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Tech giants should let startups defer cloud payments

Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are the landlords. Amidst the Coronavirus economic crisis, startups need a break from paying rent. They’re in a cash crunch. Revenue has stopped flowing in, capital markets like venture debt are hesitant, and startups and small-to-medium sized businessesf are at risk of either having to lay off huge numbers of employees and/or shut down. Meanwhile, the tech giants are cash rich. Their success this decade means they’re able to weather the storm for a few mon...
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Chicagoans can actually play "Machine Learning President," the election RPG

After the 2016 elections, and a group of technology activists created Machine Learning President, designed for "scenario planning to game out how tech might impact future elections, as a way to think through the potential challenges and pitfalls that might eat away at democracy." The game -- which sounds really fun! -- enjoyed a brief splash of notoriety last June when rumors emerged that Trump backer and Cambridge-Analytica-affiliated heiress Rebekah Mercer and a group of her plut...
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Austin’s Entrepreneurial Landscape

What’s the number one city for startups in the United States? Is it Silicon Valley, home to accelerators Y Combinator and 500 Startups and to tech giants Google and Facebook? Or perhaps it’s New York City — where companies like Foursquare, Warby Parker, and Rent the Runway got their start.According to the most recent annual Kauffman Index report, which ranks “the rate of new entrepreneurs, the number of entrepreneurs who started their companies when unemployed, and the number of startups per ca...
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