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Sigil-0.9.13 Released

Sigil-0.9.13 NOTICE: If after installing Sigil v0.9.13 (or higher), Sigil is crashing, won't run correctly, or won't start at all, check out this wiki notice before filing a report or asking for assistance. For the impatient, the installer files (and source) can be found as assets at the bottom of the Github Release page. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Sigil release is primarily to address bugs introduced by the upgrade to Qt5.11.2 and Pyth...
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About the web inspector widget

Since sometimes is useful I don't want to reduce its size to nothing so I opte to close it. But if I change of working window, when I return to Sigil the web inspector is again open :( Is there a way to maintain it closed when I want that is closed?
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Remove the non-indexed elements?!

When opening an ePub, Sigil only loads the indexed files into the , and will delete any non-indexed files. I understand this behavior which aims to remove parasitic files added by other unscrupulous and indelicate software. However, more than once I have opened an ePub and I have only HTML pages and no images or CSS sheets. However, its files are present in the ePub, simply they are not indexed in the (probably because of unscrupulous software that confuses and ) What I reproach Sigil for ...
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"Entity 'nbsp' not defined" error

Hello, I got this error while importing an html file into Sigil: "Entity 'nbsp' not defined". The error was triggered by this line of code:  . It's no big deal to fix the code so it will import without the error, but the way Sigil treated the error seemed kind of goofy, so I did a little investigating. I found that a particular "toolbars" string in sigil.ini was the proximate cause of the error. Will someone kindly look at what I did and try to reproduce it? I think most people will not,...
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sigil spell check complains parts of word

The picture should be self-explaning (click to enlarge): The spellcheck complains the word "ei", but there is no such word. Instead it is a part of a word. And there is nothing wrong with it. These are the spellcheck settings: I tested sigil 0.9.10 and also 0.9.13 which I compiled today from master branch.
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Wiki Nitpick

To much of the world a date written as '3/8/2019' refers to the '3rd of August 2019', I suggest using 'Mar 8 2019' to remove ambiguity, or 'Aug 3 2019' if that's what you mean. BR
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Something wrong with this file

UPDATE: Nevermind. There was a problem with CSS "cover.css". I fixed it, and it works now. There seems to be something wrong with the following file in my ePUB book, because I can't open the book in my PocketBook InkPad3. It opens the cover, but then I can't change pages. But if I remove it from the book structure, it opens normally. I use Sigil to edit ePUBs. This is the file: PHP Code:   The Essential Journey of Life and Death  The Essential Journeyof Life and D...
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Sigil Github Wiki

The new fledgling Sigil Wiki on Github can be found at:
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Button to add CSS class

Hi, is there a way or a plugin to add to the toolbar a button to add a CSS class to an element (for example the selected text)? Thanks
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invisible del / "line-through"

I had some text that was supposed to be crossed out, it was formatted -- editing the book in epub in Sigil, to export toazw3 using kindlegen. seemed ok on screen and kindlegen had no problem, but epubcheck says "Error while parsing file 'element "strike" not allowed anywhere". So I made a test page: del strike s s s text-decoration-line: line-through; text-decoration: line-through; epubcheck also whines about On Sigil preview, all work the same except "text-decoration-line" which ...
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New Policy on Translations Included with Sigil Releases

New Policy on Translations included with Sigil Releases Due to the large number of dead or inactive translations of Sigil on Transifex, our policy for including a language precompiled into our Release installers is the following: 1. Translations must pass the 75% complete mark 2. The translation team must be semi-active i.e. filling in new translation strings as they are generated by changes in Sigil 3. Must not be duplicates of an already existing language (For example: az and az_AZ are e...
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A bug with the regex ?

Hello everyone, I'm trying to use regex for dynamic id remplacement but I got some error that I don't know how to fix, that's why I'm asking for help. I've seen somewhere in this website that Sigil use PCRE. Regex pattern : Code: ([\W\s]*)?([\w]+)( ([ \?*])+)?((, )?(.*)?([A-Z])(.*))? Replace pattern : Code: \2\3\4\6 Test string : Code: Anzil ou Auzil, Jacques d’ The result I want : Code: Anzil ou Auzil, Jacques d’ But the result I got : Code: ...
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CSS DropCap w/o indent

In reading the Sigil Users Guide I found out what Dropcap is and really like it. The problem is I'm also using using first line indent. So even the first line of the Dropcap is indented, not a very good look. (see attachment) How can I remove it from the the first line only. Thanks Brent Attached Images   Attached Files Georgia.txt (1.2 KB)
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A new bug in Sigil 0.9.12?

By trying to find the cause of my issues with this new version of Sigil, I found something rare. In my stylesheet I had defined the following styles: Code: .fig3 {     -webkit-shape-outside: url("../Images/Fig-003.png");     shape-outside: url("../Images/Fig-003.png"); } .fig4 {     -webkit-shape-outside: url("../Images/Fig-004.png");     shape-outside: url("../Images/Fig-004.png"); } But after renaming images "Fig-003.png" to "Fig003.png" and "Fig-004.png" to "Fig004.png" the ...
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hello to all participants, I have a problem with the validation of the epub I had never had, once converted from word to epub format, I arrange them as sigil, adding coepratin, metadata, creating the toc, etc., the problem is that the validator tells me that missing the toc, even if the toc is there, can someone help me?
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Attention All Sigil Users

It is clear to us, now that the decision to convert Sigil INI preference files to UTF-8 was not a good idea. That combined with other performance-related issues has caused us to make the decision to pull both Sigil v0.9.11 and v0.9.12. Regardless of whether the two issues are related or not, we cannot in good conscience recommend their continued use, and thus have removed the binary downloads from their Github release pages. In short ... don't use these versions (unless you're willing to work wi...
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Sigil Rename Command

Using the Search function I can't find anything even remotely close to answering this question... The book I am editing has 100+ image files [located in the "IMAGES" folder] in the following format: Pict_statesecret_ch2_castroandcubela.jpg Pict_statesecret_ch2_cuba.jpg What I'd like to do is remove the "Pict_statesecret_" from the filename while leaving the "ch2_XXXXXX.jpg" in place, using the "RENAME" command. Is this possible? Thanks for any thoughts, Tom
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jump to the line alone

Hello. I have a problem... When I code paragraph side by side If I save, the second paragraph goes below, destroying my layout. Before save: Code: Lorem ipsumIpsum lorem After save: Code: Lorem ipsum Ipsum lorem Just... Why ? It's normal ? Thanks in advance and sorry fort my english...
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Epub3 seems to be much closer

Recently I downloaded the last update of the PocketBook app for Android. This new release now has two rendering engines: RMSDK (for epub2) and Webkit (for epub3). The engine to be used is auto-selected by the app, but the user also can chosse what to use to read an epub (so it's perfectly possible to use webkit to read epub2 ebooks and sometimes is better). I was testing the epub3 support and I must say that is impressive (like Sigil or a bit better because it has hyphens and Sigil not); practic...
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Window size not saved

Window size always reverts to the default. Am I mis-remembering, or weren't window sizes saved with the document in previous versions? I've noticed this since updating to 0.9.12 on MacOS.
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Query about version history

Hi Just a query about versions of Sigil. Quite a few 'how to do it' resources out there on the web are based on Sigil 7.2. Are there any significant differences between 7.2 and the current 9.12 version that might affect the practicality of creating epubs? Thanks for any advice.
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Compatibility of Sigil coding on different ebook apps

I am currently formating a large non-fiction book in Sigil 0.9.12. The styles and fonts are in the code as per the Word. .doc format. BUT in the Icecream ebook reader the layout is perfect (see attached) whereas the exact same .epub file renders differently in Sumatra PDF ebook reader (see attached) and is so much more difficult to read. As a newbie to epub formatting I am mystified that the html code (see attached) has the correct defined styles and is perfect in the .doc format, but appears d...
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"Can't use string pattern on bytes like object" on Sigil 0.8.7

Hello, I'm developing a plugin that just convert pixel values to em but I'm facing this error (as title) when I run the script on Sigil 0.8.7 on my friends computer. Note that this script work fine with 0.9.10 on my computer. He said, he need the old version because there is some error that the new version skipped when he checked the ePub so he don't want to switch. Someone can help me how to fix this please ? What can cause the problem in these version ? Thanks. Spoiler: This is t...
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Sigil-0.9.12 Released

Sigil-0.9.12 For the impatient, the installer files (and source) can be found as assets at the bottom of the Github Release page. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Sigil release is primarily to address bugs introduced by the upgrade to Qt5.11.2 and Python 3.7 in the previous release. Bug Fixes fix typo in cssreformatter that caused errors with @ fontface (issue #394) workaround for qt bug affecting tab close buttons on Mac (commit f3b9399) fi...
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the website disapperead

Hi, I don't know when it happened, but I seem unable to resolve the domain anymore, so the website is now effectively inaccessible. Is this a temporary situation, or just the project decided to let go of it?
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Sigil-0.9.11 Released

For the impatient, the installer files (and source) can be found as assets at the bottom of the Github Release page. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Sigil release is a mix of bug fixes and new features for both epub2 and epub3 users. Some of the highlights for this release include: Starting with Sigil-0.9.11, Sigil's ini preference files will be utf-8 encoded to more easily allow users to manually edit them. NOTE: before upgrading to Sigil-0....
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Upcoming Sigil 0.9.11 Release

Starting with Sigil-0.9.11, Sigil's ini preference files will be utf-8 encoded to more easily allow users to manually edit them. NOTE: before upgrading to Sigil-0.9.11, please make and save a backup of your preferences files. There is no issue with the conversion moving forward, but if, for whatever reason, you need to roll back to an earlier version of Sigil, utf-8 encoded unicode characters in your ini files will not work with earlier versions of Sigil. So please be safe and make a backup ju...
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Something weird is happening when I want to build an Index

I don't know if is a bug of Sigil or something I'm doing wrong. The following is a picture of my "Book Browser View" BEFORE building an Index: Attachment 169742 As you can see, the order of the files is: Cover, Sinopsis, Titulo, Dedicatoria, TDC, Introduccion, Prefacio, Seccion_01, etc. And this is the picture (of my "Book Browser View") AFTER building the Index: Attachment 169743 Now the order of the files is: Dedicatoria, Introduccion, Prefacio, Sinopsis, Título, cover, TdC, Seccion_01, etc. T...
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Find/Replace Window close shortcut

Is there a keyboard shortcut for closing the Find/Replace window? Sigil has shortcuts for almost everything, but I can’t locate a shortcut for that window. If a shortcut doesn’t exist, I can make a macro if I know the name of the close button (red square and white X). The name isn’t ‘close.’
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Sigil creating empty guide element

I have just checked one of my recently Sigil created ebooks with the new epubcheck 4.1.1 and I get the error of incomplete guide element. Attachment 169704 The latest InDesign (which I use to create ebooks) doesn't create guide element in my ebook but when I open the EPUB file with the latest Sigil, it creates the empty guide element. Attachment 169703 I checked from the OPF spec and it states Quote: Within the package there may be one guide element, containing...
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