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Swadeshi Jagran Manch: Rise of online Chinese cos alarming; ecommerce regulation in India

The Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) has written to PM Narendra Modi asking that the government create barriers for Chinese companies operating in India, reports News18. Chinese companies should also not be allowed to log Indian user data, SJM said. This is because China refuses to ‘designate Masood... ...
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Rising Appalachia: Using Music As A Platform For Change

Chloe Smith: “Like I mentioned earlier, we work to utilize our platform as musicians to help promote social and environmental justice causes with the aim of educating and inspiring positive change. The melting pot is the best flavoring at the end of the day when all these ingredients come together and bring the music out beyond the stage and into the layers of daily life.” – Guitar Girl Magazine
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Criminalizing Drill Rappers For Performing Their Work Is Dangerous

“As a letter signed this week by human rights organisations, lawyers, academics and musicians argues, criminalising artists in this way is both unjust and ineffective. It is unjust because it denies the basic freedoms of those who are attempting to creatively, if distastefully, expose their experiences of subsistent life in the bleakest urban pockets of British society. And it will be ineffective at achieving any reduction in violence because it simply does nothing to address its root causes.” ...
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Study: How Political Rap Music Has Influenced Feminist Attitudes

According to the authors, “Hip-hop feminists embrace rap music as a culturally relevant and generationally specific art form that elicits social justice, consciousness raising, and political and social activism” and the contradictions of being both feminists and hip-hop fans. Hip-hop feminism advances conversations about the portrayal of black womanhood, coalition building, black gender relations and black women’s empowerment through rap music. This perspective is distinctly different from the...
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For 100 Years Of Women’s Suffrage, New York Philharmonic Commissions Music (Lots Of It) By Women

“To mark the centennial of the 19th Amendment, which barred states from denying voting rights based on gender, the Philharmonic has commissioned new works by 19 female composers, eight of which will be performed next season. Besides celebrating what Deborah Borda, the orchestra’s president and chief executive officer, called a ‘tectonic shift in American culture,’ the project sends a statement to the classical music field at a moment when female composers still struggle to be heard.” — The New ...
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How Richard White Became A Professional Tuba Player

Only 1.8 percent of U.S. symphony members are African-American. When he was at Peabody, White met with the then-Dean to mull ways to make the institution more diverse and accepting, “because it was weird walking around and not seeing anyone who looks like me. I learned that when you communicate to people what is going on, they will pay attention. They didn’t care that I was only black person in school. I was Richard the tuba player, which is ultimately crazy, because that’s what you want. I’m n...
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University Of North Carolina: How Opera Can Add To The Awareness Of Social Justice Issues

“We are working on an opera right now called ‘A Good Boy,’ which is about families who have loved ones living on death row,” Marc Callahan, who is responsible for directing the operas on campus, said. He is currently in the process of writing A Good Boy.  “So, opera can both be used as a vehicle for social change, but it can also be a release and kind of a way to go into a space and see creativity unfold in front of you on stage,” he said. – Daily Tar Heel
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Study: El Sistema And Music Therapy And Their Roles In Community Empowerment

“The purpose of this study was to comparatively examine the ways in which Communities of Music Therapy and El Sistema programs may address the empowerment needs of individuals and communities facing socioeconomic marginalization and suggest how these two approaches may be able to work synergistically to achieve their shared goals. Its findings reveal many parallels and divergence between El Sistema and CoMT in terms of the role of the music, program structure, social justice goals, outcomes, mus...
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English National Opera Announces Plan To Diversify

Stuart Murphy recalled joining the company and and finding it “really shocking” that 39 of ENO’s 40-strong chorus were white. “We weren’t true to our values, we didn’t represent Britain,” he said. “It just felt strange to me … Young white audiences also think it is weird.” – The Guardian
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Ariana Grande And The Complications Of Cultural Appropriation

“Appropriation remains one of the hardest-to-talk-about phenomena in pop culture, which is, fundamentally, a hodgepodge of widely circulated ideas that originated in specific subcultures. One line of thought puts it in economic terms: Are marginalized creators being materially harmed and erased? But on another level, there are questions of aesthetics and tastes. Does the pop star draw upon her influences in a way that feels original? Does her work disrespect or honor those influences? Is there ...
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Music Education and Activism In A Time Of Neo-Liberalism

“Given that the current professional situation for music teachers might potentially be understood as characterised by instability and uprootedness, the article proposes an activist approach as one possible way of keeping professional agency and imagination intact and alive.” – Music Education Research [journal behind paywall]
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NY’s Prototype Festival Shows How Hard It Is To Reinvent Opera

Anne Midgette: “Most of them could be called opera, but most of them have little to do with what you might see in an opera house. Opera houses are looking for ways to connect with new audiences; the Prototype festival shows just how far they need to change the template to really try to do it.” – Washington Post
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UK Launches Campaign To Expand Music Therapy For Dementia Patients

Research has shown that musical activities have a variety of positive effects for dementia patients, but, despite encouragement from the NHS, financially strapped facilities often put music low on their list of priorities. A new campaign called Music for Dementia 2020 aims to change that. — The Guardian
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Retooling Scott Joplin’s ‘Treemonisha’ For The 21st-Century

That’s the project of Toronto theatre company Volcano, which hopes to tour its adaptation — with “an entirely new story” — of Joplin’s 1911 opera to California, D.C., Canada, and Britain next year. Says Volcano’s artistic director, “As far as I can find, the libretto has never been touched. We’re just giving Joplin the help he was denied.” — The Washington Post
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19-Year-Old Cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason On His Life-Changing Year

He rocketed to fame after performing at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding. “If his star was already in the ascendant before 2018, becoming the first black instrumentalist to win the BBC’s Young Musician of the Year in 2016, it has entered another stratosphere. “- The Guardian
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Five Projects That Are Diversifying And Strengthening Classical Music In And Outside The Concert Hall

Of the five that WQXR has chosen to cite and congratulate, one is well-established and well-known, one is newer but has made the news, one’s unglamorous but very useful, one’s an outreach idea we’d never thought of, and one’s not really a project at all (but it involves a lot of heros). — WQXR (New York City)
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How A Troubled Kid Went From Juvenile Detention To Being An Opera Star

Ryan Speedo Green, 32, went from a troubled home to finding a life’s passion and success as an opera singer good enough to command the stage of the Metropolitan Opera.
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Music For Social Action? Let’s Help Students Acquire The Tools For Music, Says Rapper

Through the Voice For Change workshops, Australian hip hop artists such as Melbourne-based rapper Mantra, will be taking to schools around Australia to not only equip young people with skills in making music, but to challenge them to find and pursue their passions. “I’ve seen the impact music and art can have when it connects with people on an issue they relate to,” says Mantra. – Beat
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Expressing Climate Change With Music

By using music’s unique ability to imprint on the human brain, Twedt’s result is a sonic map that can help us understand how climate change is upending our world, just by listening. – Crosscut
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American Orchestras Have A Pay Equity Problem, And The Solution Is Radical Transparency

Jumping off from Boston Symphony principal flutist Elizabeth Rowe’s gender pay discrimination lawsuit, equal opportunity law scholar Nancy Leong and freelance oboist Tenly Williams argue that “substantive reform cannot happen without radical transparency regarding hiring, promotion, and pay. … While transparency is stressful and uncomfortable at the outset, it is also the key to unlocking equity not only for women but all demographics.” — Slate
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Double-decker to bring free music lessons to deprived children

UK nonprofit Lycaeum Music is raising money “to buy a double-decker bus and renovate it as a space for touring music lessons, workshops and concerts, visiting the most deprived areas of England.” The project is called Music on Wheels. — The Stage
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Wall Street Banker Gives It Up To Turn Around Struggling Brooklyn Conservatory Of Music

Chad Cooper, a 45-year-old former managing director at Deutsche Bank in New York, left that lucrative job to become executive director of the conservatory, 121 years old but at that point nearly insolvent. And he seems to have rescued the BCM, which brings the only music lessons available to hundreds of public school students and provides music therapy to 1,500 clients, including seniors with dementia and children with autism. — Fast Company
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Rethinking The Role Of Musicians In Culture

“There is a school of thought in contemporary classical music that music should be above everything else, that it should have a purity about it. To me, that doesn’t make sense. Everything we do in art comes from what’s around us and who we are as humans.” – NewMusicBox
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LA Philharmonic Violinist Vijay Gupta Leaving Orchestra To Focus On Music Activism

Gupta told The Times that he will give up his seat as one of the L.A. Phil’s first violins to focus on his activism, to teach and to develop his nonprofit Street Symphony, which since 2011 has been performing free concerts for Los Angeles’ homeless and in county jails. His last concert as a full-time member of the L.A. Phil will be Sunday. – Los Angeles Times
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Music As A Spark For Social Justice

IKAR’s services incorporate Sephardic and Mizrachi-style drumming, chanting and droning (using a low-pitched, sustained tone as a harmony) with what Tigay called a “catchy melody on top” as a way of “giving people a sense that they are entering into uncharted psychological territory and transcending the everyday.” Worshippers are induced “not to tolerate things as they are, but to climb the ramp higher and higher,” in order to be more godly — and more involved in the world. “The music,” he expl...
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How Yo-Yo Ma Is Turning Bach’s Cello Suites Into A Social Project

Alex Ross goes home to Washington, D.C. to watch Ma’s “day of action,” the meetings with students and community members in poor neighborhoods (in this case, Anacostia) that he combines with each concert appearance in his 36-city Bach Project. — The New Yorker
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The Communist Manifesto Becomes A Cantata

“Choral Marx, which was recently performed at NYU’s Skirball Center, consists of nine singers whose variously musical utterance transfigures, toys with, and otherwise implements eight heavily excerpted selections from the 1888 Samuel Moore translation of the Manifesto. Led by [composer Ethan] Philbrick’s cello, the band played all the hits: ‘The history of all hitherto existing societies/ Is the history of class struggle,’ ‘The bourgeoisie has reduced personal worth to exchange value,’ ‘There is...
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Rethinking The San Francisco Conservatory Of Music (And Finding Success)

David Stull’s notion is that any reasonable education should teach you to think critically and creatively; write and speak effectively; work alone or on a team; translate constructive criticism to advantage, and, no matter the obstacles, continue to succeed. In sum, from a proper education, you should learn to embrace versatility, failure, and the desire to innovate. You should also know how to create a 501(C)(3).
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‘We Want To Use Music To Create Better People’ — Philadelphia’s Project 440

“Project 440 is the brainchild of Joseph Conyers, assistant principal bassist with the Philadelphia Orchestra, who often explains to people that yes, he does operate a music organization that doesn’t teach music.” Says Conyers, “The arts can play a pivotal role in underserved communities, giving kids opportunities, giving them things that they keep for the rest of their lives.”
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The Optics Of A Music Problem

New music has done very little to change the expected optics of classical music, which is why new music’s identity problem is what it is today. Moreover, despite the recent increase in conversation about female, non-binary, transgender, and BAME/ALAANA/diverse composers, the programming of these composers has not significantly increased.
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