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Fujifilm's New Retro Instant Camera and Film Take Us Back to Simpler Times

For anyone who has been looking for an instant film camera that produces nostalgic prints and has the retro styling to match, Fujifilm’s new Instax Mini 40 might be right up your alley. Read more...
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Suddenly, it' almost January

Just popped in to say hi. I figured a journal page is good enough as a posting tool. Back to the no typing thing. Easier to post one photo here instead of trying to compose on the screen. Simple. I'm not getting anywhere in terms of where I thought I was going. Just hello and I'll try to be back soon.  Spirit Cloth Shop update planned for New Year's Eve, but we'll see really. Maybe there will just be soup. 
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A Simple Test

I had a post planned, one that included some media.  But it's not going to happen today. Blog server issues. I'm sure there is enough social media out there to keep you entertained. But there is a picture! The Simple Life. I will name it and take the weekend off. Try again Monday. Cold is moving in. Maybe I will make bread. It's our anniversary anyway. Every Friday the 13th. How's that for a plan?
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Simply Keep at It

S un's out but it's a bit cooler today. What a relief. A little quilting, just simple, around the edge quilting.  Seems to add a simple logic of building to the new day side. And then around the sun. Hardly visible from the other side if you don't look closely. But it is there, the new day has come through. There are many choices for thread and stitch. Stitching does not have to scream, it can simply whisper. There is satisfaction in the way this is going. It takes me back to a si...
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Let's Get Back

S imple then. A simpler time, a simpler way. So this can be considered one way to make a quilt from a whole cloth base. I want to talk about that now as I go forward with this one.  One piece of cloth as the beginning, as opposed to lots of small patches stitched together. Of course you can only begin that way if you have a bigger piece of cloth.  We often do though, could be an old sheet or table cloth or curtain or just a piece of inexpensive muslin.  Or something that is not big enough rea...
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Just Quilting

T his part , the quilting. Needle Chanting. I am quilting a Nest Of Days. My favorite part is the hardest for me these days.  Older with thumb joint issues. Slower than ever. But then, it is the forever part that holds me in the safest place. The basic quilting style I began with. Just going, along the seams. Simple. With squares, reinforcing the grid. I am back there, in simpler times. Hoping to finish another blanket before winter.  The quilting will be done using what is left in the thread ...
Tags: Crafts, Edges, Simpler Times, Quilting, Cloth as shelter, Usefulness, Needle Chanting, Blanket-human Wrapping Cloth, Patience/Eventually, Patchwork(mostly In Perspective, Large Cloth 2020 the spaces in between...

T he time in between is the time so telling. The breaks from what needs to be done. Calls to be done. When you come up for air. Why do I call this my work ? Suddenly it is quite the opposite. I have stitched quite deliberately, but without drama. In rows, and then sections.  I tacked the section to the deck rail. To get to know this deck.  Forgetting the order of the design. Sensing the beauty in that. I fall back into the simpler time before art and judgement. And I am refreshed. Spaced ou...
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    I have been thinking about being prepared . How it sometimes seems like a "suddenly" last minute kind of thing to rush and change everything now, which often pushes everyone and everything else out of the way in the process. But then it can also be a constant worrying activity where you keep at it based on a long standing fear, which might wear on you and everyone else around you. Drag you down and limit the rest of your activities. Poison your days. But then in a more gentle perspective, ...
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Weezer Debuts Online Video Game as Throwback to Simpler Times — And Album Promo

Eight-bit diehards, get your thumbs ready: pop rock darlings Weezer have launched a nostalgia-heavy online side-scrolling action game, playable via web browsers.  The “‘End of the Game” Game has users playing as one of the band’s four members and jumping and shooting their way in a (surprisingly difficult) boss fight against an oversized, beanie-clad alien. Players […]
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Easing into it

  Not sure why I raised my voice in this video, didn't expect it to work maybe.  Feeling a bit wacky. Anyway, it did. No sense wasting it. And apologies for the suggested videos that pop up at the end. YouTube used to let me turn that off but not any more. YouTube is reliable and free so... just ignore it.   link to video if you see no player above   It feels good to be here doing this, like old/ simpler times. ready for another day... with a not so perfect sense of som...
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March tease

Almost 70 . Yesterday. Ha, like me! Rain, sun, wind, fog. No snow. That's coming next along with cold. The Japanese Andromeda bloomed. Must have been overnight. Reminding me that life goes on even when it doesn't. New York, they say, now has 40% of all cases in the country. The car won't start, even after replacing the battery. The small repair shop within walking distance, a loooong walk, is thankfully still open. We'll see.  I saw my first groundhog this morning. He comes to ...
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It's Not

N ot life as usual, although I can pretend. Life is flashing before my eyes. I am not focused on anything in particular. I probably posted this pic before. It's Dad and me. It hangs over my table now. I think of Dad in Spring. Yes, his birthday is around now but it is the season, the garden, the simple love of life that bring him here to me. How he was right about so many simple things. I remember him saying, "Everything is just growing". I remember him as a blanket. So many bits and pie...
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8:30 AM Last night, In the muted cloud filtered moonlight, I was suddenly sitting IN one of Valerianna's paintings . I have one right here. On the wall in front of me. It wasn't rolled up but sandwiched between rolls of cloth to keep it safe. Her calendars are on sale now, I love her work and the life she celebrates. The simple nature of it. Reminds me of Simpler Times. Simple is no small thing these days. I'm going to take a few stitches. I'll put them here later... Later...
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10 Things You’ll Definitely Relate to If You Owned a Car in the 70s, 80s and 90s

Did you live through the era of disco and bell bottoms? What about big hair, neon clothes and parachute pants? Can you recall the early days of the internet? Then you will probably relate to these nostalgic trials and tribulations of car ownership and repair in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. R.I.P. Yellow Pages 1 – The Yellow Pages were once upon a time your go-to resource for any type of service. Now they’re a souvenir. After 51 years of guiding people to their local automotive mechanic, hairdr...
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Think Simple...

W ithout the clutter of greed, agenda and expectation, little things can be surprisingly useful. I try not to overlook that. Think. Consider. Keep Going. Many times, I get the question..."what do you do with all these little pieces?". I consider each one, and each step, a thought caught. And I try to put them in perspective. Thought Catching now aka Patchwork in Perspective   is officially the first segment of a sharing series I will host in 2019 starting on my birthday, February 19th. Ok ...
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Slow Answers

O h ha! Now I feel like I'm back.   I looked at these pics here on the blog and it felt like home. Again. It took the worry out of Eventually. If you look closely. She's dusty. The spirit of slow going had become dusty! This is all from way back , when I began blogging. For those who don't remember. Possibly even before (I think I can say if it's ok...) slow stitch was even  buzzing. Yup, back then there were mostly bees. I caught a bee and it's shadow on the rail yest...
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The Heart as a Patch

B ecause I was thinking... My heart is a patch if you need it ...while just going and considering simpler times. Just checking in, testing mobile upload (which didn't work here yesterday) and waving. See you in July. Most likely.
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Sunflower Thing

S un + Path is how that happened. I feel my days becoming simpler. Which is a kind of perspective I guess, since they are really not. direct video link if you see no player  
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Sun on the Roof

  Just that.
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Turbulent Times

S titched on this nine, because I made the mistake of checking the News for the first time in a long time this morning. Again, I am left speechless. With a thread and needle. Some ThreadCrumbs along with some Random Acts of Dyeness . Getting along. Creating some order, if only in my mind. Me and Deb are having quiet tea together. Maybe talking about simpler times. It seems like that. My eyes are bothering me today. Maybe it's a mood. Thoughts of building a house somewhere far away ent...
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The Snow Globe Effect

O nce upon a cloth.   Long ago.  Right here on the blog. And now again. I added the Snow Globe. A layer of stitch. Eventually Snow was in my mind. But really, the Snow Globe has become a symbol for me. One very close to my heart. It has to do with simpler times. A sense of fantasy and make believe and innocence. Keeping that. And I love how the field of stitch is held in the invisible bubble. And how all those floating dots make the circle visible. How it has become a basket. And how it holds...
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T oday there are no plans.   This fellow was waiting at the door. Maybe I will get some peanuts today at the market. I need to go anyway because the cupboard is bare.     The copper pot with the walnuts and pom has been heated for weeks. The outer covering is falling away from the nuts. Maybe I will remove the rest of the nuts from their houses, they are so soft now, to make more room for liquid and throw them outside for the squirrels and raccoons. The rest will cook down to mush. Eventual...
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How Magic Nine is

N ine can be (more than) enough for me. I always knew that. Just because it is simple doesn't make it less interesting. Yet. Simple can be quite demanding. Here filling the center space with a moonflower, a loose patch caught, just delights me. 2" squares here. You know... Paperless Piecing . I am back to 1 2 3 puzzle pieces. Inches that is.  An easy quilt math. I did find time to stitch yesterday. Letting the stitches show again, like a grid of stars. A constellation of distant wishing...
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When it rains here

(And it has been raining. Still raining.) T hings just grow . There is growth. New growth this morning. Salad. Right there on the steps. And growing pains.   I woke up wondering ... should I take time off from the internet? To see what it might be like going back to that kind of life. I have seriously forgotten that life. It's been so long. It's not that I don't enjoy blogging. It's that I am curious. I remember a while back when I was working in New York City, commuting eve...
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Moon Cabin

S ooner or Later ... I love that expression. How it works. So here I am. Ok. Still a full day tomorrow for loose ends. But I've been here and there and all the while stitching small cloth. This log cabin format, so easy with a bag of scraps.  Moon in the middle this time.  Some kind of home from another kind of angle.  The log cabin quilt has a long history, many patterns emerged from the way it is arranged. But the block itself always says home by it's nature, how it holds and spira...
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To build a better Snowman

H ere I am , not so in between today. Resolute in a way, about going, not just going, but almost marching. I did a bit of Snowman Storming. Not on paper. But with bits of cloth. here are 9 of them. I let my mind wander. What a simple thing. Child's Play. I think about simple things. Snowman. What a great exercise in Building. Balance. Alignment. And now Diversity. I think it is surely worth the time taken. To consider the Snowman Snow Being. At any age. So here there are 9 stray snow be...
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Blurry and then Not

5:30 AM. a diary day. I slept hard. You know, right through. Mostly that doesn't happen. I wake often. And Soul-o wakes me. To talk, to eat. To go out, to... just to wake me. Last night he slept. Up early, both of us.  My camera takes weird pictures in low light lately.  It has many settings. It isn't the camera, it is me not knowing about all of that. So this morning is blurry even after a good sleep. 7:15 AM There is a red sky this morning. Dad, being a sea guy always said... ...
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Gathering Loose Self

I am really tired today . I get confused by a shift in light and dark. It is very dark. No Sun. For days, and days to come.  This shifts my sleep cycle, since the sun is my alarm clock. I woke up late. Too late for my comfort. I am sitting here doing some last minute gathering before I begin digging in and republishing the lesson (not really that in any traditional way) pages from the original class. As I begin that process, there will be more space between class posts. The old class has a lo...
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Deep Pockets streaming 'Nice Life' EP, made a video for "Back To," playing shows

NYC punks Deep Pockets have become staples of the local scene thanks to a memorable live show that has singer Matt Brennan whipping out a few Craig Finn-style moves. They're releasing their new EP, Nice Life, on July 22 via Dead Broke Rekerds (pre-order), but it's streaming in full now... Continue reading… [Author: Andrew Sacher]
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