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Megalodon babies ate their shark siblings in the womb, leading them to be the size of adult humans at birth

A prehistoric megalodon alongside a great white shark. Victor Habbick Visions/Science Photo Library/Getty Megalodons were more than 6.5 feet long at birth. As adults, the huge, prehistoric sharks reached lengths of 50 feet and had . That's far bigger than any other meat-eating shark, living or extinct.  A new study suggests the sharks grew to such large sizes because megalodon babies ate each other in the womb. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A megalodon's .The prehis...
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Megalodons may have grown to the size of school buses by eating their shark siblings in the womb, new research suggests

An illustration of a megalodon. Shutterstock Megalodons — huge, prehistoric sharks — reached lengths of 50 feet, with . The predators are super-sized compared to other sharks, both living and extinct. But how megalodons achieved that massive size is a mystery. A new study suggests the sharks' size could be explained in part by the fact that they ate each other in the womb. Scientists aren't sure how megalodons hunted, but a decline in prey and an increase in competitors may have caused thei...
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Yea or Nay: Would You Want to Live in a House with No Conventional Storeys, But 16 Micro-Levels?

Dezeen has been following the work of Japanese architect Yo Shimada, and his penchant for multi-level interior construction, for quite some time. Shimada's Kobe-based firm, Tato Architects, made a splash in 2013 with their House in Itami, which features an interior composed of multiple differing-height platforms, often using furniture to double as stairs between levels, like this:House in Itami House in Itami Their subsequent House in Miyamoto took the concept even further, essentially going ope...
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This guy’s Halloween costume is a working DSLR camera

I thought that I can’t think of a better Halloween costume for a photographer than a huge camera. But Yohei Shimada took it to a higher level: his Halloween costume is a working Canon DSLR that takes actual photos. Shimada goes by name @cameraaman on Twitter, where he shared a couple of photo of his […] The post This guy’s Halloween costume is a working DSLR camera appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Trump Hosts Japan’s Abe At Mar-a-Lago Amid Strain Over North Korea, Tariffs

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — President Donald Trump will play host to Japan’s Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago this week amid growing strain between the two countries over the president’s planned meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and his push for new tariffs. The visit will be an opportunity for the two leaders to discuss Trump’s upcoming summit with North Korea, which Japan eyes warily. It will also serve as a test of whether the fond personal relationship the two leaders have forged on th...
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Dw. Dunphy On…The Bushido Truth Of The Last Jedi

Spoiler Alert: This article reveals plot points of movies that are more than three months old. Go walk the dog or something. Get some fresh air. bu·shi·do ( ˈbo͞oSHēˌ dō) – A Japanese collective term for the many codes of honour and ideals that dictated the samurai way of life, loosely analogous to the concept of chivalry in Europe. The “way” originates from the samurai moral values, most commonly stressing some combination of sincerity, frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery, and hono...
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Forget decluttering; here is a house designed around stuff and more stuff

You Shimada designs a house for a family that believes if you've got it, flaunt it.
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Vogue Celebrates Diversity With Karlie Kloss In Yellowface

American Vogue’s March issue ― with its cover featuring a cast of multiracial and body-positive models ― was supposed to be a celebration of diversity and inclusion, according to a blog post promoting it. But photos apparently leaked from the issue allude to quite the opposite, and have a lot of people wondering: This, again? The problematic photos, which found their way to the internet Tuesday, show supermodel Karlie Kloss dressed as a Japanese geisha posing throughout Japan’s Ise-Shima Nation...
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Simplifying the complex design of 3-D printed jewelry

Do-it-yourself jewelry design can bring to mind visions of failed pony bead necklaces or braided friendship bracelets. So when it comes to fashionable jewelry, is it better to leave the design to the professionals? Ask Carnegie Mellon University's Professor of Mechanical Engineering Kenji Shimada, and the answer will certainly be "not anymore." Shimada's group has put the power of sophisticated jewelry design directly into the hands of the consumer with a tool that can be used to easily design a...
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Toxic algae blooming in warm water from California to Alaska

Shimada collected during its survey this summer off the West Coast.
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