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"Could not read cover from epub"

The other day, I added a new EPUB into my library, originally downloaded from Archive Of Our Own, with some edits made in Sigil because I'm finicky about formatting. This is a standard workflow for me, and usually it leads to Calibre generating a cover based on the book's first page of text. This time, though, instead of that, Calibre gave the book the Default Unmarked Blue Cover. When I went into the book's metadata and directly told Calibre to set the book cover from the EPUB format (the only...
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enlarge the math?

i have a textbook in epub - calculus in 5 hours it is readable on my large PC monitor but on anything smaller- tablet, Kobo... I struggle to make out the equations. each is coded like so: there are 485 .svg definitions in the epub , within images. but each appears in sigil as a long bunch of numbers so it does not look easy to mess with those there are 60 similar fs... classes, they all have different heights and have width auto. see examples below. I am wondering if there is any simple way ...
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How did ">" get into my file?

I was checking a Sigil-made epub for something else and was suprised to see Code: > on my title page. Here is how it looked in the code view: Code: 25820> How did it get there? (I didn't put it there.) Is there anything I can do to keep it from happening again? Thanks.
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epub 3 and subtitles

If I add a subtitle with Sigil by adding the metadata for Title, then add to that the property for subtitle, that subtitle needs to be after the main title in the content.opf; it it's before the main title then Calibre displays the subtitle as the book's title. Maybe it's in the epub 3 standard that order is significant for title and subtitle? Subtitle first: Code: Subtitle subtitle Main title Main title first: Code: Main title Subtitle subtitle ...
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Next Version

Hi KevinH Kovid had said he hopes to release the next copy of Calibre this month. ( I will give anyone, who complains about Kovid, if this slips a hard time. Things happen) Is there likely to be a new version of Sigil before Xmas, to go with the new version of Calibre? I am a heavy user of both and it would nice to have a new version of each.
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EPUB problem - iBooks questions

Hi New to ePub Creation. Newbie Sigil user. I am new to this forum and could not find a general epub creation QnA section, for sigil epub creation. Hope this is correct place. 1) Contents showing on device TOC In iBooks device TOC, the "Contents" page is not listed in device TOC. What is controlling this? In ADE device TOC, the "Contents" page is listed in the device TOC correctly. 2) iBooks for some epubs has option tap to show number of pages ebook, tap to show number of pages Apple iBook...
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[Plugin] TOCSaver - save NCX ToC to allow Regen

Updated: September 11, 2020 Current Version: "0.2.0" See the attached TOCSaver_v*.zip License/Copying: GNU LGPL Version 2 or Version 3 your choice. Any other license terms are only available directly from the author in writing. Change Log:v0.1.0 - Initial Release v0.2.0 - Added Icon Support for this plugin is only provided for Sigil 1.0 or later. This plugin requires Sigil 1.0 or later to even operate. Description This plugin is only needed if the current NCX ToC is not based on heading tags ...
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Problem with not referenced files

I have produced a lot of epubs by now, in Sigil as well as in Calibre. But this time, I'm coming to my limits. When inserting images or fonts, I receive - in Sigil and in Calibre - those messages: Code: WARNUNG: Die Datei 3Sternchen.png ist nicht referenziert****[3Sternchen.png] WARNUNG: Die Datei Exlibris_Bogen_2020.jpg ist nicht referenziert****[Exlibris_Bogen_2020.jpg] WARNUNG: Die Datei FoglihtenNo04-070.otf ist nicht referenziert****[FoglihtenNo04-070.otf] WARNUNG: Die Datei W3...
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New Feature Font Preview is causing problems

Hi, i'm still inbestigating in this, but i guess Sigil has a problem with the font preview. If a font is obfucated and the bookid in the identfier element is changed sigil is not able to load the file after it has been saved. This was possible before the fonts could be previewed in sigil, so i guess sigil is checking now something, cant do that anymore terminates itself. Can anyone confirm this? Steps: Epub file with obfuscated fonts open change bookid in identifier element (conten.opf) ...
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Sigil line break

HI there. I have completed an epub which has validated perfectly ok. the process began from converting a Quarkxpress file to epub, editing in Calibre and fine tuning in Sigil. However in the complete book I have a spaced line break after a paragraph (4 instances through the epub). When I see the book without with or without code its perfect in Sigil. however in iBooks the space seems to be there. I will just show one example. once i know this I can correct the others. Sample ibooks view: las...
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Embed remote images ("save complete?")

Hi everyone, I have a book assembled from many html files saved from the web. The pages include images on remote servers, e.g. Code: These images show up when I am browsing in Sigil. They also show up in the exported Epub on the computer. They do not show up in the e-reader because the images are not embedded in the Epub itself and the e-reader has no connection. Does Sigil have an "embed remote images" or "save as complete" function? I could not find it. If not, is there a workarou...
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Show tables in a reading device

I have used CSS tables to arrange a set of numbers as a matrix of rows and columns after converting a book from pdf to epub. The table was completely messed up in the pdf document. The tables in the epub book look nice in Sigil and Calibre but they don't render well in my Kindle. I'd like to know if there is a better strategy to show those tables, though it's obvious that the ebook screen size sets a limitation on the number of columns. Do you people have any recommendation?
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Sigil 1.30 32 Bit - Cover and SVG Images path

Hi folks, just installed the above mentioned version on my Windows 10 and noticed, that the "Insert cover" function inserts the image with "xlink:href="Ops/cover.jpg". In older Versions it was "xlink:href="../Images/cover.jpg". Now Ops path, before Image path. Same with the SVG-Insert plugin (newest). Is that intentional or a bug of some kind as it happens also in the TOC. Thanks Thomas
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Ebook won't list me as author

I made an original ebook in Sigil using a creative commons template as a starting model. For some reason even though I have changed author info in the meta data editor and it looks great and lists me as author in Adobe Digital Editions on PC and AiReader in Android, it still lists the creative commons meta data author on my Android Huawei FBReader. I have created a sample chapter which lists all the right data and I could use that sample chapter to recompile the whole book page by page just so...
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Sigil 1.3 (64) not opening in Windows 10?

I'm mostly a Mac user, so forgive me here -- my ability to solve problems on Windows machines is a bit more limited than it should be. I had Sigil (1.1, I think?) running fine on my daughter's gaming computer, which has a better graphic card than my laptop, and which is running an up-to-date version of Windows 10. I noticed that I hadn't updated Sigil to the latest version, so I ran the Sigil 1.3 (64-bit) installer for Windows. When I clicked on the app in the Start menu to open it... nothing....
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Chapter splitting broken?

I tried to use the "Split at Chapter Breaks" function, and it doesn't seem to work. The chapter markers are in the text: Code: Is it a bug?
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Does it matter which software used to create mobi?

I'm trying to prepare an ebook to upload to amazon. It's a collection of single panel cartoons, and fixed layout format seems appropriate. Started with Kindle Comic Creator, but couldnt do toc properly, and it was bugging me that KCC was overriding some files. Switched to Sigil, but still not good enough to my liking. Ended up writing html and epub from scratch, mostly based on the book by Paul Salvette (very good!), and it works. Now, could Amazon give me trouble that Im not using Amazon-author...
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Embed the functions of "TOC Edit" into "TOC Tab"?

Hi All! If I would like to embed the functions of "TOC Edit"(fig.02) into "TOC Tab" (fig.01a), -> Should this be a plugin development? -> or Should I hacking the code of Sigil directly? Thanks for any kinds of help! Attached Thumbnails    
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Moving the "TOC tab" to the Right Panel -- Suggestion for the next version of Sigil?

Hi All! I have a suggestion for the next version of Sigil as titled. The purpose of Moving the "TOC tab" from the left panel to the right panel is to improve the efficiency of TOC operations. The following are the proposed steps in achieving this purpose: Step#1: Moving the "TOC Tab" to the Right Panel as shown in fig.01 (pls. see attached file) which means that there will be 2 tabs on the left-panel: -- the "TOC Tab" -- &the "Book Browser Tab" Step#2: set "Ctrl+Shift+T" as the def...
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Add "font-size" and "font-colour" functions to next version of Page Edit?

Hi All! Currently if I want to highlight a text with bigger font size and coloured text, I will add the html tag as follows: Code: Text I hope that the font-size and font-colour can be set easily in next version of PageEdit, will my dream comes true? Thanks for any kind of help!
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Onclick does not work on Readium

Here my xhtml code in SIGIL but there is no action when I click on the radio button in the book using readium. What can I do? Connaissez-vous bien votre livre? Questionnaire pour MADAME BOVARY 2e partie, chapitre 14 : Rétablissement d’Emma (le voyage à Rouen).Illustration de A. Richemont, gravée à l'eau-forte par C. Chessa, Paris, F. Ferroud, 1905 Qu'est-ce que Madame Bovary admire le plus dans la vie? Les montagnes (Oups! Il faut relire la deuxième partie d...
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Need Feedback on UserDictionaries feature of Sigil

We are currently working on adding multiple language spellchecking support to Sigil. So we need to better understand if and how users are currently using the UserDictionary feature of Sigil's current Spellchecking. One proposal on the board is to make UserDictionaries be language/region specific (ie. en_US or de_DE) and therefore establish a user dictionary naming convention where each user dictionary name would start with a language and region in its file name (just like Hunspell dictionaries ...
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[Plugin] cssUndefinedClasses

Hi to all, as requested some weeks ago, here is a plugin that deletes from the xhtml all classes and ids that are not referenced anywhere in the stylesheets (nor in fragment identifiers in href attributes, in the case of ids). There is a graphical interface that lets the user choose what they want to remove and what they want to keep. I tried to adjust the colors of backgrounds and texts to keep it all readable and not too ugly in the various dark modes, but I couldn't test the plugin on a Ma...
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ePub to Word template (Amazon print on demand)

Hi, I’ve prepared my ePub in Sigil and readying to get it onto the Kindle store. I also want to make it available for Print on Demand. From what I understand, for the cover, in order to calculate the width of the spine, I need to know the number of pages. And in order to calculate the number of pages I’ll need to get the ePub into one of Amazon’s Word print on demand templates. My question is, is there a recommended way to get the ePub into a word doc? Any tips or pointing in the right d...
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x86 versions of older Sigil

I have an old computer laptop that is the "x86" architecture. What happened to the older Sigils for the "x86" architecture? Thanks rmf
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Feature Request: toolbar options

I have finally updated to version 1.3.0 - it made me an offer my eyes could not refuse, dark theme support. However I find the decision to make the headings tools and especially the set case tools collapse in the toolbar to be unbearably clunky. If it's not too hard to do, I would like to request an option to make those toolbars expandable so that all buttons are visible at once. EDIT: if the option exists and I have overlooked it, I do apologise - could you point me to it in that case?
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Visual Content Editor for Sigil?

Hi All! I would like to suggest a Visual Content Editor for Sigil, do you want it also? -> if yes, pls. raise your voice too -> I hope that the developer of Sigil, or someone could help to develop it The visual Content Editor will be something like that of "Kotobee Author" -> pls. see attached screen capture Hope that it can be a new feature in the coming new version of sigil! Thanks for any kinds of help! Attached Thumbnails  
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Keyboard Shortcuts request

This is a very niche request for the devs, but... Could we not use the Alt/Option key as a default shortcut trigger without other keys? I work on a lot of books that use diacritical marks. On the Macs I mostly use, these are accessed by using the Option key in combination with other keys. So, for example, to get a nice macron (straight line) over a letter, you press Option-A, then the letter you want the macron over, so it turns out like this: ā (I'm using the US Extended keyboard, if anyone c...
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An artist's sourcebook

My current project is an artist's sourcebook, so it has a lot of images and relatively much less text to it. (Example) I've been doing the drawing in a vector design program called Xara Designer Pro, which is pretty good at doing layout for print and exporting to PDF. However, the greater the number of pages (160 so far!) the more resources it takes up to do the drawing, so I have resorted to splitting the book into individual two-page spreads while I work with it. Eventually I want to make it ...
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Error Messages because of duplicate IDs (anchors)

I got careless adding endnotes to an ebook and created duplicate anchors with the same name that led to the error message below when I try to validate the book. ERROR(RSC-005): ./books/Bo/databases/eBookIt/temp_uploads/1596678236.epub/OEBPS/Text/Endnotes.xhtml(14,48): Error while parsing file: Duplicate ID 'EndnotesChapter1_3' I want to have the ebook work on Google Play Books so that if users download free ebooks from my site at , they will be able to read it i...
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