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How do I download Sigil?

I can't find where to download Sigil for Mac on the Sigil website and all I can find is 'dodgy' websites that offer it up for free download. Anybody give me a genuine link to download Sigil for Mac as they all seem very dodgy to me.
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Black background problem in Sigil 0.9.14

I recently downloaded 0.9.14 version of Sigil to use the BookView which is not available in later versions. When I open an ePub file, I'm seeing black background on black text, which makes the text illegible. I'm using iMac (Mojave). I was suggested to rename the sigil.ini file to oldsigil.ini, which I did, but it didn't fix the problem.
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Another bug in PV?

Look at the epub I attach. When you do click in PV doesn't sync with CV (go to the last image in PV and do click there; you'll see that nothing happens in CV), but when you do click in CV, PV syncs. It seems that PV has issues to sync when there are images inside a table cells. Regards Attached Files Images Case.epub (14.2 KB)
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Bug: Spellcheck button does nothing (1.6.0)

Toolbar button which used to pop up a nice dialog showing all the spelling issues, but now does nothing at all. Just me?
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Bug in Preview with epubs that contain MathML equations?

I know that, in Sigil 1.6, Preview is now totally asynchronousis but even so, when someone does click with the mouse somewhere in CodeView, Preview scrolls to show the same text clicked in the source code. Well, nothing of that happens with the epub I attach; no matter the place where I do click in Codeview that Preview remains always in the same place (at the beggining of the file). It seems that something is broken when the epub has MathML equations. By the way, I don't know why Bibi Reader c...
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Can't open epub file

I am just starting with using Sigil. I want to edit existing eBooks I had originally converted to epub files with Calibre. When I open the epub it just opens with a blank page called "titlepage.xhtml" - I can't see the contents of the file I opened anywhere. Sigil version of 1.5.1 I am using Mac OS High Sierra I have been searching this forum for tutorials and similar problems but can't find anything so making a post. Any ideas what I should do next? Thank you very much :)
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TOC Table of Contents

Hi, TOC shows contents of book browser instead of h1, h2 header contents, I guess. I am translating Sigil User Guide to Japanese. I think TOC is generated by h1, h2, header texts in the book. So I guess, after translation, TOC comes with Translated language. But it is still English which come from file names of html files, I guess. Sigil version 0.9.13 Kind Regards, Attached Thumbnails     Attached File...
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[Enhancement] Column Alignment (Spellcheck List + Reports)

What/Why When aligning data in columns, it's typically a good idea to: Text = left-aligned Numbers = right-aligned Aligning on decimal if needed. + Match headings with the data's alignment. This allows you to more easily read/compare rows with your eyes. A few months ago, I made a similar report in Sigil here: Spoiler: Quote: Originally Posted by Tex2002ans (Post 4095545) ...
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Sigil-1.6.0 Released

Sigil-1.6.0 Sigil-1.6.0 represents a mix of bug fixes and new features for both epub2 and epub3. New Features: Find and Replace search targets expanded to include tabbed files, CSS files, OPF and NCX files Saved Searches now save full search Controls (mode, direction, options, and targets) Preview loading is now completely asynchronous with a loading progress bar and loading placeholder Merge will now automatically prevent duplicate ids Merge will automatically add ids are former file boun...
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PageEdit-1.6.0 Released

PageEdit-1.6.0 PageEdit-1.6.0 is a minor update that represents 3 bug fixes and a single new feature. New Features: Added ability for spine position to be passed in alongside OPF path to simplify the interface between Sigil and PageEdit (with versions 1.6.0+) Bug Fixes: Bring SelectCharacter Dialog to be in sync with its counterpart in Sigil Remove tab and disable InsertFile menu if not Media is present to insert Fix typo in Greek Letter (Nu) (Thank you Doitsu). ------------------------...
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[Plugin] Epub3 E-Reader Plugins for Sigil

To help user's get a better feel for how their epubs will look in some browser-based epub2/epub3 e-readers while still inside Sigil, we have created 3 new Reader plugins for Sigil 1.6.0 or later: - based on Readium's cloud based reader - based on Bibi browser based e-reader - based on FuturePress's epubJS based reader For direct links to the plugin's themsel...
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Sigil 1.5.1 PageEdit 1.5.0 MathMl

Am running Sigil 1.5.1 and have just installed PageEdit 1.5.0. I found that my MathMl-euqations are properly displayed/rendered in Preview, but not in PageEdit. It doesn't seem to make a difference whether it's EPub 2.0 or 3.0. PageEdit doesn't seem to recognize the MathMl-tags. What am I missing?
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Unicode support for Regex?

I just did the test: For the text :azerty: :être: :etre: :cœur:, the search field :\w+: return only 2 results instead of the 4 expected. Could you look and add a Unicode support please. Without going to native support (which could be unstable), most of the Regex functions have a specific flag to enable (or disable) Unicode. A simple checkbox "Unicode search" would be sufficient and nice. Also, sometimes there is a "case sensitive" flags for the Regex, so there would only 2 mode, "Character M...
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Hello, New at creating e-books. Windows 7 64bit; Sigil 1.5.1 I am having a lot of problems creating e-books and would appreciate any help you-all can offer. The first problem is in setting up the front matter I want certain information together on one page (e.g., copyright information, dedication and title page). I arrange the text so that it appears correctly in Sigil and Calibre but when I open the book in Kindle or Kobo, these pages do not fit on one page but are rolled over into partial page...
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Sigil won't start on new Windows 10 laptop

Hello, I've just finished setting up a new laptop (Acer, running Windows 10), and was looking forward to a nice evening playing with some ePub files I've been editing, but when I tried to open one, Sigil refuses to start. Now according to my installation notes, I did fire it up right after installation, and it seemed to be working, but now... nothing visible. It does recognize which ePubs I clicked on - they show up as "recently opened" if I right-click on the taskbar icon, but they don't actua...
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Sigil div tag issue HELP

HI there I have just completed an ebook which is fine. . . until I put in about 6 url links on a few social media images at the back. sure its resolved simply though. The error is on line 138 where the says: Error while parsing file: element "div" not allowed here; expected element (screen shot attached) also attached is screen for line 138 in sigil. what do I change. the same error is repeated so once I solve this I can correct the rest. what do I delete or replace?? thanks for you help . ...
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Vanity fonts

Hello. Admittedly, this is my first time using Sigil to create an epub, so if I'm doing it wrong, please let me know. I've declared a specialty font for use in my epub (Belgrano). Long story short, if the font is not installed in my pc, even though Sigil css is declared and used properly, Belgrano is not displayed in the preview window in Sigil. I had to install the font on my laptop to view it in the preview window of Sigil. Belgrano was already installed on my desktop and thus rendered prope...
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[bug] Sigil doesn't start

Sometimes when I try to open an ePub, Sigil does not start. It is active in the process manager but no UI. It seems to be stuck in an infinite loading (and a little vicious thing the window "incorrect formatting" is displayed normally, it is after that it blocks) This has happened countless times, and I've tried the most voodoo and twisted solutions that I know (and that I wouldn't share on this public forum), sometimes with success, sometimes not. And today, I finally found the origin of the bu...
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Setting SVG image styles via CSS.

I've been experimenting with setting the styles in an SVG image via a style sheet. The attached EPUB is hopefully self-explanatory. It contains 4 cases, starting with setting SVG styles via SVG presentation attributes and gradually working towards setting the styles with CSS and eventually separating them out to the EPUB's style sheet. The first 3 cases behave as expected. Case 4 is broken. This might be due to a bug in Sigil, but I'm new at coding EPUB documents, so it's far more likely that ...
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Registering on here was an EPIC SAGA

Hey everyone, I am glad I am finally here. I create a lot of ebooks and am glad to join a community of likeminded people. I was prompted to join from Sigil and also Calibre. However every time I tried it said that I had been denied for some reason, and to contact the administrator, which I did every time but no response. Also the captcha form on the registration page would cycle through different images to click on for something like ten minutes each time. I thought that the site wasn't ac...
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Including MIDI in ePub in general, in Sigil specifically?

Hi, I'm contemplating writing an eBook on some music theme. So far I used Sigil for this purpose. I've been able to include images (notation) and mp3-audio (listen to the notation) in a test document. What I couldn't do is including MIDI-files (the notation exported as .mid). I tried finding something in the ePub documentation, without success. My intention is to allow readers to download or directly process the MIDI-snippets on their system, be it PC, some iOS device or similar. I'd be happy...
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Preview sometimes freezes

Hi, I've been using Sigil 1.5.1 for a while, and I've noticed that when I work on an epub file for some time the Preview dock would sometimes freeze, and the only way (that I know of) to fix it is to restart Sigil. It happens with all epub files. I've noticed this issue in both, the distro package and in my own compiled version. Info: - Sigil version: 1.5.1 - Qt: 5.15.2 - OS: Arch/Manjaro Linux
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Creating page lists on Windows – EPUBogrify alternative?

I am looking to improve accessibility in my EPUBs by adding a page list. I was following Laura Brady's workflow (on LinkedIn Learning – here's essentially the same workflow detailed on epubsecrets), but unfortunately stalled at the point when it calls for a MacOS-only application called EPUBogrify at the point after using Pagestaker. Ideally I would like to keep my workflows on my workstation PC. In this MobileRead thread, BeckyEbook mentions that: Quote: ...
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Dark, Darker and Light themes for Sigil

Hi all, It's my very first post in this community but I have been authoring ePubs and used Sigil for a while. I'm also actively collaborating with FreeCAD (, as a result I have created some themes with Qt stylesheets. I have adapted and improved them for use in Sigil :) Here you have some examples, they are 24 variants in total: Here you can download and install them : In the GitHub repository I explain i...
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Preview by Page

Is is possible to set the preview window to treat the viewable area as its own page? With the continuous scrolling, it seems to behave as though the file/chapter being viewed is a single page. I have a situation where there is an image at the beginning of every chapter. I use SVG, and set the height of the image to 15%. This works as expected on the e-reader, but does not render the same in the Sigil preview window.
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Plugin to insert text at current cursor position

Is it possible to simply insert text at the current cursor position? I'd like to insert the current date and time and a few other bits and pieces, essentially using Sigil as a fancy journal system. I can handle formatting the inserted text myself, but if someone can clue me in as to how I can simply insert 'Hello World!' at the cursor position, I'd be very grateful. I have tried with the documentation, but I'm struggling somewhat… the learning curve is a little steep, and although I've downloa...
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Preview Pane Size

Is there a way to save the Preview pane size? I use preview open on a second monitor and it seems that every time I open a new epub, the preview window shrinks. To check this, I opened and closed a series of epubs. On the first, I set the preview pane to 600x800. I saved the epub and closed Sigil. Then I opened a second epub. The preview pane pops open at 478x628. Close that epub/Sigil, open a third and the preview window is now 381x490. Close and open a fourth epub and the preview pane is 30...
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Error File Not Found

(Sigil 1.5.1) Initially Sigil was working fine and now I think something has become corrupted with an EPUB file. Initially Sigil made an epub file which worked fine as I added chapters to an ebook. Then suddenly I got a "File Not Found" error for an image. Yet, looking at the list of files in Images, it was there. Inside the html code the location was set as: "../Images/myfile.jpg". After many attempts I tried "images/myfile.jpg" and it worked. Since that time more corruptions have happe...
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Footer or Header?

Is there a way to add a footer or header in Sigil? For example I would like a certain link to show up at the bottom (or top) of each page in the book without having to manually add it to every page.
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[Suggestion] Automatically select stylesheet

In "Link Stylesheet" dialog, if there's only one stylesheet in the list, tick its checkbox. Thx!
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