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Raphael’s Sistine Chapel Tapestries Displayed There For First Time In 500 Years

“All 12 tapestries designed by Raphael have been hung on the lower walls of the Sistine Chapel as part of celebrations marking the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death. … All 12, made with silk, wool and gold and silver thread, have been painstakingly restored by Vatican Museum conservationists in the last 10 years.” – Reuters
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Raphael's tapestries return to the Sistine Chapel

Ten magnificent tapestries by the Renaissance master Raphael will go on display at the Sistine Chapel, where they were originally intended to be shown.
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Art in the age of artifice

As a magician and sleight-of-hand artist, I've been wrestling with the thorny and slippery notion of Art for a long time. A recent "magical project" rekindled my attention about this ongoing quest. Here follow my latest musings on this domain. What is Art? Art can be seen as the lifeblood running through the veins of human history. From prelinguistic cave dweller to postmodern city dweller, art stands as a witness to the evolution of every culture, reflecting and participating in our views of re...
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Ariana Grande’s Dreamy Billowing 2020 Grammys Ballgown Swallowed the Internet Whole

From the Sistine Chapel look she rocked at the 2019 Met Gala to the giant sun hat she wore on the cover of Vogue, Ariana Grande has mastered the art of making a fashion statement. So it should come as no surprise that the dress she chose for the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards was a star in its own right. Ahead of performing a medley of songs from her 2019 album Thank U, Next at Sunday’s awards show, Grande walked the Staples Center red carpet in a custom Giambattista Valli dove gray gown complet...
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Why Visiting the Sistine Chapel Should be Your Next Adventure

Where will your next vacation be? Are you planning on taking a cruise or heading to the beach? While basic vacations can be relaxing, they lack the depth you’ll get when traveling to a city full of history, beautiful art, and marvelous architecture. For example, nobody visits Italy to stay in a resort – they want to explore Roman history including the Vatican museums like St. Peter’s Basilica, the Raphael Rooms, and the Sistine Chapel. While all of the Vatican museums are worth touring, the Si...
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‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Q&A: How That Rick Dalton Freak-Out Scene Came to Be and More

On Saturday afternoon, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood writer/director Quentin Tarantino and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie participated in a moderated Q&A session at Tarantino’s New Beverly Theater in Los Angeles. The event was ostensibly to help promote next month’s home video release of the movie, but it also doubled as a potential stop on the way to the Oscars for each member of the panel. Here are some highlights from the conversation. I’ll kick this off with what ...
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The Best Tour Companies in Europe in 2019

Posted: 05/18/2019 | May 18th, 2019 Europe is one of the most popular destinations in the world. While I love solo travel as much as the next person — and think Europe is one of the best places to backpack around — the continent is also a huge destination for tour groups. When you think of group tours, you may imagine a horde of camera-clicking tourists wearing socks and sandals swarming off a massive bus, taking lots of pictures, and then moving on to the next site. In the past, that image ...
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5 Spiritual Travel Destinations Christians Should Visit At Least Once

All these places should be on your faith bucket list…  If you’re a Christian that loves to travel to spiritual venues, then this article is for you. Stepping out to discover the world can be a scary experience and you might not want to do it at first. However, what fear when you have God by your side? For a Christian, travelling around is much more than an adventure. It’s a spiritual adventure that you have to be willing to take. To get you started, here are some places you have to visit at lea...
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Underrated churches in Rome, Italy

Rome is famous for its many awe-inspiring churches, but the sheer number of them (about 900) can make it difficult to decide exactly which ones to visit once in the city. Once you’ve battled the crowds and made your obligatory visits to Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, consider visiting some of the underrated churches listed below for a more unique, but just as artistically and architecturally beautiful, trip to Rome. 1. San Luigi dei Francesi Photo: Luciano Mortula – LGM/Sh...
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Why Travelers Fall in Love with Italy

This article originally appeared in Click here to read the complete post. by Irene Levine Most travelers who visit Italy return changed in some way, either subtly embracing one or more aspects of Italian culture (perhaps, food or style) or more fundamentally, by re-thinking their approach to life. Dianne Hales’ just-released book, La Passione: How Italy Seduced the World (Crown Archetype, 2019), masterfully examines the multitude of reasons why so many people fall in love with Italy...
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Inside lavish house with 'Sistine Chapel' library which has had price slashed by £20m

Vincent Viola's six-level townhouse in Manhattan, New York City, is now on sale for £67million [Author: Bradley Jolly]
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What I learned on my Spring Break

I just returned from eight days in Italy. It was a whirlwind Spring Break tour of Rome and Florence. We covered a lot of ground — per my Apple Watch, 63 miles and 140,000 steps, to be precise. And we saw a lot of stuff — the Vatican, the Colosseum, lots of beautiful churches, lots of ancient sites and ruins, and (almost) too much pizza, pasta, and gelato (but never too much wine). It's hard to synthesize our eight days into a few key highlights. But I'll do my best. Our early entry tour of ...
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There’s Something (Cursed) About Harry: The Wizarding World’s Growing Pains Highlight a Franchise in Awkward Transition

(Welcome to The Soapbox, the space where we get loud, feisty, political, and opinionated about anything and everything. In this edition: the current state of J.K. Rowling’s beloved universe is…unsteady.) Earlier this year, J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world went to shit. Literally. The Pottermore Twitter account resurfaced an innocuous piece of trivia that described the wizarding world before it had discovered indoor plumbing, in which witches and wizards would use a vanishing spell after they had,...
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Having the Sistine Chapel in your living room

Cosimo Geracitano has painted 45 replicas of masterpieces which cover every wall of his Canada home.
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Michelangelo in Rome

A life isn’t enough time to see all the treasures of Rome. So it goes without saying that three days in the Italian capital will leave you wanting more. But one way that you can structure a Rome itinerary that takes in the city’s greatest monuments and its lesser known gems is to follow in the footsteps of Italy’s greatest artists. Master Renaissance painter, sculptor, and architect Michelangelo is an obvious artist with which to begin. Michelangelo Buonarotti (born 6 March 1475, d...
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Michelangelo in Rome: His Frescoes in the Sistine Chapel and Beyond

Michelangelo Buonarotti is most associated with Rome because of his masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel. But his work is all over the capital and it is well worth the effort to seek it out. The post Michelangelo in Rome: His Frescoes in the Sistine Chapel and Beyond appeared first on Italofile.
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3 Days in Rome – The Ultimate Rome Itinerary

Is 3 days in Rome enough? This is something we are often asked. So we put the question to our Rome expert  Karen Worrall, who shares her perfect three-day Rome itinerary.  The Perfect 3 Days in Rome Itinerary After spending a lot of time in Rome over the years, I know it takes weeks to see everything […] Read the original post 3 Days in Rome – The Ultimate Rome Itinerary on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.
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Rome: 10 tips for visiting St. Peter’s Basilica & the Vatican Museums

Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums rank among the most visited sights for a traveler coming to Rome. And for good reason — the Vatican, the world’s smallest independent state, is the home base of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope. It also houses the world’s most important collection of classical sculptures and Renaissance art within the Vatican Museums — including Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, which alone attracts a whopping 4 million visitors per year. Related: Cheap hotels ne...
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Art Escapes and Life Updates

I started this blog 12 years ago; long enough to watch the children of our friends grow up and embark on adulthood. So many times I've almost deleted it, certain that no one has time to read blogs any more. Or maybe that's just me. In my present decade the days seem to have shrunk. So thank you for being here despite all that.The photo above was taken Christmas day at my daughter's new house. Our family gathered to eat, play games, and watch a movie together. The best plan where we each cook a ...
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The Low-Commitment Guide To Party-Season Beauty

What do the average woman’s calendar come December and the last train home on a Friday have in common? They’re both packed to the rafters. Somewhere between the leaves beginning to fall and the NYE ball dropping, everyone and their mother has something you simply have to go to: after-work drinks, a weekend brunch, a festive party, a festive "not a party, more of a casual drinks," a house party, the list goes on.With so much on your plate, the last thing you want is a beauty routine that feels a...
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Being Petty Is An Artistic Skill

A look into some of humanity’s most beautifully spiteful works of art When it comes to artistry, strong emotions are gasoline on the fire of creativity. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but the most striking and profound works are usually the result of a deep, powerful feeling that just couldn’t be contained by the artist. Although emotions like love and heartbreak have been the driving force behind some of the greatest poems, paintings, and pieces of music the world has ever known, the...
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Best museums to visit in 2019

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to exercise your brain more and your texting fingers less, visiting a museum might just be the perfect way to accomplish your mission. Whether it’s art pieces on loan or a new space altogether, these museums make for worthy destinations in the new year and beyond. So, switch off Netflix, leave the ‘gram alone, and go check out these incredible museums in 2019. 1. Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Photo: Royal Alberta Museum/Facebook ...
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Making Custom CNC Workholding Fixtures

People rave about the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but few discuss the scaffolding used to get Michelangelo up there. Sometimes when you're creating something, whether it's a work of art or an object, you first have to make an absurd amount of supporting jigs, fixtures or structures just to execute the work.Frank Howarth was recently confronted with this reality. After designing a carver's mallet with a unique, radial joint between the handle and the head, he needed to devis...
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Most beautiful ceilings in the world

Every traveler knows to keep their eyes wide open when visiting a new place, but some spots require that you be extra curious and crane your neck to look up. From mosques to churches to temples — religious buildings are often constructed to inspire visitors to cast their eyes heavenward — and even castles and more, these are the most jaw-dropping ceilings you can ever hope to have above your head. 1. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque — Shiraz, Iran Photo: Fotokon/Shutterstock One of the most stunning...
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As Crowds Become Unmanageable, Vatican Considers Limits On Visitor Numbers

“Tour guides claimed that at least 10 visitors fainted each day as slow-moving crowds filed through the long and narrow corridor that leads to the most popular attraction, the Sistine Chapel, while others have suffered injuries and panic attacks. … [There are even] fears among tour guides that overcrowding could provoke a stampede unless security policy is changed.”
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Today in History for November 1st

Highlights of this day in history: The Stamp Act takes effect; The United States explodes the first hydrogen bomb; Sistine Chapel paintings are first shown to the public; Algerian nationalists begin rebellion against French rule; NFL's Walter Payton dies. (Nov. 1)            [Author: AP]
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Eye Candy for Today: Frencesco Novelli ink and wash drawing

Diana and Her Hounds, Frencesco Novelli Pen and black ink with brown wash; roughly 5 x 4″ (13 x 10 cm); in the collection of the Morgan Library and Museum. I don’t know much about Francesco Novelli, who was active in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, but I find this drawing interesting for several reasons. First, it’s simply a beautifully realized drawing. The basic ink drawing, in black, is composed of broken lines, with spaces open at many points. The brown wash fills in the form and ...
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40 years since John Paul II became Pope!

On October 16, 1978, the Cardinals of the Catholic Church gathered in the Sistine Chapel and elected the first non-Italian Pope in 456 years! Many people know him as Karol Wojtyła but the world knows him now as Pope Saint John Paul II. When he first appeared at the balcony of Saint Peter’s basilica Oct. 16, 1978, Catholics all around the world felt as if they were meeting an old friend: “If I make a mistake in your – in our – Italian language – please correct me!” Since that day, nothing was the...
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The Story Behind Raphael’s Masterpiece ‘The School of Athens’ And the Zoroaster Connection

Long before Rafael the hotheaded, red eye mask wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle entertained children onscreen, there was Rafael the esteemed painter who’d won over a cultured crowd of art connoisseurs. By his mid-20s, Raphael Sanzio was already a star. At the top of his game, this master of the Italian Renaissance had been invited by the pope to live in Rome, where he would spend the rest of his days. Starting in 1509 he began decorating the first of four rooms in the Papal Palace. Collective...
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Derek Hood - Visual Artist Launches New Collection

. Derek Hood is a top UK based artist known for his vast collection of unique pieces of artwork. Derek has always been thrilled with drawing and painting, and therefore it was not surprising when he enrolled at University to study Fine c. The university is one of the best when it comes to honing the skills of students in matters of visual artistry. This move helped kickstart Derek’s journey in mastering fine arts as he gained broad exposure during his time at the university where he had the cha...
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