the final syllable on the surname if they were feeling particularly clever. So captain...
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