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Gooding & Co. Is Selling This Impossibly Orange $1M Porsche 968

All Photos: Gooding & Co. This week famed auction Gooding & Co. is launching an online listing to coincide with the incredible Amelia Island Concours. While Gooding traditionally has a physical presence at the concours weekend, it decided that it would be best to avoid indoor in-person shouting while the coronavirus pandemic still rages around the world. Aside from the fact that many of the company's traditional customers wouldn't be able to travel to the U.S. for the auction, I'm sure they wan...
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How did Atlanta become a top breeding ground for billion-dollar startups in the Southeast?

Over the past five years, the Southeastern region, led by Atlanta, has gone from being “one of the best kept secrets” in tech, to a vibrant ecosystem teeming with a herd of the billion dollar tech businesses that are referred to in the investment world as “unicorns” (thanks to their supposed rarity). In those five years venture capital investments surged to $2.1 billion in the region, with $1 billion invested in the last year alone, according to Lisa Calhoun, a partner with the Atlanta based inv...
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Simone Giertz makes a chair/bed for her special needs dog Scraps

In Simone's latest video, she makes a seat/bed for her dog, Scraps, that she can also sit on as she works. Scraps only has three legs, so Simone had to create something that Scraps felt secure in getting on/off of. There are lots of endearing and funny moments in this video. — Read the rest
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Darkness of Day: The Tenth Anniversary Edition – review

Director: A.J. Ager Release date: 2010 Contains spoilers Some times things don’t turn out as you’d expect. As this started I was convinced I’d probably be writing a review of a film that was going to go into the Worst 100 Vampire Films. Honestly, it was (as I’ll explain) horrible. As things progressed, well the dialogue and acting are… I’ll get to that but… I was enjoying myself, this was infectious – there is no better word for it. So what was wrong with it? Well, it started off (and bear in m...
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You: Follow Your Own Path, Discover Your Own Journey by Simone Knego

The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You: Follow Your Own Path, Discover Your Own Journey by Simone Knego Do you wake up every day feeling like you’re going through the motions, that the hundreds of choices you make have almost no impact on the people around you? Many motivational books will tell you that in order to better the world, you must first better yourself. But you really only need to change the way you see yourself and the world around you will change. What you do every day matters an...
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Chadwick Boseman's wife Simone tearfully accepts his posthumous Golden Globe for Best Actor

"I don't have his words, but we have to take all the moments to celebrate those we love," Simone Ledward Boseman said.
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Comment on bee sting cake by Simone

I finally made this after having it swimming around in the back of my mind for years! It was AWESOME! Everyone who had a slice raved and begged for the recipe! Thanks, Deb!
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Simone Biles Docuseries Gets Greenlight at Facebook Watch Ahead of Tokyo Olympics

Simone Biles, superstar gymnast and Olympic champion, will be the subject of a new Facebook Watch original series following her as she gets ready to compete in the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games — expected to be her last run at a medal. “Simone vs Herself” is slated to premiere this summer, timed for the Tokyo […]
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Comment on extra-flaky pie crust by Simone

Hi friends, On thanksgiving I tested butter crust vs. earth balance margarine and actually found that the margarine worked better! I found the butter crust to be a bit tough. The margarine crust was flaky and delicious, plus dairy free! I just cut up the margarine and put it in the freezer for a few minutes before blending it into the dough because it’s on the softer side. Doesn’t crimp as nicely because the dough is softer, but the end result is much tastier, so in my mind, margarine is the way...
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Chadwick Boseman's widow Simone gives emotional tribute at Gotham Awards

Simone Ledward Boseman tearfully paid tribute to her late husband Chadwick Boseman Monday night during the 30th annual IFP Gotham Awards.
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Comment on coffee toffee by Simone

for anyone who’s been struggling with burnt toffee: my first batch looked and smelled quite burnt before even hitting 250, so I changed a few things the second time around. I used a smaller, less powerful burner and a smaller pot (2 quart). I used 3/4 of the recipe to fit in the small pot since deb recommended a 3 quart pot for the full recipe. Second batch turned out absolutely delicious.
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Ryan Michelle Bathé On CBS’ All Rise & Movie ‘Sylvie’s Love’: ‘I Have Waited So Long To Participate In This Moment’

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New Year’s Eve 2020: 5 cool ways to ring in 2021 at home

Goodbye, 2020! And don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Yes, it’s finally time to flip the calendar on a year that, to be honest, most people will not miss one iota. But just because 2020 wasn’t ideal doesn’t mean that its final evening can’t be. Thus, let’s turn our thoughts toward Dec. 31, which certainly will be a New Year’s Eve like no other due to what’s still going on with the coronavirus pandemic. People won’t be (or, at the very least, shouldn’t be) going to parties or any other bi...
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Comment on nutmeg maple butter cookies by Simone

In reply to Susan H. Would it be ok to freeze some of the dough, do others think? I’ve rolled out half of it and my arms can’t take any more. I’m assuming it would be ok to freeze half the dough as long as I fully defrost before using?
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Engineer builds homemade Tesla pickup truck

Youtuber and engineer Simone Giertz transformed a Tesla Model 3 into her own pick up truck The entire project took over one year, and the truck went viral  Now Simone's "Truckla" is her daily driver and comes in handy with her work. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Following is a transcript of the video.Narrator: This is the Truckla, and it's technically the first Tesla pickup truck. Except it's not made by Tesla. YouTuber and engineer Simone Giertz modified a Model 3 into th...
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Comment on nutmeg-maple cream pie by Patryce Britton

In reply to Simone. Thank you, I was wondering that also. “Reduce to 1/2” makes me think that the word “cup” is missing, as opposed to “reduce BY half” to produce 3/8 cup, or three ounces,
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DOWNLOAD MP3: Che Noir Ft. Amber Simone – Grace

Download another latest track by MP3: Che Noir Ft. Amber Simone – Grace Che Noir Grace MP3 Che Noir comes through with yet another new song titled “Grace” featuring Amber Simone and is right here for your fast download. Listen & Download Che Noir Ft. Amber Simone – Grace Below: DOWNLOAD MP3 The post MP3: Che Noir Ft. Amber Simone – Grace appeared first on 24Naijamusic. DOWNLOAD MP3 HERE The post DOWNLOAD MP3: Che Noir Ft. Amber Simone – Grace appeared first on ilovehiphopblog.
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Simone Missick On ‘All Rise’ Season 2: ‘It’s Coming Back Better Than It Was’

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Comment on nutmeg-maple cream pie by Simone

In reply to Amanda. update: I decided to use the coconut cream and it worked beautifully, really big hit with the family. I’ll definitely be making again.
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Comment on nutmeg-maple cream pie by Simone

In reply to Lynne in MI. I’m fairly confident she means 1/2 of the volume of maple syrup used (so half of 3/4 cup in this case)
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Comment on nutmeg-maple cream pie by Simone

Would this recipe work with coconut cream? Surprisingly, it appears that nobody has asked yet, but I’m worried it will either mess up the texture, overpower the nutmeg, or both.
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“Musik ist eine Art psychologischer Anker”: Tätowiererin Simone Klimmeck über sture Herzen, Synth-Pop und surrende Tattoo-Nadeln

Egal ob auf dem Sofa oder dem Weg nach Hause: Unsere Kopfhörer sind zu einem tragbaren Safe Space geworden. Getreu dem Motto #TapIntoJoy können wir uns dabei ganz unserer Lieblingsmusik und dem einzigartigen Sound hingeben, wann und wo immer wir wollen. Gemeinsam mit Bose erzählen uns vier Frauen über diese besonderen Momente, die sie mit der Musik verbinden.  Manchmal muss man erst einen anderen Weg einschlagen, um ans eigentliche Ziel zu kommen. So ging es auch Simone Klimmeck, die es vor ü...
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Ankara Knot Cushion

Brooklyn-based artist Simone Bresi-Ando’s extraordinary knot cushions are rich in more than just color. When designing the oversize pillows, she found inspiration from Adinkra, symbols born in the region of West Africa that now includes Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. Simone brought the Mpatapo symbol—a knot without beginning or end—to life in brilliant fabrics sourced from Nigeria. The result is a stunning piece of home decor that conveys an eloquent interpretation of Mpatapo meant to engender peace, ...
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Business Travel Decline Due To COVID And Environmental Concerns

by Simone Semprini, CEO & Co-Founder, TourScanner A few months after the world discovered the first Coronavirus case in China, a general lockdown has completely changed the lives of billions of people. It was a surreal situation with over one billion people confined at home. Effect of the lockdown in the travel industry. The measures to prevent the spreading of the virus induced a global reduction of the travel demand. International traveling was forbidden in most countries in the world, and ...
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CS Visits The Set of Blumhouse’s The Craft: Legacy!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Visits The Set of Blumhouse’s The Craft: Legacy! It seems like a lifetime ago that flew to Toronto at the invitation of Sony/Blumhouse to visit the set of their movie The Craft: Legacy. The film is a continuation of the 1996 teen-coven-classic The Craft. In the before-times, aka November 21, 2019, we were driven to the Cinespace Film Studios in Kleinburg Ontario. There we saw what kind of spells were being cast by director Zoe Lister-Jones and spoke with ...
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Harmlos oder krankhaft? Ist es schlimm, sich ständig Haarsträhnen um die Finger zu wickeln?

Vom Nägelkauen bis hin zum zwanghaften Kratzen – für viele körperliche Angewohnheiten kann man Stress und Ängste verantwortlich machen. Was viele nicht wissen: Auch das um den Finger wickeln von Haaren kann ein solches Symptom sein. Vielleicht fällt dir irgendwann auf, wie du dir bei der Arbeit oder beim Fernsehen geistesabwesend mit einer Haarsträhne spielst. Aber wie lange gilt das noch als harmlos, und ab wann wird es zum krankhaften Zwang? Was bedeutet “Haarezwirbeln“? Laut Duden bed...
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Lupita Nyong’o Mourns Her Black Panther Co-Star Chadwick Boseman in Heartfelt Tribute: “I’m Struggling to Think About My Friend in the Past Tense”

Lupita Nyong’o shared a heartfelt tribute to her Black Panther co-star Chadwick Boseman Tuesday (Sep. 8) following his death at 43 years old after a private battle with colon cancer. Taking to Instagram, the 37-year-old actress shared a photo of the late actor laughing as she put her hands on his shoulders. Alongside the photo, Lupita penned a touching message about her friend, saying she was struggling to think about him “in the past tense.” She wrote: “I write these words from a place of hopel...
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Nina Simone Writes an Admiring Letter to Langston Hughes: “Brother, You’ve Got a Fan Now!” (1966)

Nina Simone’s creative and political community meant everything to her, and the many losses she suffered in the 60s sent her deeper into the depression of the last decades of her life. “Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, and Lorraine Hansberry [were] prominent,” writes Malik Gaines at LitHub, “among… socially engaged writers and dramatists” whom she considered not only her “political tutors” but also her heroes and closest friends. She never stopped grieving the loss of Hansberry and Hughes and fr...
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Zoe Saldana Apologizes For Playing Nina Simone

In 2016, Zoe Saldana portrayed Nina Simone in a biopic titled Nina. The casting of the lighter-skinned Saldana was widely criticized at the time. "My mother was raised at a time when she was told her nose was too wide, her skin was too dark," Simone's daughter Lisa told The New … More »
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Bibite Sanpellegrino Launches TOILETPAPER Creative Collaboration and Social Campaign

Two symbols of authentic Italian creativity, sparkling drinks brand Bibite Sanpellegrino and creative collective TOILETPAPER, have come together to launch a limited edition sparkling drinks collection. Three Bibite Sanpellegrino varieties - Aranciata, Aranciata Amara and Chinò - have been creatively reimagined and released in the Italian market as limited edition designs. All creative, from packaging to promotion, is inspired by the irreverent style of TOILETPAPER, bringing art into the Bibite S...
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