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Her first month on the job, she had to oversee a 30% layoff. Now, Tile's VP of People thinks she's cracked the secret of building company culture even in the hard times.

Lissa Minkin joined hardware company Tile in January 2018 after a disappointing holiday season that left the company scrambling financially. Her first order of business as the new VP of People and Workplace was to fire 30% of the startup's staff. As an HR veteran with experience at Facebook and eBay, Minkin then set out to rebuild trust among Tile's remaining employees and improve the company's culture. In a conversation with Business Insider, Minkin said the biggest mistake founders make onc...

Mark Zuckerberg Dismisses Calls To Break Up Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday rebuffed calls for the company to be broken up over competition concerns, disputing claims the firm has grown too dominant. From a report: During a call with reporters, Zuckerberg was pressed to address recent calls from Democratic officials and one Facebook co-founder for federal regulators to force the company to spin off WhatsApp and Instagram, previously acquired in two blockbuster deals. "I think it kind of almost goes without saying that we exist in...
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After selling his company for $6.5 billion and doing 40 angel investments, Ross Mason is joining an unusual quant-like VC firm

MuleSoft founder Ross Mason has joined an unusual venture fund called SignalFire. SignalFire wants to change the VC industry with quant-like data. Salesforce bought MuleSoft for $6.5 billion a year ago. Mason has been an investor in SignalFire for four years, he tells Business Insider, and it helped him with his 40 angel investments. SignalFire's founder tells us that when he first tried to raise funds for his new vision of a VC fund, he was laughed at and called crazy, but now he has $1 billi...
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Facebook found hosting masses of far right EU disinformation networks

A multi-month hunt for political disinformation spreading on Facebook in Europe suggests there are concerted efforts to use the platform to spread bogus far right propaganda to millions of voters ahead of a key EU vote which kicks off tomorrow. Following the independent investigation, Facebook has taken down a total of 77 pages and 230 accounts from Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain and Poland — which had been followed by an estimated 32 million people and generated 67 million ‘interactions’ ...
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You'll Never Guess What Sheryl Sandberg Thinks About This Whole 'Break Up Facebook' Thing

With calls for breaking up Facebook now winning support from multiple 2020 presidential candidates, including Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, it’s getting hard for the social media giant’s leadership to hide from the growing chorus of voices throwing their weight behind the cause. Read more...
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Sheryl Sandberg says 60% of male managers are afraid to have a one-on-one meeting with a female employee (FB)

Female employees are now facing a new threat to their careers in the post #metoo era. Their male bosses are avoiding 1:1 time with them, for fear of how being alone with a woman will look. This is based on new research released by Sheryl Sandberg's LeanIn organization which finds that " 60% of male managers in the United States are afraid to do a one-on-one activity, and that the number of men that feel that way is on the rise since last year. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more storie...
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Advertisers are grappling for alternatives as Facebook plans to roll out a 'clear history' tool that could limit one of its most powerful targeting tools

Facebook has begun preparing advertisers for its plan for a "clear history" tool that lets people clear their Facebook history, which will limit one of advertisers' most powerful targeting tools. The "clear history" tool comes amid growing demand for privacy online and scrutiny of how ad tech companies collect and use data on users. There are still a lot of unknowns about how the tool will work and how widely it'll be used, but advertisers are starting to seek out alternative targeting tactics...
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Sheryl Sandberg revealed a new argument to stop regulators from breaking up Facebook (FB)

Facebook's chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, says the company is working hard with regulators worldwide to create new rules to regulate internet companies such as it. And she has a new argument as to why regulators shouldn't break up Facebook. The argument goes like this: Even if we broke up Facebook, there would still be big, powerful Chinese companies that weren't subject to a breakup. It's a red-herring argument for sure, but it gives insight into the types of conversations Facebook...
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Sheryl Sandberg revealed the new scare-tactic Facebook is using to stop regulators from breaking up Facebook (FB)

Sheryl Sandberg says the company is working hard with regulators worldwide to create new rules to regulate internet companies including Facebook. And she's got a new argument as to why regulators shouldn't break up Facebook. The argument goes like this: even if we broke up Facebook there would still be big, powerful Chinese companies, not being subject to a break up. It's a red herring argument for sure, but gives insight into the types of conversations Facebook is having with regulators as it...
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Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg: Chinese Tech Companies Are Also Powerful, and Will Not Be Broken Up

Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg sat down for an interview with CNBC calling for regulation for American companies but pushing against the idea of breaking up the social media company. From a report: "You could break us up, you could break other tech companies up, but you actually don't address the underlying issues people are concerned about," Sandberg said. "While people are concerned with the size and power of tech companies, there's also a concern in the United States with ...
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Facebook is overrun with fake accounts impersonating tech execs like Tim Cook, Elon Musk, and Sundar Pichai (FB, GOOG)

Facebook is overrun with fake accounts pretending to be famous technology industry executives. The fraudulent accounts are purporting to be everyone from Tesla CEO Elon Musk to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The existence of the accounts raise questions about Facebook's ability to police its app for malicious behaviour. Last year, Facebook was criticised over fake accounts of CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Those have been banned — but these still remain. Visit...
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Everything we know about what's going on inside of Facebook right now (FB)

Facebook has had a tumultuous few years.  There have been bright spots, like the growth of Instagram, and big new initiatives, like its pivot to privacy. There have also been plenty of challenges, with calls to break the company up, and investors at one stage wondering if COO Sheryl Sandberg might leave the company.  Business Insider has covered all of the drama, and has pulled together all of our recent reporting on what's going on inside of Facebook below. You can read it all by subscribing...
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Facebook Live Violations: One Strike and You’re Out

Chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg promised tighter restrictions on Facebook Live in late March, in reaction to the spreading of videos of the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, earlier that month. The social network took steps to make good on that promise this week. Vice president of integrity Guy Rosen said in a Newsroom...
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People pushing to break up Facebook are overlooking one problem: It could bring back 'growth hacking'

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes wants to split Facebook into three companies: Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. He thinks that's the best way to protect users and democracy. But it might be easier to regulate one giant company instead of a handful. The competition caused by splitting up Facebook might also return social networks to "growth hacking" and other sins from social media's early days. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Last week, Facebook's first spokesperson, Chri...
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Scaling The Maternal Wall: Why Do We Still Underestimate Working Mothers?

I was standing at Cipriani’s in New York celebrating another year with my law firm and talking with a brilliant colleague who had just been elected to the firm’s partnership. It was 2006. Over celebratory clinking of glasses, my newly-minted-partner friend whispered to me that she was pregnant with her first child, followed with a quip about how she had timed it perfectly because her partnership was now secure. I was a motherless 26-year-old and this was the first time that I was privy to the r...
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Blame Canada! Zuckerberg subpoenaed to face Cambridge Anal. probe from Canucks

Parliament also wants a word with Sheryl Sandberg The Canadian parliament says it plans to subpoena Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg as part of a probe into Cambridge Analytica's shenanigans.…
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Facebook exec meets with U.S. lawmakers to discuss privacy

With a multibillion-dollar settlement looming for Facebook over user privacy violations, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg was meeting with U.S. lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Tuesday to discuss legislation to protect users of the social network, officials said.
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Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Meets With Senators Ahead of U.S. Fine

Sandberg is in Washington for long-planned meetings on the Hill and with civil rights groups, and isn’t discussing the company’s pending privacy settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, according to a Facebook spokesperson. Sandberg met with Republican Senator Roger Wicker from Mississippi, who chairs the Senate Commerce Committee.
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Facebook executive meeting with lawmakers ahead of FTC settlement

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg was meeting with U.S. lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Tuesday ahead of an expected settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, a spokesman for Senator Jerry Moran said.
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Facebook exec meeting with lawmakers ahead of FTC settlement

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg is meeting with U.S. lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Tuesday ahead of an expected settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a spokesman for Senator Jerry Moran said.
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Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Meets With Senators Ahead of U.S. Fine

Sandberg met with Republican Senator Roger Wicker from Mississippi, who chairs the Senate Commerce Committee. Wicker said in an interview that they discussed the committee’s effort to draft federal privacy legislation. The Facebook executive is also set to meet with Republican Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas, said one person familiar with the meetings.
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How to Exist: 20 Years of NewMusicBox

Forgive me if I begin this look back at twenty years of NewMusicBox and its times by opening a different, older, but resolutely print magazine. In October 2000, about 18 months after NMBx’s founding, The Wire, the UK-based magazine for new and exploratory music, reached a milestone of its own: issue number 200. It marked the occasion with a directory of 200 “essential websites”: sites for record labels, venues, artists, discussion groups, and more. Nearly two decades later, the idea of trying to...
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Facebook's 2019 first-quarter earnings call (FB)

Editor's note: The following is a transcript from Facebook's first-quarter earnings call. The translation was provided by Facebook.   Operator Good afternoon. My name is Mike and I will be your conference operator today. At this time I would like to welcome everyone to the Facebook first quarter 2019 Earnings Call. All lines have been placed on mute to prevent any background noise. After the speakers' remarks, there will be a question and answer session. If you would like to ask a question dur...
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Facebook’s Snapchat Clones Have 500M Users Each

First introduced on Instagram in August 2016, the Stories format was heavily “inspired” by one of Snapchat’s most popular features and gradually found its way to all of Facebook’s social media and messaging apps. All of Facebook’s stories features, i.e. Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status (which might as well have been named Stories too) and Facebook Stories have surpassed Snapchat in terms of daily active users by now, regardless of whose idea it originally was. The ongoing shift towards stor...
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A feature Facebook stole directly from Snapchat now has more than twice as many users as Snapchat (SNAP, FB)

Facebook Stories has accrued over 500 million daily active users, COO Sheryl Sandberg revealed during the company's earnings call on Wednesday. Facebook launched Stories, which many viewed as a copy of Snapchat's story function, two years ago. Mark Zuckerberg said that Instagram and WhatsApp also command more than 500 million Stories users each. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Facebook Stories, whose striking resemblance to Snapchat stories raised eyebrows when it was laun...
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You might hate it, but Facebook Stories now has 500M users

You might think it’s redundant with Instagram Stories, or just don’t want to see high school friends’ boring lives, but ephemeral Snapchat-style Stories now have 500 million daily users across Facebook and Messenger. WhatsApp’s Stories feature Status has 500 million dailies too, and Instagram hit that milestone three months ago. That’s impressive because it means one-third of Facebook’s 1.56 billion daily users are posting or watching Stories each day, up from zero when Facebook launched t...
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Sick and Tired of Other Businesses Disrupting Your Industry? Read This

Disruption in your industry has become a sure thing. And it poses a dangerous threat to your company. Because historically, the most successful disruptors come from outside the industry. Think Uber for car services and Netflix for at-home movies. So how can you become the next disruptor, instead? Make sure your competition doesn’t beat you there. How to be a Disruptor On this week’s Small Business Radio Show, we’ll hear from Mike Maddock. Maddock founded innovation consultancy Maddock Douglas...
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Facebook Rolled Out a Tributes Section for Memorialized Accounts

The Tributes section for memorialized accounts that Facebook initially discussed in March made its official debut last week, and legacy contacts gained additional controls. Since February 2014, Facebook has been leaving the privacy settings on memorialized accounts unchanged from how deceased users left them. Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said in a Newsroom post...
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How Did Tech Billionaires’ Favorite Dem Become Bernie Sanders’ Co-Chair?

A few weeks before Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) launched his presidential campaign, he and Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) went out for what Khanna thought was going to be a late lunch focused on policy strategy. Over plates of greasy Chinese food, Khanna and Sanders talked about how technology and artificial intelligence are disrupting the economy and driving income inequality, how to help workers affected by those changes, their shared push to end U.S. involvement in the Yemen civil war, and Sanders’ br...
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An insider's view of Facebook's 15 months in hell: my take

Following up on Xeni's post from earlier today: For their 12,000-word, beautifully reported story on how Facebook's top executives coped with 15 months of mounting crises, Wired's Nicholas Thompson and Fred Vogelstein spoke with 65 current and former insider sources, producing a gripping account of how the people who built the worst thing to ever happen to the web coped when the world woke up one day and figured this all out. It's a portrait of a company that can't escape its DNA, a company...
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