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「Visual Anthropology of Japan: Neighborhood Fall Festival」Presentation at AJJ 2019 Spring Workshop @ Minpaku

Anthropology of Japan in Japan 2019 Spring Workshop April 20-21, 2019 The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku), Suita City, Osaka See schedule below for other presentations. 「Visual Anthropology of Japan: Neighborhood Fall Festival」 Sunday, April 21, 2019 14:30, Conference Room 6 Abstract: For over fifteen years, I have been living in Shirogaki-cho in Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture, a small bedroom community conveniently located between a...
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"The Haunting Beauty of the Reconsecration of Shinto Shrines"

Photographer Yukihito Masuura spent more than a decade documenting rituals that connect past and present.BY JESSICA LEIGH HESTER APRIL 05, 2019 Source: [Author: [email protected] (visual gonthros)]
Tags: Photography, Anthropology, Photo Essay, Shinto, Jessica Leigh Hester, Shinto Shrine, Yukihito Masuura

Photos of the perfect day in Tokyo

On an early fall trip to Tokyo, Japan, we spent the day exploring the city’s temples, Tokyo’s old and new fish markets, and hidden neighborhoods. We learned about Japan’s famous beckoning cat, studied the art of sushi-making, saw the busiest intersection in the world, and explored streets jam-packed with tiny bars. Here are some of the best images from that trip to inspire the perfect day in Japan’s capital. 1 Like small windows into the past, preserved ...
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6 Days 5 Nights Hokkaido Sapporo Sakura Itinerary Day 3

6 Days 5 Nights Hokkaido Sapporo Sakura Itinerary Day 3 This is the 6 Days 5 Nights Hokkaido Sapporo Sakura Itinerary Day 3. It will be Sapporo all the way until the last day in Chitose. ( = || []).push({}); For those who are planning to visit Sapporo Hokkaido for Sakura, you probably want to go through our entire itinerary. We try to cover as many places as possible in Sapporo during this trip and we do have plans to visit Hokkaido again in the future...
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Lucky Star Shrine Gate Collapses

The iconic torii gate at the Washinomiya shrine, made famous by its appearances in Lucky Star, has tragically collapsed after many years of service. The torii gate at anime pilgrimage site Washinomiya shrine collapsed 45 years after being rebuilt. The Washinomiya shrine, built during the Meiji period, is the one of the oldest in the […]
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Ghibli Shrine To Be Turned Into Parking Lot

Only a week after the death of Isao Takahata, it has been discovered that the tanuki shrine featured in his film Pom Poko may be torn down and turned into a parking lot. The Kincho Shrine in the city of Tokushima, on the southern island of Shikoku, has long been linked to tanuki; however, it […]
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Fury at “Impure” First Aid Women Being Hounded From Sumo Ring

Women who defiled the dohyo with their attempts to provide first aid to a stricken man were hounded out of the ring by sumo officials, only for the hounds of the Internet to converge on them in digust, prompting a variety of apologies. During a regional sumo exhibition held on April 4th in Maizuru’s Culture […]
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Remains of the 2018 Kayashima Shrine Tondo Festival

Kayashima Shrine (萱島神社) conducted its Tondo Festival (とんど祭り) on January 15, to coincide with ko-shogatsu (小正月), or "small new year" - ko-shogatsu is a holdover from the time when Japan used a lunar calendar. This festival has many names (Dondo yaki - どんど焼き - is a common name but there are many others) and local variations. At the Tondo festival, shimekazari (a traditional New Years decoration hanged at the entrance to a house), omamori (good luck charms), ofuda (talisman), ema (votive tablets)...
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Japan Ushers In 2018 With Anime Ita-Ema

The ema devotional offering made at the Kanda shrine in Tokyo have once again featured an overwhelming variety of otaku-related art, just the thing to assure an auspicious start to the year of the dog. The mountains of anime-decorated ema:
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Happy New Year 2018 from「Visual Anthropology of Japan」

These first 4 shots are from my local Shinto shrine a few minutes after midnight; it was packed with neighbors ringing in the new year, offering their new year's prayers, discarding old amulets, buying new amulets, getting a sip of sacred sake and exchanging greetings. This year the omiki was served in paper cups rather than the usual choko - another reminder of how culture and traditions change to make things more convenient... I visited the shrine again in the afternoon on New Year's ...
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Three Killed in Shrine Succession Stabbing

A feud over who would succeed the Tomioka Hachimangu shrine has led to three being murdered, after which the murderer killed himself for good measure. The brother of the shrine’s 58-year-old chief priestess was identified as the murderer; the brother…
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DMM’s Yashiro ni Hoheto Cancelled

DMM has announced that their shrine anthropomorphization game Yashiro ni Hoheto has been cancelled, a result of them apparently being unable to provide a level of service they deem acceptable, though naturally many are suspecting the game’s previous controversy or…
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Yashiro ni Hoheto “An Insult to Shinto!”

Some Shinto devotees are apparently unhappy with DMM’s latest anthropomorphism title “Yashiro ni Hoheto”, bemoaning its shrines-as-anime-cuties theme as a religious affront of some sort or another. The game transforms real world Shinto shrines into stylishly dressed Miko-girls that players…
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Kanamara Matsuri 2017 Bigger Than Ever

The 2017 edition of the Kanamara Matsuri has seen giant phalluses once again be carried through the streets of Kawasaki in a somewhat suspect act of Shinto reverence, garnering more and more attendees with every passing year due to its…
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Kamomioya Shrine More Radiant Than Ever

A collaborative nighttime event between TeamLab and the Kamomioya Shrine in Kyoto has welcomed participants to a dazzling light show of sorts spread out amongst the shrine’s nearby Tadasu no Mori forest, a beautiful sight to behold that may even…
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G7 summit: Obama, Abe, Cameron among world leaders in Japan – live

Live coverage as group of seven convenes at Ise-Shima, with global economy, terrorism, refugee crisis and South China Sea high on agenda 2.00am BST Talks between the seven leaders begin after the visit to the shrine, over lunch at the Shima Kanko hotel.This afternoon they will watch a demonstration of driverless and fuel-cell vehicles. 1.49am BST The agenda for Thursday begins with all seven leaders visiting the Ise Jingu shrine; that will be around 11am local time (just over an hour fro...
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