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Open source beyond the market

Keynote on the topic of open source, markets, debts, purpose, and no less than the meaning of life. Delivered at RailsConf 2019. Also available as a long read below. In Debt: The First 5,000 Years, anthropologist David Graeber explores the fascinating history of debt and economies. It starts out by debunking the common myth that prior to coinage, everyone were trapped in this inefficient mode of barter. If you had a chicken to give and wanted sugar from Gandalf, but Gandalf w...
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20 Places to Find Online Entrepreneur Courses

A well-chosen entrepreneurship course can equip you with the skills you need. They help you develop your idea or concept into a viable business venture. Many courses also provide ongoing resources. They help turn your dream into reality. And they help you avoid many of the common pitfalls that affect new start-up owners. The United States’ home to many of the world’s best universities and most successful businesses. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone there are so many excellent courses here. And a...
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Making it easier to shop across Google

Each day, hundreds of millions of people do shopping-related searches on Google. Now, we’re making the places where people come to browse and explore products on Google shoppable. These new shopping experiences let people shop and purchase frictionlessly right where they already turn to for research and inspiration: Search, Google Images, YouTube and a redesigned Google Shopping destination. The new Google Shopping experience This year we’re unveiling a redesigned Google Shopping experience with...
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MailChimp’s Ben Chestnut on bootstrapping a startup to $700M in revenue

The well-known tech startup routine of coming up with an idea, raising money from VCs in increasing rounds as valuations continue to rise, and then eventually going public or getting acquired has been around for as long as the myth of Silicon Valley itself. But the evolution of MailChimp — a notable, bootstrapped outlier out of Atlanta, Georgia, that provides email and other marketing services to small businesses — tells a very different story of tech startup success. As the company closes in...
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Mailchimp expands from email to full marketing platform, says it will make $700M in 2019

Mailchimp, a bootstrapped startup out of Atlanta, Georgia, is known best as a popular tool for organizations to manage their customer-facing email activities — a profitable business that its CEO told TechCrunch has now grown to around 11 million customers, is on track for $700 million in revenue in 2019. To help hit that number, Mailchimp is taking the wraps off a significant update aimed at catapulting it into the next level of business services. Beginning later this week, Mailchimp will start ...
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Is Now the Right Time to Expand Your Small Business Internationally?

By Keavy Slattery As an entrepreneur, deciding whether to expand your business internationally can be difficult. You may feel apprehensive about it, and rightly so! There’s a lot at stake if you choose to take the leap of faith into international waters. Will your business survive in a global market? Will you be able to adapt to a foreign culture? Is it the right time? Yet global expansion can be fundamental to the growth of your business and can provide you with an array of new opportunities. S...
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Shopify's Quarter Is a Real Plus

Shopify's revenue growth continues to wow Wall Street, but not all of its subscription plans are created equal.
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How To Write A Great Product Placement Blog Post

These days, product placement is everywhere.   Product placement — also known as embedded marketing —  is an advertising technique where specific products or brands are promoted in another piece of work or media. It can involve anything from obviously branded products being incorporated into film or television, to verbal mentions to a subtle background appearance. However, product placement frequently appears in a lot of the content we read online — although you may not always realiz...
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Must-Have Tools and Services for Small Business Owners

By Lucy Reed Today’s entrepreneur can access a wealth of tools to improve their business on every level, from online customer engagement to the finer details of their business operations. Software tools, as well as physical products, can make your life easier and help you achieve that elusive bottom-line growth. Here are a few of the most impactful free and paid services you can use to draw in more customers, streamline operations, and increase your business profits. Fine Tune Your Business Mar...
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Shopify Launches Native Ad-Buying Functions with Snapchat and Facebook

Shopify has announced that merchants on their platform will have access to two new native ad-buying functions: Facebook dynamic ads and Story Ads on Snapchat. For DTC brands, marketing is an extremely important part of reaching and engaging with potential customers. For this reason, Shopify launched a new section last year dedicated to helping merchants […] The post Shopify Launches Native Ad-Buying Functions with Snapchat and Facebook appeared first on Ad Tech Daily.
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Shopify raises full-year forecast on strong demand for e-commerce tools

Canada's Shopify Inc raised its 2019 profit and revenue forecast on Tuesday, as a booming e-commerce market boosted demand for its tools used in buildings online shopping apps and websites.
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Pana raises $10 million to help companies arrange travel for onsite interviews

Your last 10 emails with a recruiter before an onsite interview probably shouldn’t be about rebooking your canceled flight. Pana is a Denver startup now setting its sights on the corporate travel market, with a specific eye towards killing the back-and-forth email or spreadsheet coordination. The startup, founded in 2015, first tried to gain an inroad with consumers, but its $49 per month individual-focused travel concierge plan probably limited its reach. Pana’s travel companion app goes free...
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Businesses now have access to Facebook and Snapchat tools on Shopify

E-commerce platform Shopify, which has powered the rise of d-to-c brands like Quip, Function of Beauty and PureWow, has announced it's adding the ability to create Facebook Dynamic Ads and Snapchat Stories within the Shopify platform. Facebook Dynamic Ads are already available and Snapchat Stories will be accessible in the coming week. Michael Perry, Shopify’s director of product for marketing tech, said allowing access to Facebook Dynamic Ads and Snapchat Stories will help Shopify merchants ...
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Shopify Introduces New Snapchat Ad Capabilities to Help Merchants Reach More Customers

Shopify's making it easier for merchants to create ads for Facebook and Snapchat. Along with Dynamic Ads on Facebook, the ecommerce platform is debuting a Snapchat Ads app that lets companies create Snapchat Story Ads. Additionally, merchants can sync product catalogs to the Snapchat ads manger so prices and other items update automatically and autoinstall...
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How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Software for Your Business

If you have a website, you need to have an email list. Whether it’s an eCommerce site, a blog, an online forum, or any other type of website, building an email list will allow you to directly message your customers, your leads, and your biggest fans any time you have something to say. You won’t have to wonder if they saw your new blog post or your latest post on social media, with email marketing your message gets sent straight to their inbox. Plus, according to HubSpot, 99% of consumers check t...
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Shopify Debuts a New Hardware Kit for Merchants to Fine-Tune Their Retail Experience

As Square and other ecommerce competitors amp up their online offerings for merchants, Shopify's going in another direction and revamping its offline tools. Starting today, merchants that want to branch out into a bricks-and-clicks model can buy a suite of new Shopify hardware tools: a tap and chip reader, dock and retail stand. Prices for...
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Shopify unveils a new lineup of retail hardware

Shopify is expanding its efforts in brick-and-mortar retailer with the launch of its new retail hardware collection. The company is best-known as a platform for building online stores, but it also offers point-of-sale software for physical stores, and it launched a credit card reader a couple years ago. With the new collection — which includes a redesigned Tap & Chip Reader, as well as the Dock and Retail Stand — Shopify has created a more comprehensive solution for offline retail. Chief Product...
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Showcase About the Best 30+ Web Tools and Services on the Market

In this showcase we wrote about the best 30+ web tools and services on the market, covering many fields for designers, developers, and entrepreneurs. Stop losing hours searching for the most popular solutions on the market, you will find them below. We reviewed on short a managed application hosting, a solution to turn your static designs into interactive prototypes, several logo design platforms, WordPress and Joomla themes and much more. Everybody will find something useful in this article....
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Aim for Success With an International E-Commerce Platform

#sponsored The business arena in which most businesses are competing today is no longer restricted to as many geographical bounds as it was before. Most businesses, including small businesses and start-ups, are being forced to compete with other companies from around the world via international e-commerce. Because of this trend towards globalisation, it is more important than ever before to invest in an  international e-commerce platform . Are International E-Commerce Platforms Suited to Smalle...
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Top 10 Reasons to Get an All-in-One System to Operate Your Business

Do you have the software blues?  That’s when you are trying to leverage technology to operate your business — but finding that software isn’t helping meet your goals.  In fact, technology gets in the way. You’re looking for efficiency, speed and money savings.  What you get instead is more complexity. This is the precise problem that Zoho Corporation set out to solve with its all-in-one platform called Zoho One.  The company calls it the “operating system for business.” That was the message at ...
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Motion Design & Film Project for Shopify Summit 2019

Motion Design & Film Project for Shopify Summit 2019 abduzeedoApr 16, 2019 I am a fan of Shopify, you can check out the ABDZ store there as well. But also I always love to share some motion design work and this one is awesome! Tendril was called upon to create a film that captured and communicated the spirit of Shopify’s brand purpose for Shopify’s 2019 Summit, — unlocking the power of commerce for those seeking independence. The event was all about thinking ...
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Shopify’s First Brand Ads Want You to Go From Making Things to Building a Business

Shopify has become the go-to ecommerce platform for hundreds of thousands of businesses, but with its first brand campaign, the Ottawa-based company is aiming to convert a new swath of makers into entrepreneurs. With lighthearted lines like "Let's make your mom's 'famous' recipe actually famous," the outdoor-heavy campaign was developed through a partnership between the...
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China’s startup ecosystem is hitting back at demanding working hours

In China, the laws limit work to 44 hours a week and require overtime pay for anything above that. But many aren’t following the rules, and a rare online movement puts a spotlight on extended work hours in China’s booming tech sector. People from all corners of society have rallied in support for improvements to startup working conditions, while some warn of hurdles in a culture ingrained in the belief that more work leads to greater success. In late March, anonymous activists introduced 996.ICU...
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#493 9 Shopify Product Page Hacks for Higher Conversions: An Interview with Anton Kraly

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Anton Kraly, CEO at Anton joins us to share his hottest tips on how to increase conversions in Shopify using simple but effective product page techniques. You’ll learn: The difference between drop-shipping and affiliate marketing The tools you need to help manage your Shopify inventory How to effectively use offers to drive urgency How you can adjust your navigation to funnel users through to conversion Why you should use the Questio...
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One of PagerDuty's earliest investors shares why he went big on the IT-management company before it reached $1.76 billion (PD)

PagerDuty began trading Thursday morning after an IPO that valued the company at $1.76 billion.  One of the company's investors, Bessemer Venture Partner's Ethan Kurzweil, said there was a time when companies like PagerDuty couldn't even get venture funding. Other public Bessemer investments like Shopify and Twilio prove that the public markets understand the DevOps model, he said. Bessemer's stake is now worth $189 million. Andreessen Horowitz, which led PagerDuty's Series A, owns around $283...
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One of PagerDuty's earliest investor shares why he went big on the IT-management company before it reached $1.76 billion (PD)

PagerDuty began trading Thursday morning after an IPO that valued the company at $1.76 billion.  One of the company's investors, Bessemer Venture Partner's Ethan Kurzweil, said there was a time when companies like PagerDuty couldn't even get venture funding. Other public Bessemer investments like Shopify and Twilio prove that the public markets understand the DevOps model, he said. Bessemer's stake is now worth $189 million. Andreessen Horowitz, which led PagerDuty's Series A, owns around $283...
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Google Cloud is taking on Amazon by moving into retail, and it's a first step in new CEO Thomas Kurian's master plan (GOOGL, AMZN)

On Wednesday at its annual Google Cloud Next conference, Google announced Google Cloud for Retail, a cloud platform to help retailers with hosting, inventory management, search, and product recommendation. Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said that he wants to focus on targeting specific verticals, like retail, finance, and health care.  Google Cloud has partnered with companies like Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's, Shopify, and Target, which also compete with Amazon. Part of new CEO Thomas Kurian...
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Google Cloud takes aim at verticals starting with new set of tools for retailers

Google might not be Adobe or Salesforce, but it has a particular set of skills, which fit nicely with retailer requirements and can over time help improve the customer experience, even if that means just simply making sure the website or app is running, even on peak demand. Today, at Google Cloud Next, the company showed off a package of solutions as an example its vertical strategy. Just this morning, the company announced a new phase of its partnership with Salesforce, where it’s using its con...
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Zoho Wows Zoholics with eCommerce, Marketing Automation and Business Process Solutions

What do you call an annual event that attracts avid users of the friendliest integrated cloud platform that can run your whole business? Zoholics — of course. This week, April 9 to 11, 2019, over 1700 enthusiastic Zoho users descended on Austin, Texas to hear the latest news from Zoho. Zoho is the maker of Zoho One, an all-in-one cloud-based software that includes everything you need to run your small business. Zoho made three important new product announcements — each greeted with enthus...
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Outsourcing vs Hiring In-house: The Pros and Cons to Your Business

By Jason Chow  The question of hiring in-house versus outsourcing is one as old as time. From companies that employ over 1,000 staff to the solopreneur, the fact that there are times when you need more manpower will always come about. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question and much depends on your individual situation. There are two sides to every coin, so let’s look at some of the aspects of hiring in-house versus outsourcing. Hiring In-house Staffs Salary – As with all ...
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