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Tyshawn Sorey And The Dawning Of Musical Consciousness

“Besides the physical notation, the sheet of paper or whatever, there’s also the psychological notation. That should also be there—where you can deal with the music on a real level. Whether it’s notated on paper or not. You’re still in the room and you’re still in the music.” – NewMusicBox
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Foundations, it’s time to stop using grant applications to distribute funding

Vu Le: “Our sector talks a lot about grants. … There are endless articles and workshops on how to increase your chances to get grants. And many foundations, to their credit, have been working to streamline their grant applications. But maybe we are not having the right conversations. Maybe the question is not ‘how do we improve grant applications’ but rather ‘are grant applications the best way for funders to determine who should be funded? Have they ever been? Is this tool broken or even harmf...
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Do Arts Philanthropists Make The Gentrification Problem Worse?

“Remaining residents, particularly those in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods like San Francisco’s Mission District, don’t see a huge distinction between a well-intentioned arts funder and a slick developer with blueprints for luxury condos. … But does arts-based development really push out long-term residents? The research is inconclusive at best.” – Inside Philanthropy
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New Study On The Arts And Social Impact: King County

The study, commissioned by the organization of corporate arts supporters, looks at how the arts has social impact in the greater Seattle area. –
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Elevating the Arts Through Non-Arts Spaces

Aileen Alon: “While most of my career has been in the arts, I’ve never been employed by an arts organization. … In fact, I’ve probably been able to do more for the arts and culture sector in my community by being an advocate for the arts in non-arts organizations.” – Americans for the Arts
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What have we learned from history? A musing on arts policies and practices in the public sector, clichés included

Hilary Amnah: “While working in the public sector for much of my arts administration career, I have been complicit in adhering to largely inequitable practices — especially when it comes to grant funding. And while my fellow public sector arts administrators and I get excited by moving the needle — even just a little — to make our policies and practices more equitable, we’re still not addressing the core structures that created these inequities in the first place. We focus our attention on movi...
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Observe, Learn, And Shape: Succession Planning As A Tool For Achieving Diversity In Arts Leadership

Manuel Prieto, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Music and Art School: “As I look to my past to see what my task as an arts leader is for the future, I cannot help but think of cultural equity. Succession planning is creating a series of feeder groups up and down the entire leadership pipeline of an organization. While concern for senior leadership positions is what comes to mind, it is the intentional retention of key staff members and volunteers, coupled with sufficient and professional d...
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Engaging Young Professionals in Arts Leadership

Los Angeles Music and Art School (LAMusArt), the only multidisciplinary arts school in east Los Angeles, has offered discounted and tuition-free arts programs to youth for over 70 years. Jasmine Ako writes about how she helped found LAMusArt’s Young Professionals Advisory Board. – Americans for the Arts
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Want To Be Relevant? Create Cultural Currency In Your Organization. Recruiting Younger Board Members Can Help.

Most organizations are hyper aware of creating a well-balanced board, representing increasingly diverse communities. While we continue to actively address (and we must) race and gender diversity, age diversity is rarely considered. Leaving potential young board members out can be detrimental to an arts organization, and here’s why … – Americans for the Arts
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What Grant Makers Can Do to Help Small, Local Nonprofits Thrive

Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, argues that the most important thing that grant makers can do is make sure the nonprofits they fund can attract good staff members and compensate them fairly. – The Chronicle of Philanthropy
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Solutions Privilege: How privilege shapes the expectations of solutions, and why it’s bad for our work addressing systemic injustice

Vu Le: “‘Solutions Privilege’ [is] the privilege of expecting easy and instant solutions that would align with one’s worldview and not challenge one’s privilege. It manifests in the following ways, and because I benefit from male and other privileges, I’m also prone to it, so I’m going to use ‘we’.” – Nonprofit AF
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What I Learned Teaching Art In Georgia State Prison

“Must we change our lives? Honestly, I don’t know. I am certainly changed by this work, call it art or god or—what we care about at Common Good—dignity. But I’m not much convinced by this poem that art asks of us any such thing.” – Americans for the Arts
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Equity Must Be At The Heart Of Local Arts Agencies’ Finding Work. Here’s Why

“If the field is not investing in the artistic and cultural traditions of every aspect of their community, then we are not fulfilling our purpose. … The historically inequitable distribution of resources and the values systems, biases, and systemic barriers associated with that distribution hold within them insidious checks and balances that make achieving the goal of cultural equity something that requires deep and specific engagement, self-reflection, and transformative effort.” – Americans f...
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The Difference Between Audience Engagement And Community Engagement

“The term [‘community engagement’], and more importantly the idea, is something that funders and other decision makers are looking for — and we know it. … With the increased use of this term, there has been some confusion as to what community engagement actually is. One of the most common points of confusion has come around differentiating the terms ‘community engagement’ and ‘audience engagement.’ Let’s start by defining what each of these terms is individually.” – Americans for the Arts
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Two Chicago Ensembles Make A Mission Of Programming Female Composers

Oboist Ashley Ertz started the group 5th Wave Collective especially to perform and promote music written by women. “Since April 2018, the volunteer-based group of more than 115 musicians has performed works by more than 50 female composers via 12 concerts throughout Chicagoland.” And the Chicago Sinfonietta under composer Mei-Ann Chen — who perform more female-authored music in a single program than the Chicago Symphony manages in several seasons put together — has just released a recording tit...
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Arts’ And Artists’ Engagement With Communities Is Important, But There Are Problems They Cannot And Sould Not Solve

“Issues that produce social, economic, and moral deprivations cannot be ‘solved’ by arts, creative industries, or whatever we come to call them next. They should and can be solved with meaningful social and economic measures. The best arts and culture can do, in this respect, is to mask social-economic inequalities by having people from diverse backgrounds participate in local cultural life. If we accept that game, we are not alleviating troubles, but relieving responsibilities.” – HowlRound ...
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Annapolis Symphony Trains A New, More Diverse Generation Of Musicians

Annapolis Symphony executive director Patrick J. Nugent and concertmaster Netanel Draiblate write about why and how they started the Annapolis Symphony Academy, “a culturally diverse after-school program to identify and nurture talent in youth regardless of ability to pay” that launched last September and has already doubled in size. “By design, half are African American or Latino and half (regardless of ethnicity) met the family income criteria to receive full tuition scholarships.” – The Balt...
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A Dance Company For Black Women, Without Mirrors, Music, Or Body-Shaming

“Incorporating four components into their practice: dance, discussion, writing and American Sign Language, dance company BLAQ works to give black women a space where they can be free of the stereotypes and discrimination they experience in daily life and heal through the unfiltered expression of dance.” Reporter Becca Most visits the Minneapolis studio with BLAQ founder Deja Stowers. – AP (Minnesota Daily)
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Program Supports Black And Latinx Musicians Throughout Orchestral Audition Process

The National Alliance for Audition Support, launched by the League of American Orchestras, the Sphinx Organization, and the New World Symphony, “offers a range of supports to help musicians of color truly compete for the limited number of orchestra slots … NAAS matches participants with mentors, offers them three-day training intensives with professional musicians, provides them with travel stipends and places them in pre-audition showcases.” – Colorlines
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Leaders Of Europe’s First Pro Orchestra For Non-White Musicians Talk About Diversity And Inclusion In Classical Music

WQXR editor-in-chief Jacqui Cheng interviews Chi-chi Nwanoku, one of London’s leading double bassists and founder of the Chineke! Orchestra, and Chineke! bassoonist Linton Stephens. – WQXR (New York City)
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Chicago Sinfonietta Works To Diversify Its Podium

The orchestra’s Conducting Freeman Fellowship program, overseen by music director Mei-Ann Chen and part of its larger Project Inclusion, brings two conducting fellows and two auditors to the city for five long weekends through the year “to work with Chen and to be mentored by conductors, board leaders, and orchestra managers … with the goal of mastering a variety of on-podium and off-podium skills that the Sinfonietta identifies as necessary for an orchestra leader to succeed in the 21st centu...
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The Arts Were Supposed To Lead On Diversity. It Hasn’t Turned Out That Way

Current diversity initiatives within the cultural and creative industries continue to approach the issue of ethnic minority equality through a culture of schemes – and the hyper-celebration of the latest initiative. This points to a diversity agenda performing as a marketing strategy rather than a method of structural transformation. Further, it resists a collective discussion on what diversity as a concept actually means – and if current approaches are still useful for responding to manifold i...
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Link Arts Advocacy With The Actual Arts (And Their Community)

Since arriving as the new Dean of the School of the Arts at Purchase College in the State University of New York system last summer, Lorenzo Candelaria, 47, has made arts advocacy his school’s cause. His teaching, scholarship and community engagement seek to shape and drive “a national conversation on the central role of the arts in society” with “humanities-infused public programming” playing a vital role, he says. – Diverse Education
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First Issue: When A Museum Wants To Be Relevant To Its Community – What Does Relevance Mean?

“Our breakthrough moment was when we took ownership of the fact that we didn’t need to write a “social impact statement” (which might be seen as competing with our mission statement). Rather, we simply needed to articulate the problem our community is facing that we are uniquely suited to address, the best solution we believe exists for that problem, and the concrete and tangible outcomes we’re going to measure that will demonstrate our positive social impact.” – Medium
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Americans For The Arts Expands Programs For Cultural Equity And Diversity In Arts Leadership

This year the organization will extend its 25-year-old Diversity in Arts Leadership program beyond New York City to New Jersey and Iowa, launch an Arts & Cultural Equity Fellows program in the Great Lakes region, create an Arts & Culture Leaders of Color Network, and begin a 3-day retreat called the Leaders of Color Forum. — Americans for the Arts
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Rubin Foundation Announces 2019 Grants In Art And Social Justice

“This year’s cohort includes smaller organizations that are at the forefront of using cultural production to address contemporary issues such as LGBTQ rights, distributive justice, court diversion for youth, and domestic violence. Grantees include Fourth Arts Block, Disability/Arts/NYC, Jack, Alice Austen House, Photo Requests from Solitary (A Project of Solitary Watch), Wendy’s Subway, and Forward Union. Among the larger institutions receiving funding are El Museo del Barrio, the Leslie-Lohman...
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‘Turning The Usual Pattern Of Arts Engagement On Its Head’

An Arts Council England-funded program called Creative People and Places “aims to increase arts participation in places where people are less likely to take part in arts activity” — and it seems to be succeeding with the groups least likely to engage with the arts generally. What’s the secret? Nothing very secret at all, actually. — Arts Professional
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Using Virtual Reality To Design New Musical Instruments For The Disabled

The leader and a researcher from the Performance Without Barriers project write about how, always working with disabled performers themselves, they’ve adapted VR technology to augment the instrument of a blind clarinetist and create an entirely new instrument for a musician with cerebral palsy. — The Conversation
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Music, Health and Wellbeing: Exploring Music for Health Equity and Social Justice

An exploration of “whether music can contribute to health equity and social justice, by enhancing positive Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), and alleviating negatives ones.  Twenty‐six authors consider this question from a range of angles, including micro‐level (small group) interventions, meso‐level (community) initiatives, and macro‐level (societal) approaches.”   – Health Promotion Journal of Australia [Academic journal – paid access]
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Can Immersive Experiences Be Used To Make Art More Inclusive?

This talk by the founders of of MeowWolf explains how giving participants the ability to create their own experiences in a virtual world is a powerful way to make art more accessible, meaningful, and inclusive. (includes a good history of how immersive storytelling has evolved) – American Museums (YouTube)
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