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I Miss My Disney SketchBoard and Making Secret Magical Girl Manga

Believe it or not, Disney’s software for kids used to be top-notch. In the early 2000s there were no bizarre CoCoMelon videos on YouTube or hundreds of phone-based apps to educate younger users, but there was high-quality edutainment software, and Disney (as well as several others) excelled at reaching the little…Read more...
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EDC Key Chain Tape Carrier

So, just what is an EDC Key Chain Tape Carrier? Well its exactly what it sounds like. Its a convenient way to carry a decent length of tape of your choosing, on your key chain at all times. Its super simple to make using recycled or discarded materials and takes no time all. Best of all, the tools a...By: SketchBoardContinue Reading » [Author: SketchBoard]
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