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The Org nabs $8.5M led by Founders Fund to build a global database of company org charts

LinkedIn has cornered the market when it comes to putting your own professional profile online and using it to network for jobs, industry connections and professional development. But when it comes to looking at a chart of the people, and specifically the leadership teams, who make up organizations more holistically, the Microsoft-owned network comes up a little short: you can search by company names, but chances are that you get a list of people based on their connectivity to you, and otherw...
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These specialized Africa VC funds are welcoming co-investors

For global venture capitalists still on the fence about entering Africa, a first move could be co-investing with a proven fund that’s already working in the region. Africa’s startup scene is performance-light — one and a handful of exits — but there could be greater returns for investors who get in early. For funds from Silicon Valley to Tokyo, building a portfolio and experience on the continent with those who already have expertise could be the best start. VC in Africa Africa has one of th...
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Ex-YC partner Daniel Gross rethinks the accelerator

Amid skyrocketing operating expenses, remote work has become an obsession for Bay Area founders looking to have it both ways, accessing Silicon Valley’s networks of capital and opportunity without paying steep premiums for talent. Daniel Gross has a deeper understanding than most of Silicon Valley’s opportunities. The Jerusalem native was one of Y Combinator’s early successes, joining with an AI startup that, at 23, he sold to Apple (we reported the deal was between $40-60 million). Gross ser...
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Oracle Employee Speaks Out Against Her Boss Raising Money for Trump

Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle, one of the largest software companies in the world, hosted a fundraiser for Donald Trump’s re-election on Wednesday at the tech titan’s Southern California estate. The event was expected to bring in some $7 million for the incumbent president. Some of Ellison’s employees were less than pleased about that, signing a protest petition and, according to Recode, planning to walk out on Thursday to demand Ellison and Oracle donate an equivalent amount to humanitari...
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Lambda School, a buzzy online coding bootcamp backed by big Silicon Valley names, could be placing far fewer graduates in jobs than it says

The online coding bootcamp Lambda School, which went through Y Combinator and has attracted funding from the likes of Ashton Kutcher and GV, claims that 86% of its graduates are hired within six months. According to a May 2019 memo obtained by New York Magazine's Vincent Woo, Lambda School told investors that it's at a "roughly" 50% placement rate for students that are six months post-graduation. Lambda School says that the numbers were taken out of context, and that it will be releasing its o...
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Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen's mansion in the most expensive town in the US just sold for $35 million — see inside (MSFT)

An Atherton, California mansion just sold for $35.2 million. The 18,000-square-foot home was owned by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, who died in 2018. Atherton is the most expensive zip code in the US, and the home was the highest sale in the neighborhood since 2017. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The Atherton, California mansion that belonged to late Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen sold for $35.2 million, reported. Allen died in 2018 at 65 years old from canc...
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Elon Musk's car collection has evolved over the years, from the million-dollar McLaren F1 he destroyed to a James Bond movie prop Lotus (TSLA)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has had a lot of different cars over the years.  His first vehicle was a 1978 BMW 320i — he paid only $1,400 for it.  At one point, a McLaren F1 was his daily driver, but he totaled it on Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley. More recently, he's been driving Tesla cars, like Model S and the Cybertruck. He even sent his Tesla Roadster into space.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Elon Musk has had quite the car collection over the years.  Some got totaled, ot...
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Ashton Kutcher says that he identifies new startups to invest in by asking to see the smartphone home screen of everybody he meets

Hollywood's Ashton Kutcher has an unusual question that he asks the people he meets: what does their smartphone home screen look like?  The "Dude, Where's My Car" star appeared as Harry Stebbing's guest on the podcast 20VC on Tuesday to discuss his perspective on tech investing. The question highlights what Kutcher says is his investment strategy: He's not a technical person, but he's picked winners like Uber, Airbnb, and Spotify early on by paying attention to the ways that people actually in...
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Tim Draper puts $1M into the Aragon blockchain project to create digital courts

In the murky world of crypto and blockchain, taking disputes to a traditional court would either land both the plaintiff and the defendant in jail or confuse the court to the point of total befuddlement. You can just imagine the scenario: “What is a DAO?” “It’s a decentralized autonomous organization, your honor.” “Please speak in English!” Meanwhile, blockchain-native “communities,” such as they are, find it almost impossible to settle disagreements using traditional courts. And it turns out ca...
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Europe unveils a new plan to compete with Silicon Valley

Europe knows it fell behind the United States and China on the technologies that dominated the past decade. Now it has a plan to catch up.
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Some Oracle employees are planning to 'log off' and walk off the job in protest against Larry Ellison's fundraiser for Trump (ORCL)

Oracle employees are planning to "log off" and walk off their jobs in reaction to founder Larry Ellison's planned fundraising dinner for President Trump. The Oracle founder is planning to host the event on Wednesday, which has triggered a small rebellion at the tech giant.  The campaign, dubbed "No Ethics / No Work" calls on Oracle employees to "log off at noon local time to spend time volunteering or donating to programs and efforts that aim to resist administration policies that go against O...
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The life and career rise of billionaire Meg Whitman, the former eBay CEO leading a new streaming serve called Quibi

Meg Whitman, 63, is one of Silicon Valley's most storied CEOs. In her decades-long career, Whitman has been credited with turning around eBay and making major changes at Hewlett-Packard. Now, she's leading a new streaming platform called Quibi. Here's what you need to know about Whitman, a Princeton University graduate whose among the richest self-made women in the US. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Meg Whitman, now in her third iteration of being a tech CEO, is a veteran...
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EU wants to create a single market for European data

The European Union has unveiled plans to create a single market for all EU data that would help the bloc build startups that can compete with Silicon Valley giants. This “European data space” would allow businesses, researchers, and public administrations to unlock unused data so that it flows freely across the whole of the EU. The data would be available to every citizen and organization in the bloc. The EU wants to first establish a regulatory framework for data governance that offers incentiv...
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Big Tech companies have a new question: Build, Buy or Bail

Welcome to this week's edition of Trending, the newsletter where we highlight BI Prime's biggest tech stories. I'm Alexei Oreskovic, Business Insider's West Coast bureau chief and global tech editor. If this is your first time here, this is how you can get Trending in your inbox every week. This week: To build or to buy, tech's fundamental question takes center stage "Build or Buy?" is one of the fundamental questions for any tech business. The unrelenting rhythm of innovation in technology, ...
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EU bets on industrial data, new rules to catch up in global tech

The European Commission plans to create a single European market for data, hoping that pooling the region's deep industrial expertise could help build technology powerhouses to catch up with Silicon Valley and state-backed Chinese heavyweights.
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A finance YouTuber explains why he makes 4 times as much money per view as the average creator

Personal-finance influencer Marko Zlatic runs the YouTube channel WhiteBoard Finance (298,000 subscribers) where he posts videos about personal finance, stocks, and real-estate investing. YouTube creators like Zlatic earn money through ads placed in their videos by Google.  Zlatic earns four times as much money per view on Google through AdSense than the average YouTube creator because of the type of audience his videos attract.  Zlatic said his audience demographic, which is made up primarily...
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Their market shut, traders in China's Silicon Valley do business from bags

While coronavirus fears curtail much of China's bustle, traders are getting back to business at the world's largest electronics market, buying and selling from bags and suitcases on the streets outside their shut premises.
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3 red flags Uber whistleblower Susan Fowler said she noticed early on

Former Uber employee and whistleblower Susan Fowler says in her new book that she noticed a handful of red flags early on in her time at Uber. After her interview process was delayed, Fowler says she was told that the wait was due to the company's "crazy" trip to Vegas.  She also says that while interviewers told her that "twenty-five percent!" of Uber's engineering teams were female, "the only women I could recall seeing during my visit were the recruiting coordinator and the janitor."  Fowle...
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Uber 'whistleblower' Susan Fowler: New hires were told not to date Travis Kalanick

In February 2017, Susan Fowler wrote a blog post describing a culture of sexual harassment at Uber. Her blog post kicked off an investigation into the culture at the ride-hailing juggernaut, and as Business Insider reported, "an investor uprising that forced out CEO Travis Kalanick." The following is an adapted excerpt from her new book, "Whistleblower: My Journey to Silicon Valley and Fight for Justice at Uber." In it, she details the red flags she experienced before even arriving at Uber — l...
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20 Years After Dot-Com Peak, Tech Dominance Keeps Investors on Edge

As Wall Street approaches the 20th anniversary of the piercing of the dot-com bubble, today's decade-old rally led by a few small players shows some similarities that cautious investors are keeping an eye on. From a report: March 11, 2000 marked the beginning of a crash of overly-inflated stocks that would last over two years, lead to the failure of investor favorites including Worldcom and and take over 13 years for Wall Street to recover from. That bust ended a 1,000% decade-long Nasd...
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Silicon Valley and Wall Street are betting you'll want to travel now, pay later. Here are 10 ways startups, banks, and airlines are tapping in to millennial wanderlust.

Many people value experiences over things. Instagram-able vacations are one such experience, but not everyone can afford it, especially not cash-strapped millennials. With student debt, high living costs, and record levels of credit-card debt, many Americans are looking for ways to pay for their travel splurges. Uplift is a startup that partners with travel websites like Kayak and airlines like Southwest and Spirit to offer monthly payment plans for travel loans. Affirm, founded by PayPal cofo...
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Today's the first day on the job for new WeWork CEO Sandeep Mathrani. Insiders told us why he's the guy to pull off one of the most difficult turnarounds Silicon Valley has ever seen.

Sandeep Mathrani, WeWork's new CEO, starts on Tuesday. To understand how he will likely lead the struggling coworking giant, we talked with six executives at his former company GGP. Mathrani started at the mall company GGP after his predecessors laid the foundation for a major turnaround, and he continued the plan with his operating expertise. WeWork wasn't his first stop after working at GGP's parent company — instead, he was set to be a consultant for the private-equity giant Starwood Capita...
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In New Book, Uber Whistleblower Takes On Silicon Valley

David Greene talks to Susan Fowler about her new book "Whistleblower," about her time at ride-haling company Uber, and what led her to write publicly about what she experienced there.
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Atomico raises new $820M fund to back ‘mission-driven’ European founders at Series A and beyond

Atomico, the European venture capital firm founded by Skype’s Niklas Zennström, has announced that it has closed its fifth fund — “Atomico V” — giving it another $820 million to invest in European startups. The London-headquartered VC firm’s previous fund closed at $765 million, so this is an increase over three years ago. However, the remit remains largely the same, as Atomico says it plans to double down on its strategy of backing “mission-driven” European founders at Series A, but with the...
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Uber Whistleblower Takes On Silicon Valley, Armed With Stoic Philosophy

In 2017, Susan Fowler published a blog post that revealed Uber's misogynistic corporate culture — and helped change the world. In her memoir, she urges readers not to see her as a victim.(Image credit: Eric Risberg/AP)
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A top Oracle exec says Google is 'virtually alone' in its Supreme Court battle over Java, downplaying IBM and Microsoft's support for its tech rival (ORCL, GOOG, MSFT, IBM)

A top Oracle executive said Google is "virtually alone" in its Supreme Court battle over Java, saying "the technology community is not supporting Google's position. Not even slightly." Oracle Executive Vice President Ken Glueck also downplayed the parties that have publicly supported Google in the Supreme Court case, including tech giants IBM and Microsoft saying they have "commercial interests" in this litigation. Glueck called Microsoft the "original sinner," saying the tech giant had once e...
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I Spoke Out Against Sexual Harassment at Uber. The Aftermath Was More Terrifying Than Anything I Faced Before

In February 2017, I published a blog post about my experiences with sexual harassment and gender discrimination at Uber, where I had recently left my role as a software engineer. In it, I described a year of employment that began with a sexual proposition from my manager and only grew more demeaning and demoralizing from there. The post quickly went viral, tapping into a conversation about systemic discrimination throughout Silicon Valley. What I wrote changed the world, some said: f...
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Uber and Lyft Are Creating Traffic, Not Reducing It

The Wall Street Journal remembers how five years ago, Uber's co-founder "was so confident that Uber's rides would prompt people to leave their cars at home that he told a tech conference: 'If every car in San Francisco was Ubered there would be no traffic.'" He was wrong. Rather than the apps becoming a model of algorithm-driven efficiency, drivers in major cities cruise for fares without passengers an estimated 40% of the time. Multiple studies show that Uber and Lyft have pulled people away ...
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How the US-China trade is felt stateside: FPGA stalwart Xilinx trims workforce after lucrative Huawei sales pipe blocked

'A combination of losing Huawei and slower than anticipated ramp in 5G' A small round of layoffs at Silicon Valley's Xilinx was the result of the US government's ongoing war on Huawei, one of the FPGA designer's top customers.…
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How the US-China trade war is felt stateside: Xilinx trims workforce after lucrative Huawei sales pipe blocked

'A combination of losing Huawei and slower than anticipated ramp in 5G' A small round of layoffs at Silicon Valley's Xilinx was the result of the US government's ongoing war on Huawei, one of the FPGA designer's top customers.…
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