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Woman arrested at US border for smuggling 18 crocodile skulls and a single sloth

According to the Bangor Daily News, a Montreal woman was arrested at the US-Canada border in Highgate Springs, Vermont, after trying to smuggle the following items into the country: 1 three-toed sloth18 crocodile skulls and heads7 crocodile feet2 horseshoe crabs30 sea stars23 raccoon feet8 African antelope horns1 human skull "with mounted butterflies" 4 puffer fish6 six shark jaws The woman, Vanessa Rondeau, owns a retail store in Montreal called Old Cavern Boutique, which "offers for sale...
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Dan Trachtenberg’s Secret ‘Predator’ Movie Puts ‘Legion’ Co-Star Amber Midthunder in the Lead

Last fall, we heard the surprising news that 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg had secretly been working on a new Predator movie. Under the title Skulls, the movie was originally said to follow a Comanche woman who goes against gender norms and traditions to become a warrior. But thanks to Hollywood not being able to keep secrets, we know that this will actually be another movie in the Predator franchise at 20th Century Studios, and an up-and-coming Native American actress is taking...
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SA one of 48 countries implicated in illegal trade of hippo ivory

A report by wildlife-trade specialists Traffic says a hippo census should be conducted to establish the sustainability of the trade The post SA one of 48 countries implicated in illegal trade of hippo ivory appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Spooky steampunk ghost ships and skull sculptures

Tattoo artist Jason Stieva has an amazing related hobby creating remarkably ornate skulls and ghost ships. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sculptures By Jason Stieva (@shallowgravestudios) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sculptures By Jason Stieva (@shallowgravestudios) ...
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Tasmanian Tigers and Wolves Evolved Uncannily Similar Skulls

The extinct thylacine had the stripes of a tiger, the body of a canid, and the pouch of a kangaroo. These ill-fated, predatory marsupials are a classic example of convergent evolution, in which species independently evolve the same traits, and a new study breaks down just how remarkably similar Tasmanian tigers’…Read more...
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Photos show a tower of human skulls found buried beneath Mexico City. The Aztecs ritually sacrificed them, archaeologists say.

A new portion of the Aztecs' Huei Tzompantli skull tower discovered under Mexico City in March, 2020. Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (INAH) Archaeologists discovered human skulls stacked in a tower buried in Mexico City. Aztecs used such towers, called tzompantli, to display skulls of people who were ritually sacrificed. Part of this tower, called Huei Tzompantli, was uncovered in 2015. The new discovery brings the total number of skulls in it — from men, women, and chil...
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Aztec Skull Tower discovered beneath Mexico City

The BBC reports: Archaeologists have excavated more sections of an extraordinary Aztec tower of human skulls under the centre of Mexico City.Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) said a further 119 skulls had been uncovered.The tower was discovered in 2015 during the restoration of a building in the Mexican capital. — Read the rest
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Baking skull cakes

I bought this Nordicware 6 Skull cake pan and dessert just got a lot more punk. I grabbed two boxes of Duncan Hines cake mix gave this baby a whirl. It was super simple, just make sure you spray the pan well and only fill the cups about 3/5ths to 2/3rds full — or you get some over-skull. — Read the rest
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The U.S. has a lot of laws around the possession and ownership of human skulls

Caitlin Doughty is a mortician and the author of the New York Times bestseller Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: Big Questions From Tiny Mortals About Death. And it's from that very book that The Atlantic pulled this excerpt, which it published last tear. — Read the rest
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Can you keep a dead loved one's skull and/or tattoos?

Being a mortician means getting asked a lot of interesting questions, especially ones on keeping a skull or other memento mori after a loved one shuffles off this mortal coil. The answer is interesting and takes gentle viewers into the arcana of corpse desecration laws. The short answer is that you will need to find a willing funeral home, and it probably won't be cheap. There are even "tattoo recovery kits" for those who want to save a patch of grandma's inked skin. Image: YouTube / Ask A Mo...
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'My uncle from Romania just built this out of recycled old parts from everyday objects'

These amazing creations are the work of Mihai Armeanu Rosin, a retired chef turned mad tinkerer in Romania whose nephew posted about them on IMGUR. You can purchase them! Hey guys, so my uncle used to be a chef and about 2 years ago decided to follow his true, original passion, art. He builds these by making the parts mechanically fit together, so he doesn't use any glue. Besides building these models, he also paints, draws and is an infinite pool of imagination and creativity. Everything h...
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This tiny skull trapped in amber belongs to the smallest dinosaur ever discovered

The tiny skull, about the size of a thumbnail, trapped in amber may belong to the smallest dinosaur scientists have ever discovered. Paleontologist Lida Xing of the China University of Geosciences spotted the skull in a 99-million-year-old chunk of amber from northern Myanmar. From the New York Times: [Xing, Chinese Academy of Sciences paleontologist Jingmai O’Connor, and their colleagues] called the bird Oculudentavis khaungraae — a name that comes from the Latin words for eye, teeth...
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Skull headlight covers for your hot rod

Snazz up your older model grocery-getter with these skull headlight covers! I have no idea if they are DOT approved but they're sure to turn some craniums. (See what I did there?) Skullspiration writes that they are designed by Est2rad Custom in Watsonville, CA but the in the post show products from the Russian Federation so... your mileage may vary. (via Weird Universe)
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Infant Skeletons Wearing ‘Helmets’ Made of Other Children’s Skulls Stun Archaeologists

Archaeologists in Ecuador have uncovered evidence of a previously undocumented funeral ritual, in which the heads of recently deceased infants were adorned with the skulls of other children. Scientists can only speculate as to the reasons why.Read more...
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Coop's tribute to Randotti Skulls, from the golden age of Haunted Mansion merchandise

Coop used the skulls as the basis for a set of gorgeous illustrations that he's selling as tees and hoodies through Threadless. These are some of my favorite designs of all time, and some of my favorite Coop illos: he really captured the spirit of these pieces. SKULLS [Coop/Threadless] Original Art [The Art of Coop]
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Archaeological evidence for the Iron Age practice of embalming your enemies' severed heads with resin and displaying them

Ancient Roman texts and sculptures describe a Celtic practice of severing your defeated enemies' heads, embalming them with resin and plant oils, and displaying them as war trophies: now, archaeologists have unearthed evidence of the practice at Le Cailar, the 2,500 year old walled city near the Rhone. The archaeologists have identified fragments of 100 or more skulls dating from 300 to 320BCE, bearing markings indicative of decapitation and embalming. The bones were found alongside coins, ...
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Trove of Decapitated Skeletons in England Sparks Archaeological Mystery

Archaeologists are trying to figure out why so many bodies at a 1,700-year-old site in Suffolk, England, were buried alongside their decapitated heads. Read more...
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Bird skull rings, carved from cow bones

Eve (AKA Talismana Designs) carves these $32 bird skull rings out of slaughterhouse surplus cow-bones, custom carved to your size. (via Creepbay)
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Gaze Upon the Reconstructed Face of an Infamous 19th Century British Assassin

One of the most intriguing items on display at the Queen Mary Pathology Museum—the skull belonging to British assassin John Bellingham—has been used to create a digital reconstruction of the killer’s face. Read more...
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Skulls and bones with magnifying-glass-burned "tattoos"

Damien Noll sez, "My skulls and bones are all burned (like black line tattoo) using just a magnifying lens and sunshine." My latest work is solar pyrography on animal skulls and bones, boar, beaver, cat, cow, coyote, deer etc. Many of these skulls were processed by me from animals passed to me by local hunters in Southern France, Colorado, and Texas. In processing the animal skulls, one becomes intimate with these animals. I take them through the entire process, from life to death and b...
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11 cool tween and teen Halloween craft ideas that don’t suck.

While we love sharing Halloween craft ideas for our preschoolers and little ones, our tweens and older kids want to get in on the fun too. So with my own Halloween-loving older kid in mind, I searched around for some cool Halloween craft projects and ideas just for teens. These are all officially tween- and […]
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Baking Skullzones, skull-shaped calzones, for Halloween or any time

Awesome baking project for Halloween. Check out the step-by step gallery, from IMGURian swhertzberg. Skullzones (OP Delivers)
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This indie kids’ label collab is like goth-fantasy-new-orleans-ballerina and it’s wonderful!

Just in time for Halloween, two of my very favorite kidswear brands have joined together for an awesome collab: Nununu X Tutu Du Monde. Whoa! I have written about the edgy but wearable offerings from Nununu and the theatrically-inspired, spectacularly crafted, embellished costumes of Tutu Du Monde for years. Together though? I’m totally in love. They’ve put together […]
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Lowpoly black skull candle

Perfect for all your Voodoo 3D needs. [Amazon]
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40 Magnificently Morbid Art & Designs Featuring Skulls

Skulls have been used for artistic decoration right from early primitive civilisations. Whether they’re used to embellish your battle gear or the latest heavy metal album cover design, skulls are a symbol of death and evil that makes them the perfect imagery for certain aesthetics. In today’s design inspiration showcase I present 40 magnificently morbid art and illustration pieces featuring skulls, ranging from dark and distressing depictions with a horror theme to bright and colourful creations...
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Buy: Skullstronaut Figurine

Dubbed the Skullstronaut, this character by Blamo Toys is a space-surfing, post-mortem version of one of their previously released toys, Colonel Stache O'Hair. All the toy's parts are hand-crafted—from the handblown glass helmet to the hand-dyed canvas...... Continue Reading...
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The coolest back to school supplies and fun accessories under $10 to make September more fun | Back to School 2018

Once you’ve bought those requisite black marble composition books and No. 2 pencils, it’s time to fun things up! We find that just a few affordable but still cool back-to-school supplies can get kids so much more excited about getting back to the classroom. From fun binders to cool pencil cases and locker accessories, take […]
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Volvik Skull and Crossbones Ball Pack

Volvik Skull and Crossbones Ball Pack I am not at all sure of the target ... Read more. The post Volvik Skull and Crossbones Ball Pack appeared first on GolfBlogger Golf Blog.
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Human Skulls Mounted on Stakes Found at 8,000-Year-Old Burial Site in Sweden

Researchers in Sweden have uncovered evidence of a behavior never seen before in ancient hunter-gatherers: the mounting of decapitated heads onto stakes. The grim discovery challenges our understanding of European Mesolithic culture and how these early humans handled their dead. Read more...
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Buy: "Beyond Is All Abyss" Pendant

Made from 14k solid gold, the "Beyond Is All Abyss" pendant from Bittersweets New York incorporates a dash of creepiness to an otherwise pretty piece. The skull-shaped item is available with white or black rose-cut diamond eyes, and can be personalized...... Continue Reading...
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