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The Boss Can Kill The Customer Service Buzz | By Shep Hyken

Back in my high school and college days I worked at a gas station. We were a self-service station, so our role was that of cashier more than anything else.
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Customer Service Training Isn't What You Think it is | By Shep Hyken

Many companies have a great focus on providing an excellent or, as I like to call it, amazing customer service experience.
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The Problem Didn't Start When Your Customer Told You About It | By Shep Hyken

The phone rings. A customer service representative answers the phone and hears about a problem a customer is having. It may be the first time the company hears about this particular problem, but it isn’t when the problem occurred. It occurred before the customer called.
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The Employee Experience Starts with the Hiring Process | By Shep Hyken

Every company wants to have good employees. More importantly, they also want the right employees. There's a difference. The smartest person in the world may not end up being a good cultural fit for a company. Every company has a personality, and the people they hire must possess the right skills, character and behaviors to fit in. This differs from company to company, so what works for one may not work for another.
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Four Lessons From The Cult Of The Customer | By Shep Hyken

It's almost here… the updated and revised edition of The Cult of the Customer. If you're reading this article the week it's posted, then this is a sneak preview of a few of my favorite quotes from the book. Even if it's after the book comes out, it's not too late to "join" the Cult of the Customer—the cult you want to belong to!
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How To Transform The Customer Experience | By Shep Hyken

Want to engage and connect with your customers more effectively? Then listen to what Matt Gillin, the co-founder and CEO of Relay Network, has to say.
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The Cult of Amazement | By Shep Hyken

In the updated and revised edition of The Cult of the Customer, I cover the concept of amazement. This may be old news to my followers, but it is worth repeating. Amazement does not come from a WOW or over-the-top experience. Those happen on occasion, especially when problems are handled well. But on a day to day basis, amazement happens when you deliver experiences that are consistently and predictably above average. They could even be just a tiny little bit above average. What makes tha...
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The Worst Thing That Happens Is Your Customer Loves You | By Shep Hyken

What if the worst thing a customer ever said about you was, "I love you!"? Even on a bad day, you’re still so good that they love you! Are you that good? Do customers love you even when there’s a problem or complaint? Here are six ways to make customers love you no matter what!
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The Last Customer on Earth | By Shep Hyken

What if you only had one customer left to do business with? Maybe this was the last customer on earth? Norman Beck—my friend and faithful reader of The Shepard Letter—and I were talking about this idea and he shared another way of looking at it. In his words, "It's like the last gas station you'll see for miles as you enter the desert.
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Once Upon A Time In Businessland | By Shep Hyken

Today I share with you a fable. Once upon a time a great genie paid a short visit to the town of Businessland, where he happened upon three entrepreneurs, each of whom wanted to open an ice cream shop.The great genie offered to grant each of them a wish, but only if that wish would absolutely guarantee the success of their venture.
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Your Emergency Response Plan—Be Prepared | By Shep Hyken

One of our Shepard Letter subscribers, Tom Korff, wrote in with an important question: how should customer support agents handle callers who are threatening to harm themselves and/or others?
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Smile And The World Smiles With You - Unless It’s Fake | By Shep Hyken

One of our faithful Shepard Letter subscribers emailed me a story. He was at a store, and the employee was friendly and engaging. But when he saw her later—when she was off duty—she acted indifferent toward him, almost rude. She wouldn't even smile, which made him wonder, "Shouldn't people greet you as warmly outside of their work environment as they do while on the job?"
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New Year's Reflections: Celebrate Your Accomplishments | By Shep Hyken

I'm going to break away from my typical articles about customer service and experience and get personal. It's that time of year when we make New Year's resolutions that, while well-intentioned, we quickly fall short of and often forget in a very short time. Personal goals about working out and losing weight seem to be the most popular. Those resolutions can often be frustrating, especially if they become a pattern of failure that repeats year after year.
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Five Ways to Prepare for Being REALLY Busy | By Shep Hyken

If you're reading this article the day it comes out, it's Christmas Day. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other holiday around this time, you know that the holidays often bring a frantic level of busyness and even stress. Depending on where you work or the industry you're in, some of you get crazy busy during the holidays while others actually slow down.
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20 Ways To Create An Amazing Customer Service Experience In 2020 (Part Two) | By Shep Hyken

Last week, I shared ten ideas to drive a better customer experience in 2020. As promised, I'm back with ten more tips. If you haven't read part one yet, you can do so here. Or, you can see all these suggestions at once by reading my recent Forbes article. Without any further delay, here are ten more ways to create a better customer experience in 2020.
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What You Can Learn from Competitive Research to Improve B2B Content Marketing Performance

Pablo Picasso famously said: “Good artists borrow; great artists steal.”  Except that he probably didn’t come up with that zinger on his own. It’s been attributed to everyone from Mark Twain to TS Eliot.  Which proves the point: For memorable content, steal what you can and make it your own. Your content is competing for your buyers' attention. To make an impression, you have to be more informative, more entertaining, and more engaging than your competitors, both direct and indirect....
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Our Top B2B Content Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2020

Well, B2B marketers, it’s that time of year again. The holiday season is in full swing. The countdown to a new year and a new decade has begun. And of course, we’re all channeling our psychic powers, hoping to uncover what 2020 has in store so we can seize opportunities, prepare for challenges, and ultimately improve the effectiveness of our content marketing efforts.   2019 was a bonding year for elevating experiences, with many B2B marketers making significant investments in inter...
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When Things Aren’t Going Well, Will You Accept Blame? | By Shep Hyken

In a recent Shepard Letter, I wrote about the concept of giving recognition to the people who deserve it. Someone being recognized for what they bring to the organization is often overlooked. That's a shame. People need to be recognized for their contribution to the team's success. One of our faithful readers, Drew Smith, responded to the article and shared that he was reading a biography about the 34th President of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower, who was known for "pushing praise d...
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A Dramatic Change Doesn’t Have to Be a Traumatic Change | By Shep Hyken

The word dramatic is a great word. When you use it to describe changes you make to improve customer service, it has a positive meaning. It sounds like you're making big changes for the better. However, if you shorten the word to drama, it takes on an entirely different meaning—one that's negative. Merriam-Webster's definition for how the word is used in this context is that it is "a state, situation, or series of events involving interesting or intense conflict of forces."
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Give Recognition Where It’s Due | By Shep Hyken

There are some pretty important people in your organization, and I bet many of them don't know just how important they are. Most likely, they aren't getting the recognition they deserve.
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Bad Timing Or Bad Decision | By Shep Hyken

Recently, my wife and I went out to dinner. We planned to go to a movie afterward but couldn't decide what to see. Easy solution—we decided to go home and watch one of our favorite shows on Netflix. We arrived home, got comfortable, turned on the TV and… nothing. The TV went on, but there was no cable or Internet signal. There was an outage. Obviously, the cable company didn't do this on purpose. It was out of their control. Sometimes things happen. It was just bad timing.
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The Survey Shouldn’t Be the Last Thing the Customer Remembers About You | By Shep Hyken

I'm all for getting customer feedback. There are different ways to go about it. Ask customers on the way out of a store, call them on a phone or send follow-up surveys via email. I wrote about surveys a few years ago. The gist of that article was about getting more customers to fill out those surveys. Two areas were covered: timing (when the survey was sent) and length (how long it takes customers to complete). Without rehashing the entire article, timing is important. Don't wait two week...
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Showing Up On Time | By Shep Hyken

When I was a kid, my father taught me about being on time and why it is important. There were two times he gave me the "show up on time" lesson—neither of which I'll ever forget.
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The Customer Is Angry – And, It’s Not Your Fault | By Shep Hyken

Imagine this. The customer on the phone - or in person - is raging mad. You can hear it in their voice - or see it in their eyes. You brace yourself. You're ready to take the lashing this customer is about to give you. You know you personally did nothing to offend and upset this customer. But somebody did something, or something happened, that made this customer want to lash out at you. Then you find out…
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Being the Bearer of Bad News | By Shep Hyken

It's never fun to share bad news with a customer. Many people are scared to be the bearer of bad news. There are plenty of examples of bad news - an order didn't ship, something was damaged, a deadline is not going to be met, etc. It doesn't really matter what the bad news is; the key to managing the customer experience is how you deliver the bad news. This brings me to Dollar Shave Club, who had to share the news that they were raising their prices.
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Don’t Be Lazy – Go the Extra… Inch! | By Shep Hyken

The other night my wife and I met three other couples for dinner at a nice restaurant. The food was great, but the service ended on a sour note. Our server got lazy. His attitude toward the end of our experience reminded me that sometimes people don't do what is requested - or even expected - simply because they don't want to make the little extra effort to take care of their customers. Let me share what happened.
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Customer Service and CX Lessons from Three Iconic Brands | By Shep Hyken

I've talked and written about the differences between customer service and the customer experience, also known as CX. Customer service is typically what transpires between people throughout the buying process or when there is a problem. That's part of the customer experience, but there is much more to CX than service. It's the entire journey, from the moment a customer thinks about doing business to any and every interaction point, whether it's in person, on a digital channel, or with the...
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The Difference Between “Surprise and Delight” and Just “Delight” | By Shep Hyken

The concept behind surprise and delight is to surprise the customer with a level of experience that they weren't expecting. Obviously, it should be a positive experience. Otherwise, the concept would be called surprise and disappoint. Nobody wants that!
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Experiential Calluses Against Poor CX | By Shep Hyken

Last summer I played golf with a friend. At the end of the game, he had blisters. He didn't play very often, and the golf clubs rubbed his skin raw. My hands were just fine. I'm fortunate to play several times a month and over time I've built up calluses that prevent those nasty blisters. It's simple. The more a person plays, the thicker the calluses get, which immunizes people against blisters and pain.
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Leadership Sets the Tone of the Culture | By Shep Hyken

One of our Shepard Letter subscribers, who asked to remain anonymous, recently shared a story worth telling. To protect him from the backlash he's concerned about, we'll change his name to "protect the innocent," as the saying goes, just in case someone from his company reads this. So, we'll just refer to him as Bob.
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