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my take on book browser "open with..."

1. my suggestion for next sigil version is to enable user to set default behaviour in preferences when you doubleclick xhtml/css file in book browser, so you can use editor of choice. it is faster than rightclick "open widh..." 2. another suggestion is to allow user to open multiple xhtml/css files at once - right click could do. now you have to open it one by one.
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Enhancement regarding Open With:

Maintain a list of previously used editors for each file type (xhtml, jpeg, mp4, etc), rather than just the most recently used editor for each file type. Sometimes I can't recall which tool I used for some obscure task, just seeing a list of names would jog the neurons - particularly with non text editors. BR
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Error on using numpy package into plugin

Hi, I am writing a plugin which use numpy python package. But everytime I got this error: Quote: Error: Importing the multiarray numpy extension module failed. Most likely you are trying to import a failed build of numpy. If you're working with a numpy git repo, try `git clean -xdf` (removes all files not under version control). Otherwise reinstall numpy. Original error was: cannot import name 'multiarray' I have googled but d...
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problem with error RSC-005

I took a short Word .doc, turned it into an .odt in LO then turned that into an .html and opened that in Sigil. When I ran the Epub check I got this: I couldln't figure out what it wanted. Thanks.
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Is this a normal error when I do this find/replace?

This error seems to be reproducible. Is it normal behavior? Windows 10 64-bit Sigil 0.9.10 Open a new Sigil instance. Insert this text: Fd Search for: Fd Put the Cursor in the Replace box Type: F Bring up the insert special character window Click on the Closing Single Quote symbol ==> Error Error info: Critical: OleSetClipboard: Failed to set mime data (text/plain) on clipboard: COM error 0xffffffff800401d0 (Unknown error 0x0ffffffff800401d0) (The parameter is incorrect.) Sigil ve...
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Sigil for children's picture book

Hello, When I do my ebook with the Sigil, I can't make my pictures to look horizontal. To clearly understand what I need, please take a look a picture in the attachment. I know how to make it on my Kindle device, just change orientation but I want to make it in my ebook to be always horizontal. Will appreciate for the advice. Best
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Adding semantics to ePub 2.0: where are "Notes"?

Hi Using Archlinux. Sigil 0.9.10 I tried to add the semantics value "Notes" to an ePub2 and failed to find it (see screenshot). I had to do it with the Calibre editor. Attached Thumbnails  
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How to add new spell check dictionaries

Hi, I'm trying to add a new spell check dictionary to Sigil, but I can't get it to work. This is what I've done: 1. I downloaded a Dutch spell check dictionary from sourceforge (nl-dict-v2.00g.oxt). I changed the file extension .oxt to .zip. Then I unzipped the file, which produced the nl_NL.dic, nl_NL.aff and hyph_nl_NL.dic files. 2. Then I added these three files to the user_dictionaries folder. I also created entries for these files in the sigil.ini file under [user_preferences] enabled_us...
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Adding Plugin to Toolbar

I couldn't find this in the User Guide. The User Guide made it easy to install the FlightCrew plugin, but the green check mark doesn't appear on the toolbar. In the plugin manager I've designated in the "Assign as plugin 1" box, and clicking on the funny icon next to the spellcheck icon does run FlightCrew, but is there a way to change the icon to the green check mark shown in the User Guide?
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Understanding the div levels in Sigil

I was wondering if there is a way to show the levels in the code view of Sigil? If you have numerous div level in your code due to floats, boxes, etc. is there a way to see where a starts and it ends? Maybe a script or addition for Sigil to enhance the code view so when you set your cursor in a it can highlight (option: color, bold) the ending ? Since I have div's inside div's this would be a great enhancement. Thanks for any feedback
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Can't load page

Hi, when I load book and click on right column files it does not load. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.
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Bug: Tabs Closing While Link Stylesheets

Explanation When you have multiple tabs open + Link Stylesheets, non-active tabs close. Steps to Reproduce Step 1: Open attached EPUB. Step 2: Open all 3 HTML files. Make sure to make one of the files your active tab. For example, Chapter03.xhtml. Chapter01.xhtml open Chapter02.xhtml open Chapter03.xhtml open and is the active tab. Step 3: In the Book Browser, Shift-Click all HTML files + Right-Click and select Link Stylesheets: Attachment 168797 Step 4: Link the stylesheet and press OK...
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Can I create a template for the xhtml files?

When writing my book, I create one xhtml file for each chapter. Each chapter has some boilerplate in it such as a formatted date, link to a css stylesheet, a link back to the TOC etc. I currently have to create all of that stuff in each file after I create the new file. Is there some way I can create a new xhtml file from a template file of my design so that I am not starting from scratch each time? Thanks, Banjo (_)=='=~
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Correcting image sizes from Sigil to Kindle Previewer

I have a large project which was originally done in InDesign. I needed to create a reflowable .mobi file. After realizing doing this thru InDesign there were too many nested images to deal with so I just exported an HTML file from InDesign and did the formatting in Jutoh. Jutoh did a great job re nesting the images but I did have to correct alot of styling which exported incorrectly but overall I was pretty satisfied. Now came the bad part as converting the html to an epub using Sigil generat...
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Unwanted cursor movement when editing

:help: Okay, so I did a search of this forum for anything about this topic and didn't find anything. I also looked to see the list of bug fixes about Sigil v9.10, and didn't see anything referencing this, so... During this last build of Sigil (9.10), I've noticed something odd. Specifically, if I want to correct a spelling error (and I have the ABC Spelling window open). The process goes something like this: I click on the misspelled word in the Spelling list of misspelled words. Over in th...
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Breaking text between images

I have been trying to get a block of images to float right and the text to break after each image. Not sure if this has been discussed before. There are tons of questions about floating images right and wrapping text, but I am having problems with short blocks of text and with all images the same size. Let me explain. I have a list of authors for a book, 8 or so. Each one has an image that I float right and have the text set to the left. I use Sigil for code editing and all looks great in the a...
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Custom font (PRS+) breaking itself

So far I have attempted every single suggestion and tutorial regarding changing fonts in epub's via PRS+ that I could find. I can get the formatting to work, the font does not. I got it to work once, then I change books and it stops working. :angry: When I say it stops working, the font returns to the default, no matter what I select. Nothing I do will make it work again. I have resaved the css file, I have renamed everything related.. nothing works. I am using an epub I made myself in Sigil, it...
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Mac Plug-In Issues

How can I get Access Aide and Prince PDF plug-ins to work on Mac Sierra systems? I was able to get epub3-itizer to work, but not the above. Has anyone else had issues with Sigil plug-ins on mac?
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No BOLD in Sigil 0.9.10 / Mojave

Hi Since yesterday I have MOJAVE on my Mac and updated Sigil to latest version. However, I cannot see BOLD in the headings I used. Does anybody have an idea what could be the issue? THANKS Bo
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Ctrl+B in mode "book view"

Hi I'm using version 0.9.10 in the mode "book view" when I press Ctrl + B inserts . in the mode "code view" when I press Ctrl + B inserts . Why do I need it. When I use an e-book to quickly open documents, I disable css styles. I often make notes in the text to quickly find key phrases. In linux, there is no similar program to read something and immediately mark the ... tag with an interesting idea. I suffer from it. I don't know how to do it. Help me please.
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new windows clean install - lost some preferences

.so I had to clean install windows after PC got messed up and only a clean install would work, then i installed a fresh download of 64 bit sigil . I did have a backup copy of my app data local sigil folder which i restored- which has stuff like my recent find replace usage , and I got those back OK but my book view looks different - different font, different font size... I guess that preference is saved elsewhere ? or I am now running a later, different version of sigil ??. i was on v9-some...
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Is there any kind of (find any text) for sigil?

Greetings, I want to delete this code (using replace all) in sigil only in one condition if it becomes between this code, example text screenshot in the attachment for more details. Attached Thumbnails  
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How to turn off Sounds in Sigil

I use Windows 7 and would like to turn off the sounds Sigil uses. i.e. The ding that is heard when I select "delete unused stylesheet classes" and a window message appears stating there are none to delete. My reason is that I often do a live recording using Audacity. These can take some time so I usually work in Sigil during the recording process. Having all these dings appearing spasmodically throughout spoils the recording.
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Need Help

First am sorry if this is not the place for this (am new & total newbie) my problem is this i downloaded some epubs and found the following problem there is a border around some texts and when i read them on my mobile not all the text shows Attachment 168377 when i open them on Sigil this is what i get Attachment 168378 is the a way to remove the border and make it a normal text i can make it one by one but it will take forever to finish i need a way to do the entire file can someone...
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Page-Map needed or not? & "Update Manifest Properties"

Hey all... Finally finished a72k-word, how-to, hobby book. Has 138 files & 120 pics. Ran through epubckecker and FlightCrew. Good to go. Used Kindle Previewer (latest) to convert to mobi and the info log, says "Page map not found" (or similar). I am loathe to try to insert anything into this monster as I fear screwing up something else (since I don't know what I'm doing). Is a page-map necessary? If so, how to I create one and insert it in Sigil? Last question: what does "update manifest p...
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hyperlink from an image with sigil?

Is it possible to have a hyperlink from an image in hyperlink? Any tips very welcome. Jeremy
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How to remove blank spaces in a word with RegEx?

Hi friends: I have something like: Code: C H A P T E R  1 and I want: Code: CHAPTER 1 How can I do that with RegEx? TIA Rubén
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I start most of my epubs by copying an existing file and then replacing text, images, etc, especially when they're in a series. So I started with "Old Title" (an epub2) and was making "New Title". Imported new text and images then did a TOC, then edited the metadata. All looked fine. Searched for "Old Title" in the html and the OPF; no mentions left. I went to ePub3-itizer to make a file for iBooks. It wanted to save the file as "Old Title-epub3.epub". Of course I could rename it, but I wondere...
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‘Doom’ Creator John Romero Is Making 18 New Levels For Original Game

“Doom” designer John Romero and his studio, Romero Games, is releasing a free “megawad” called “Sigil” for the original 1993 first-person shooter. In “Doom” parlance, a megawad is a fan-made batch of 15 levels or more. “Sigil” has 18 levels — nine single-player and nine deathmatch. It’s the spiritual successor to the fourth episode of […]
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Converting from PDF

I'm given a PDF to turn into EPUB. Usual problem. Nice clean text transfer. But extra paragraph markers appear. The laborious job of checking against the original and removing the spurious ones starts. But I can export to docx. The correct paragraph indents survive! How do I tell a conversion process that THESE are the paragraphs I want, ignore those excess paragraph marks?
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