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The Poltergeist Scene That Legitimately Spooked The Cast

Don't get me wrong. It sounds absolutely thrilling to be haunted by a ghost. But if it's the ghost in the 1982 film "Poltergeist," I'll take a quick pass on being haunted by them. I mean, it's a poltergeist, which is arguably more upsetting than your average "walk through walls" spooky spirit. Poltergeists throw things and try to physically harm you, and if you're sweet little Carol Anne Freeling, literally suck you into another dimension from which you may never return. I'm not messing around w...
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"Through Mr. Obama, I have been hipped to the Congolese singer Jupiter Bokondji... His prose, always electric, assumes an extra whiff of fire when applied to music."

"'American history wells up when Aretha sings,' Mr. Obama wrote to The New Yorker in response to an email query about the artist in 2016.... 'That’s why, when she sits down at a piano and sings ‘A Natural Woman,’ she can move me to tears,' he said... United States presidents tend not to be celebrated for their groovy record collections. The current officeholder’s favorite Beach Boy is most likely Mike Love, which alone should qualify him for yet another impeachable offense. If this is a bewilder...
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