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Dadar Parsi Colony: Cherishing the Bombay that was

Inflatable pools, barbecues, open backyards…this is how architect Rooshad Shroff recalls the better part of his childhood spent with his parents in the Dadar Parsi colony. With the endless lockdowns, he realises how deeply he misses this oasis of bliss in the heart of Mumbai. “I certainly took the greenery for granted. You simply can’t beat it. There are almost fifteen beautiful gardens organically woven into the layout of the colony,” says Shroff. Article by Arman Khan |
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Gulshan Kavarana: Dubai resident helps people of determination get through pandemic

Gulshan Kavarana speaks about the support group she has been running for over two decades. Over two decades ago, a journey that started in a living room, has now offered help and growth to more than 1000 lives in the form of a support group for families and children with special needs — Special Families Support (SFS). Article by Hussein Rizvi | Khaleej Times Led by Gulshan Kavarana, a Dubai resident for the last 24 years, SFS was formed in 1999 to support people of determination that also r...
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The Parsis of Of Bombay: A Commentary

Parag Sayta writes a commentary on the Parsis of Bombay on the Brown Pundits blog I just finished reading Michael Axworthy’s Iran: Empire of the Mind, one of Razib Khan’s recommended reads on Iran. The book serves as a useful primer on Iranian history for novices (such as myself), covering over 3,000 years of history in less than 300 pages. It lacks the literary flair and flourish of Tim Mackintosh-Smith’s magisterial Arabs. I found myself skimming through the latter parts of the book- the Pahla...
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Parsis in Hong Kong: what’s the secret behind their growing population?

Twelve years ago, Homyar Nasirabadwala was working as an accountant in his hometown of Mumbai, India, when he came across a job advert in a Parsi magazine seeking a full-time dasturji, a Zoroastrian priest. Already ordained in doctrines dating back to antediluvian Persia that influenced essential principles of Judaism and Christianity, Nasirabadwala figured it might be time for a change, so after 11 years of number-crunching service at Shapoorji Pallonji & Co, he applied online. Article by Rhea ...
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Groundbreaking trilogy finds Zoroastrian ties in religions

The ambitious project opens the scriptures of seven faiths to anyone who wishes to learn Article by James Christie | Broadview Once upon a time, a mere six centuries or so before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the world’s greatest religious traditions emerged from what German philosopher Karl Jaspers called the Axial Age. The dating is under some debate, but from approximately 650 BCE* to 400 BCE, religious creativity exploded across the ancient world — in India, China, Persia (Iran), th...
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The Shroff Family Donates Rs 5.78 crores to Parsee General Hospital

Pervin and Jal Shroff of Hong Kong have kindly sent a donation of Rs 5.78 crores to The B.D. Petit Parsee General Hospital (PGH) to cover the “preliminary and pre-operative costs” incurred for the aborted “Shroff Medical Centre.” In a Press note released to the Parsi Press today, PGH president Homa Petit noted, “As is known to the members of Parsi Zoroastrian community, the munificent pledge of USD 22.5 million by Ms Pervin and Mr Jal Shroff of Hong Kong for construction of a new secular multi...
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Healthcare industry’s wish list for India’s Personal Data Protection Bill

By Nikhil Pahwa and Aditi Agrawal The risks are too great, the use cases are too unclear, and a broad Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, does not adequately take into account the concerns of the healthcare sector. Doctors speaking at MediaNama’s discussion on the impact of the PDP Bill on the healthcare sector held on June 19, 2020, felt that there needs to be a different, sectoral approach to protect healthcare data. This discussion was supported by Microsoft, Google, TMT Law Practice and the...
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#NAMA: Issues with the consent framework for healthcare data under the Personal Data Protection Bill

In in-person doctor-patient consultation scenarios, the fact that the patient initiated the consult can be construed as consent. This applies especially for out-patient consultations: one does not need a separate mechanism to seek consent from the patient. At MediaNama’s discussion on the impact of the PDP Bill on the healthcare sector held on June 19, both Dr Sunil Shroff, President (TN), Telemedicine Society of India, and Abhishek Malhotra, managing partner at TMT Law agreed with this characte...
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#NAMA: Personal Data Protection Bill needs to work on basic definitions to cater to the healthcare sector

The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, in its current form, suffers from an acute paucity of concrete definitions and thus, does not address concerns specific to the healthcare sector. “This Bill in a generic format is good. When you go down into the sensitive areas there is lack of clarity.” Dr Sunil Shroff, President (TN), Telemedicine Society of India, said. At MediaNama’s discussion on the impact of the PDP Bill on the healthcare sector held on June 19, speakers agreed that concepts such a...
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Where did WAR (the film) miss?

War, starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff (more on Wikipedia) A couple of days ago, I did something that is very unlike me - went and saw a first-day first-show of a Bollywood Movie!When I was told it is an action film and is a story of a spy, I had my doubts - I mean look at Bard of Blood and Family Man. But sometimes you have to do things that you may not want to. And to be honest, while I went for it very reluctantly (an understatement) but I must admit that I enjoyed watching it. ...
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Hong Kong-based Parsi couple renew pledge to donate $22.5 mn to hospital at Breach Candy

A Hong Kong-based Parsi tycoon and his wife on Saturday renewed their pledge to donate $22.5 million (Rs 160 crore) to the financially-ailing Parsi General Hospital (PGH) at Breach Candy in south Mumbai. The couple, Jal and Pervin Shroff, had earlier set a March 31 deadline to resolve the fierce opposition by some Parsi activists against a controversial deal signed between the PGH managing committee and Gurugram-based Medanta Group. Article by Nauzer K. Bharucha | Times of India Two separate...
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Tycoon may withdraw Rs 150 crore donation offer to Parsi hospital

Hong Kong-based Parsi tycoon Jal Shroff may withdraw his offer to donate Rs 150 crore to Parsi General Hospital (PGH) after March 31 if challenges to a controversial agreement are not resolved by then. Shroff arrived here on Wednesday, even as the joint charity commissioner on March 15 will hear an application challenging the deal signed between the PGH management and Gurugram-based Medanta Group. Article by Nauzer K Bharucha | TNN Some Parsis moved the charity commissioner’s office on the groun...
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Short cut to fiction: In Conversation with Murzban F Shroff

City writer Murzban F Shroff in his third book, crafts a collection of stories that can be read in five minutes It is difficult to imagine how the world can change in a minute. But on November 8, 2016, when news of demonetisation broke – through an unscheduled televised address – the world did change for many. In Fasttrack Fiction (Juggernaut Books), a three-part collection of digital shorts, Murzban Shroff capitalises on fast-paced narrative, where the worlds of his protagonists evolve in eve...
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10 Indians in the 1920s-30s went on cycling expeditions; 7 succeeded

October 15, 1923 was yet another mellow Monday morning in Bombay, but the city’s central district of Grant Road was ablaze with blaring music. The erstwhile Bombay Weightlifting Club had organised a send-off for six of its young members — Adi B Hakim, Gustad G Hathiram, Jal P Bapasola, Keki D Pochkhanawala, Nariman B Kapadia and Rustom B Bhumgara — all of them Parsis in their 20s and readying for their cycling expedition around the world, a first such feat by Indians. What had inspired them to ...
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Parsee General Hospital: Hong Kong couple may not invest Rs 162 cr in new hospital

Some community members say charity commissioner’s nod was not taken for deal. BD Petit Parsee General Hospital’s (PGH) bid to beat financial blues by opening a new hospital for all on its premises has hit a rough patch with a Hong Kong-based philanthropist couple saying they would withdraw their pledge of donating $22.5 million (around Rs 162 crore) if opposition to the project from within the community is not resolved. Global Health (P) Ltd, a Medanta Group company that was to operate, equip a...
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Former CIA Official May Face Espionage Charges After Huge Leak

WASHINGTON (AP) — A former CIA employee is “deeply saddened” that he may face espionage charges in the government’s probe of a massive leak of cyber hacking tools, his lawyer says. Joshua Adam Schulte, 29, already held without bail in Manhattan on child pornography charges, learned last Friday during a New York court appearance that additional charges were likely to be filed against him in about 45 days from what Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Laroche said was a “broader investigation” unrelate...
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Scene Stealer: Zenobia Shroff as Kumail Nanjiani’s Mother in ‘The Big Sick’

After more than 30 years in showbiz, Zenobia Shroff has a mainstream breakout with “The Big Sick,” playing Kumail Nanjiani’s mother. The actress, an accomplished classical Indian dancer and sketch comedy artist, has been featured in several indie movies in Hollywood and Bollywood. She also teaches inner-city kids dance and movement. Shroff got the part […]
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DoorDash has hired ex Twitter and Groupon execs to spearhead big expansion plans

This month, food delivery service DoorDash added former Twitter VP of engineering, Jeremy Rishel, and former VP of product at Groupon, Rajat Shroff, to its team.  Rishel and Shroff will be joining the company in its efforts to expand into more cities and deliver products other than food.  Food delivery service DoorDash has added two new execs to its senior management team: Twitter's former VP of engineering, Jeremy Rishel, and Rajat Shroff who previously worked as VP of product at Groupon. B...
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Mirror Image: Researchers Create Higher-Quality Pictures of Biospecimens

Hari Shroff, Ph.D., chief of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering's lab section on High Resolution Optical Imaging (HROI), and his team have spent the last few years developing optical microscopes that produce high resolution images at very high speed. After his lab develops these new microscopes, they release the plans and software for free, so any researcher can replicate the advances made at NIH. This latest microscope builds on previous improvements that Shroff's l...
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FBI: NYC 'Remains A Target' After New Jersey Man Bombing Conviction

NEW YORK (AP) — The swift conviction Monday of a New Jersey man in a mostly botched bombing mission in Manhattan last summer was labeled a victory against terrorism by law enforcement officials, but they urged continued vigilance. “It’s very obvious that this city remains a target,” said William F. Sweeney Jr., head of the city’s FBI office, at a news conference outside Manhattan federal court after a jury that deliberated about four hours over parts of two days convicted Ahmad Khan Rahimi of al...
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New Jersey man convicted in New York bombing that injured 30

By LARRY NEUMEISTER NEW YORK— A New Jersey man was convicted Monday of planting two pressure-cooker bombs on New York City streets, including one that injured 30 people with a rain of shrapnel when it detonated in a bustling neighborhood on a weekend night last summer. The verdict in Manhattan came after a two-week trial of 29-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahimi, an Afghanistan-born man living in Elizabeth. The charges, including using a weapon of mass destruction and bombing a public place, carry a mand...
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New Jersey Man Convicted Of Planting NYC Street Bombs Injuring 30

NEW YORK (AP) — A New Jersey man was convicted Monday of planting two pressure-cooker bombs on New York City streets, including one that injured 30 people with a rain of shrapnel when it detonated in a bustling neighborhood on a weekend night last summer. The verdict in Manhattan came after a two-week trial of 29-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahimi, an Afghanistan-born man living in Elizabeth. The charges, including using a weapon of mass destruction and bombing a public place, carry a maximum punishment...
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Review: Munna Michael: The weakest dance-based movie! *

1596th BLOG POST -->> When I watched “Heropanti” and saw Tiger Shroff for the first time on the screen, I was very impressed. Though his face is not what is expected of a Bollywood lead actor, his voice, his dialogue delivery and his dancing moves are enough to sustain him in the industry. I watched Munna Michael recently which is directed by Shabbir Khan who also debuted with Heropanti. The film stars Tiger and for a surprise, Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The film is expected to be comic consider...
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India: Patanjali Withdraws Its Trademark Applications For "OJAS" After Facing Suit For Trademark Infringement - S.S. Rana & Co. Advocates

Charak Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company founded in 1947 by the brother duo, Shri D.N. Shroff and Dr. S.N. Shroff, which manufactures and sells ayurvedic and herbal medicines in India and also exports
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New Microscope Uses Adaptable Mirror to Create Clearer Images

A new microscope merges different microscopy methods to increase resolution and contrast in thick biological samples. A key component of the method is two-photon microscopy, used to generate a small point of light deep inside the sample. By moving this light throughout the sample and collecting information on how it is being distorted, Shroff and his team are able to adjust the shape of the mirror to cancel out the distortions, thus creating a clear image of the whole sample.
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Preserving Parsi Traditions

In the highly competitive food and beverage business environment of Delhi–National Capital Region, the restaurant brand SodaBottleOpenerWala is just another name where customers expect a fine dining experience. Yet, there is a uniqueness to the restaurant. In Delhi-NCR, where the knowledge of Parsi cuisine is still very limited, a young chef Anahita Dhondy, who is in charge of the operations of the restaurant brand, wants to make Parsi cuisine popular and she has been partially successful in doi...
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Cannes: Indian 'Rambo' Remake Finds Its Answer to Stallone (Exclusive)

Rising star Tiger Shroff will play the iconic action character in the forthcoming remake, which is generating huge buzz in India. read more
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Flipkart is acquiring Snapdeal (almost a done deal)…We created a Bollywood story out of it.

The great Indian ecommerce chutzpah moment is here and the two big players, Snapdeal and Flipkart are hitting the bed pretty soon. There are several reports that tell us that the deal is a done deal. From what we know*, Softbank will invest $1Bn in the combined equity. Softbank has also bought out Kalaari and Nexus equity.  The valuation of Snapdeal is close to $3Bn. The formal details will be announced by April 15th is what we know. What about Snapdeal founders? Well, they are on zero diet sala...
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Priest converts from Zoroastrianism to baptize his mother

It is not often that a priest has the opportunity to baptize his own mother, but Father Hezuk Shroff will get to do just that this Easter. Shroff comes from a Parsi family. The Parsis are an Indian minority which follow the Zoroastrian religion which was predominate in Persia before the Islamic conquest (Parsi means Persian). by Nirmala Carvalho, is an ancient faith, and, in fact, many scholars think it likely the Magi described in the birth narrative of the Gospel of Matthew we...
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On Jamshedi Navroze Have Yourself a Great Parsi Meal

On the eve of Navroze, Meher Mirza cherry picks her way through a bunch of caterers who specialise in Parsi food Article in The Hindu Jamshed Navroz, a holy day for Zoroastrians will be observed on March 21. It’s the perfect time to throw a party to celebrate for your Parsi friends. And although there’s something wonderful about pottering about in the kitchen, clanging pots and pans, creating a feast of food for friends, sometimes, you just can’t. Luckily, there’s an army of caterers at your ...
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