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At the Sunrise Café...

... you can talk all night. And here's a picture of me on my 70th birthday, ice skating: Photo by Meade. And thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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An Open Letter to 2020: Things I Learned That I Didn't Know I Needed

  Dear 2020:  No sense in rehashing what you wrought in this universally challenging year. Volumes will be written by those much better equipped than I.  However, on my part there have been some personal revelations,  life lessons, and some things I needed to be reminded of, that are worth chronicling here. I'll just call them personal observations and lessons learned.  Here are just a few of the highlights:      Having a somewhat perverse sense of humor is a survival skill. A commitme...
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Amazing compilation of inline skate tricks

This relaxing and graceful supercut of recent inline skate tricks is part of the current revival of rollerskating and inline skating And if you missed the earlier one, here's Part II: And Part I: Image: YouTube / VirTualxStoni
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Pure Imagination: Part II

  Like almost everyone I know, my hope was that pure imagination of what a season could be would give way to actual competition as 2020 came careening around the corner to hopefully a hard stop. Unfortunately, it was not to be. COVID continues to rock our rinks, upending the 2020-21 season and forcing us to find new ways to experience skating. At this writing, the Grand Prix season is all but decimated. Skate America is happening in what's being called The Bubble at the Orleans Aren...
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Cariuma Brings an Eco-Conscious Twist To the World of Skate Shoes

Catiba Pro Skate Shoes | $89 | Cariuma
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Scene report: Skateboarding in Huntington Beach, 1975

Huntington Beach (aka Surf City) has been a hub of skateboard culture for almost 50 years. In the classic "Downhill Motion" documentary from 1975, watch pioneers like Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva of the Z-Boys make the scene. (r/ObscureMedia)
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Virtual Reality

I received  a call the other day from the mom of a young skater who was about to have her first shot at making Nationals in Junior Ladies. The mom was frantic because of the new competition structure put in place for the 2020 season due to the continuing pandemic.  "How can they DO this to us? It just isn't fair!  It's not what we were expecting ." Well, 2020 wasn't what we we were expecting.  Remember when we wished 2019 would just go away? I don't know about you, but 2019 is lo...
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Posted 5 Years Ago: One of my favorite posts of all times

Reposted from 8/19/15  Here's to the Chorus! Here's to the Chorus - We'll never get our own TV special or Olympic commentating gig.  We'll never make a hairstyle famous or get our face on a box of Cheerios.BUT, we will give the A-list skaters time to rest and change costumes.  We will be budget friendly and usually less demanding.  And most importantly, no single skater, no matter how good, can do a kick line like this ... Ice Charades is going on vacation for a bit and won't be posting unt...
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Pure Imagination

I have a wonderful young friend. He is nine years old with an amazing shock of curly red hair. He's creative, funny and fun, and he just happens to be a skater who is competing Freestyle 2 and whose favorite jump is Salchow. He calls me "Mrs. Allison" because he's polite like that. I call him "Master Jack."  We got to spend some quality time together at the 2020 US Figure Skating National Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina this past January - what now, in this time of pandemic, s...
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What Matters Most - Life In The Time of COVID-19

It's been more than a year since I did a blog. I thought I was done, but apparently I can't escape - particularly when life has dealt us challenges unlike we've ever experienced before. If we survive this, let's hope none of us - in whatever time we have left on this "mortal coil" - will ever have to experience anything like it again.  Which brings me to this new musing. There's a new "normal" now that's a bit different than the one I talked about in 2009 when I first started sharing my t...
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It's Been A While ...

I haven't posted since March 6th, when I offered my review of Adam Rippon's wonderful book.Anything been happening since the beginning of March?OMG.Years from now, people who are old enough to remember this pandemic, will talk about events as pre-Covid and post-Covid, much like we do of events before and after 9-11.But as for the protests and Black Lives Matter - I can't add anything witty or profound that hasn't already been said.  I think of myself as an ally.  In my first novel, the best skat...
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Watch these rad film clips of Santa Monica's 1970s skate, surf, and dirt bicycle scene

In 1976, esteemed SoCal punk filmmaker David Markey, around 13-years-old at the time, captured this rad 8mm film footage of the skateboard, surf, and dirt bike scene in Santa Monica. Markey writes: The dawning of the Dogtown era; Road Rider 4's, Bennett Trucks, Logan Earth Ski's, 2 colored Vans. Shot at Bay Street, Kenter Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Harvard Street, and the former vacant lots of Santa Monica. Skaters include Paul Hoffman and Paul Cullen.
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And now, a skateboarding sparrow

This is a java sparrow that's learned to ride a tiny skateboard. Image: YouTube
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Beautiful On the Outside by Adam Rippon

Just finished reading his book, Beautiful On the Outside, and fans of figure skating won't be disappointed.  It's fascinating to read about his path to the Olympics and I don't want to spoil it here, but SPOILER ALERT!! he goes to the Olympics.The 3rd one he had planned on.As you might expect, there are lots of juice details about his fellow skaters, judging, and his trials as an openly gay athlete sprinkled throughout the book.One thing that surprised me was how poor he was at a time when he ...
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Spinning Out

Petition to Save Spinning Out Let's hope the show is not down and "out" yet.   There is a petition on to save Spinning Out and it's already got 18,000+ signatures. Click on the link, if you want to add yours. And in the meantime, if any of you thought I want all that skating drama, but I'm missing some penguins .... well, I've got you covered. [A...
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Skate Bowl

One of three bowls in Case Studyo’s collaborative collection with French artist Jean Jullien, this Skate Bowl features skaters in various positions on the inside, while the exterior is a plain, muted, concrete gray. The limited edition piece is made from porcelain and measures 23cm in diameter, and holds approximately three liters. The other two serving bowls in the collection are decorated with Jullien’s illustrations …
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The planet's oldest asteroid crater, Pigalle basketball court's revamp, moon cars, musical archives and more Earth’s Oldest Asteroid Impact is Two Billion Years Old The oldest asteroid collision on the planet, the Yarrabubba impact crater in Western Australia, is a whopping 2.229 billion years old. After analyzing minerals at the crater site, researchers have found the asteroid hit at the end of an era called …
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Short Film “Kamali” is About More Than Skateboarding

Directed by Sasha Rainbow, the 24-minute film Kamali documents societal changes in India through the story of a seven-year-old girl who lives in Mahabalipuram. The tender, thoughtful and aesthetically beautiful film (originally intended to be feature-length) shows how Kamali, a wildly talented skater, helps to redefine “gender roles amidst the backdrop of a rapidly changing India.” The narrative also follows Kamali’s mother Suganthi in the …
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Happy National Penguin Day!

In my opinion, Martin Luther King Jr Day is more important, but this year they will have to share the day, I guess. I am a big fan of penguins and a big fan of Penguins of Madagascar (more accurately the German version - Die Pinguine aus Madagascar) television series.  It was very helpful for me and my daughter to learn German.  And snarky af.Which is precisely how the penguins in Ice Charades usually behaved.So, in honor of National Penguin Awareness Day, I'm sending anyone in the contiguous 4...
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Happy Halloween!

Okay, okay I'm a few days late.  But I'm reposting a goodie!  And BTW, the HOI website selling these costumes doesn't link anymore.  So tell me, did you wear anything as great as these gems below? October 19, 2010 Halloween Costumes Buckle up kids and help me pick the silliest Holiday On Ice costume that may be the "best" Halloween costume at your local bar, neighborhood bash, or after-show cast party. Now, there are lots of beautiful costumes also for sale on the Holiday On Ice site, ...
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Watch this incredible skateboarder who has no legs

Brazilian skateboarder Felipe Nunes, 20, is on the cover of this month's Thrasher magazine. He just joined Tony Hawk's elite Birdhouse squad. He also has no legs. Nunes lost them in an accident when he was six years old. From Thrasher: What did it take to get back to where you were mobile again? Were you in a wheelchair at first? What were the biggest challenges to regaining your movement and independence? I was six when it happened but the doctors said it was super fast. I didn’t really he...
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Hope to see you in Lake Placid this April!

I just got tickets and I'm so excited!!! [Author: [email protected] (Ice Charades)]
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It's time to start thinking of outdoor ice rinks!

I live about an hour away from New York City.  Last Wednesday, I broke down and turned on the AC.  It was 93 degrees.  Two days later, it was 45 degrees in the morning and warmed up to a brisk 55. Boom.  Made me think of winter.  Then I saw this great article: 45 Best Ice Skating Rinks by Randy Joyceln at the blog Vigourskate and it got me thinking about ice rinks I'd like to skate on this upcoming winter season. This is my bucket list - hope to get to while I can still skate - skate ......
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Ten Years Ago

don't you like how his collar is messed up a little?  very endearing It was ten years (and one week) ago ... 9/14/2009 that Patrick Swayze passed away.  He was an incredible talent and not many knew he was also a figure skater.  Skater you say?  Yes, after actor, dancer, singer, football player and producer. When he passed, I channeled my inner journalist (having had only one college course in it ... I knew nothing, but hey) and scoured the internet for corroboration of a friend's recollec...
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Ohhh, these are so tempting!

It's that time of year in southern Germany!  Oktoberfest!  And I've got dirndl fever.  That's right - they're called dirndles.The old showgirl in me really wants to get one of these and find some any excuse to wear one!Why, you ask?First of all, they have beautiful colors and they're oh, so shiny.ANDThey flatter an old showgirl's more mature (ahem, curvy) figure.  No need to suck in your stomach on these costumes.  Phew!Tell me, which one would you get? I think I'd like the dark b...
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This is how we traveled - Ice Capades edition

Before I start, I need to mention, I skated in Holiday On Ice and several small productions.  I never skated in Ice Capades, nor Disney On Ice.  But, we ice skaters, are a big, sometimes happy family, and we work we each other in all sorts of shows. So you hear or you see what the other shows were/are all about.So, let me explain ...In the early days of ice shows, being on the road meant carrying everything with you ... on the road.  That meant your suitcase was probably stuffed to almost explod...
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Ice Capades Kicks The Bucket - Reposted from 11 Years Ago

Lots of people love to joke about Ice Capades.  It was (and still is) an easy target (anyone see the new Geico commercial with Flo On Ice?)ahem, excuse me, Ice Charades, but it's Progressive on IceWhy, yes.  Yes it is.  But doesn't Flo On Ice have a better ring to it?Anyway, you don't need to read the entire post, or the Slate article to remind you that Ice Capades is still dead.  Although there were some signs of a comeback even weeks after I posted this.  Stay tuned for more of this trip down ...
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500 Posts!

I didn't realize until this post at #501, but Ice Charades has now posted 500 posts!  And at least a dozen have talked about skating!!! heheheBut in all seriousness, I'm trying to get back to writing - putting more time into blogging and less into Facebook.The question is - is there anyone out there reading blogs anymore?  I hope to find you and engage.  Stay tuned. [Author: norep[email protected] (Ice Charades)]
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It's almost that time of year again ....

You could say that for many events.  For me, I'll be excited for my annual obsession with Le Tour de France.  This year we bought an internet package, so I may get to see every  stage!!!For some, this time of year could mean some fabulous summer vacation.  Do you have one of those coming in July?  I hope so.But for this post, I'm talking about Sun Valley, Idaho!  It's the place to skate in the summer.  Someday, someday, someday I'll make it there to skate.  Really, someday, I hope. That's ri...
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Life In Synchro

This one is near and dear to my heart. Life In Synchro I can't wait to see how this develops and I hope to be at the Tribeca Film Festival when it plays there.  How about you?As the title states, this is a documentary in the making, highlighting three synchro teams.  There is beautiful cinematography, the challenges of competition, and my favorite, the cast of skaters.  I can't wait to hear more of their insights.If you go to the Indiegogo website for this documentary, click on the video and ...
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