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Deputies Searching For Home Invasion Robber Who Targeted Mountain House Residence

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Accommodating Employees With Disabilities: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

Written by Daniel Standing LL.B., Editor, First Reference Inc. Employers of workers with disabilities need to know the ins and outs of their duty to accommodate. The law intends the accommodation process to be collaborative, allowing the employer, union and employee the ability to make suggestions, compromise and, hopefully, arrive at a mutually agreeable solution. In Singh v Dodd’s Furniture (No. 2), 2021 BCHRT 85, the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal found that a furniture store discrim...
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Is the PPC a racist party? Anti-vaxx? Climate Change deniers? Will they split the vote?

Maxime Bernier and his People's Party of Canada are staring to garner a lot of attention lately.  And with the so called "purple wave" gaining momentum they're also coming under fire, which should not come as any real surprise.   The party was officially registered by Elections Canada in January of 2019, and less than a year later they ran a nearly full slate of Candidates for the October 2019 federal election.  When they only polled 1.6% of the national vote in 2019 many dismissed the PPC as a ...
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Parsi Kitchen: A Memoir of Food and Family by Anahita Dhondy

HarperCollins presents ‘The Parsi Kitchen: A Memoir of Food and Family’ by Anahita Dhondy HarperCollins is proud to present a warm and whimsical memoir about embracing the cuisine that one grew up with – The Parsi Kitchen A Memoir of Food and Family by Anahita Dhondy.Praise for the Book Anahita is part of a new generation of Indian chefs who build on the legacies of the past. Praise for the Book ”Anahita is part of a new generation of Indian chefs who build on the legacies of the past. She is ...
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Why championship chess sets are so expensive

Hand-carved wooden chess sets can cost anywhere from $50 to $5,000. Of the 32 chess pieces, much of the value comes down to how well the knight is made. A single knight takes specially trained artisans two hours to produce. See more stories on Insider's business page. Following is a transcript of the video.Narrator: With every shaving and small incision, master artisans turn these trunks of wood into 32 hand-carved chess pieces. You can pick up a plastic set for $20, but a wooden set certif...
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India: Comparative Advertising - Singh & Associates

"The very purpose of comparative advertising negates infringement. Infringement defeats the purpose of comparative advertising. Comparative advertising is antithetical to infringement."
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A new start after 60: ‘Exercise is my lifeblood – so I decided to run my first marathon at 74’

Rajinder Singh, AKA the Skipping Sikh, is preparing for his first 26.2-mile race – with community support and the memory of his father powering him alongRajinder Singh was five when he learned to run. While his father hand-cut the grass to feed their buffalo, in the village of Devidaspura in Punjab, Singh sat on a nice clean sheet, so the ants didn’t bite, and watched. When the work was done, his father taught him “how to jump rope, how to run, how to look after yourself”.His father, a keen athl...
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AON3D closes $11.5M Series A, partners with Astrobotic to send 3D printed parts to the moon

3D printing has garnered a lot of hype, much of it for good reason: the technology has unlocked new kinds of object shapes and geometries, and it uses materials that tend to be much lighter weight than their traditionally manufactured counterparts. But there remain high barriers to entry for many companies that either don’t have training in additive manufacturing, or that need to use materials that aren’t suitable for a traditional 3D printer. 3D printing startup AON3D wants to remove both of th...
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India: When Should We Resort To Proviso 6 To Section 92 & Section 95 Of The Indian Evidence Act, 1872? - Singh & Associates

The path and development of the law of contractual interpretation over the years has progressed from a stiff formulism to a strict rationalism.
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India: Are Arbitration Proceedings Under MSMED Act Barred By Limitation? A Case Study Of M/s. Silpi Industries vs Kerala State Road Transport, 2021 - Singh & Associates

The very purpose of the Limitation Act is to put an end to a never-ending litigation between the parties or else the parties will bring out the issues after several years which
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Fantasy Box Office Bombs That Deserve A Second Chance

Fantasy films aren't released every day. The genre is not in as dire straits as, say, westerns or musicals, but fantasy is certainly a bit of an endangered species -- or, at the very least, a genre in decline.Fantasy relies on extensive world-building and frequently dabbles in magic, curses, and alternative histories. Dragons, fantastical creatures, and visual spectacle are mainstays of the genre; technology is usually set aside. Perhaps for these reasons, fantasy films tend either tend to be bl...
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India: Whether Foreign States Are Permitted To Stymie The Enforcement Of Arbitral Awards? Delhi High Court Answers - Singh & Associates

The hon'ble Delhi High Court clubbed two petitions titled KLA Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd. v. The Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan...
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India: Indirect Tax Newsletter - August 2021 - Singh & Associates

Export of Rice (basmati & non-basmati) to EU member states and other European countries namely Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland only require Certification of Inspection from EIA/EIC.
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Singh when you’re winning: Bayern’s Kiwi reboots career on loan

Berlin (AFP) – After his hopes stalled at Bayern Munich, New Zealander Sarpreet Singh has kick-started his career on loan this season at Jahn Regensburg where his performances have helped them top Germany’s second division.... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Bewakoof, a self-expression brand anchors a good pandemic sail

The company claims to have eventually managed its pre-pandemic level growth which stood at 25%. Talking about competition with the e-commerce marketplace, Singh said that Bewakoof is into a business of enabling expressions which is difficult for a marketplace or retail to have in one store. It’s confident of growing the current brand sales of Rs300 crore to Rs1,000 crore through digital distribution, with the majority coming from the Bewakoof shopping app. Bewakoof has started celebrity engagem...
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Govt to launch incentive scheme to support 75 startups in telemedicine, digital health

The government will soon launch a special incentive scheme to support 75 startups in areas of telemedicine, digital health and artificial intelligence, Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh said on Wednesday. Singh exhorted senior officers to make efforts to reduce turnaround time while supporting startups to retain the edge over the private sector. From supporting less than 50 biotechnology startups in 2012 with innovative funding of less than Rs 10 crore, BIRAC is now funding over 5,...
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CA: Three East Bay Men Charged With Conspiracy to Traffic Firearms

CA: Three East Bay Men Charged With Conspiracy to Traffic Firearms OAKLAND – -( A federal criminal complaint charging Troy Elias Walker, David Michael Rembert, and Daljit Kamal Singh with a conspiracy to deal firearms without a license was unsealed today, announced Acting United States Attorney Stephanie M. Hinds, Special Agent in Charge Patrick Gorman of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), San Francisco Division Inspector in Charge Rafael Nunez of th...
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Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, Supreme Court’s ‘Renaissance Man’, retires on August 12

Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, Supreme Court’s ‘Renaissance Man’, retires on August 12 Article by Krishnadas Rajagopal ‘His is an absolute integrity matched by phenomenal memory and a capacity for hard work’ Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, Supreme Court’s “Renaissance Man”, retires on August 12. He was sui generis on the Bench. Sharp, brusque, fearless and armed with repartees. He did not suffer incompetence and frivolous cases in court, dismissing both without mercy. His professional tr...
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Givz raises $3M in seed funding to make donations a marketing tool for businesses

Givz , which has developed an API-powered platform that gives brands a way to convert discounts into donations, has raised $3 million in seed funding. Eniac and Accomplice co-led the financing for the New York-based startup. Additional investors include Supernode Ventures, Claude Wasserstein of Fine Day, Phoenix Club and Dylan Whitman. Givz was founded in 2017 to make charitable giving more accessible and convenient for the masses. In March 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the...
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Canada: Avoiding Costly Cancellations Of Defence Medical Examinations - Rogers Partners LLP

The decision of Master Graham in Jajjo and Danno v. Singh, 2021 ONSC 4269, addressed the conduct of defence medical examinations and the expectation of experts experts that plaintiffs...
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Debunking 13 of the biggest climate change myths

Climate scientists Deepti Singh and Ben Cook debunk 13 myths about global warming. They talk about the relationship between climate and weather and renewable energy. Singh and Cook dive deep into the role of carbon dioxide and more on this episode of "Debunked." See more stories on Insider's business page. Following is a transcript of the video.Benjamin Cook: "Global warming is caused by cow farts."Deepti Singh: It's not by their farts, but it's by belching.Cook: "A few degrees'...
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Top execs from Morgan Stanley, Mastercard, and United Airlines dish on their 5 summer reading recommendations about everything from social media algorithms to Winston Churchill

Looking for a good book to dive into this summer? McKinsey asked execs from Wall Street and corporate America for their top recommendations. Malte Mueller/Getty Images Not ready to turn the page on summer just yet? We've got some book recommendations for you. Consulting firm McKinsey asked top business leaders for their suggestions on must-read books. We rounded up five titles from top Wall Street and corporate America execs. See more stories on Insider's business page. If you'...
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Extra Crunch roundup: Livestream e-commerce, growth marketing interviews, CEO for a day

This year, livestream viewers in China are projected to spend more than $60 billion on digital shopping experiences that let them interact with influencers in real time. Promoting everything from cosmetics to food, social media stars use Taobao, TikTok and other platforms to livestream products and take questions from the audience. On Taobao’s Single’s Day Global Shopping Festival in 2020, livestreams racked up $6 billion in sales, twice as much revenue as the year prior. Sensing a trend, West...
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Delivery of 3 more advanced US-made sub-hunting aircraft boosts India's plans to take on China at sea

Two MH-60R Seahawks fly over the induction ceremony for the Indian Navy's first two MH-60Rs, in San Diego, July 16, 2021. US Navy/MCS2 Sara Eshleman The US delivered two helicopters and a new maritime patrol plane to India earlier this month. The aircraft are some of the best sub-hunters available and will boost the Indian navy's capabilities. The deliveries come amid heightened tensions with China in the Indian Ocean region. See more stories on Insider's business page. India r...
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India: Scope Of Inclusion Of Non-Signatory Party To An Arbitration Agreement - Singh & Associates

Consent by parties is the foundation of any arbitration. Usually, this consent is expressed in an arbitration agreement which binds the formal signatories to the contract.
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The lion in the London black cab: the remarkable story of Singh, and the boy who loved him

Gifted as a cub by a Maharajah to a young British boy, Singh lived at a house in Surrey before outgrowing his home and being driven in a black cab to the zoo. Now his story has been made into a book“He was,” London Zoo said, “one of the zoo’s politest pets.”Singh the Lion arrived in a black cab and padded in through the front door, on a lead. Continue reading...
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India: Effects Of Non-Compliance With The Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines And Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 (IT Rules, 2021) - Singh & Associates

The Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021 were released by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in February 2021.
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India: Listing On Foreign Stock Exchanges: Looking Beyond Borders - Singh & Associates

During the economic reforms of 1990s, drastic changes were made to the economy by adoption of the principles of liberalization, privatization and globalization.
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Lilly Singh Books ‘Dollface’ Role, Her First Since Ending Late-Night Show

Lilly Singh will join the upcoming second season of Hulu’s comedy series “Dollface,” Variety has confirmed. Singh will play a queer bar owner named Liv who explores both a relationship and a business venture with Stella (Shay Mitchell). This marks the actor’s first booked role since ending her late-night program, “A Little Late With Lilly […]
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Indian storytelling platform Pratilipi raises $48 million led by gaming giant Krafton

Pratilipi, an Indian startup that operates an online storytelling platform to enable writers to share their work in various formats, said on Wednesday it has raised a $48 million financing round led by Krafton. South Korean gaming giant Krafton led the Series D round for the seven-year-old Bangalore-based startup, bringing its to-date raise to $78.8 million. Existing investor Omidyar Network India as well as scores of high-profile entrepreneurs including Pratilipi chief executive Ranjeet Pratap ...
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