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Learn how you can develop in-demand DevOps skills with the help of this training

DevOps moves so fast they had to mash two words together into the job title so they could be said faster. It's a process of lightning-fast experimentation and iteration. Try something, see if it works, optimize it, and move forward. It's a constantly charging sequence of events that requires more than just the development talent…
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Book a live cooking class with 84-year-old Italian grandma and pasta expert Nonna Nerina 

In our new reality, you've undoubtedly been looking for fun and inventive new ways to enjoy an evening. So if you're not exactly feeling comfortable spending a night out at your favorite Italian restaurant right now, why not have an inspired date night or host a small gathering of social distanced friends while an 84-year-old…
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Knife Aid's sharpening by mail service will feel like you bought a new set of knives

If you've been hacking away at meat or vegetables with blunted kitchen knives, annoyed that they're so dull that it's starting to feel more like tenderizing than slicing, you should probably stop. Dull knives are more than just a nuisance. They aren't safe. The worn-down edge of your blade requires more force from you to…
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MATLAB is computer science for legit scientists, but you can learn it too with this training

If you've never heard of MATLAB or think it sounds vaguely like certain TV shows from the '80s, you'd be forgiven. Because even in a tech sector chock full of intricate, complex programs and systems that routinely leave lay people scratching their heads, MATLAB is science tech for the serious, SERIOUS scientists. Since its humble…
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These super-soft bamboo sheets now have a secret weapon: pockets

Every once in a while, you stumble across a new twist on an old idea and ponder, "Why didn't I think of that?" It's often a concept so simple that it feels like it's been staring you in the face your whole life. It's that sense of "duh" that the Bamboo 6-Piece Smart Pocket Sheets…
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FogBlock solves the glasses-mask problem with a single spray

Glasses can be difficult at any time, but with a mask on, it seems like you can't go more than a few seconds without an errant exhale blowing up into your face, fogging your glasses entirely. The only upside is the tiny bit of sweet revenge against everyone who called you four-eyes when they try…
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These home massagers will get your feet, back, neck and the rest of you loose and pain-free

In our constantly evolving "new normal," there's often no need to wait for Black Friday to find some fantastic retail deals. Lots of companies need your cash now, so they're dropping some big discounts to entice you to buy. That means great things coming your way from offers like the current Boing Boing Three-Day VIP…
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These 10 fan-favorite gadgets are not only back…they're on sale for an extra 20% off

One fun part of being knee-deep in the giant Boing Boing Store Three-Day VIP Annual Sale is that it's a perfect opportunity for a few old favorites to make a triumphant return. And the fact that each of these 10 fan-favorite gadgets is now also an extra 20 percent off should be incentive enough for…
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These 10 awesome upgrades for your car are all now an extra 20% off

With all this sticking close to home the past six months, let's face it — your vehicle is probably feeling…well, a little neglected. Hey, with all that time sitting around in the garage, yearning to get out and go…we get it. The Boing Boing Store's Three-Day VIP Annual Sale is a great opportunity to show… Read More
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This leather-adorned 3-in-1 wireless charging station will keep your Apple products eternally juiced

With more and more of our everyday carry items needing a steady supply of power, it's worth considering some easy daily solutions for keeping all of those devices charged up at a moment's notice. If you're an Apple acolyte, that could mean you've got an iPhone, AirPods and an Apple Watch on you at virtually… Read More
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This 1080p pocket-sized projector may just be your new media hub at home or on the road

Pocket-sized projectors have really grown up in the last few years. Previously under-powered and under-resourced, manufacturers have upped the game on these handheld projectors, with many now offering brighter, clearer images, increased functionality and connectivity as well as the ability to effectively become a portable home media center. And with movie theaters still mired in… Read More
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These 20 apps are on sale at Cyber Monday prices right now for an extra 40% off

We know you've had plenty on your mind the last few months, but…have you thought about your holiday shopping yet? Yeah, probably not. With everything going on, it's probably easy to forget that even though the holidays are bound to look a lot different this year, the shopping will still need to happen regardless. With… Read More
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Save an additional 60% off these best-selling online training courses and bundles

Learning never stops. Not if you're doing it right, anyway. Whether you're trying to add to your professional resume or just pick up a new skill or two to tinker with on the side, there's undoubtedly an online learning package to help you achieve your mission. And you shouldn't have to pay a lot of… Read More
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Here are 20 fun, cool, mind-expanding DIY projects that are all on sale at Cyber Monday prices

With everything going on in the world right now, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of it all. With some many forces threatening to cast a shadow over you, your family and your day-to-day life, sometimes it pays to just take a short step back from it. Rather than letting world events… Read More
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Air purifiers are selling out on Amazon but we found 10 great options that are all on sale

It's a toss-up over which harmful airborne pathogen is most disruptive for every American living on the west coast these days.  As horrible as coronavirus has been, experts would probably say the recent wildfires have been what's truly been borderline apocalyptic from an air quality standpoint. In fact, global air quality trackers with IQAir said… Read More
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Enter for your chance to win a Tesla Model 3

The website Autowise recently asked fans on Twitter to name their top American dream car. And as it turns out, the U.S. has more ecologically minded car owners than you might think. In fact, drivers in 20 states said the dream car they salivated over the most…was a Tesla.  As that survey shows, the luxury… Read More
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Brandless is making luggage to survive the road AND save the planet

With most of the world more conscious than ever about their carbon footprint and the sustainability of the actions they take, it begs an important question — can air travel ever be green? Unfortunately, giant planes provide a giant amount of carbon emissions. In fact, one flight from New York City to Amsterdam produces emissions… Read More
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It's like Black Friday in September with huge discounts on products from Apple, Sony, and more

If you're catching the feeling of good cheer and holiday merriment in the air, that's probably because we're smack in the middle of The Boing Boing Store's Three-Day VIP Annual Sale. One of the biggest discount shopping sprints of the year, you can save serious cash on huge collections of the best items we bring… Read More
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UK retail spending returns to pre-pandemic levels — but a 15.9% drop in clothes sales show the recovery is 'deceptive,' one expert says

Getty Images British shoppers bought 15.9% fewer clothes in August than in February, according to new data published Friday. Household goods stores are selling more than they did before the pandemic as the home-renovation boom continues, and overall retail sales are slightly higher than they were in February.  Marc Ostwald, chief economist at ADM Investor Services, said that while this suggests a "robust recovery in consumer spending" on the surface, this is "deceptive," and retail job cu...
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Create, edit, and produce dynamic videos and music with the help of these training classes

When we pick up our phones to shoot a video, most of us aren't looking to craft "The Godfather." We just want something that looks reasonably decent that won't be an embarrassment when it gets posted to YouTube or social media. But while not every video needs to reach Spielbergian levels of production, you might be surprised at how easy it is now to create a video that's virtually indistinguishable from a professional video shoot. And that level of craft doesn't require video editing softw...
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The UniLid is a one-size-fits-all cover that'll guarantee you never buy plastic wrap again

Be honest. How many plastic lids are stashed away in your kitchen? No, seriously…how many? Go ahead and check that black hole of a cupboard down there and find out. We'll wait… Was the number up over 20? Over 30? More? Now the second question is…could you even guess at which containers actually fit half of those lids? Probably not.  And if you use plastic wrap or aluminum foil…well, you're not much better off. In fact, most U.S. households spend over $200 a year on wraps and foils. They th...
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Pianu Pro turns learning the piano into a game and it's on sale for over 40% off

Music is hugely liberating. And whether you love rock, classical, country, rap or any other genre, there's a real sense of accomplishment when you can sit down in front of a keyboard and hammer out a note-perfect version of a favorite tune. Of course, the only way to get to that point is usually after several hours of lessons with a trained instructor. But leave it to the good ole interwebs to come up with a new method of teaching you how to play the piano without it feeling like a chore or h...
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This portable security cam is super discreet, shots HD quality video, and offers first-rate peace of mind

Surveillance cameras aren't just a luxury anymore. They're practically a necessity. Whether you want to keep an eye on your home or children, secure your business or just make sure your actions are documented correctly, discreet, portable security cameras have never been more accessible or more powerful. The Tokk C2 Discreet Day/Night Vision Camera is an example of exactly how far portable cams have come as well as their versatility for capturing or even streaming video in virtually any situa...
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Electrical engineering is one of the most stable professions around, and this training can help get you there

When you were a kid, your mom and dad probably told you to grow up and become a doctor or a lawyer. Practical people that they were, your parents probably assumed that if you were able to scale the educational heights of those revered professions, you'd be handsomely rewarded with a hefty paycheck.  While you can certainly make a nice living in either occupation, there are other ways to lock in a six-figure salary — and they don't require extra years of schooling to accomplish it either. One ...
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The Jamstik lets you practice your guitar skills anytime, anywhere

A decent starter electric guitar will often run you about $500 nowadays. If you'd rather learn to play before you dump hundreds into a cool instrument, the Jamstik Guitar Trainer is a brilliant way of turning you into a guitar player without the huge upfront expense. In addition to saving you money, the Jamstik has some major advantages over that basic guitar, especially for a newcomer. At just 18 inches long, the Jamstik is a lot more portable than the real thing — and the ...
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Ruby on Rails is a coding skill that can get you hired

Few programming languages and web frameworks are also intuitive and user-friendly for beginners as Ruby on Rails. Even 15 years after its rollout, a virtual lifetime (or two) in tech terms, Ruby and its most popular framework Rails are still vital and energetic players in the programming world. And with over a million websites built on Ruby on Rails, including Airbnb, Shopify, Kickstarter and Hulu, there are plenty of advantages to those site owners to withstand the urge to use newer, flashie...
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This tough, weatherproof biometric lock pops open with just your fingerprint

Biometric technology is doing more than opening your iPhone. In fact, the process of digitally identifying individuals from physical characteristics like fingerprints is opening up whole new areas of innovation.  Earlier this month, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that it would start testing biometric recognition software to process air passengers faster. Meanwhile, the FBI will soon add iris recognition to the list of ways it can quickly identify a person for other...
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This triple headlamp can beam over 800 yards

You can laugh all you want at someone wearing a headlamp when they're out hiking or camping or spelunking. Of course, the only thing sillier than wearing a headlamp is being stuck somewhere in the dark without one. The truth is that emergencies and other situations come up all the time when you're out and about, particularly in the woods, trails, caves, and other often inaccessible places your travels may take you. Heck, every day that the sun goes down creates a prime opportunity for a headl...
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This ultra-thin, ultra-powerful wireless charging pad can fast charge two devices at once.

Now that Qi compatibility is quickly becoming the technology norm, wireless charging pads are becoming not only more powerful, but they're getting slimmer and less obtrusive than ever. Nowhere is that less is more aesthetic more on display than with an item like the Chargeworx Slim and Foldable Dual Wireless Charging Pad.  With this inch-high powerhouse, all you have to do is place your phone or other Qi-enabled device on the center of the pad and the Chargeworx springs into action. But what ...
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SpaceX rocket inspired pen stands on your desk like a mini replica of the Falcon 9 rocket!

Remember when ‘space pens’ were a rage? They were the only pens that could work in zero gravity and were developed for the express purpose of writing in space. I’m here, however, to talk about another kind of Space Pen. Inspired by the democratization of space travel and how one private company, founded by Elon Musk is leading the charge to make space-travel accessible to all, the Nominal Pen is literally designed to look like a rocket… making it perhaps the most literal take on the ‘space pe...
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