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Acne Flaring Up Right Now? Here's What to Know About Treating Stress Breakouts

Stress acne is a peculiar thing. When you're stressed, you break out, which causes more stress, and as a result, you get more breakouts. It's a cruel, vicious cycle. As we all know too well, stress can be caused by a number of factors. Pressure at work, daunting assignments at school, drama in your personal life - the list goes on and on. Considering no matter how hard you try to avoid it, life at times is just downright stressful, it can feel like unexpected pimples are inevitable. Keep readin...
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14 Genius Skincare Swaps That Are 10 Times More Sanitary Than Your Fingers, All at Sephora

Germs are everywhere and, no matter how good you are at always washing your hands and keeping your home's surfaces clean, you may still worry about lurking dangers you may have missed. Like, even if you're getting better about not touching your face midday without realizing it, you may be ready to step up that effort to not touching your face period, or at least touching it way less. Don't worry, we're in this together, and we thought through some easy tweaks you can make to your skincare routi...
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A Celebrity Esthetician Shared the One Skin Question She Gets Asked About the Most

Celebrities - they're just like us, right? Not really . . . but at least their skincare concerns are. Crystal Koro, a celebrity esthetician and founder of Crystal Clear Skin & Beauty in LA, who has worked with Olivia Culpo, Mel B, and even gave Kylie Jenner her first facial, is privy to some top-notch insider requests, but do you know what the number one skincare concern is that she's asked about? Pores. (Maybe celebrities are more like us than we thought.) "I get so many questions about blackhe...
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Stop What You're Doing - These are the Best Beauty Products at Target Right Now

When you enter the wonderful world of Target, you never know what treasures you'll find. Now, especially in 2020, you can count the megastore as your go-to for beauty products, from skin care to makeup and beyond. And we're not just talking drugstore-grade products - they're a leader in stocking clean, nontoxic beauty brands and up-and-coming names in the field that can be hard to find elsewhere. The one downside of Target is the overwhelming number of products that are available. You probably ...
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I Used Madelaine Petsch’s Favorite Skincare Line For a Week and Achieved Peak River Vixen Glow

I was already a Riverdale/Madelaine Petsch/Cheryl Blossom fan, but after watching her video for Vogue in which she details her 38-step beauty routine, you can just say I'm officially on board. I too have a borderline excessive skincare regimen that includes multiple gadgets - Petsch uses a series of massagers and rollers, not to mention a frozen ice roller to keep her naturally inflammation-prone skin calm and bright. Because she's struggled with cystic acne, especially while filming the first s...
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Clinique vs. Dermalogica

Here is a question that I received from a reader: “I’m always asking my friends, what their skin care routine and products are and in all of my asking/research i find there is a big... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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I Tried the Device Lizzo Uses to Prep Her Skin, and My Complexion Looks Good as Hell

Ever try to shave the peach fuzz off your face only to have it grow back all prickly after a matter of days? Then when you reach up to touch your skin, you feel like a weird porcupine who will never again be smooth? Dermaflash sees you and not only wants to relieve you of that peach fuzz but also promises to instantly shed the layer of dead skin right underneath it. There's a good chance you've seen Dermaflash's ads while scrolling through Instagram, or perhaps you recently read about how Lizzo...
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Madelaine Petsch's 38-Step Beauty Routine Includes Rubbing a Ball of Ice on Her Face

Madelaine Petsch's skincare routine is sacred, and she's will to set aside a few hours in the morning to do it right. In a YouTube video for Vogue, the Riverdale star shared her full 38-step beauty routine, and our skin feels cleansed just watching it. "I've started doing my own makeup on the show, and that's really changed my skin because I can control what's going on it," Petsch said. "I feel like, when you're on camera all the time and people are just looking at all of your pores, it's nice t...
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The Hot Beauty Trend You Should Try in 2020 - Based on Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to our beauty routine, we're all guilty of getting into a rut at some point or another, and resisting any urge to try something new for fear of leaving that beloved comfort zone. But with makeup, skin care, and hair trends making their way into 2020, there are endless opportunities to test out a new beauty technique. From mismatched eyeshadow and color-shifting nail polish to graphic eyeliner and sheer lips, 2020 is the year for exploration! Now, it can be an overwhelming task nav...
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Alicia Keys Finally Dropped Her Skincare Routine - Her Secret to Clear Skin? Sulfur!

It's difficult to ignore how radiant Alicia Keys's skin is pretty much 24/7. As a special gift for the New Year, the "Raise a Man" singer did us all a favor and dropped her nighttime skin routine, which includes her secret for fighting off blemishes - finally. In a video shared to her YouTube channel on Monday, Keys walked us step-by-step through the routine, and it was basically the equivalent of creating her own personal spa experience. After lighting a candle and making sure she had...
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I’m Obsessed With Skin Care, and This Is My Daytime Routine

I have a confession to make: while I love skin care, I also really like my sleep. No matter what time I set my alarm to go off, I always feel like I'm snoozing till the last possible second, meaning I need to have my daytime routine down pat and be quick about it. My skin is fairly sensitive, and, while it's not particularly acne-prone, it's definitely not pimple-free forever. I'm of mixed ethnicity with a medium skin tone, and I struggle with hyperpigmentation and dryness fairly often. I'm alw...
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Your Ultimate Countdown to Swimsuit-Ready Skin - Just in Time For Memorial Day

Long, sun-drenched days are on the horizon, which means one thing: it's time to head straight for the nearest body of water, stat. Got your pool float ready? Good. How about your new favorite swimsuit? Perfect. All that's left is prepping your skin from head to toe. Whether you've RSVP'd to a Memorial Day weekend pool party or woke up one morning with a spontaneous desire to play the role of bona fide beach bum for the day, we've got your ultimate how-to guide for scoring swimsuit-ready skin. Fr...
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What I Learned When My Mom and I Swapped Skincare Routines

There are many things I like to think I inherited (or am still trying to) from my mom. Her badassery, her work ethic, her humor, and her great skin. Although my mom wasn't hugely into makeup when I was growing up (she didn't need much more than eyeliner and mascara) - she definitely knew the importance of a good skincare routine, and it's something I picked up from her early on. She's the first person to raid my skincare stash and is always up for the bizarre beauty trends I'm instructing her t...
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The Brilliant Secret to Depuffing Your Under-Eyes Is Not What You'd Expect

If I had $10 for every time someone asked me for the best products to depuff their under-eyes, I might be able to afford a London studio flat (or maybe just the nicer wine on the menu at dinner). It's a concern many people have when it comes to their skincare regimen, and although we think there's absolutely nothing wrong with puffy under-eyes, we totally get it if you want to work on that area. Luckily, we got a hot tip from an expert that changed our approach forever. Turns out, the best way t...
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Anti-Aging Skincare – Perfect C PRO Speed Peel New by MyChelle

New by MyChelle skincare brand! This is amazing because you can do a pro speed peel at home as part of your anti-aging skincare routine! I love it! What is Perfect C PRO Speed Peel? A professional-level, one-step, one-minute, fast-acting 25% Citrus Fruit puree peel. Formulated with 10% L-Ascorbic Acid blended with L-Lactic Acid, Plant […]
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Collagen HA Triple Boost Face Serum by Hyalogic review

I been trying a lot of different face serums these days. I really like face oils but during the summer? Not so much. When my favorite store has a 25% off sale on beauty products? That is when I tend to buy something new to see if I would want it even at full price. […]
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Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Product Review

I have never tried Christie Brinkley skincare products. I have older skin so I was looking forward to see just how good this would be for my skin. Starting with: Christie Brinkley Recapture-360 + IR Defense Anti-Aging Day Cream What they say about it: This is a breakthrough anti-aging solution that contains some of the […]
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Essential Skincare Tips for Women of All Ages

All women want clear, glowing, younger-looking skin. However, no matter our age, it seems like we’re always dealing with some imperfection or another. Whether it’s oily skin and acne or fine lines and wrinkles, no woman is immune to her share of skin problems. Thankfully, though, dealing with blemishes and imperfections doesn’t have to be […]
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Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate by MyChelle Review

I tend to shop at Sprouts here in my home town. Well as always I am looking for a product that will work and by a brand I haven’t tried yet or something new from a few of the brands I like. MyChelle is one of those type brands. I was chatting with one of […]
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Yu.Be Skin Care Product Line – Been Around For 60 Years!

I was surprised that a simple formula skincare line, has been around for 60 years! Simple skincare that each product only takes a tiny bit to make you skin feel amazing! I wanted to know how long a jar of Yu.Be face cream really does last. Here is a bit about the brand: Invented in […]
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Holiday Gift Giving Sets By Lindi Skin – Skincare For Extremely Sensitive Skin

Buying gifts can be tough when the person in mind is going through cancer treatments. Their skin can be extremely sensitive from the treatments. There is a brand that I have done a review for while back for a few of their skincare line. They have the most amazing eye serum! Right now, for the […]
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Battle of the Eye Creams – Chamomile Eye Therapy & Stem Cell Collagen Moisturizer- The Winner is??

I got asked about doing a what you might call “Battle of the Eye Creams” between two different brands of eye creams, a while ago. So I am a bit late doing this. (I fell and broke my wrist and that put me back a few months) For this, it was and is really tough […]
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How I Keep My Skin In Shape Post-Summer

Fall is the perfect time to reassess the cleansing methods you’re using.  It took you through summer (when we wear minimal makeup), but is it good enough for fall? My skin gets dry in the colder months so I need products that cleanses well yet still hydrates. Recently, I started using this Double Cleansing Method... Continue Reading The post How I Keep My Skin In Shape Post-Summer appeared first on Hot Beauty Health.
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StriVectin Repair & Protect Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Review

To be really honest, I am yet to try a StriVectin skincare product that has not worked almost as good as it states it will. The latest I got to do a review for is: StriVectin Repair & Protect Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 “Repair the past, protect the future” It was wonderful to use […]
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Pacifica Beauty Eye Makeup – Skincare Review

When it comes to beauty other than my own brand “Overall Beauty Minerals” my all time favorite brand is Pacifica! A while back they had send me for review their natural minerals Eye Shadows palette, along with two eye pencils and mascaras. Now since then I have brought their Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face […]
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Dealing with Aging Body Odor or known as “Old People Smell” – Interview with Dr. Brannon “Update

Now this is a embarrassing and uncomfortable subject for some to talk about, but it happens when we get older we get what is called “aging body odor” I am going to give you a bit of background about this subject as part of my interview with Dr. Brannon. So there will be adding information […]
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MyChelle Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser #fail

I was looking for a new face cleanser, and I have found other products by MyChelle brand to be nice. It states on the bottle that it is for dry skin. One of the main reasons why I picked it up. What they say about it: Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser gently washes away surface impurities, environmental […]
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Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen!

When I was thinking about doing a post about two brands of sunscreen that I am using at this time. So I went and did a search on my blog for reviews of different brands of sunscreen. I wasn’t sure if I had done a review post for two of them. MyChelle dermaceuticals Sun Protection […]
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MonoDermà Skincare Review

Every now and then you find a powerful skincare! That does more for your skin in one little capsule than a lot of other higher end skincare can possibly do. You simply twist the cap off and then squeeze either directly on the face or onto your finger to apply. Now I will be honest […]
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Beauty Tips on a Budget : From Heloise ‘s Beauty Book Edition 1985

I thought today we have a bit of fun about going back into the past of beauty tips. I love old beauty books because you never know what you might find in them, that we are still doing today. Heloise was well known in the 60’s & 80’s for all kinds of helpful hint books. […]
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