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‘The Secret History of Hollywood’ Podcast is Becoming a Movie – Here’s Why This is Cool News

I stumbled across Adam Roche‘s The Secret History of Hollywood podcast back in 2017, and it quickly became one of my favorite podcasts of all time. Roche has explored different Hollywood figures over the course of multiple seasons, painting incredibly vivid pictures of people like Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, James Cagney, and more through highly entertaining, immersive narrative episodes which are all heavily researched and wonderfully performed. Roche writes, narrates, and produces each of t...
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‘Big Brother Canada’ Returns for Season 10 – Global Bulletin

In today’s Global Bulletin, “Big Brother Canada” sets 10th season; Francesco Totti soccer documentary wins Rotterdam award; DOK Leipzig returns to cinemas in October; Bavaria Fiction, WarnerMedia, Production Guild of Great Britain appoint key personnel; BAFTA Breakthrough U.S., U.K., open for applications; Hulu buys Red Arrow factual series package; and BFI restores vintage Sherlock Holmes […]
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Loki Review – Marvel Universe Bends Around Itself For Magic Buddy Cop Treat

It’s easy to understand why fans of the MCU are looking forward to Loki, but they may not be expecting what is essentially a throwback, slow-burn, “cops on the hunt” story dipped in slick future magic to facilitate the inherent curiosities of the sub-genre “detectives from different bureaus can’t stand each other, but have to work together.” “Loki is working as a detective in a film noir-esque adventure through a villain’s grand machinations in a future so distant it is basically the past aga...
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The Nerd's Watch: Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Streaming in June

Though movie theaters are starting to allow patrons these days, the safer option remains streaming. Those who choose to stay home and stream are constantly rewarded with so much new content it’s mind-boggling. At the start of each month, most streamers—Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, and HBO Max—do a little shuffle,…Read more...
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What's New on HBO Max in June 2021

The last movie I saw in theaters before the pandemic turned moviegoing into a hazy memory was Cats, the infamously wrong-headed adaptation of the inexplicably popular Broadway musical. That it was a late-night “rowdy” screening hosted by a popular bad movie podcast only made me feel a little less unclean. How…Read more...
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The Best TV Shows & Movies Coming to HBO Max in June 2021

June will bring a whole cluster of new titles to HBO Max, including two very big new movies – the latest entry in The Conjuring franchise, and the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical In the Heights. But that’s just for starters. Check out all the new TV shows and movies coming to HBO Max in June 2021 below. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It The latest entry in The Conjuring series, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, has paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and ...
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Henry Cavill Highlander Reboot in Development at Lionsgate

(Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage) There can be only one and apparently, Henry Cavill wants to be that one. According to a report from Deadline, Cavill (Man of Steel, The Witcher) is set to star in an upcoming reboot of Highlander that Lionsgate has in development. Cavill is said to be in talks for a lead role in the upcoming film. Details are sparse, so it’s not known if Cavill will play a new character or a version of an already established Highlander character. RELATED: Netflix’s The Witcher S...
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HBO Max June 2021 Schedule: Movies and TV Titles Revealed

The full lineup for new movie and TV titles coming to HBO Max this March 2021 has been unveiled which you can check out below, along with the titles leaving the streaming service next month. This includes the series debut of new HBO Max original titled Starstruck, which follows a 20-something millennial in London, juggling two dead-end jobs and navigating the awkward morning-after when she discovers the complications of accidentally sleeping with a movie star. Next month will also see the world...
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ZDF Enterprises Acquires ’Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles’ (EXCLUSIVE)

With over 250 screen adaptations featuring Sherlock Holmes, the fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of the most famous characters to have graced a screen. But few of those adaptations have come from non-English speaking countries. In the new Russian TV series, “Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles,” which transfers Sherlock Holmes to […]
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‘Enola Holmes 2’ is Coming to Netflix, With Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and More Returning

Enola Holmes is back on the case at Netflix. Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things, Godzilla vs. Kong) is returning to reprise the titular role in Enola Holmes 2, a follow-up movie that’s heading to the streaming service. Writer Jack Thorne (His Dark Materials), director Harry Bradbeer (Fleabag), and actor Henry Cavill are all coming back as well, with Cavill reprising his role as Sherlock Holmes, the master detective and older brother to Brown’s Enola. The sequel is afoot! The adventure cont...
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Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill Return for ‘Enola Holmes’ Sequel on Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown is ready to solve more mysteries as teenage super-sleuth Enola Holmes in a sequel to last year’s hit Netflix film. Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Enola’s big brother Sherlock Holmes in the new adventure, which puts a dynamic female twist on the world’s greatest detective and his brilliant family. Director […]
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Millie Bobby Brown & Henry Cavill to Reprise Roles in Enola Holmes Sequel

Netflix has announced that Enola Holmes stars Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) and Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, The Witcher) will be reprising their roles as Enola and Sherlock Holmes in the newly announced sequel that is being developed and produced by Legendary in partnership with Netflix after the streamer acquired the worldwide rights to the first feature from Legendary last year. Emmy and BAFTA-winner Harry Bradbeer (Fleabag, Killing Eve, Ramy) will return to direct the sequel. BAFTA an...
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Noomi Rapace, Nicholas Pinnock Join Matthias Schoenaerts in ‘Django,’ From Sky and Canal Plus (EXCLUSIVE)

Noomi Rapace and Nicholas Pinnock are joining Matthias Schoenaerts in the star cast of “Django,” an English-language reimagining of Sergio Corbucci’s classic 1966 Western. Set in the Wild West of the 1860s and ’70s, the project marks one of the biggest high-end European series of 2021. Star of “Prometheus,” “Sherlock Holmes” and “What Happened to […]
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The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes

The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes is short, silly fun. It’s got almost 30 stories in about 90 pages, and as you can see from the math, most are only two or three pages. Some involve Holmes being surprised or not exactly distinguishing himself in deduction, but the jokes around settings and details of life in his times are amusing. Guest stars include Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, and Irene Norton. Holmes solves mysteries involving the queen’s dogs, a missing ambassador, [...]
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wrong epub name :(

Hi :) In Calibre I have organized: Author: Conan Doyle Arthur Title: Sherlock Holmes. All the novels and all the short stories but when I look in the folder containing the epub file it is called: Sherlock Holmes. All the novels and al - Conan Doyle Arthur What I must do for have my epub named in "artist - title", for example: Conan Doyle Arthur - Sherlock Holmes. All the novels and all the short stories Thanks :)
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A Curious Collection of Dates: Through the Year With Sherlock Holmes

I’ve greatly enjoyed reading A Curious Collection of Dates: Through the Year With Sherlock Holmes, one day at a time. It’s an almanac, where every day of the year has one or more entries related to Sherlock Holmes. Some are capsule biographies of people who’ve played Holmes, or John Watson, or a Moriarty, noted on their birthdays. Or those who were significant to the publishing of the Canon. Some are dates from the Arthur Conan Doyle stories when cases began [...]
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Femme Friday: Celebrating the Women in the Sherlock Holmes Canon and Transformative Works

The Baker Street Babes, a group of women who are Sherlock Holmes fans, put out this short essay collection in 2017, the last year the BBC Sherlock TV show aired. It’s a terrific idea. Typical of his time, Arthur Conan Doyle didn’t always pay a lot of attention to the women in his Sherlock Holmes stories. Of course, there’s Irene Adler, who’s been given too much attention over the years. The first essay here is about her, and it smartly [...]
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76 years of thank yous to a mom named McCarthy

Marie McCarthy holding her grandchild, Nathan Wells. (Photo courtesy Dennis McCarthy) Happy 76th Mother’s Day, mom. I’ll get a trombone, and we’ll have a parade. You deserve one, putting up with me all these years. You’re 94, going on 80. All the nurses at Kaiser think I’m your husband when I take you in for your medical appointments. That’s a compliment to you, mom, or else I’m not aging as gracefully as I thought. You were 16, just starting your senior year in high school, when you had to d...
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Charlie Milverton and Other Sherlock Holmes Stories

If you’d like to read five classic Arthur Conan Doyle mystery stories, modernized in tawdry, tabloid fashion, Charlie Milverton and Other Sherlock Holmes Stories by Charlotte Anne Walters is the book for you. For me, it was an excellent piece of evidence that putting a present-day Holmes story in print doesn’t automatically make it better than the free fic you can read on AO3. In fact, I would have enjoyed this more online, as there I would have been more [...]
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Netflix cancels The Irregulars after one series – and fans are not happy about it

Netflix's supernatural Sherlock Holmes drama, The Irregulars, has been cancelled after...
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Netflix Cancels Detective Drama The Irregulars After One Season

Netflix has canceled the detective drama series The Irregulars after just one season, according to a recent report from Deadline.  The series was based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and produced by Drama Republic, the company behind other projects like Doctor Foster and Black Earth Rising.  RELATED: The Last Letter From Your Lover Trailers Tease Netflix’s Romantic Drama The series, which premiered just this year on March 26, followed the adventures of a gang of troubled street teens ...
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Starz May 2021 Movie & TV Titles Arriving and Leaving

The full list of May 2021 movies and TV titles that will be available for streaming on the Starz App has been released (via Vital Thrills), which you can now view below, along with the titles that are set to leave from the streaming service this month. The includes the arrival of Steven Soderbergh’s Starz original series The Girlfriend Experience Season 3, as well as the series debut of Leigh Davenport’s new comedy series, Run the World. This month will also see the U.S. debut of Allan Cubitt’s...
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Wir müssen über Kaz Brekker & Be_hinderung in Shadow and Bone sprechen

SHADOW AND BONE (L to R) KIT YOUNG as JESPER FAHEY, FREDDY CARTER as KAZ BREKKER and AMITA SUMAN as INEJ GHAFA in SHADOW AND BONE Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2021 Jerusalem-born, American writer Leigh Bardugo, pictured at the Edinburgh International Book Festival where she talked about her forthcoming series of books entitled ‘The Grisha Trilogy’. The three-week event is the world’s biggest literary festival and is held during the annual Edinburgh Festival. The 2014 event featured talks ...
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‘Wrath of Man’ Red Band Trailer: Jason Statham is Out For Bloody Revenge

Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie are together again for Wrath of Man. But this doesn’t look like the scrappy British crime thrillers they used to make together. Instead, this looks a bit more…generic? But also very violent, so hey, that’s bound to appeal to someone. Statham plays a newly-hired cash truck security guard who seems to be extremely good at murdering people, much to the shock of his new co-workers. Watch the Wrath of Man red band trailer below. Wrath of Man Trailer When I was a...
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Over My Dead Body

Over My Dead Body by Dave Warner has an irresistible concept (at least for me): what if Sherlock Holmes was frozen in his plunge over the Reichenbach Falls and woken in the current day? And what if he wound up working with a female descendent of Dr. Watson? It’s not an original idea, of course — there are at least two TV movies with the same premise. (The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1987) also uses cryogenics; the better Sherlock Holmes [...]
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The Best Movies Leaving HBO Max in May 2021

May is just around the corner, which means a slew of movies are set to leave HBO Max to make room for the new. From All About My Mother to All the President’s Men, there are handful of classics that are due to leave the streaming service, which means you have a limited time to watch them before they vanish into the ether forever (just kidding, they’ll probably make their way onto another platform soon). Still, can’t hurt to be sure. Here are the best movies leaving HBO Max in May 2021. All...
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What's New on HBO Max in May 2021

Last summer, director Christopher Nolan had the hubris to think that Tenet was a movie people would risk their lives to see. The first major blockbuster to open in theaters following the start of the pandemic, it was also... the last major blockbuster to open in theaters, after it kinda bombed. But this month it is…Read more...
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33 Movies and TV Shows That Are Basically 'Competence Porn'

A wise man once said, “I love it when a plan comes together.” And we do too—especially when we’re watching a movie.Read more...
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HBO Max May 2021 | Movies and Shows That Are Coming & Going

HBO has announced its slate for new additions to HBO Max in May, meaning that we are indeed almost halfway through 2021. Help yourself come to peace with that fact with new original programming like Adventure Time: Distant Lands – Together Again, The Big Shot with Bethenny, and Hacks, all coming to the service next month. RELATED: Angelina Jolie’s Those Who Wish Me Dead Unleashes Intense Trailer May will also mark the premiere of Those Who Wish Me Dead as a same-day premiere on HBO Max and in t...
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Your Weekend Justice #292: Getting Vaccinated in a Fictional Town

Photo by Andrew Coop on Unsplash. Cropped. That’s because when you combine them and wind them up all, they open a gateway to hell. – Madman This episode was recorded March 30, 2021. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. And since nobody involved is innocent, no names were changed. Agenda: Fucking with Widge’s head about audio qualityBragging about screensHow to record podcasts on a budgetZoom and paranoiaPost-jab recoveryRacism, focused like chiHow to get ...
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